What's the latest version of FireFox that won't conflict, ever, with any version of Kaspersky?

Right now, using Kaspersky and FireFox 3.6.27. Would like to upgrade both Kaspersky and FireFox, but don't want any conflict between the two versions. So would like to know how high I can go on FireFox, for starters. Using plugins AdBlock and NoScript, and want to keep those plugins.

You need to upgrade your Kaspersky to version 2012 which fully compatible with Firefox 10, & 11,See:
* support.kaspersky.com/kis2012/tech?qid=208285948
upgrade is free during license period it means you can activate latest version of Kaspersky using current license.upgrading Tips, instruction are located here
* http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=209835
[https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-plus/ Adblock Plus] 2.0.3 and [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/ Noscript] 2.3 are also works well with Firefox 10 :)
Firefox 10 is here
* getfirefox.com

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  • What is the latest release of Firefox that is fully compatible with Kaspersky anti virus?

    I am currently running Firefox 3.6. Is there a later version that will still allow all my Kaspersky Anti Virus software and auto log in features to work 100%?

    See here: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/883757?s=KASPERSKY&r=3&as=s

  • What is the latest version of firefox that foxy tunes will work with

    what is the latest version of firefox that foxy tunes will work with

    It is compatible with Firefox 9
    * getfirefox.com
    foxytunes are here
    * https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foxytunes/

  • What is the latest Mac OS X that I can run on my 2.33 GHZ Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro?

    My MBP was running the fan almost constantly and otherwise acting odd so I decided to just refresh the installation from scratch. At that time I was running Lion 10.7.5. Before rebuilding everything with that version I want to make sure running Lion on this machine isn't contributing to my issue.
    What is the latest Mac OS X that I can run on my 2.33 GHZ Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro?
    I have every OS release since the original purchase so I can rebuild on the one that's most stable on this laptop.

    You can run Mt. Lion if you so wish:
    If you want the most efficient OS, I would suggest Snow Leopard.
    However I suggest doing some investigation prior to installing a new OS.  First do a SMC reset:
    Also run an Apple Hardware Test.  Use the #2 disk on your original install disk.
    If there is no improvement, post back.

  • How do I get my bookmarks back, I downloaded version 4.0 that said it is compatible with all versions of OSx. Which it is not!!! So now it won't start FireFox, before I do anything else how do I get my bookmarks back?

    How do I get my bookmarks back, I downloaded version 4.0 that said it is compatible with all versions of OSx. Which it is not!!! So now it won't start FireFox, before I do anything else how do I get my bookmarks back?

    THe phone is NOT jail broken..   all i want to do is have it return back to how it was before i started the updae version process obviously it did not take  and now it is locked into plave the screen will not change.. after reboots and shut down when i turn it back on the same screeen appears  the cd disc with the music note over it and the arrow pointing upwards  and  a picture of the small end of the charge cord that fits into the actual compute..   The phoen is not jail broken  all i want is to get my phone back  so i can use it   i logged into i tunes and there is no where on the page that gives direction to return it back to its original format prior to trying to up grade .. whe at do i need to do to unlock the frozen compent and reutrn it back to its normal point prior to trying the upgrade

  • What is the latest, older model iMac that has a DVI port. I do not want a Mini-Display Port

    I want to use an iMac for my seminar. My projector only accepts VGA connections. I currently use my MacBook Pro using a cable that has DVI Male on one end and VGA Male on the other.  I can't get a Mini-Display to VGA adapter.
    What is the latest, older iMac that I can buy that has a DVI-D output? All the new models at the Apple Store have Mini-Display ports only.
    Thank you.

    The Early 2008 iMacs were the last models with DVI output. They have a mini-DVI port.
    However, Apple sells mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapters, as do 3rd party developers.

  • The latest update for FireFox says it is not compatible with my Kaspersky anti-virus software. What's up with that?

    The latest update attempt from FireFox has stated that it is not compatible with the Kasperskys' anti-virus 2012 software. When will FireFox be compatible?

    Firefox 4 requires at least OS X 10.5 and an Intel Mac. There is a third party version of Firefox 4 that runs on OS X 10.4/10.5 and PPC Macs, for details see http://www.floodgap.com/software/tenfourfox
    If you prefer, you can get the latest version of Firefox 3.6 from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html
    Mozilla are working to prevent Mac users with non-compatible systems from getting the notification about Firefox 4, and also not displaying the "Download Firefox 4" button on http://www.mozilla.com
    For the full system requirements see http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/system-requirements.html

  • Titanium PowerBook (10.3.9)-What is the latest Safari or Firefox borwser available.

    My new MAcBook Pro is in the shop for repair, and I can't download e-mails from various accounts (verizon, and MobileMe) with the installed browsers. Does anyone know the most reccent version of browser(s) compatible with this computer, please?

    Your best bet for now is iCab. It's shareware so you get a reminder message, but it's the most recently updated browser that still runs under OS 10.3.9. It's the FIRST file listing on this page:
    Don't get the 64-bit version--it won't work on your PowerBook.
    It also features a way to "trick" a site to think it's talking to a newer browser. Do iCab Preferences > Identities and try the various options to see which "disguise" works best with your sites.

  • What is the latest vwersion of Firefox?

    My email told me to download Firrefox version 12. Running tells me I'm using an unknown version, and wants to download the latest version, 11.
    I don't understand!!!

    Version 12 is supposed to be available April 24.

  • Part of a previous uninstall will not allow me to reinstall the latest verison of Firefox even though a search shows all previous versions are removed?

    I am unable to install due to a message I get that says a previous version was not completely uninstalled and wants a restart of my PC? A search reveals there is no remaining Firefox on my PC so is there a fix?

