When using iPad or iPod to record how do i pause?

when using ipod or ipad to record video how do i pause and continue recording? Thanks in advance for the help. Happy Thanksgiving!

If you need help switching to video just put your finger on the screen and swipe downward till  the word video lights up..

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  • When using large text my lines overpal, how can I increase the line spacing?

    When using large text my lines overpal, how can I increase the line spacing?

    Press 'Ctrl + Enter' after the numbered item to insert blank space below it. If you press 'Enter', the next line will start with the next number. As long as you want to type lines without a numbering, press 'Ctrl + Enter' and type the line.

  • Just bought a new iPod touch 16G - I think it's a 5th gen. - I used my old iPod to record rehearsals.  The new one is stating that my Belken mic is not compatible.  Can I record with this new one?  If so, what do I need for a mic?

    Just bought a new iPod Touch 16G - (I think it's a 5th gen.).   I used my old iPod to record music rehearsals.  This new iPod is stating that my old Belken mic (with new adaptor) is not compatible.  Does this new iPod Touch have ability to record audio?     If so, what do I need for a mic??

    Thanks very much!   I found the app, tested it, and it sounds fairly lifelike.    Big help!!

  • When using 'sponge' effect on a fill, how do I get rid of the white 'pixellations' (if that is what they are called around the edges of the fill?

    When using 'sponge' effect on a fill, how do I get rid of the white 'pixellations' (if that is what they are called around the edges of the fill?

    I tried to give you this solution before, but maybe you missed it. This simple procedure will mask out all the various sponge edge-artifacts. Here it is in simple steps:
    1. Make the path shape you want to apply the sponge effect to.
    2. Highlight that path, and select Object > Path > Offset path ... choose +2 points (or whatever works for your drawing scale, to ultimately eliminate the outside line and the artifacts) -- this will make a slightly larger shape, based on the original shape.
    3. Cut the outside path (command or alt-X), select the inside path, and paste the outer path BEHIND the inner path (command or alt-B).
    4. Apply the sponge effect to the OUTER path.
    5. Highlight BOTH paths, and create a MASK (command or alt-7).
    Now you have your original shape, with sponge applied, and the outer 2 points (or whatever your Offset Path was set to), are masked out, masking out the outside line and the sponge artifacts.
    This works with any Document Raster Effect Settings dpi.

  • IPod nano 6gen does not send audio to home stereo when using an older (iPod classic) dock.

    iPod nano 6gen does not send audio to home stereo when using an older (iPod classic) dock.  Is this a functional discount or something else?  [This system has worked with iPod Classic and Nano 4 gen.]

    Perform the instructions for your version of Mac OS X on this page.

  • HT6117 Hi I want to attach word documents to yahoo mail app  and some job portals using iPad  I don't know how to attach it can u ppl help

    Hi I want to attach word documents to yahoo mail app  and some job portals using iPad  I don't know how to attach it can u ppl help me thru this issue

    would I be able to "upload" (not sure how else to say it) my existing folders and subfolders containing all my emails so that they are all available on my new IMAP service, while still being available on my Mac?
    Not easily, no. There's no direct transfer option between POP and IMAP, especially across email providers. The best you could do would be to forward all of your emails to your new address, although it's not clear that you need to - dropping your sbcglobal.net account doesn't instantly render all your existing mail void - it'll still be in your Mail client, you can still read it, search it, etc., it just won't be on your provider's server.
    I have toyed with the idea of getting a MobileMe account. Would that solve my issue/question above?
    MobileMe would be viable, especially if you're interested in synching your various iOS devices. It's not free, of course, unlike Yahoo and Gmail, although you've already discounted them...
    I have also toyed with purchasing my own URL, but it's hard to tell from the sites (1and1, Namecheap, etc.) if they come with IMAP email accounts included.
    Some registrars offer email hosting bundles with a domain registration. This could be a good way to go. GoDaddy, for example, have a email hosting option for domains you register with them.

  • HT1947 Why can't I see all songs for an artist when using iPad remote for home sharing music through apple tv.

    Why can't I see all my songs for an artist when I search by artist using iPad remote? I'm listening to music via home sharing through apple tv using iPad 2 as my remote. All my songs seem to be listed fine under "songs", but when I select "artist" many of the songs I have for that artist are not there, any idea why that is or how I can fix this.....I suspect it's because many songs may not be associated with an album and it seems only songs in albums are displayed when I search by artist.

    Thanks Ferretbite, but that's not the issue in my case, the songs are not part of a compilation. I just checked several of them and the "Part of a compilation" box is unchecked.....it seems as if the song does not have an album associated with it, it will not display under the artist when I search by artist on the iPad remote which REALLY stinks.
    Hope someone else might have a solution.

  • I accidentaly clicked "remove" when using find my iphone...how do I log in when my iphone is not with me to find it?

    i was using "find my iphone" and when given the location it was an old location. A post read that the iphone was either turned off or the wifi was not being used. A remove or cancel  button appears with this message. I accidentally clicked cancel and now when trying to retrive information about the location of my device it says that I must refresh page or set up instructions. There must be a way to reinstate my account without my device physically present but I do not know how...can someone help me?

    What ever device you still have on had.  Go to settings - general - about - name - then the name.
    I have 4 devices 2 iphone and ipad - which I've name differently so I don't get confused when using find my iphone.

