When I plug in my iPhone to sync, it starts but does not complete the process and several pieces of data are not being transferred to my iPhone from my MacBook Air.

When I plug in my iPhone to sync, it starts but does not complete the process and several pieces of data are not being transferred to my iPhone from my MacBook Air.
Any help that you can provide in helping my iPhone accurately sync with iPhoto and iTunes will be greatly appreciated.
1)   Sync:  It’s not completing the sync.  Below, I’ve provided all of my settings from the iTunes Summary tab so that you might tell me if I’ve selected any incorrect options.  I prefer to sync the “old school” way – by connecting to the computer – as opposed to syncing over the cloud. Perhaps this is what’s causing the problem? Here is a list of the steps displayed in the iTunes window as the sync progresses:
waiting for sync to start (step 1 of 7)
backing up (step 2 of 7)
preparing to sync (step 3 of 7)
determining apps to sync (step 4 of 7)
preparing apps to sync (step 5 of 7)
importing photos (step 6 of 7)
waiting for changes to be applied (step 7 of 7)
syncing apps / copying 1 of 4 (App name) (step 7 of 7)
canceling sync
apple icon
2)   Photos: I've selected only certain of my iPhoto albums to sync to my iPhone.  All of the albums are correct/complete in iPhoto.  All of the albums are listed on my iPhone, both before and after the sync, but the albums are empty (no actual photos) before and after the sync. Perhaps this is tied to the fact that the sync isn’t completing, but because “importing photos” is one of the steps that the incomplete sync displays, I don’t know.
3)   Apps: When I launch iTunes and click on the Apps folder under the Library listing, then click on the Updates tab, iTunes searches for any Apps needing to be updated and provides a list.  If I click on Update All, the Apps are successfully updated in iTunes.  But, when I plug in my iPhone so that the updates will transfer to the apps on my iPhone, the updates don’t transfer to the apps on my iPhone and those apps still reflect that they need updating on the iPhone.
Other Potential Pertinent Info:
The flash memory hard drive on my MacBook Air recently died (perhaps a month or two ago).  Apple had emailed me about a known issue and literally the next day, my MacBook Air crashed.  I installed a new flash memory drive and re-installed everything from a backup off of an external hard drive.  Everything seems to be working fine; it recreated accurately all of my software and data, including iPhoto and iTunes, the pictures and songs (respectively) for which are stored on that hard drive, as opposed to being on the flash memory in the MacBook Air itself.  However, I don’t recall if the start of the sync problem described herein started happening at the same time that I replaced the flash memory drive.  All I know is that the computer is working perfectly in all respects and that even as the sync is failing, it at least says that it’s doing the right things and looking in the right places (e.g., the list of albums on my iPhone matches the list of albums in iTunes, etc.).
MacBook Air
OSX v. 10.9
iPhoto ’11 v. 9.5 (902.7)
iPhone iOS 7.0.4
iTunes v. 11.1.3 (8)
Summary Tab
Backups (This Computer)
Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected
Sync only checked songs and videos
Photos Tab
Sync Photos from iPhoto (429 Photos)
Selected albums, Events, and Faces, and automatically include (no Events)
Albums – 9 are selected

You need to download iTunes on your computer. iOS 6 requires the latest version of iTunes which is 10.7.

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