    Dear Colbabomb; thankyou for your links.
    So far, I looked at your first solution, Revo Uninstaller and it gives you a 30 free trial. Ergo, it will eventually cost money so I'm leery of using those kinds of programs in general, meaning most "free trials" have unwanted strings attached and often are big probs to get rid of later. Perhaps you can assure me that it is easy and very user friendly, before I proceed. And I already ran malwarebytes and it found nothing tho the program still can't be uninstalled. I downloaded Adw Cleaner and during the install, my Norton's security popped up and warned that there were (low risk) threats with two of their "other offers" and i hadn't even actually clicked to agree either of them. Nonetheless, Norton warned me against the "lyrics finder" and "deal ply." In fact, there was a box already with an x in it, saying that you are accepting deal ply if you x on "next." Well, except I unchecked that box before clicking on next, yet when it went to fully install, it still showed that it was adding itself; so, just before the install was 100% completed, I had to abort the whole thing. I really do hope your other suggestions are programs that you personally know that they don't try and trick you. But right now, I would not suggest Adw Cleaner to anyone. I even read the fine print about what they will try and install and how to decline and it still tried sticking stuff on that i believed I had declined. Anyways, i have to leave now, shall pick up later this evening, if my pc is still functioning.

  • Ith the latest upgrade of Firefox it is no longer compatible with talk talk will this get fixed ?

    Since the recent Firefox upgrade when I get into my e-mail web site (talk Talk) I cannot open my e-mails up. Talk, Talk advise me that this ia a new problem with the Firefox browser, will this get fixed ?

    Walgreens would need to make their web site compatible with Firefox.

  • What is the latest update i can go to?

    My Macbook 2, 1 is running an older OS. It is a black, mid '07 model stuck on 10.4.11. I was wondering if anyone can help me out a little. What is the latest operating system update that i can go to/can handle?

    You can upgrade from 10.4 straight to 10.6 with no problems. Any program that runs under 10.4 should run under10.6. See this list for compatibility with 10.6: http://snowleopard.wikidot.com/  You might have to upgrade some drivers for printers, etc.... And you will have to install Rosetta if you have any Power PC applications http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/snow_leopard_installing_rosetta/   I recently upgraded an older MacBook (model 1,1) straight from 10.4 to 10.6.
    A retail 10.5 Leopard disk will run you over $200
    The Snow Leopard 10.6 DVD should still be available at this time from Apple for $20. You will have to call Apple Customer Care 1-800-692-7753 or 1-800-676-2775 to purchase it. It may still be in the Legacy Products list. The App Store which is required to download 10.7 Lion is part of the 10.6.6 update.
    Once you are at 10.6.8 Lion is still available from Apple. You will have to call Apple Customer Care 1-800-692-7753 or 1-800-676-2775. to purchase it. Then within 3 days you will get an email with a code which you can use to download Lion from the App Store.  The price is $19.99.
    You must have at least a model 2,1 MacBook. Lion will require at least 2gb of RAM but really needs 4gb to run smoothly.
    As for third party programs see this list for compatibility with 10.7 http://roaringapps.com/apps:table
    Also Lion doesn't run any Power PC programs. To see if you have any Power PC programs go to the Apple in the upper left corner and select About This Mac, then click on More Info. When System Profiler comes up select Applications under Software. Then look under Kind to see if any of your applications are listed as Power PC. Universal and Intel will run under Lion.
    Before Mac switched to Intel processors in 2006 they used Power PC processors from 1994 to 2005. Power PC 601 through 604, G3, G4 and G5. Applications written for the Power PC processors need the application called Rosetta to run on Intel processors. This was part of the Operating System in 10.4 and 10.5 but was an optional install in 10.6. With 10.7 Lion Apple dropped all support for Power PC applications.

  • HP Smart web printing is very useful web printing extension which is not compatible with any version of firefox till now but compatible with Internet Explorer any version. So Please do correction. Thanks

    [There is a link below from where software can be downloaded and after installing this you will see that it is not compatible with any version of Mozilla Firefox of any Window version (7, XP).]

    It is up to HP to make that program compatible with Firefox.
    That application last worked in Firefox 3.5, but HP was always very lax in updating it for a new version of Firefox. Usually they didn't bother to update it until like halfway through the "run" of a particular Firefox version. It worked for like 6 months and then a new version of Firefox was released, and it didn't work for like 6 months until HP got around to fixing it - then the cycle repeated.

  • The timekeeping system we use does not like HTML 5 so what is the latest version of Firefox that does not use HTML 5?

    We have been told by our timekeeping system provider that the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome and IE are not compatible with their websites at this time. I was told that it was because of the use of HTML 5 by the more recent versions of these web browsers. I need to download the most recent version of FireFox that does not use HTML 5. Can anyone tell me which version this would be?

    It isn't "Timesheet Next Generation", is it? We had a thread on that here: [https://support.mozilla.org/questions/961306 Websites using php and mysql stopped sorting drop down lists properly starting last week. Did something change?]
    Unfortunately, HTML5 is a large specification with a lot of parts that has been implemented in pieces over the course of several years. It would be really helpful if your vendor could indicate what EXACTLY is not compatible and then it could be researched. Otherwise, you'd have to use trial and error. Either way, you would end up with an older browser that isn't safe to run on the internet. It could be time to consider other vendors...

  • What is the latest version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME?

    We were recently given an older Gateway laptop that we intend to use solely as an internet terminal. Alas, it is running Windows ME and I don't even know if it has all the specs to upgrade (and certainly not to Vista, which is the only thing we have an install disk for). It currently has Firefox, which of course contains numerous security vulnerabilities and is incompatible with most newer plugins. What is the best version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME, and is it still available for download? Thanks!

    Hmm... guess this will be just an e-mail terminal, hardly anything else works cuz I can't update Flash! Thanks for your help.

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