When I import to itunes my computer sleeps or shuts down.

When I import to itunes, and work in another program, my computer either sleeps or shuts down. Sleeping is much more frequent but it's extremely frustrating. Obviously I didn't use to do this. I suspect it is as a result of an upgrade, but am unsure. any suggestions would be very gratefull accepted.
-Ty [email protected]

Not it. Thanks. I tried it, so thanks for the tip, but I get the same error message. That I need to authorize this computer to get the purchases. I guess it's not really an error message. But It will not let me proceed any further. Once again I have deauthorized and this is the only computer that is authorized for this account.
Then and last
Pretty annoying. Any ideas?

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  • When I click on my Imac to sleep, it shuts down instead

    When I click on my Imac to sleep, it shuts down instead

    Hello, Hank. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Here is an article that I would recommend when experiencing this issue. 
    OS X: When your Mac doesn't sleep or wake
    Jason H. 

  • HT3964 my imac 24" computer sleeps or shuts down unexpectedly....will resetting SMC resolve this?

    as my post says above....my imac 24 (2009) will randomly go to sleep.....might not happen for a couple weeks then bam....it will happen multiple times an hour, a day, just totally random....the fan does seem to be running unusually high/loud with not much load being performed at all....top of imac 'seems' unusually hot/warm.....any ideas...?...I got here after weaving through an SMC reboot option article...which described my condition to a T...among many other low level functions it controls....
    ...seemed to have started right after I got my inside screen cleaned due to dust....they took it back and looked at all the connections and everything is fine....

    ...JG....just opened the link to reset the SMC.......REALLY?!... That's it......ha....just a 'glorified' reboot......thought it would be more ' complicated or in depth' than the steps below......just seems way too simplified....don't get me wrong....sure glad it's not!!.......I'm a huggggge apple fan.....multiple iPhones....iPads.....my Mac......for years.....even visit Palo Alto many times.....but haven't stalked the old 'residence'.....lol......I root galaxy s4's with new roms for friends etc.....but can't stray from the apple.....thanks for all your help to the community.....
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord.
    Wait fifteen seconds.
    Attach the computer's power cord.
    Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on the computer.
    Note: For Intel-based Xserve computers that are not responding, you can shut down locally, or by using remote commands, or by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds.

  • Why am i kicked out of my wireless network everytime my computer sleeps or shuts down?

    why am i kicked out of my wireless network every time there the machine goes to sleep or when i shut the computer off. is there a setting where i can stay logged-in to my wireless network without having to select it every time?
    Running Lion 10.7.5
    very frustrating.
    i hope the solution is not to buy Mountain Lion. that would make me angry.
    thanks for your support.

    Since it's a new machine, contact Apple Service, iMac Service or Apple's Express Lane. Do note that if you have AppleCare's protection plan and you're within 50 miles (80 KM) of an Apple repair station, you're eligible for onsite repair since yours is a desktop machine. That also might apply to newly bought ones inside the first 90 days.
    FWIW, IMO, the AppleCare extended plan's the cheapest insurance you can get for your new desktop machine.

  • Mac Mini will not keep mirror displays on after computer sleeps or shuts down.

    Hello.  I work in a school district that has a few Mac Mini computers set up with its own moniter and also plugged in HDMI to a projector.  Last year we had them set up with OSX 10.6 and decided to upgrade them to 10.8  After the upgrade, Display Mirroring will not stay on.  If the computer is reset or falls asleep it is set back to extended desktop.  How can I get it to stay without having them constantly turning it back on?  (The teachers are using network accounts.  I doubt it has anything to do with it because it worked fine last year on 10.6.  But I thought I would mention it.)

    Does it only do it for network accounts?
    Is there an admin account on the Mini to test with?

  • My music is on a nas loaded by Windows Media Player in WAV. When I import into Itunes only the songs appear no album name etc.

