Whats the best blu-ray writer to use with final cut pro x

Whats the best blu-ray writer to use with final cut pro x

The Sea Tech Blu Ray Writer works great with my Mac.

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  • What is the best blu-ray writer to pair with a new iMac?

    I am buying a new 27" iMac and want to be able to use and write Blu Ray discs.  Can anyone tell me which are the best Mac-compatible Blu Ray Writers on the market?  Also does it make any difference if the Writer is USB 3 or 2?

    That is too broad. We aren't printer experts but I have my laser printers, a couple ink jets, an all in one scanner-fax-printer.
    What you want to know is will it do what you need, how much it costs may be secondary (does it spend ink like it is water?) More important, support, do you need wifi printing from desktop and phone and tablet maybe.
    How much you print.
    I have one old laser that is better than any newer printer when it comes to doing envelopes. The all in one is the worst.
    You can definitely find some in the $50-75 and might want to browse the reviews on printer oriented forum sites, check out the feedback reviews on Amazon.
    I avoid HP because they have had their driver issues. I wasn't impressed by Epson but it is a good brand. I have bought Canon cameras, scanners, printers, and never been disappointed though.

  • What is the best voice recognition software to use with my macbook pro

    What is the best voice recognition software to use with my macbook pro?

    This a popular one that I have read good things about>
    http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=dragon+mac&tag=googhydr-20&index=softw are&hvadid=34356472549&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18148534541911339040&hv pone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_95u976ozly_b
    Hope this helps

  • Whats the best version of adobe to use with windows 7?

    what is the best version of adobe to use with windows 7?

    Hi eileenkohler,
    Please see System requirements | Acrobat family of products. Both Acrobat X and Acrobat XI are compatible with Windows 7.
    (Other customers have been able to install and use Acrobat 8 and 9 on Windows 7, but that isn't a supported configuration.)

  • Buying a mac book pro to use with final cut pro

    does anyone have know what specifications I should be sure of before purchasing a laptop? I will be using it extensively with Final Cut Pro HD as well as many other programs
    thank you all as always...

    In addition to what Jerry and David said, if you have Final Cut Pro HD (4.5), you'll need to crossgrade to get the full benefits of your macbook pro.

  • What's the best external drive to use with Final Cut Pro?

    I'm looking for a drive to mainly back up my final cut pro work, possibly do a little editing on, what's best? I have a G5 desktop.

    Congratulations on your graduation.
    On the hope that during your college career you learned how to do original research, you could show some clear initiative and read through those threads my link will reveal. From the drives discussed you might find common elements (praise or conndemnation) that show up after reading dozens of threads. Of the ones that get consistently good reviews by serious users, you can then go the website of the manufacturer and figure out if they fit your budget.
    All this can be done in the time of you waiting around for a few people to chip into this thread.
    Good luck.

  • How can I playback blu-ray .img files generated by Final Cut Pro X?

    When I share a Final Cut Pro X project in Blu-ray and I set the output device as Hard drive (blu-ray), it creates a blu-ray image with a .img extension.
    By the way, the project's clips are AVCHD (.mts extension) and the settings are set to 1080i (1440x1080 25i).
    My question is: can I playback this file without having to burn a blu-ray disc?
    I've been looking for information, and some people seems to playback blu-ray .iso files.
    And: would Compressor 4 solve my problem? (is there anyway in Compressor to create a .iso image or something easier to play?).
    By the way, I do have access to both Windows and Mac computers.
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for the answer.
    If you own Compressor 4, could you tell me if it includes an option to generate a .iso file instead of a .img?
    (here's information on how to playback a .iso).

  • How do I export Premier Pro CS6 files for use with Final Cut Pro?

    In my cloud version of CS-6, I am trying to export or convert my finished work and take to my
    co-editor that uses Final Cut Pro. In "export" on my PrP file, I have the option to export as FCP "with notes."
    When I do that, and look at the notes, they basically say "Clip one did not export - Clip two did not..."
    I saw a tutorial on the web where they had the option to convert the file in Encoder from PrP file to FCP, but
    it is not an option on my Encoder in the cloud. When I try to encode the files as .mov, they are tiny, and don't
    look good.
    Any ideas?

    You can take the project file and the source files to FCP by exporting it as an FCP XML. Other than that you may have to export the whole project as a quicktime mov or any other editable your co-editors use.

  • What is the best blue tooth headset to use with the iPhone 4S

    I need to have a reliable blue tooth headset for my new iPhone 4S. Any recommendations?

    I have the same question but with a clarification.  I owned a BB until recently and have the BOSE blue tooth headset.  The sound quality was fantastic with the BB but it seems to be significantly less so with the iPhone 4S.  I have heard, though not verified, that there is a difference in quality between phones so if it's indeed true, are there blue tooth headsets that specifically work well with the iPhone?

  • What is the best printer to buy to use with my macbook pro, iPad 2, and touch?

    Hi, Im trying to figure out which printer I should buy that is affordable and is compatiable with my macbook pro with os x lion installed on it, my ipad 2, and my itouch 3rd generation.

