When we create a Purchase order that has PIR in line item, the text is stored in EINA or EINE?

Hi Friends,
I have a requirement that, whenever we created the PO that has PIR in line item, the text is getting stored in EINA or EINE table.
so here the businees need to move the text which storing in EINA /  EINE to ekpo text id up on saving.
please suggest how i need to proceed with this issue.
Thanks in Advance,

Hi Madan,
Thank you for your reply.
As per your suggestions I found  BADI  ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST.
Could you please help me how to read the "Info record PO text" for each line item in the purchase order and i want to save the readed text into EKPO-txz01.
Thanks in Advance,

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  • Issue on Purchase order creation with Delivery schedule line items per PR

    Note->Developed inbound FM to create PO's in SAP through IDOC.
    We are creating purchase orders from vendor which is coming from Inbound IDOC. Here we are using as BAPI_PO_CREATE1
    to create PO's. before that i am passing all the inbound data of the IDOC and getting some Purchase requisions for plant and material wise from EBAN table where we have open PR's and split the inbound line item qauntity as per Open quantity in Purchase requisions. Problem here we are modifing schdule line data as per purcahse requisitions and post the all the shehduline data into above functional module, we are using creation date as delivery date in the scheduling line for each line.
    Set1- If we have multiple requisions for each material and plant in the inbound IDOC item , while creating PO using  above BAPI
    creating PO with delivery date is taken from Purchase requesion date, this only will happend in the first schudle line item always, second line scheulde has taken correctly from creation data as delivery date.
    Set2-If we have one requisition for each line item, it will creating correctly for schulding line item as with correct delivery , whcih is not taken from requstion delivery date.
    Set 2 is working correctly, but Set1  has problem with delivery date  in the scheduling lines particulary for first schduling line item.
    Please help me on this issue.
    Advance wishes

    Hi Satish
    Thanks for the reply.
    I checked the parameters and it is creating 2 PO when the Indicator Ordering address is set.If I uncheck this Indicator then only one PO is created.
    But now my question is from where is the Ordering address taken because for both line items Vendor is same and ordering address is also same.
    Then why the system is creating new PO?
    Vaibhav Mahajan

  • SRM Local Purchase Order with both a standard line item and limit item...

    In SRM is it standard that you can create a local purchase order from the sourcing cockpit that contains a mix of limit items and standard items?
    I know this can be done in R/3.

    I am a functional/business person, and we are running SRM550 in extended classic, linking to ERP backed.
    From our business point of view it makes little sense to mix a limit item with one or more standard catalog item. SAP standard SRM 550 actually stops our users from doing this.
    For those who are not aware of the differences I will elaborate.
    A standard item is either from a Free Text entry process with the process being completed by a professional purchaser or a catalog item either internal to SRM, or maybe from an external website.
    Limit orders are value based and are mostly used for the payment of Utility bills, or for services. We don't use services at all.
    In our business we use limit orders for an Electricity Bill for example.
    When the user confirms a limit order the quantity should always be 1 and the user enters the value of the item.
    The Invoice entry team then needs to match the Invoice to the GR line.  It's at this point that if you have Limit items and standard items mixed our invoice entry team could run into problems.
    We are aware that it is not recommended practice for Limit orders to have GR and if you can avoid this step then you should.  Unfortunately our operating model insist on everything being confirmed and in the case of limit orders this can cause us invoice blocking issues.
    Limit orders are normally set up to run for a full FY so the addition of standard catalog items to a limit order makes little or no business sense.
    If a user added two limit items to a shopping cart for the same supplier our system would produce two PO's for the supplier to use.
    We actually avoid transmitting Limit order details to our suppliers as this would indicate the maxiumum value they could invoice us for, businesses just don't do that.  We just send them the PO number and description of the item. This provides them with a PO Ref number to puton their invoices.
    As we are still running SRM 550 maybe someone with SRM 7 knowledge would care to expand on this analysis?
    Hope this helps?
    PS We don't use the Sourcing Cockpit, just read your earlier response
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  • How can I select alternative BOM when creating subcontract purchase order?

    In our business, a finish good material always has different production versions at the same time. Each of production versions has its own alternative BOM. When I create a planned order, I can select wanted BOM through specifying production version.
    But, when I creating subcontract purchase order, there is no field for me to specify the production version or which alternative BOM I prefer. In this case, I need to create a planned order at first. And then, convert the planned order to purchase. Only through this way, I can create a subcontract purchase order with my wanted BOM.
    So, I wonder if there is any way to select alternative BOM directly when creating subcontract purchase order.
    Thanks a lot!

