When placing call can not hear ringer in earpeice

When placing phone call,can not hear phone ringing in earpeice,speakerphone works ok when turned on ,then turning off speaker phone phone works ok

I am having the same problem with my iPhone 4s with iOS 5.0.1.
Symptoms: I dial the number and the phone's display shows "calling ..." and the red "End" button, but I cannot hear an outgoing ringer.
I was under the impression that the phone on the other end (that I was calling) was not ringing either, but that is not the case.  The phone on the receiving end rings.  I cannot hear the person I'm calling (or his/her answering machine) if he/she/it picks up.
My carrier is AT&T, but others in my office with the same phone/carrier have not experienced this problem.

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  • My microphone dosen't work when i call !! the caller can not hear me !! Any answer to this probleme ??

    my microphone dosen't work when i call !! the caller can not hear me !! Any answer to this probleme ??

    HI there,
    Please see the video link below to learn how to remove the pairing from your iPhone, powercycle the phone, reset the BlueAnt Q2 (please check which BlueAnt device you have and reset as approopriate) and then pair with iPhone again.
    If this does not resolve your problem please contact our customer support team on +1 855 9 BLUEANT or +1 855 9 2583 268.
    Hope this helps

  • When I use FaceTime on iPhone 5 people I call can not hear me.

    When I use FaceTime on iPhone 5 people I call can not hear me.  Anyone can help me?

    The lower mic is faulty, either due to logic board fault or lower mic itself fault. If lower mic itself, the replacement part is iPhone charging port assembly with flex cable, lower mic, and home button flex connector all a less than $10 single part. Apple handles this problem with replacement iPhone 4S for $199, make Genius reservation to avoid long wait time. The reason the speakphone still works is because it uses the upper mic, which is at the small pin hole at top of iPhone next to headphone jack port.

  • Iphone4s caller can not hear me!

    When making or receiving a call on my iphone 4s the caller can not hear me its either very faint or they can not hear me at all.  I have checked all volumes on my phone but have no idea what it could be. Any suggestions?

    Erase iPhone, set up as a new device.
    If the issue persists, go get a replacement device.
    Had the same issue on my iPhone 4 two years ago- had to have it replaced.

  • When I make calls I can hear but person I'm calling can not hear me

    Hi, my iPhone 4s has started to play up! When I make or receive a call I can hear fine but the person on the other end can't hear a thing! I have done all the obvious things like make sure mute is not pressed and about a month ago I did a system restore to cure a battery charge problem ( did not solve but I am persevering). Any ideas???

    Hello Miguel Juan,
    We've an article that can help get your microphone working correctly again.
    iPhone: Microphone issues

  • Caller can not hear me

    When receiving or calling, many times the I am not heard, but if I go to speaker operation they can hear me fine. This is not always the case, but about 70% of the time.
    Why is this happening? The microphone used is the same in both cases, so it must be a software issue I would think.

    Please either fill in the blank or identify the answer
    My carrier is __________.
    I _____________ tried calling my carrier.
      (Have/Have not)
    I_____________ tried searching the forums for similar problems and solutions.
    (Have/Have not)
    If all else fails- http://bit.ly/HsY1h3

  • The caller can not hear my voice on iphone 4

    I have got a Iphone 4 that was working till recently.All of a sudden my phone started playing up.The caller cannot hear my voice.some local expert suggested that it could be the soound chip.Is there any solution for this problem?

    Try these steps as needed:
    1. Reset phone (no data loss):  press both the home and power buttons for at least 10 seconds, releasing when the Apple logo appears
    2. Restore in iTunes using a backup
    3. Restore in iTunes as new
    iTunes: Restoring iOS software
    If restoring as new doesn't help, there is a hardware problem that needs evaluation by Apple.

  • Phone is not getting signal to make calls, sometime it works but not for the most part.  I can hear callers at times but they can not hear me.

    Looking for help on how to get a better signal when receiving and placing calls.  Phone got a little wet and is having hard time placing calls and receiving call.  Calls are breaking up most of the time but some times I have 4 bars and phone calls goes through just fine. Noticed phone is having troubling connecting to towers.  Get a call but caller can not hear me when I have only one bar showing on phone.  Phone does hit 4 bars sometime and phone call is clear.  Any suggestion., new phone still learning how to use.   Should I try to reset to factory settings???  Have read lot of negative comments on the web about doing this.  Trying all options before going to the Apple store.
    Thanks for any help or advice.