    My music is on a nas. Loaded using windows media player in WAV.
    When I import into Itunes only the record apears, no Album name etc
    How can can I see all the details

    Information is often stored as tags embedded in the file.  WAV does not support tagging. I don't know how WMP works but iTunes keeps its own database about media.  For many audio formats, track information will be stored both in iTunes' database and in the file itself as tags.  With formats such as mp3 most tags (not all) will 'travel' with the file when copied.  This does not happen with WAV where the information is only stored in the player application's database.

  • When i start my itunes the computer stop working.

    when i start my itunes the computer starts working.

    You have tried this?

  • My MAC mini looses the wi-fi connection to a Belkin N wireless router when it goes to sleep or shut down.  I have to re select the network when restarting or waking the computer up.  I think this just started with Lion.  My iPod and iPad  have no trouble.

    My MAC MINI looses the wi-fi connection to a Belkin N wireless router when it goes to sleep or shuts down.  I have to re select the network when re starting or waking up the computer.  I think this just started with LION.  My iPod and iPad have no problem remembering the wireless network.

    Thank you BGreg.  That is what I have been doing, and then it works just fine.  I think it was doing the same thing in the previous version of Lion.  I may be incorrect about that.  I upgraded to 10.7.3 a few weeks ago, and then last week I reloaded the combo update, hoping it would help.  Not so.  Thank you for letting me know it is a common problem.  I have tried permissions in Disk Utilities, and in Macaroni, both at least 4 times, plus numerous restarts.  Nothing Improves.  It still can not find the internet when it wakes up or gets up.

  • Cannot sleep or shut down when connected to TV through DVI

    I recently reinvigorated my 2003 Power Mac G5 (Power PC) with a clean install of OSX Leopard and connected it to my TV via a VGA cable and DVI adapter.  I soon discovered the computer would not sleep or shut down with the TV connected:
    - Selecting "sleep" from apple menu, OR
    - Pressing sleep button on original ADC monitor (with both monitors connected,) OR
    - Waiting for 15 minute automatic sleep mode:
         computer sleeps (tower clicks off as normal) but immediately wakes again
    - Selecting "shut down" from apple menu:
         computer shuts down completely but immediately reboots
    When the G5 runs on only the original monitor, sleep and shutdown commands work as expected.
    Aside from unplugging the DVI adapter every time I want to sleep or shut down, is there a solution to this problem?

    I've seen the TV problem before, not sure there is a cure, but perhaps one of these...
    http://www.pccables.com/cgi-bin/orders6.cgi?action=Showitem&id=ID15122041&partno =30011&search=VGA_SWITCH&rsite=&rcode=
    The DVI ones don't have high enough resolution...
    http://www.pccables.com/cgi-bin/orders6.cgi?action=Showitem&id=ID15122044&partno =81112&search=DVI_SWITCH&rsite=google.comsearc&rcode=

  • I have a Macbook  Pro 2009, i upgraded from 10.5 to 10.8.2 and now when I put it to sleep it shuts down. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I have a Macbook  Pro 2009, i upgraded from 10.5 to 10.8.2 and now when I put it to sleep it shuts down. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    That disk from her computer is a machine specific version, you need this disk
    and follow these instructions
    How to erase and install Snow Leopard 10.6

  • When in transport, which is better have the MBP shut down or sleep mode?

    when in transport, which is better have the MBP shut down or in sleep mode?

    Read the user manual that came w/your computer.  Personally, I shut down when transporting.  
    It all comes down to personal preference.  "Different Strokes For Different Folks"

  • When waking from sleep, it shuts down

    I use the energy saver to put the computer to sleep when I'm not using it. When I hit a button to "wake" the computer, it starts to spin up but then shuts down.
    I was told by Apple (when I still had my call-in protection plan) that this was because there was no room on my hard drive. This first happened when I had about 1 GB left (60GB drive). I have subsequently bought an external drive on to which I have moved my music files and now have 25+ GB, so that should no longer be an issue.
    Any ideas?

