Where are user-created Flash CS4 templates stored --- On Mac?

The same question was asked and answered for Windows.  But on Mac, I went to the comparable folder en/Configuration/Templates/, and I found the pre-existing templates in the Advertising folder, but still not the ones I created.  Help!

I have had a hard time finding information on this as well. So despite how long ago the question was posted I am going to share the answer here to help others find this more easily. This was true for CS6, (I do not have CS4 to test) but would assume it is in a similar location.
For Mac:
Open finder window > click "Go" at the top of the screen
Hold down Option and click Library
Application Support > Adobe > Flash CS6 > en_US (your preferred language) >  Configuration > Templates
You should then see only the folders that you have created your own templates under.

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  • Where are user-created Flash CS4 templates stored?

    This seems like it should be MUCH simpler than it is turning out to be:
    I have made a custom template in Flash CS4.
    I want to share it with a colleague.
    The obvious solution, I would think, would be to COPY the template file from my hard drive, and provide it to my colleague.
    However, I have looked high and low, and CANNOT FIND WHERE USER TEMPLATES ARE STORED on my hard drive.  I have found the Adobe-provided templates that are included with the product (the "Advertising" templates) at Program Files>Adobe>Adobe Flash CS4>en>Configuration>Templates>Advertising; but MY CUSTOM TEMPLATES are not in the Templates directory.
    I have also looked in My Documents, and run several searches on my hard drive, but still cannot find the location of my custom templates.  Surely they are SOMEPLACE on my hard drive, as they are available from the Splash page every time I boot up Flash CS4.
    PLEASE, O PLEASE, Adobe, reveal this great secret.  I have also scoured your databases and user forums, but apparently I am the only person interested in simplified workflow vis-a-vis sharing custom templates.

    The user created custom templete files are stored @ <root drive>:\documents and Settings\<user name>\local Settings\application Data\adobe\Flash CS4\en\Configuration\Templates\<category under which you have saved eg:Advertising>\
    Please mark this post as Answered if this is working for you.

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    Virtually all hte themes in iweb 08 have little png files here and there. I know I can cpy form one them and past to another but I would really like to know where these files are kept! Their titles are generally given in the metrics ispector (such as star.png, for instance from the travel theme).
    I do a spotlight search for star.png expecting a folder where template graphics are stored and find nothing! I would like to know where all these objects are so perhaps, as I create my own templates, I have one place to view what is available rather than opening each page within each theme individually just to see what kind of little stock graphics are included with iweb 08. I suppose i don't HAVE to know where these are but it's killing me that all these objects with file names cannot be searched and found anywhere on my mac! Any ideas? Thanks!

    theme individually just to see what kind of little stock graphics are included with iweb 08. I suppose i >don't HAVE to know where these are but it's killing me that all these objects with file names cannot >be searched and found anywhere on my mac! Any ideas? Thanks!
    Spotlight doesn't seem to index items within .app packages, therefore it is quite useless to search anything inside a .app package (an application).
    You need to get into Unix to get around this limitation, there are a few Unix CLIs to accomplish this... my favorite is locate (this also needs indexing)... a quick locate gave me these:
    /Applications/iWeb.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Templates/About Me/Road Trip About Me.webtemplate/star.png
    /Applications/iWeb.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Templates/Movie/Road Trip Movie.webtemplate/star.png
    /Applications/iWeb.app/Contents/Resources/Themes/Road Trip.webtheme/Shared/star.png
    There you go, star.png is in Road Trip theme/template, there is no need for another app

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    On a workstation, every user gets his own JRE settings (for example, changed the proxy settings). But for a deployment package, I need to set the proxy settings differently from the Internet Explorer settings.
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    Thanks, it appeared the windows environment settings rerouted to a similar path but on a different network drive! ;)

  • Where are Lightrooms's web gallery templates stored on a Mac?

    I want to re-create a html-web gallery that I used in CS4 and that was integrated in my own website. I wonder where the template are stored i Lightroom on a a Mac, so I'm able to copy and modify them. The possibility for modification inside LR are not enough.