    I ended up getting a new phone, straight through Apple.  I called their technical support and went through all he basics again and they decided to replace it.  Was a pretty quick process - after defaulting and resetting the whole phone (about 2 hours),  I called them back to inform that there was no change, so they set up the order.
    I had to give my CC# so they could hold a charge on it (in case I didn't send my old phone bach, which they sent me a pre-posted package to send it in anyway).  Had a brand new iPhone 4S in my hands in 4 days, which was pretty decent.  I had uploaded everything previously to iCloud, so setting up the new phone was a snap.
    Only thing I really didn't like was they charged me almost 30 bucks for shipping or processing, or something.  Not so sure that should have been my responsibility after spending so much on a brand new product, only to have to have it warrantied after, like, a month.

  • Can not hear the voice of caller and caller can not listen me

    i got iphone 4 can not hear the voice of caller and caller can not hear me while head phone and i pod working perfectly.

    You may try using a different headphone to isolate the issue. And test your headphone as well with a different device like an iPod or other device, if it works then it's with the phone, that may needs service

  • I just downloaded Windows 10 and now my headphone will not work, the other caller can't hear me.

    I just downloaded Windows 10 and now my headphones are not working and the other caller
    can not hear me.

    Please download and install the driver from the following weblink:
    I am an HP employee.
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  • IPhone 4: I can hear the caller but the caller can't hear me??

    It happens after a second or two on the phone the caller can't hear me but I can hear them fine. And sometimes they can hear me but my voice warped or crackly? then when I try to ring them back they can't hear me at all. Anyone else with the same problem???

    For me the problem occurs on outgoing calls.
    The person I am calling can not hear me. I hang up and call again and they can hear me.
    Issue occurs randomly approximately 1 out of every 4 calls.
    I'm using an iphone 3GS with IOS 4.3.3 installed using Optus network (Australia).
    When the issue occurs the person at the other end cannot hear anything no matter how loudly I yell into the microphone. I'm not accidentally putting the phone on mute because it is not indicated on the phone that I have and it does not matter whether I am using the microphone headset or not. I'm getting sick of having to apologise to my customers for my phone not working properly.
    I tried replacing my iphone 3GS with another iphone 3GS, restored it from my backup and using my original SIM card. Problem still occurs.
    Since replacing the iphone did not resolve the problem it must be related to IOS, SIM card or cell carrier.
    Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  • What are the setting in order to use headset with vontage softphone, caller can't hear me

    have dv7 entertainment notebook with IDT audio. When I use vontage softphone caller can not hear me but I can hear them. Is there some default setting for the notebook that I am missing or is it a vontage issue?
    windows 7
    HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
    Intel i5
    64 bit os

    I had the same issue. It was not being muted by my face (although sometimes that would happen). For me you could actually tap on the back of the phone and get it to work...but only for a short period of time.
    I went through all the normal trouble shooting items... rebooting... restoring...etc. At the end of the day I took it into Apple store. They said they've had other people with the same issue and the best bet is to replace the phone while it's still under warranty. You have one year from purchase date unless you bought the extended Applecare.
    I wouldn't bother with too much more trouble shooting...not since this is a known issue that others have had happen.

  • When i call someone i can not hear the phone ring or the people talking.  they can not hear me either.  what i do notice if i select speaker then i can hear them through the speaker phone only

    when i call someone i can not hear the phone ring or the people talking.  They can not hear me either.  what i do notice if i select speaker then i can hear them through the speaker phone only

    If there's an Apple store nearby make an appointment with the genius bar to have it checked.  Be sure to sync it and back it up, as well as import your photos and videos to your computer and back up your contacts separately (such as by sync them with iCloud) in case it needs to be replaced.

  • Lync 2013 not hear ring back in mobile when call by number

    I have setup a Lync server 2013 standard Front end on windows server 2012 R2 and also installed update for Mobility service and enabled it. It seems everything works perfect but...
    When I call by number in android phones and iphones, I do not hear ring back tone, although call is proceeded and if the calling person answer the call, everything will be fine. The strange thing is that if I call by name I hear ring back
    This problem does not exist while using windows phone or desktop client.
    Thanks, Amir.

    Early media refers to media (e.g., audio and video) that is exchanged  before a particular session is accepted by the called user.
    If the remote party does not generate it, then you will not hear it. As stated by Holger, the logs will have this information. Without the logs it is not possible to identify where the problem is. Your app might have received it and not played it or it was
    never send.
    Regards Herbert Zimbizi

  • HT2188 I can hear caller but they can not hear me except when using speaker phone

    I can hear caller but they can not hear me except when using speaker phone

    First of all,  make sure that your iPhone as the most recent iOS available. Check in "Settings>General>Software Update".
    One other problem could be your microphone. Does it work for anything else other than a call?
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