When I plug my phone into my PC with the USB cable an ad starts playing on my PC. How do I stop this?

When I plug my phone into my PC with the USB cable an advertisement starts playing on my PC. The advertisement is for an add-on product called Backup Assistant Plus. How can I stop this?
I read of a work-around to stop this, but it does not meet my needs. The work-around is to change your USB connection option from "mass storage device" to the one of the options about uploading pictures. This would not work for me because I'm connecting the cable so I can access the phone's memory as a mass storage device!
This is a seriously obnoxious problem affecting millions of people. It's a common conversation in bars, and all the iPhone fans are saying--yea, I told you so, stuff from Motorola is junk. I'd recommend that it be fixed as soon as possible!
Model: Droid Razr
Android version: 4.0.4

Yes, you can stop it. When you plug in the phone, down in the lower right of your screen, click and pull up the Motorola Device Manager. Do as you please with it.

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