    They're inside the app itself, so use Finder and Show Package Contents to dig into the lrweb module.
    Start with Sean McCormack's Anatomy of a Lightroom HTML Gallery
    More information is in the SDK manual http://www.adobe.com/devnet/photoshoplightroom.html


    Where are Captivate templates stored on Macs?  I have an ongoing issue that still isn't resolved i.e. I can't access captivate after installing it and I'm wondering if this may be connected.  I cannot find any templates on my Mac for captivate, when I try and open a new project 'From Template' it simply opens the my documents folder and even though I've looked for a '.cptl' I cannot find any.
    Am I being simple or should there be some file in this format somewhere on my hard drive if Captivate has installed properly
    Any help on this and of course my original posting would be greatly appreciated
    Kind regards

    I have not found any .cptl files installed on my Mac. I did create one that I had someone helping me use. Unfortunately, she keep saving it as a template and in doing such, create a bigger mess down the road.
    The issues I had with using them created such 'challenges' i have steered away from using them. The potential for goodness was there, but it made more work for me in the long run.
    The template made 'ghost' slides in our projects and were a pain to find to remove. I basically looked for images or video in the library that had duplicates and then it deleted it from the library. In doing such, it showed the template slide. I was then able to hit the delete key to remove it. And then 50 or so others. Doing this, it dropped the Captivate file down to a third of the size since I was able to finally get rid of all the hidden stuff.

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    Where are signatures created in Preview stored?

    The Preview signature file is a .plist file found in the User Library>Containers>com.apple.Preview>Data>Library>Preferences.
    If you want to move a signature from one computer to another there is a very useful guide at:
    In Stu's guide you can see that the file is encrypted in the Mac Keychain so you have to do some manipulation to copy the signatures.

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    User preferences by default are stored in the portal database. Not encrypted.

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    I've just moved to the LR4.1 RC1 and successfully upgraded my original LR3.6 catalog without any errors. Now I have added/synchronized my LR4.1 RC1 cat to add in place the folders of images I've added that have the Pick/Reject flags.  I see the Star Ratings but not any of the Pick/Reject flags on those folders.  I do see the flags on the images that were updated with the catalog though.
    Where are the Pick/Unpick/Reject Flags stored?  In the catalog only?  In the sidecar XMP file?  Both? Doing a Ctrl-S doesn't seem to make a difference.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Catalog only.

  • Where are my purchased movies through iTunes stored on my PC?  I need to back-them up on a hard drive and then I want to play them on my iPad

    where are my purchased movies through iTunes stored on my PC?  I need to back-them up on a hard drive and then I want to play them on my iPad

    They're in the iTunes folder, in iTunes Media or iTunes Music depending on when your iTunes was first installed. The iTunes folder by default is in My Documents/Music.

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    Hi All
    Where are the unsent Workflow E-mails stored?

    just trying through this
    There r 2 path A and B
    and notifications are A1 A2 A3 And B1
    A A1 A2 A3
    B B1
    Notification A1to A3 are respond type and all the three performer can respond or reject.
    at the same time i've to send B1 notification to that performer which has not responded imeadtly after preavious responder which has responded.
    How can i trace that from tables
    Please it's urgent

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    Hi SBHAl ,
    The results are stored under responses in your account PFB Screen Shot.
    Vikrantt Singh

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    You need to post your question in the Apple Developer Forums

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    I would like to know where are the user fonts stored in sap gui? Actually the user is having issues with changing fonts size. Please let me know if FONTS are stored under the below mdb file.
    C:\Users\User ID\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI/saphistory%username%.mdb
    What data is stored in this .mdb file?
    Please help.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Rahul,
    SAP GUI for Windows takes the font settings for the title bar, menu bar, and menu options from the
    Windows operating system
    Refer SAP help for more details
    Settings in SAP�GUI for Windows for Users with Visual Impairment (SAP Library - Getting Started - Using SAP Software)Imp…
    For Managing fonts on Windows platform, refer to below links
    How to Install Fonts on Windows 7: 4 Steps - wikiHow
    Hope this helps
    Deepak Kori

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