    USB scanners are generally a red flag for sleep-related isuues but usually in terms of failing to wake or failing to sleep, not shutting down instead of waking up. You can check if the peripheral hardware is involved by disconnecting all peripherals other than keyboard and mouse, Starting Up in Safe Mode (to disable any peripheral drivers), and seeing if you can then sleep and wake the Mac without the shutdown problem.
    The system.log messages indicate you have the Mac set to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN); I'm not familar wnough with that to be sure if it affects the wake-from-sleep issue. You may want to post that snippet from the system.log along with a statement of the problem in the Using OS X 10.4 Tiger forum part of the Apple Discussions in order to reach a broader audience than in the eMac part of the Discussions.
    The 'SystemUIServer not responding' message may be helped if you try this:
    -- trash /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist
    -- trash /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/com.apple.systemuiserver.plist
    -- reboot while resetting PRAM
    To reset PRAM, restart, as soon as the screen goes dark, hold down command-option-p-r until you hear three sets of chimes, then release the keys and let the Mac finish starting up. You may need to re-do some System Preferences settings after resettings PRAM (see What's stored in PRAM?)
    BTW, a viable workaround is to change the Energy Saver settings to slepp the display only after XX number of minutes, with put system to slepp set to Never and put hard drives to slepp when possible unchecked. That also ensures the Mac can perform the background maintenance tasks overnight. If you normally shut down an OS X Mac overnight or leave it in system sleep, the cron maintenance tasks cannot run in their nominal 3 am timeframe. (Display-only sleep allows the maintenance tasks to run). Tiger 10.4.2 and later will force the maintenance tasks to run after sufficient time has elapsed, but kust how long is long enough, and whether the timer is reset on shutdown, isn't entirely clear. You can leave the Mac in display-only sleep a weekend or two a month; you can manually Force Background Maintenance; or you can use a third-party utility such as OnyX to run the maintenance. Note that any system utility you use must be compatible with the OS version (e.g., use the Tiger version of OnyX with 10.4.x).

  • HT201210 I was in the middle of installing the new update using the wifi at a local restaurant when I lost the wifi signal and my iPhone shut down, and now I can't get into the phone. I only get the iTunes logo with the cable pic. What are my options now?

    I was in the middle of installing the new update using the wifi at a local restaurant when I lost the wifi signal and my iPhone shut down, and now I can't get into the phone. I only get the iTunes logo with the cable pic. What are my options now?

    Your only option is to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB (as the diagram indicates) and restore using iTunes.

  • HT1222 iTunes won't quit and won't allow the computer to be shut down

    Does this update fix the fact that once iTunes is launched I can no longer quit the program (it automatically restarts) and it won't let me shut down the computer (or force quit) or restart. This problem just started. Once launched, you can't quit iTunes and you can't shut down your computer. You can't install software or perform any function that requires iTunes to be closed. I have searched the web and have found other users with the same issue but no real solutions (or reasons why it is happening). It is weird that iTunes has a mind of its own and can just cancel shut down or restart. It immediately relaunches if you force quit. I no longer can listen to my music because I am afraid to launch iTunes! I was able to choose restart once and then shut down from the restart screen the first time it happened but after that it would not even let me restart. Once it worked by logging out user and shutting down from that screen but then the next time it wouldn't allow it. It is like it learns how you are working around iTunes to shut down your computer and then it figures out how to cancel it. Eerie and annoying. Any ideas? I should say that I am running an iMac with OS 10.6.8. Thanks.

    Try this thread >  iTunes keeps restarting after I exit: Apple Support Communities

  • The fan on my mac runs as soon as the computer is idle, sleeping or shut down, i have tried resetting the SMC but it doesn't work i have to turn off at mains stop the fan.

    My Mac is 18 months old and the fan has decided to run as soon as the mac is idle, sleeping or shut down, as soon as i touch the mouse pad or keypad it stops, i have to turn it off at the mains to stop the fan running,  i have also tried resetting the SMC but to no avail, please can someone help?

    Startup - Gray, Blue or White screen at boot, w/spinner/progress bar
    Startup Issues - Resolve
    Startup Issues - Resolve (2)
    Avast! Uninstall

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