When trying to get email, says "cannot connect to server"

set up email at store, everything was fine.  then clicked mail and says "cannot connect to server", yet I can use safari, etc.  deleted and re-added the email account

that mean your email server is having problems or unavailable at the moment.  Contact them.

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  • Cannot get email says cant connect to server

    cant get email cant connect to server i got an iphone 4 tried to transfer info but mail wont work

    If you encounter problem only on outgoing mail, than maybe I can help, I did face this issue sometime ago, outgoing server for Wi-fi & Cellular using different server, for Wi-fi, the setting should be the same as what you set for your PC, for Cellular, you need to contact your mobile service provider for the outgoing server setting, this should solve the problem as iPhone & iPad allow to have multiple setting

  • I keep getting an error when trying to update an app- cannot connect to store. I logged out from my account and tried to log back in and got the same error. I am doing all this from my phone since I no longer own a personal computer (only work)

    I keep getting an error when trying to update an app- cannot connect to store. I logged out from my account and tried to log back in and got the same error. I am doing all this from my phone since I no longer own a personal computer (only work) since I use iCloud and I tunes match

    YAY!!! Saved it in my Mac's Firefox Bookmarks for easy future access!
    Hope you are having a lovely afternoon today! I'm about ready to go bobo....I have an early meeting, and I don't want to oversleep! The nice part is that I work remotely, so I only have to wake up 15 minutes or so before the meeting.... I don't even use an alarm clock anymore (really, my iPhone alarm, which is much more pleasant), unless I have to get up at 6:30 or something....

  • Not connecting when trying to get email

    I have just got a problem when trying to get email. The account is Ok and connected, but next to the button Get new email (under button email) my account is grey.
    Mail program is getting mail when starting the computer. I have marked that program should get mail every five minutes, but it is not working. Neither when I am trying to get it manual.
    Tried to make a new identical account (IMAP instead of POP) and then it worked. I am though afraid of deleting my old account and lose all my old emails.
    Have repaired authorities.
    What has gone wrong?

    Please clarify -- the Get New Mail button in the toolbar of the Mail window is gray, or also if you click on Mailbox in the menubar, and choose Get New Mail, then this account is not available? But there are no symbols beside the Inbox for this account?
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  • When I try to receive my mail a message pops up saying "cannot connect to server" how can i fix this?

    Hi im wondering if anyone can help me! When I try to receive my mail from my account a message pops up and says "cannot connect to server" I have tried things like deleting my account and adding it again, rebooting my Ipad, restoring my Ipad. it has all the latest update and still wont work Is there any one who can help me please?

    I would try the router reset. That's sadly all I got.

  • The conection on my ipod has 3 bars and i am able to connect safari and seach on google but when i try youtube it says "cannot connect to youtube" every time, how can i fix this?

    the conection on my ipod has 3 bars and i am able to connect safari and seach on google but when i try youtube it says "cannot connect to youtube" every time, how can i fix this?

    try to exit out of the youtube app with the multitasking feature. if this doesnt work then try to do a manual restart by holding down the home and power/sleep button all the way past the "slide to unlock" screen until the ipod will power off and the apple symbol will appear when the ipod tuens back on

  • Please help me how can i make my app store because when i open it it says cannot connect to iTunes please if you have any helpful solution inform me

    Please help me how can i make my app store because when i open it it says cannot connect to iTunes please if you have any helpful solution inform me

    Try reset all settings
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings
    Note: Data will not be affected but settings for Wi-Fi, FaceTime, Message, Home Sharing will be reset
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  • My email last updated this morning and keeps saying cannot connect to server, can this be fixed?

    My email last updated this morning and it keeps  saying cannot connect to server, has anyone had this problem?

    If you cannot connect to your incoming mail server, then you need to check your mail account and the incoming mail settings. What is the rest of the error that it shows about not being able to connect to the server. It should provide you with more info.

  • TS1398 every so often i lose wi fi internet, even though laptops in house still get wi fi signal. phone message says cannot connect to server.

    lose wi fi signal at home, message says cannot connect with server. can access wi fi with laptops
    but not with iphone5

    Your problem is completely different from the subject of this thread, which is about intermittent connections to ONE WiFi network, not all networks. As you have an iPhone 5 just take it to an Apple store and they will replace it under warranty if they can't resolve the problem.