    Dear Mr. MM
    can you give me additional information about your solution?
    BUT I would not expect the sytem to offer you during the Purchasing cycle the different Production Versions as it is not meant to be. I remember having the same requirement some time ago and we solved it the way I described above, additionally we created a Pop up window with a user exit during the PO creation which offered the different production versions and if the one linked with the quota arrangement, the standard PV, is used in the PO.
    We also have the same problem, we activated businessfunction SCM_GEN_02 so that it is possible to have several production versions for one supplier, but unfortunatly it is not possible to change the production version in the purchase order. (business function does not seem to be very integrated)
    So i would be very interested in your solution because acually it seems that i have to modify the sap standard.
    Thank you and best regards

  • Get a wrong price  when creating a Purchase Order in order recommendation

    Dear all
        I meet a strange problem .I have already set a gross price list for Item 'A' . When I create a purchase order in Purchase Order Window,It will calculate a unit price (net price) according to the  gross price list  automatically .But when I create a purchase order in Order Recommendation Window,It will get a unit price as same as the gross price in predefined gross price list.They should not be equal in fact.

    Dear Anna Shao 
    1 .Our SBO is version 2007B
    2. The Decimal of Amount is 2 and that of Price is 6
    3. Vat rate is 17%
    4. The gross price is not small,the problem is that the difference is not small either.Sometimes  it's bigger than 0.1 RMB.I can give you the example.
    LineNo     ItemCode  Quantity  UnitPrice       VatRate      GrossPrice     LineTotal     GrossTotal
    1            A     10         299.145299    J1(17%)      349.995299      2991.45      3499.95
    2            A     10         299.150000    J1(17%)      350.000000      2991.45      3500.00
    3            A     10         299.150000    J1(17%)      350.010000      2991.50      3500.10
    If you set the unit price list for ItemCode 'A', you will get the result like row 1 above.
    If you set the gross price list for ItemCode 'A' ,you will get the result like row 2 above.
    If you do not set any price list for ItemCode 'A'  and you just set the unit price 299.150000 in the purchase order,you will get the result like row 3 above.
    The perfect one is row 2.It is just what  our customer needs.So they set the gross price list for ItemCode 'A'.  But another problem occured when using MRP order recommendation. It is the one why I post a thread,just as I have descripted at first
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  • How to create a Purchase order from XI Using ORDERS05

    Hello Experts,
    I need to create a purchase order using OREDRS05 from XI. I was not able to create and I am having these quires.
    1. What are all the mandatory fields that I need to fill in to create a purchase order?
    2. Which part of the SAP will take care of the control record? Is this done by SAP or Integration Tool?
    3. When I have tryed with an existing Inbound Idoc(On R/3 Side) its showing Satus 51 what should I do?(Error: There is no article description for item 000010)
    If Possible give me the step by step procedure to reslove..
    Thanks in Advance,
    Sai Suma

    Hi Suma,
    Check this link
    Creating Purchase Order IDOC through XI

  • Creating a purchase order, cost price?

    hi, when im creating a purchase order and also producing an invoice for it obviously i want the item cost to be used rather the the selling price. however, for some reason the system continues to uses selling price, so when it comes to paying an invoice i need to change all the prices to the cost, which is very annoying.
    many thanks.

    Please check I guess you have assigned sepping price list to the vendors. Please unassign Price List from Vendors.......

  • Creating a purchase order form that has a flowable layout" Help Tutorial

    Regarding the "Creating a purchase order form that has a flowable layout" Help Tutorial,  I can't seem to get the data to pull in for just the PO in question, is there a secret?
    Ideally, it should create one form for each PO with the detail lines for each PO on the individual forms.  Can we do this?
    Many thanks!

