Where can I find com.sap.portal.pcm.IObjectsManager class?

I am using EP6 SP9. Which jar file contains com.sap.portal.pcm.IObjectsManager class? I tried using classfinder but I couldn't locate it. I am not able to compile because one of the classes I am using depends on this class....

Hi Sam,
to be found under
Hope it helps
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  • Where can I find com.sap.aii.proxy.xiruntime.core.*  library?

    Hi all,
    some of you now where is the .JAR that contains the com.sap.aii.proxy.xiruntime.core.* api's? Generated java proxies from PI 7.0 are using many classes at this package, and I couldn't find it... some tip?
    Thank you!

    You can get them from this location in XI Server:
    aii_proxy_xirt.jar   C:usrsapJ2EJC00j2eeclusterserver0 inextcom.sap.aii.proxy.xiruntime
    aii_msg_runtime.jar C:usrsapJ2EJC00j2eeclusterserver0 inextcom.sap.aii.messaging.runtime
    aii_utilxi_misc.jar C:usrsapJ2EJC00j2eeclusterserver0 inextcom.sap.xi.util.misc
    guidgenerator.jar C:usrsapJ2EJC00j2eeclusterserver0 inextcom.sap.guid
    Also check this document:

  • Com.sap.portal.pcm.UMENamespaces role property

    Dear All
    This must be easy for someone...
    We have built a series of EP6 SP20 portals based on content imported from pre existing systems. Subsequently there seem to be some new properties available for all the roles.
        com.sap.portal.pcm.UMENamespaces  and
    These properties have appeared in only one of the multiple portal environments that been been built and are not present in the source systems.
    If anyone is able to shed some light on what causes these properties to appear it would be very helpful.
    All the roles are affected, but newly created roles do not have the properties. The affected roles are all last changed by the user ume_service.
    Points available
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sam,
    You can find it in the com.sap.portal.ivs.systemlandscapeervice_core.jar
    The location of the file is under

  • Com.sap.portal.pcm.system.System class???

    Which jar contains com.sap.portal.pcm.system.System class? I am doing a JNDI lookup & context.lookup(SystemID) returns this class com.sap.portal.pcm.system.System.
    I am trying to lookup systems in the system landscape directory.
    I am on SP9.

    Hi Sam,
    You can find it in the com.sap.portal.ivs.systemlandscapeervice_core.jar
    The location of the file is under

  • Where can i find the Oracle Portal 3.0 Casebook?

    Where can i find the Oracle Portal 3.0 Casebook mentioned in the Oracle portal online help?
    The following is the text copied from Oralce online help:
    Opening sample applications
    Oracle Portal provides a set of sample applications and components. Instructions for building some of these applications are provided in the Oracle Portal 3.0 Casebook. Other examples are included to showcase Oracle Portal's robust application building features.

    The case book (full title: Building Advanced Portals Instructions) and its zip files for the exercises are located at
    Hope that it is helpful.

  • Cannot find "com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead.par.bak"

    I am working on SAP Portal EP7 SP13
    I have been browsing System Administration -> Support -> Support desk -> Portal Runtime -> Browse Deployment and I could not find "com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead.par.bak"
    Is this file still existing in SP 13 ??
    Thnaks for your help

    The file is available under System Administration -> Support -> Support desk -> Portal Runtime -> Browse Deployment->ROOT/WEB-INF/portal/portalapps/com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead
    Hope this helps.
    Srinivasan T

  • Can't See com.sap.portal.runtime.logon in list of PAR Files in Iview Wizard

    Hello All,
    I am trying to create an iview from PAR file com.sap.portal.runtime.logon which is the logon par file that has the logon page. But when I right click a folder in the PCD and click on New From PAR Iview I try to find on the list of available par files and I don't find the one named com.sap.portal.runtime.logon
    Can anyone tell me if this has to do with the portalapp.xml file from com.sap.porta.runtime.logon.par file.? or with the Security Zones defined in portalapp.xml? Or does someone know why this PAR file doesn't appear on the list and how can I make it appear on this list of par files?
    Any helpful ideas to solve this issue will give rewarding points.

