Where are these unix executable files coming from and how do I recover the original text file?

where are these unix executable files coming from and how do I recover the original text file?

When you upgraded to Lion did you have AppleWorks installed on your mac?
Most of the AW documents can be opened by Pages 09 or Numbers 09 with most of the orginal format in tact. (I do not know if previouse verision will work) just open the AW file with both and see which one works best.
Text Edit will also open most of the AW files as well but will require a lot of work to restore them to their orginal format.
If you have AW Database documents then they are not supported. 
These document show up as "exec icons", Kind: Unix Executagle File.
They also will show up as .cwk file if they are small files. I have a couple that were under 1mb that are shown as " Kind: AppleWorks Document" but will not open.
The only option to open AW database is to have AW installed on a mac with a pre-Lion OS to recover the file.

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    Thanks Rob.
    I actually had no clue what the core problem was caused by. So it's Windows itself...that helps some.
    I'll resubmit there. It might actually have saved time for it to simply have been moved to there instead of off-topic, though I suppose you have to follow protocol.

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    Hi Softball ,
    Thank You for posting on the forums. Apparently there is no such feature that would help you to achieve this.
    Vikrantt Singh

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    Hey KKnoeck,
    Should you decide to rewatch the episodes you've deleted, you may be able to re-download them as detailed in the article linked below.
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    Hello showipinterface, is the all routers multicast address, which is used for the HSRP hello packets.
    Here is a link that has info for HSRP.
    Hope this helps.

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    Let me just start out by saying that I'm not a graphic designer and have basically no experience with graphic design programs, aside from the little futzing around I've tried to do with InDesign. My company (which publishes a monthly magazine) has decided that it would be a great idea to get the files to our magazine from the graphic design firm that actually handles the production end of things so that we may offer back articles, etc., and modify them as needed. Somehow I've gotten assigned the task of handling this. However, I've encountered some problems along the way. The graphic design firm uses Quark, we own InDesign (CS3) and use Markzware to convert the files. Most things seem to work okay in this arrangement but I'm having problems with the images in the file when I create PDFs. Although the images look fine in the InDesign files (and are of print quality), when I create PDFs of some files, thin white lines appear over the images in the PDF document. I asked our graphic designer about this but she has no idea, and she isn't very familiar with InDesign.
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    I think Bob was typing too fast and meant to ask if you were distilling, not to tell you distill.
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    Export Version gives you a processed file such as a TIFF or JPEG.
    Export Master will give you a copy of the original RAW file.
    Please double-check that you used the correct export command...

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    There is a terminal command called file which will give you a hint of what the file is.
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    me ~$ file pulse-cookie
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    type file space drag & drop the file onto the terminal, press return.

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