  • Need a secure network when using iPad

    I have a iMac with an airport extreme card built in. I use a Westell 7500 DSL modem to connect to the internet. The modem has wireless capability. I can establish a wireless network using airport. I went into network preferences and set up WPA2 Personal security and entered a password under the network I am using, but the network is not password secured. When turning on aiport on the iPad, I join my network without having to enter a password.  I want to have to enter the password on my ipad when using this network so I am sure others in the area will have to know the password to have access to my network.
    Thank you

    According to the information you provided, you want to add a security password to secure your network.
    Your wireless network is created on your Westell 7500. So if you want to add a password to secure your network, you have to add it on the router settings, not on the iMac settings. If you're not sure how to do that, you have to contact your ISP (internet service provider) for further assistance.

  • When using USB input iPod classic won't read in new car

    Just bought a new car with a factory iPod ready stereo system. When using the USB input iPod Classic won't read but son's iPod touch does. Anyway I can fix this? I know my Classic works fine as I was using it in my other car and it works in my wife's car. Is the car just too new therefore making my Classic incompatible and soon to be obsolete?

    the best option is to contact the car manufacturer or look at the manual to make sure it supports your ipod verision. if it is a custom radio then look then contact the manufacturer or look at the manual for same thing. you can try a reset with http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1320.

  • I am using iPad pages, and figuring out how to create a table of content.

    I am using pages on my iPad Air, and figuring out how to create a table of content? (TOC)
    Anyone can help me please?

    Based on what I have found, at this time, it appears that the only way to add a TOC or Bibliography to a Pages file is via Pages for MAC. Once that is done, you can automatically add entries in Pages for iOS. But you cannot initially add the element.
    It is not out of the question that there are some templates for Pages for iOS available that already have these added and available - but I cannot say first hand. All of the built in templates for iOS appear to be for short format documents and I have yet to find one that includes the TOC or Bibliography.

  • Why cant I send emails, or open folders, from my Outlook email when using ipad. My Outlook is functioning normally when accessed from laptop.

    Why am I unable to send emails or open folders from my Outlook email when using my iPad?  My Outlook is functioning normally when accessed from my laptop.  This problem has been going on for three days now - everything was functioning normally before. I have looked at the standard troubleshooting suggestions provided by Apple, but they do not appear to cover this eventuality.  I should be most grateful for any help.

    Try first to Clear your cache from : Tools > Options > Advanced > Network, Clear Now button.
    if the above is not helpful, [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles create a new profile] and check it again.
    if you create the new profile see: [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles#w_recovering-information-from-an-old-profile Recovering information from an old profile]
    thank you

  • Crackling/popping/garbled when using USB audio iPod iOS 6.16

    I know several people are having this issue.  iPod touch with iOS 6.16, when using the USB cable plugged in to Ford Sync or other stereo head units with USB connectivity, I hear a random popping/crackling/garbled sound.  The iPod does this on 2 different vehicles so I know it is not the stereo it self.  I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado that I added the IS-GM655 adapter to install a USB and AUX port.  Also I have a Ford Van that has the SYNC system in it.
    When the iPod is plugged in to the stereo via the USB port, I get random popping or crackling like a CD skipping from the audio. When the iPod is connected via the AUX headphone jack, I don't seem to hear any popping or crackling.  I have tried cleaning the port on the bottom of the iPod with rubbing alcohol and it seemed to help a little, but I still noticed the popping/crackling/garbled sound coming from the USB connectivity. Also, Bluetooth and WI-FI are off, I even tried airplane mode and different USB cables, still get same symptoms.
    Any fixes for this yet, it appears from all of the other threads I have read and googled, there are SEVERAL other people experiencing this issue and nothing has fixed it??
    The only thing I use the iPod for is music, there are no other apps installed on it currently.

    Hey Relentless85, Have you tried a "Cline Free" dryer sheet? ! OK, done messing around. It's static electricity, why I have no idea. In my Toyota, I have this issue, The other half's Toyota-- no issue! (go figure) It's always worse in the winter, and only with one adapter. As long as you don't touch the iPod, move it or look at it for to long, your OK. But do any one of the listed activities, you know use the iPod-- it clicks and pops likes a bowl of Rice Crispy's. This helped me, it's going to sound stupid and shouldn't work but it does help. Get yourself a grounding tether, the wrist strap with the wire, the thing you wear when working on computer's, anyway place the strap on your iPod, so it touches the metal back, and the other end attach to some part of your vehicles frame, not to any of the wiring! It shouldn't work but it does for me. The garbled sound, does it it sound like the feedback noise from cassette tapes? (Maybe your not old enough for that...) or over metered sound? A distortion or rumble? Try turning off the EQ feature on your iPod or put it on FLAT, or reduce the volume output level from your iPod to about 80% - 85%. It could be the iPod is sending a frequency that exceeds your car stereo's range, (over metering. On analog tape you did this to boast the bass, but the same practice in digital format causes distortions). About the only other thing to try is Resetting or Restoring, but I don't think it will help in this case. If the tether ground helps, it static, if not-- then you cleared out one thing to check. Hope this helps, Good luck. Cheers.

  • I can't see PDFs in email when using iPad

    I can't see PDFs in email when using iPad

    Can you be a little more specific in describing the issue?

  • When using safari on ipod touch.....how do I select " submit" button

    My daughter is trying to sign on to the wifi network at her dorm with her ipod touch.....in Safari on the ipod touch, she enters her user name and password in the log in page, but the "submit" button cant be activated.........its visible on the screen of the ipod touch, but she cant scroll to it...

        Hi there cpnova,
    This should be an easy fix. Did you store your information with either iTunes or iCloud? If yes, then all you would need to do is reset the device. Perform a master reset. Go to settings, general, reset, and Erase All Content and Settings. Then when it comes time to re-activate the device, you will be able to get everything added back on from our iTunes or iCloud backup. Let us know if you have any questions.
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