    What I want to do is to put the logon page in the light framework page so that the users can login from the anonymous portal. After I customize the logon page I want to create aniview in the detailed navigation.
    If you want to see the jsp files that the com.sap.portal.runtime.logon.par file you have to go to the file system and copy the .par.bak file , rename it to .zip and all the files are there.
    But my question is if this is a par file that is deployed in the portal , why I cant create an iview from this par file? From other forums I have read they say that creating an iview from this par file it will put the logon page where you want. But when I try to create an iview from PAR File the com.sap.portal.runtime.logon doesn't appear in the list of available par files.
    Please help me on this and will give rewarding points.

  • Custome login module:SDA can't reference com.sap.portal.usermapping_api.jar

    I made my own j2ee custom login module and one of the things I wanted the custom login module to do is to clear out the UME roles for the user logging in,  "download" the role assignments from an ABAP WAS system, and reassign those roles in UME.  I got the coding done and created my JAR file. In building the SDA file, I can't figure out how to add com.sap.portal.usermapping_api.jar to the provider.xml file.  I tried specifying it on thru "create new" and tried looking for it in the list from "Select library/interface/service, but I still get an error when loading the login module.
    Does anyone know how to do this?
    Mel Calucin
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

    Hi Mel,
    why do you think you need to reference the portal's user mapping service API? I'm not sure whether you can reference Portal services at all from J2EE level.
    If you need to use user mapping in your login module, you don't need the Portal's user mapping service. Instead, you can directly use the user mapping interfaces and methods of the UME, which are contained in a J2EE library.
    You can use something like the following reference to get runtime access to the UME API library:
    <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target target-type="library">
    Accessing user mapping is possible via com.sap.security.api.UMFactory.getUserMapping() which returns an object implementing com.sap.security.api.umap.IUserMapping. This is the main entry point for all user mapping related features.
    Please check the Javadoc for details:
    https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/library/javadocs/nw04/sp12/user management engine - version 4.0/index.html
    I hope this helps.
    Best regards

  • Portal runtime error : com.sap.portal.pcm.Title

    Hi All
    I have  the problem in the Portal , in time  whe I open the portal y all tabs there are  this message:
    Portal runtime error.
    An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal administrator.
    Exception ID: 12:29_12/02/09_2357150
    Refer to the log file for details about this exception.
    And I found this information  in the logs
    Caused by: com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentInstantiationException: Could not instantiate implementation class com.sapportals.portal.navigation.CollaborationNavTree of Portal Component com.sap.netweaver.coll.appl.ui.room.CollaborationDetailedNavigation because: Could not instantiate implementation class
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItemFacade.getInstanceInternal(PortalComponentItemFacade.java:269)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItemFacade.getComponentInstance(PortalComponentItemFacade.java:160)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItem.getComponentInstance(PortalComponentItem.java:732)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentContext.getComponent(PortalComponentContext.java:103)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentContext.init(PortalComponentContext.java:242)
         ... 35 more
    Caused by: com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationNotFoundException: Could not find portal application com.sap.portal.activityreportingframework
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem.prepare(PortalApplicationItem.java:415)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem.prepare(PortalApplicationItem.java:387)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem.prepare(PortalApplicationItem.java:387)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem.prepare(PortalApplicationItem.java:387)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem._refresh(PortalApplicationItem.java:507)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalApplicationItem.getCoreLoader(PortalApplicationItem.java:1360)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItem.getClassLoader(PortalComponentItem.java:569)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItemFacade.getClassLoader(PortalComponentItemFacade.java:102)
         at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.broker.PortalComponentItemFacade.getInstanceInternal(PortalComponentItemFacade.java:228)
         ... 39 more
    And in this time  I have a problem  in deployment the EP server SP16.
    I don't Know  What's the problem exactly??

    Hi Shrikant thanks for your answer
    I solved this problem with these  notes:
    Activity Data Collector on NW04
    SAP Note Number: 1178889
    Activity Data Collector stops generating files
    SAP Note Number: 1251041
    Thanks  I will hope this help someone

  • Cannot find com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead.par

    I want to modify the master head of my portal.For that i downloaded the ZIP file form
    SystemAdmin>Support>Portal Runtime->Browse Deployment>com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead.par.bak
    i can able to download as a ZIP file.When i extract this file i`m not able to see the com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead.par.bak file.I can able to see CSS,META-INF,PORTAL-INF only.Also inside PORTAL-INF>Private>lib-->com.sap.portal.navigation.masthead_core.jar file.
    PLZ help me out

