Where can i download CS 6 Design Standard Traditional Chinese version?

Can anyone advise me where can I download CS 6 Design Standard Traditional Chinese Version?

David if you choose the download option at the time of purchase the installation files will be available under your account at http://www.adobe.com/.  You can find additional details at Find a download link on Adobe.com.

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  • Where can I download the CS6 Design Standard traditional Chinese?

    I lost my cs6 dvd, so I want to download it from the adobe website but I can't find the cs6 design standard traditional chinese, then I try download the english version but when I input the s/N, it said not correct, when can I download it?
    Thanks a lot!

    David if you choose the download option at the time of purchase the installation files will be available under your account at http://www.adobe.com/.  You can find additional details at Find a download link on Adobe.com.

  • Where can I download Adobe Web Premiun CS5 Tranditional Chinese version?

    Where can I download Adobe Web Premiun CS5 Tranditional Chinese version? I can download the English version but the serial number is not valid for that.
    Antony Lau

    Hi Antony,
    We would like to inform you that CS 5 is now end of life and we have limited resourse left for it.
    Kindly check the below below mentioned link to find the available download versions.
    Download CS5 products
    Atul Saini

  • Where can I download Adobe Acrobat X Standard for Windows?

    Where can I download Adobe Acrobat X Standard for Windows?

    if you purchased from adobe log into your account and check your order history, https://www.adobe.com/account.html
    if you acquired from dell, https://smartsource.dell.com/
    if you acquired elsewhere, contact that vendor.

  • Where can I download SDK for SCSM 2012 RTM? (version 7.5.1561.0)

    Where can I download the SDK for SCSM 2012 RTM (version 7.5.1561.0)?
    I have an older SCSM 2012 system that I'm not sure what SDK is compatible with it.
    The reason is that I need to run SMLets on that older version in PowerShell.

    Are you looking for the SDK binaries? They are located in the "SDK binaries" folder in the SCSM installation folder of the Management Server.
    Marcel Zehner // Blog --> http://marcelzehner.ch // Twitter --> @marcelzehner // Business --> http://www.itnetx.ch

  • From where can i download iPod nano 2G 1.0.2 version software?

    Hi everybody!
    I searched this on the internet, with google, but i found nothing. So, knows anyone from where can i download iPod nano 2G 1.0.2 version software?
    I want to downgrade my Ipod nano only because of white screen.

    Hello StanGinger,
    itunes does not support downgrading any ipod software, nor does Apple. White screen normally means your ipod has a hardware issue.
    Try this:
    Apple - Support - iPod Troubleshooting Assistant
    If that does not work, use this:
    Online Service Assistant
    Hope this helps.
    P.S. I dont know of any place you can download the 1.0.2 software, nor once you get it, how to get it on the iPod.

  • Where can I download and How do I install Chinese ...

    Anybody knows where can I download and how do I install Chinese Input (Writing Language) for my Nokia E71 (UK)?

    If you have an iPad 1, the max iOS is 5.1.1. For newer iPads, the current iOS is 6.0.1. For the iPad Mini the iOS is 6.0.2. The Settings>General>Software Update only appears if you have iOS 5.0 or higher currently installed.
    iOS 5: Updating your device to iOS 5 or Later
    How to install iOS 6
    iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    If you are currently running an iOS lower than 5.0, connect the iPad to the computer, open iTunes. Then select the iPad under the Devices heading on the left, click on the Summary tab and then click on Check for Update.
    Tip - If connected to your computer, you may need to disable your firewall and anitvirus software temporarily.  Then download and install the iOS update. Be sure and backup your iPad before the iOS update. After you update an iPad (except iPad 1) to iOS 6.x, the next update can be installed via wifi (i.e., not connected to your computer).
     Cheers, Tom

  • Where can i download adobe acrobat 9 standard

    my key is in my products on my adobe. no download link, where can i download 9 standard?

    Hi jordan13452,
    Have you tried to search the download in Adobe.com.
    Have you purchased initially download version or Disc version.
    How to find the download link on Adobe.com for purchased products.

  • Where can I download flash builder burrito standard preview release?

    Dear all,
    Where can I download the flash builder burrito?
    My current project is in burrito and I want to set up for my new pc but still can't find the archive of Burrito version and when I downloaded the latest version of flash builder 4.5 it can't run flex and showed this error:
    Description        Resource        Path        Location        Type
    Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex Hero"            MyGame                Unknown        Flex Problem
    Thank you all !
    I need that badly

    try the link : http://www.mydigitallife.info/adobe-flash-builder-4-free-download-with-serial-number/

  • How can I download CS 6 Design Standard?

    I have tried to download an installation file of Creative Suite. It's a 4GB file. First attempt was failed then I try again and this msg is keep showing up.
    You tried to download too many times.
    If you have any questions, please contact Digital River Customer Service at [email protected]
    I mail to the address given but it's been a day now with no response. What can I do?
    Thank you.

    Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard Student and Teacher Edition.

  • Where can I download Acrobat 9.0 Standard?

    I purchased Acrobat 9.0 Standard in December 2009 and have the serial number - it cannot be applied to Acrobat 9.0 Pro.  Is a download available so I don't have to purchase or subscribe to an entirely new Acrobat?

    Dear Mr. Jeff A Wright,
    Thanks for your response.
    The Instructions with License Certificate we were initially provided by Adobe upon purchase with a direct download link does not exist any more.
    The Link is dead and does not give an opportunity to download the requested version of Adobe Standard 9.0 Ukr. version that we purchased.
    Due to the urgent need of installation it on the certain PC, we can not proceed for the time being.
    Moreover, Adobe 9.0 exists in Professional version only under in the section of "Download" instead of the Standard version we need.
    In this case we need to know, whether Adobe has oficially stopped the support of Standard 9.0 version meaning that we can not use the product anymore or there is an alternative way.
    Thanks for your support and hope to hear from you soonest possible.
    Oleksandr Kozubay

  • Where can I download CS5.5 design premium

    Hi there
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to download CS5.5 design premium please?
    All the links I find take you to a download page for CS6.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    You can download the trial installer directly from the link below. You will need to be on a trial download page in order to use the links, otherwise you will get an error message. For example load up the following page: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=production_premium before pasting the link into the address bar and login with your adobe id and then cancel the download.
    Design Premium CS5.5 (English) Mac

  • Where can I download Adobe Acrobat 10 Standard

    Where do I go to D/L Adobe Acrobat X Standard?

    You would need to purchase Adobe Acrobat 10 Standard.  We do not have a trial available.  You can find additional details at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatstandard.html?promoid=JQCRY.

  • Where can i download SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition?

    Hello everyone!
    I have bought 2 open licenses for SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition for my application.
    I want to download from microsoft site the SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition software in order to install it to my servers but as i searched in microsoft's site, i can't find
    Stanard edition for downloading. I only find Express and Evaluation.
    Can you please help me?
    - Thanks -

    Please try to download the Evaluation Edition from the following link and provide the Standard Edition key on the Product
    Key page of SQL Server setup.
    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

  • Where can I download an install file for Acrobat Pro version 9 for Mac.

    I had Acrobat Pro version 9 running fine under Snow Leopard but since upgrading to first Mavericks and then Yosemite it has issues. I was running it under Snow leopard Server and parallels but after some problem it needs reinstalling and I can't find a suitable install file.
    I searched the Adobe web site and came up with the Windows version but my Mac version Serial number is no good for that. Any ideas where I might find the file?

    You can find the download on http://prodesigntools.com/all-adobe-cs5-direct-download-links.html
    Make sure you follow the Very Important Instructions on that page.

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