    If the smartform purchase order is not available in your system
    means you can download the form IDES and you can upload the form in ur ecc 6.0 system.we faced a similar kind of problem in our system and we did as i said.
    Once you uploaded the things you can easily view the form interface and rest of the things related to smartforms.
    Thanks and Regards
    Arun Joseph

  • DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL when creating a Purchase Order (ME21N)

    The system is generating a short dump DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL when a user tries to create a purchase order.
    what could be the cause of this? i have analysed the short dump in st22 and looked at sm21 and st11 and they are giving very little detaill.
                                                                                    Error in the module RSQL accessing the database interface.                                                                               
    What happened?                                                                               
    Error in ABAP application program.                                                                               
    The current ABAP program "SAPLZMM_GET_ACT" had to be terminated because one of    
    statements could not be executed.                                                                               
    This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.                                                                               
    What can you do?                                                                               
    Print out the error message (using the "Print" function)                          
    and make a note of the actions and input that caused the                          
    To resolve the problem, contact your SAP system administrator.                    
    You can use transaction ST22 (ABAP Dump Analysis) to view and administer          
    termination messages, especially those beyond their normal deletion              
    Error analysis                                                                               
    An exception occurred. This exception is dealt with in more detail below  
    . The exception, which is assigned to the class 'CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB', was  
    caught nor passed along using a RAISING clause, in the procedure          
    "ZMM_GET_ACT_PLN" "(FUNCTION)"                                           
    Since the caller of the procedure could not have expected this exception  
    to occur, the running program was terminated.                            
    The reason for the exception is:                                          
    The SQL statement generated from the SAP Open SQL Statement violates a    
    restriction imposed by the database system used in R/3.                                                                               
    Possible errors:                                                          
    o The maximum size of an SQL statement has been exceeded.                
    o The statement contains too many input variables.                       
    o The space needed for the input data exceeds the available memory.      
    o ...                                                                               
    You can usually find details in the system log (SM21) and in the          
    developer trace of the work process (ST11).                               
    If an error occurs the developer trace often informs you about the        
    current restrictions.                                                                               
    How to correct the error                                                                               
    The exception must either be prevented, caught within the procedure             
    "(FUNCTION)", or declared in the procedure's RAISING clause.                    
    To prevent the exception, note the following:                                   
    The SAP Open SQL statement must be divided into several smaller units.          
    If the problem occurred due to the use of an excessively large table            
    in an IN itab construct, you can use the addition FOR ALL ENTRIES               
    When you use this addition, the statement is split into smaller units           
    according to the restrictions of the database system used.                                                                               
    You may able to find an interim solution to the problem                         
    in the SAP note system. If you have access to the note system yourself,         
    use the following search criteria:                                                                               
    "DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL" CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DBC                                     
    "SAPLZMM_GET_ACT" or "LZMM_GET_ACTU01"                                          

    Wherever you have used SQL statement please do check all the fields here as some of the fields are not in correct order as they are required per the actual table in dictonary, to just verify that you can use addition of "INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF INTERNALTABLE" in your SQL statement as this will not require the fields to be in order but this may cause performance issue.
    Thanks and Regards

  • User Exit to Create Production Order when creating of Purchase Order

    Hi Guru's,
    I want to create the Production Order when creating the Purchase Order. i want to know is there any user exit exists for that??
    My scenario is as follows.
    we are converting the Purchase Requisition to the Purchase Order , while doing this we want to create the Production Order.. Is this possible??
    If possible how can we do that???Please suggest me the possible solution.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thank you,

    My Scenario is as follows.
    P1- Manufacturing Plant
    P2 - WareHouse Plant (Procures Material from P1 using STO)
    When we run the MRP in P2, it creates a Purchase Requisition, that Purc.Req is going to be convert as STO (Stock Transport Order) in P1 Plant.
    When converting the Purchase Req to STO, we need to create a Production Order in P1 Plant.
    we know that system will creae the Purchase Order only, is there any possibility that,For creating the Production Order is there any user Exit/BADI or any other procedure while creating the Purchase Order????

  • Can we create the Purchase order that using P&L account or just using account do not use cost center.

    Dear Experts,
    Could you please advise :
    1) Can we create the purchase order that using profit and loss account ? ( if yes , which kind of account assignment category we should use ?)
    2) How to create a purchase order for service charge .( just using GL account )
    Thanks & Best Regards,

       May I know why you do not use cost center for consumption?
       You may create a new account assignment category in OME9 by copying K and maintain the cost center as optional. Please note that you have to maintain the item category blank and the account assignment category combination in OMG0. Now, you can use a GL account in PO which doesnt require a cost center assignment (in OBC4 against the field status group of the GL)
       You may use the same account assignment category created in the previous step with item category D, after you maintain the combination of the account assignment with item category D in OMG0.
        Please test the scenario and revert back.

