What's the best way to update my Mac with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?

I've been getting prompts whenever I look at certain websites to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.  I'm skeptical as to responding to those prompts.  What is the best way to update my Mac Pro with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?

You might also want to consider uninstalling Adobe Flash... I currently don't have it installed and haven't needed to install it.  Most websites are now coded in HTML 5 so that the iOS devices can actually visit them.  I can still watch YouTube videos et al.  About the only thing I can't do is play Flash games... but they're a resource hog anyways. 
Try going without for a day or two and see just how many sites you visit no longer require it.  A lot of people keep it installed out of habit, not out of necessity.  If you have Flash installed, visit a site and it's out of date, it will tell you to update your Flash.  What it won't do is tell you is that had Flash not been installed, it would have used the HTML 5 code instead.  Think about it... if an iOS device can't run Flash at all... it can't visit this site if it were written only to use Flash.  What site would eliminate such a huge portion of their market base?  You'd be surprised at how many sites use HTML 5.  Uninstall Flash and see for yourself.

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