    Hi Arun,
    When try to import .PAR into your NWDS you are getting this error "com.sap.portal.plugins.config-archiver caused an exception during the Unpack Operation"
    Do you have WINZIP or WINRAR installed in your PC?
    I think WINZIP or WINRAR should installed on ur desktop for extrating PAR file.
    Becuase if your PAR file containing some .jar file then you need copy n paste them manually to the new project you have created from PAR file.
    Please check this thread for same issue [HELP Link|invalid CEN header ( bad signature ) ]
    Hope this will helps you.
    Arun Jaiswal

  • Com.sap.portal.directory.Constants Class

    I can not find a jar file containing the Constants Class of com.sap.portal.directory.
    Does anybody know in what application and jar file it is contained?
    And if someone has the coresponding jar file to send it to: [email protected]
    Best Regards

    I have sent the required jar file to ur emailid.
    (Rewards points if it helps)

  • Where can I find the SAP MDM Console ???

    We loose the source of the MDM gui version
    Now we have to install the "import" & "data" managers on another desktop.
    I try to find on http://service.sap.com where to find that version but it seems that this version is not available anymore ?
    Do you have any clue where can I download this versio of the MDM gui ?
    SAP MDM Console
    SAP MDM Data Manager
    SAP MDM Import Maanager
    Thanks in advance for you help,

    Hi Dom,
    I am afraid to say that since the standard maintenance terms for the SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 has expired on March 31, 2010.
    So that's why this version is not available anymore. Please find below link for verify on this:
    Also refer similar thread, Re: Vendor Content Information (Release 5.5)
    Mandeep Saini

  • Where can I check the SAP Portal version is EP 7.0 or not?

    Hi Friends,
    Where can I check if my SAP Portal version is EP 7.0.
    I tried to look in Component Information: http://<hostname>:portnumber/sap/monitoring/ComponentInfo for this information but cannot track any specific information.
    Can you please guide me in identfying the exact component and details associated to look out for,

    I'm not looking to download just the update (I've already done that). I want to download the whole thing, in order to make a self-sufficient bootable full reinstallation flash drive for my 2011 MBA.
    Yeah, you are supposed to be able to use internet recovery, if the worst happens. But there are even more worse case scenarios for which it is infinitely desireable to have an independent resource, such as a Flash Drive with all the tools one needs. I have this for my 2010 MBA, as the older 11A511 build works fine to create a complete flash boot/reinstall drive.

  • Where can I find com.aii.mappingtool.tf3.rt.Container

    I want to develop a user-defined function in Eclipse and use BIT41 as a reference how to use the container parameter.
    According to the BIT41 documentation (section User Defined Functions, page 8), I should :
    import com.sap.aii.mappingtool.tf3.rt.Container;
    in my code.
    The problem is, that I can  not find the jar file on my workstation to be used.
    So I can not compile and test on my workstation, before loading it to my mapping on XI.
    XI used is 3.0.
    Any help please.

    sorry for wrong inputs.
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  • Where can I find com.sun.xml.tree?

    Recently I was using java to achieve the transformation process from XML document to HTML document. The XML processor is Xalan-J. Of course, I also used Java API for XML(JAXP). During the process, I would use XMLDocument object, which need the help of com.sun.xml.tree, but I cannot find this package.
    Could you please tell me where I can find it?
    SDK's version:1.4.1
    Xalan-J's version:2.5
    JAXP's version:1.2

    To DevMentee: Thanks for your codes.
    I also coded pieces of programme to achieve my goal avoiding that package:
    import java.io.FileNotFoundException;
    import java.io.FileOutputStream;
    import java.io.IOException;
    import javax.xml.transform.Transformer;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerException;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.stream.StreamResult;
    import javax.xml.transform.stream.StreamSource;
    public class SimpleTransform
    public static void main(String[] args)
    throws TransformerException, TransformerConfigurationException,
    FileNotFoundException, IOException
    TransformerFactory tFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
    Transformer transformer = tFactory.newTransformer(new StreamSource("transform.xsl"));
    transformer.transform(new StreamSource("myfile.xml"), new StreamResult(new FileOutputStream("myfile.html")));
    System.out.println("*** The result is myfile.html ***");

Maybe you are looking for

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