When I am on facebook I continually get a syntax error message which keeps coming back. I have checked my settings and enabled java script but doesnt help.

I can access my facebook account with no trouble, but once facebook is loaded I repeatedly get an error message; syntax error. The words 'Java Script application' are in the bar across the top of the message. It comes up many times and completely disrupts what I am doing. I am wondering if ot has something to do with the adverts in the side bar of each page that I open in facebook. If I open FB from Google Chrome I don't get that problem, or in Explorer, but I would rather use Firefox. Help would be apprecitaed, please. Thanks.

hello, first of all please [https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/update/ update firefox to the latest version]. the errors you're getting are likely coming from the socialfixer addon that you've installed - there's also an updated version of the extension available which fixes these kind of issues: http://socialfixer.com/blog/category/releasenotes/

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