Whenever I try to open an app my ipad restarts itself, how can I fix it?

I turned by ipad off then back on and after that, whenever I would try and open an app, my ipad would just restart itself. I've reset the system but it still won't work, what should I do?

Restoring is a standard troubleshooting measure if you experince problems with your device. Restoring will return you iPad to factory (out of the box) settings.
What you did (holding the sleep and home buttons, wait for the Apple logo) is what most users refer to as a reset but I just wanted to make sure that was what you did.
Try this - but I don't think it will help. If the App Store app is working - Download any free app. It doesn't matter which app - just pick a free one and download it to the iPad. See if that resets the iPad and if the other apps will start working without the iPad restarting.
If that doesn't work or if the App Store app will not work either, you may have to restore your iPad. Read this article for information on restoring your iPad.
You will need to backup the iPad if you restore and there is a link at the bottom of the website that you can click on and read about iTunes backups.
Don't do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Post back if you have more questions about anything.

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