When using the measure tool the imputed scale resets to 1to1 as soon as you perform another action. How do you get the scale to lock?

When using the measure tool the imputed scale resets to 1to1 as soon as you perform another action. How do you get the scale to lock?

Hi there - I think I am having problems associated withg Cause 9 in that in google mail I have another pop email address associated so that I can send using this email address, but then I have both addresses setup seperately in BIS. When I receive a mail from GMAIL I receive a duplicate with "received by: unknown" in the header. I had gmail setup so that it would send using by pop email address as default.
In your answer the settings for the two filters you recommend creating are broken links and I canot actually see them. What are they?
Also What do you recommend setup wise with gmail and a pop account. Some people say it is better to get gmail to receive the pop mail account and run the whole account from there. Blackberry doesn't seem to like this setup very much. Should I completely dissociate the pop account and to try and clarify the distinction between the two? Or should I setup a second gmail account and have that poll my pop account and then have the blackberry feed off these two gmail accounts? The reason I am considering this option is gmail provides a lot of storage and online continuity and this would effectively persist my account.
Your help would be much appreciated.. I have had blackberry woes now for over a month and I have spent hours with various support personel, tried deleteing and sending down new service books etc etc but had no luck yet.

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