    Try the HP photosmart B110 its a bloody fantastic wireless printer scanner and copier and its got a nice wee touch screen too.
    You can wirelesly print when you are out and about send yourself a wee email to your printer and it will print out.
    It also makes use of Airprint on your Ipad and your Iphone, I managed to pick this printer up for £30 as it was on a promo for a month or so dont know if its gone back up in price or not.
    Print quality is amazing and it prints good photo prints too.
    Ink is really reasonable and cheap for this printer too, and not only does it take seperate black cartrige but all the colour ones are seperate too which its cheap for ink in the long run ;0)
    Hope that this offers some help

  • What's the best setting for iPhone 4s video in Final Cut Pro 6

    What's the best project setting in Final Cut Studio 2 for iPhone 4S 1080p footage?

        Convert your clips to Pro Res (LT if you have FCP7) with MPEG streamclip or similar and import to FCP.
    Drag the first clip to the timeline and click ""yes" on the message that asks if you want to "change sequence settings to match clip settings". You're all set to edit.

  • Instructions: Create Blu-Ray disc in Compressor with Final Cut TImeline

    I searched mightily for simple instructions on how to do this. The Compressor help files are woefully inadequate in providing a simple walkthrough to do this. Burning a Blu-ray directly from Final Cut does not allow one to optimize the conversion like compressor does. So:
    1) Right click your chosen sequence in Final Cut
    2) Click "Share" The Share dialog box will come up.
    3) Choose "Blu-Ray" in the destination drop down in the top-left corner of the Share window (don't forget to choose the destination location of the files at the top of the dialog)
    4) Click "Send to Compressor" in the bottom-left corner
    Compressor will open and a job will automatically be created with Blu-ray video
    and Dolby ac3 audio. Set options and submit as usual in Compressor

    The send to compressor option occasionally creates problems. Most people would recommend exporting as a self-contained movie, then bringing that into compressor and using your workflow from there.

  • Best speed External Hard Drive to use with Final Cut Pro X ?

    Hey all
    I'm looking at getting a new USB 2.0 external hard drive to use with FCPX, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on minimum speeds and what everyone else uses.
    I am looking at least 1-2TB.

    I will warn you now that I am somewhat of a lone voice on these forums for recommending USB 2.0s.
    I have used the 7,200rpm types with their own mains supply over the last 6 years (and exclusively for the last 3) and had no problems of any kind.
    Having said that I am not a pro with tight schedules (or underwear!) but I have used DV, HDV, AVCHD with and without ProRes and AIC.
    Most of my projects are short though I have done a number of 2 hour projects with comparatively simple editing and a few effects etc. One ongoing project has some 12 hours of DV which I dip into  occasionally.
    I have a couple of LaCie FW HDs which I stopped using a couple of years ago in favour of the much cheaper USB 2.0s and didn't notice any difference, though as I said I don't have pro time constraints.
    Now is not the best time to buy HDs cheaply as the autumn floods in Asia knocked out many of the main suppliers, prices doubled overnight and have still not got back to last summers figures (2TB WD Essential £69 with free delivery).
    Look at the price now!
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-Elements-External-Desktop/dp/B003IPC21Y/ ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1330504588&sr=8-11

  • Is the Sony HDR-FX7 HDV Camera compatible with Final Cut Pro 5 or 6?

    Has anyone gotten this to work correctly. I have read in a few forums that the camera is not supported by FCP and I checked on the compatibility list and it is not there. iMovie sees this camera and can capture from it.
    I can not get FCP 6 to recognize the camera. I set device control to Sony HDV and I am only able to capture using the Intermediate Codec. When I switch to the HDV codec it only will record for a second then fail. Although I can capture with some limitations I still can't get FCP to recognize the camera and therefore video from the timeline won't playback on the camera.
    I really don't want to have to buy a hdmi capture card or buy a HDV deck to get this to work. If anyone knows any workarounds it would be greatly appreciated.
    If there are none any suggestions on a cheap compatible hdv deck or camera to get footage in and out would be great.

    I have never had a problem with my internal boot drive either capturing DV footage and since HDV shares the same data rate I didn't think it would be an issue.
    Then you are lucky my friend. If you wish to keep tempting fate that is your choice. I am simply suggesting that you follow the suggested setup so that you could eliminate a possible problem.
    I do think there are compatibility issues.
    This may be the case. Have you used an easy setup that matches your cameras settings and then changed control to firewire basic as I suggested earlier?
    I have manually set up the capture settings and it will only work to the intermediate codec.
    Manually settings are not always the best method. Try an easy setup as I suggested earlier.
    I have narrowed it down to 2 things, either it's a Final Cut 6 issue on an Intel Mac, or it's just not compatible (Apple does not list it in it's Compatible Hardware List).
    What I am trying to do is to narrow it down further. I have given you suggestions but it does not appear that you have tried them. If you try these we can continue to eliminate until you have an answer.
    Please post back when you have tried my previous suggestions.

  • Is the Panasonic HDC SD 90 camcorder compatible with Final Cut Pro X

    Is the Panasonic HDC SD camcorder compatible with FCP X?

    Seems to me that the software on an apple system has not caught up to where it could be for this camera, unless i'm mistaken.
    Nor Adobe, nor Avid. Nor any makers of DVD players, BluRay, HD DVD. Nor broadcasters who air shows. Nor web formats.
    60p isn't a format that is mastered either. Not to tape, not broadcast over the air, not a format you encode to BluRay or regualr DVD...not a web format. So why you'd shoot a format that you can't even deliver...seems pointless. 1080 is either 23.98fps, or 29.97fps. It is 720p that is 59.94fps...but that is used rarely. But that is the only 60 frame format that has output and airable options.

Maybe you are looking for

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