What's the difference between "My Contacts" and "All Contacts"?

What's the difference between "My Contacts" and "All Contacts"?
I have no other account other then my iCloud account (from what I can tell), but "My Contacts" has a significantly smaller number of contacts then "All Contacts".
What's the difference?

Thanks for posting the screenshots, that's helpful.  I didn't realize that you were looking at your groups.
"All Contacts" include (as the name implies) all of your contacts.  Below that are any contact groups that you may have defined.  These would normally be such things as "Work", "Personal", "Doctors", etc.; any groups that you find useful to define.  These contain subsets of the "All Contacts" group.
At some point, perhaps inadvertently, you must have created a group called "My Contacts", or imported it to iCloud from your computer.  At the time this may have contained all of your contacts and would have had the same number of contacts as the "All Contacts" group.  Then over time you probably added 433 additional contacts that were never part of the original "My Contacts" group, resulting in an "All Contacts" group that contained 1465 contacts.
If you don't have any use for the "My Contacts" group, you can delete it by clicking on it on the left sidebar, click the gear icon on the lower left and choose Delete.  If you're concerned about doing this, you can make a backup of this group first by selecting it on the left sidebar, clicking on a single contact within the group, pressing Control-A to select them all (they should all be highlighted), then clicking the gear icon and choosing Export vCard.  This will create a .vcf file that can later be imported back to iCloud if you ever need to (by clicking the gear icon again and choosing Import vCard).

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    When you create a RoboHelp project you end up with many different ancillary files that are used to store different bits of information. Many of these files bear the name you assigned to the project at the time you created it. The index file has the project name and it ends with a .HHK file extension. (HHK meaning HTML Help Keywords)
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    Finally, there are considerations of tiering. While it is totally possible to (and I have previously) implement 'view classes' that render markup or generate layout templates, JSP's offer, IMO, a subtle, psychological advantage. By forcing a developer to work in a different format, markup versus Java source, the separation on view from controller and model becomes a bit easier. It is still possible to make mistakes, but if a developer at some point notices, "Wait, I'm in a JSP, should I be importing a java.sql class?", then the choice to use JSP includes has paid off in spades.
    - Saish

  • What is the difference between Session timeout and Short Session timeout Under Excel Service Application -- session management?

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    Any call made from the API will automatically be set to the “Session Timeout” period, no matter
    what. Calls made from EWA (Excel Web Access) will get the “Short Session Timeout” period assigned to it initially.
    Short Session Timeout and Session Timeout in Excel Services
    Short Session Timeout and Session Timeout in Excel Services - Part 2
    Sessions and session time-outs in Excel Services
    above links are from old version but still applies to all.
    Please remember to mark your question as answered &Vote helpful,if this solves/helps your problem. ****************************************************************************************** Thanks -WS MCITP(SharePoint 2010, 2013) Blog: http://wscheema.com/blog

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    ECC 5.0 vs. ECC 6.0/SAP ERP 6.0
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    the document class is invoked immediately when your swf opens.  the document class must subclass the sprite or movieclip class.
    all other classes are invoked explicitly with code and need not subclass any other class.

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    If you are a developer, you can do that with a command you can type into Terminal:
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    2.What is Remote Printing in SAP?
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    Thank you in Advance.
    -Mohamed Naveen.

    This is SAP Business one system administration forum. Please find correct forum and repost your discussion to get quick response.
    Please close this thread here with helpful answer.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • What is the difference between Business System and Business Service?

    Please tell me what is the difference between Business System and Business Service...? In real time at what situation we will use Business System and in what situations we will use Business Service..? Please help me
    Best Regards
    Ravi Shankar B

    Business system:
    If you want to address a particular business system as the sender or receiver of messages, choose this service type.
    A business system is an actual application system in a system landscape. A business system (service) comprises information about the inbound and outbound interfaces and the software component versions of the business system.
    You usually use business system services when configuring internal company processes.
    Business Service:
    If you want to address an abstract business entity as the sender or receiver of messages, choose this service type.
    Using a business service, you can define the technical or business subunits of the companies involved and then assign them the relevant interfaces.
    You usually use business services when configuring cross-company processes. In this case, you only make your interfaces known to the business partners involved and either do not make any details about your own system landscape available, or only specific details. 
    For example, you can define RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) as business services.

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