  • Create another purchase order for a material ordered in full

    Hello friends,
    I have a little MM question for you.
    I've created a purchase requisition with a material A and quantity 100 UN
    I've then created a purchase order in reference to this PR.
    This PO has been released.
    Is it possible, in standard SAP, to create another purchase order in reference to the same purchase requisition for the same material and the same quantitiy ?
    How does SAP control that ? (customizing path ??)

    Is it possible, in standard SAP, to create another purchase order in reference to the same purchase requisition for the same material and the same quantitiy ?  Yes it is possible in SAP
    How does SAP control that ? (customizing path ??): SAP controls in that way, when ever you create purchase requisition with a material A and quantity 100 UN...Now PO created and released...
    Now again if you try to create PO wrt PR, you can observe this time you will get all deatils in PO without quantity...reason behind that is, you have already released an order for full qty w.r.t. that PR...So this time qty field will be empty..You have to manually enter this field.
    Now the same you can see in the the PR status in ME53N Tcode.

  • Budget Exceed Error during creating of Purchase order in reference to PR

    I am getting the subject error (Budget Exceed Error) every time when I want to create a purchase order related to purchase requisition of my project.
    Issue is that after release the project when the purchase requisition has created for non stock item under activity I found in transaction CJ31 the assign value has already updated.
    Let say my budget is 400 US$, and the purchase requisition has created for 380 US$. Now when I check with CJ31I found the assigned value is 380. Now If I create a purchase order it throws an error that budget exceed.
    The tolerance limits are following:
    SA     ZSA01     Budget Profile Overall AVAC     ++     1     90,00
    SA     ZSA01     Budget Profile Overall AVAC     ++     3     100,00
    SA     ZSA01     Budget Profile Overall AVAC     01     1     90,00
    SA     ZSA01     Budget Profile Overall AVAC     01     3     100,00
    Please advice what will be the proposed solution for the above issue.
    Thanks in advance.
    With Regards,

    Your budget is 400$ and PR value is 380$ but you have not mentiond what is the tax value ?
    when u r creating PO at that time system will check the budget against PO value considering taxes also.
    eg. 380$+tax value.
    after considering taxes your total PO value imay be getting updated more that 400$.
    Explre you error by clicking on error information you get the exact diffrence in budget and PO value.
    Hope this will sove your problem, reply after doing this.

  • Error: Purchase order 4500000830 has no items in mb1b 541

    Hi All,
    I have created a Sub contracting Purchase Order with ITem Category L and Account Assignment E.
    Now iam getting problem while issuing Stock to Subcontractor thru MB1B 541 Mov type. It is throwing error like Purchase order 4500000830 has no items.
    Scenario is My client creates pos based on Sales order only. Now he want to Issue stock to Subcontractors based on sales order.
    for this, I created Semifinished material, two raw components, Sales order for Semifinished material and maintained bom for semifinished.
    Please go thru this and suggest.

    Did u checked the link provided by me. As per SAP, it is not possible to post 541 stock of material provided to vendor in subcontracting with account assignment sales orde or project stock.
    If you want to differentiate, use a separate storage location and transfer the stocks there. When you do the GR, the components issue happens directly from your storage location from sales order stock.
    Since the components are not transferred to the "stock of material provided to vendor", we recommend that you use a transfer posting to transfer the provided components to a new storage location (for example, 9999). This enables you to obtain an overview of those stocks that are physically located at the subcontractor. This information is particularly important when you carry out a physical inventory of the sales order stocks and project stocks.
    If you want to provide material from your stock,
    For components that are managed in sales order stock or project stock, you can define whether the components are to be withdrawn directly from each sales order/project stock or from the stock of material provided to vendor. You manage this via the dependent requirements indicator for individual customer requirements and collective requirements (MARC-SBDKZ).
    You can maintain this indicator in the following places:
    in the MRP view of the material master record (MRP 4)
    in the explosion types for the BOM item (in Customizing for Production in the step Basic Data -> Bill of Material -> Item Data -> Define explosion types)
    Configuring the explosion types has priority over the configuration in Inventory Management.
    If the indicator is set at Collective requirements only (2), the materials are withdrawn from the stock of material provided to vendor. If this indicator is set any other way, the system withdraws materials from sales order stock or project stock.

Maybe you are looking for

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