  • IPhone 5 won't let me set up yahoo mail it just says cannot connect to server

    I've just set up my mother in laws new iPhone 5 and everything was fine until I tried to set up yahoo mail, i just got a message saying cannot connect to server, any ideas how to fix?
    Also has signal issues compared to 4s.

    When you set it up, under settings, Add Account but don't select "yahoo!" select "Other" instead and then set it up...
    Incoming Server - imap.mail.yahoo.com
    Outgoing Server - smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    Incoming Port - 993 (requires SSL)
    Outgoing Port - 465 (requires SSL/TLS)
    Username: full email address (example: [email protected])
    Password: the password you login to Yahoo with.

  • O365 lync says cannot connect to server

    I have O365 Premium business. When I downloaded Lync app from Windows store it says cannot connect to server.

    Hi shakingmyhead,
    Please follow the guide to troubleshoot your problem.
    For Admins:
    For Users:
    If you have any further question, you can also post a question on Office365 forum for assistance.
    Best regards,
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

  • I have older macs 10.5.8 osx. my computers at home and my new phone cant get emails. its says cannot connect to server

    Like I said I have older macs but a new phone and I know longer can get emails. It says cannot connect to the server

    Get more information about your computer. Go to the Apple in the upper left corner of any window, then  "About This Mac".  Write down what it says about "version"and report that here.  Now continue to "More Info..."  Copy and paste the information here, but omit the serial number and Hardware UUID (if present).
    Check system requirements:
    Snow Leopard 10.6 Technical Requirements - http://support.apple.com/kb/SP575
    The main issue might be having too little RAM.  Most computers run newer systems more smoothly with more RAM than Apple says is a "minimum" for running that system version
    After installing 10.6.3 run the updater to 10.6.8, then upgrade iTunes.
    Jan. 2014 post by Kappy on doing all this: https://discussions.apple.com/message/24599931
    The new system should install on top of the old one.  That said, things have been known to go wrong and it makes sense to do a backup before installing the new system.  In fact you seem to care about your files and things so you need to always have a backup because one day you will wake up and you hard drive will be dead and everrything on it gone.  Buy an external hard drive and start using Time Machine or something to back up. The other risk is when you install the new iTunes.  It doesn't happen frequently given the millions of users but there are daily posts here from people who for some reason the installation wiped out their whole library.  If you have a backup then there's nothing to worry about. 
    This is well within what many people can do at home.  It's a matter of inserting an optical disc and clicking you way through menus.

  • I upgraded to the Iphone 4 tonight and it will NOT let me get to my YAHOO mail.  Says "cannot connect to server".  Safari and everything else works fine!  My iphone 3 was working fine when I was at the store....but now the brand new phone is not!  HELP

    purchased Iphone 4 tonight......will not let me get to yahoo email....says "cannot connect to yahoo server"    My iphone 3 was working just fine tonight and then I traded it for this!  help

    Do a hard reset
    Settings / general / Reset /  Reset All Settings
    Now setup your Yahoo mail.

  • I have just added Facebook app. When trying to register it in Settings it won't accept password - says cannot connect to server. Working fine otherwise

    Having just joined Facebook, I have added the App to my iPhone and iPad mini but the iPad mini is coming up with an error message when trying to log it in Settings. Seems to be stuck in loop "cannot connect to server"

    You can't override it no matter what you do. The device has to connect to the server to complete the iOS update. You could try rebooting the iPad and see if that lets you connect to the server after it starts up.
    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    If that will not work, you can try connecting to iTunes on your computer and see if the activation will complete. Sometimes when thes activation issues arise, you end up having to restore the device again, but first things first. Reboot and see what happens.

  • I-cloud is asking me to agree the new terms, when I go on to agree, it keeps saying 'cannot connect to server' !!! Since I have downloaded IOS7 I am now unable to access iCloud

    Having just downloaded IOS7 on my iPad, I cannot now open I-cloud!!!! It keeps asking me to agree the new terms and conditions, when you go into Agee, it says..."cannot connect to server" I have tried to do this on two different wifi site and will not accept??? Can anyone help!

    Numbers documents from iOS need Numbers 3.2 on a Mac to open. And Numbers 3.2 requires Mavericks. If you are using Mavericks you can get Numbers 3.2 from the Mac App Store. It will be free IF you have Numbers 2 (iWork '09) installed. Otherwise you must buy it.
    Your other option is to send the Numbers file as an Excel file via e-mail to yourself to open with an earlier version of Numbers.

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