Where should I save the playlists file

In what specific file on my computer should i save my iTunes personal playlists files

If you mean Playlists created in your iTunes Library, iTunes does all that for you. You don't have to "save" them anywhere. As you edit them, iTunes "saves" them and they should be in the same place when you next open iTunes.

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  • Where should I save the camera calibration profile for Lightroom 2?

    I created some DNG Camera Profiles by DNG Profile Editor. For Camera Calibration in Camera Raw, I save those .dcp files in C:\ Administrator\ Documents and Settings\ Application Data\ Adobe\ Camera Raw \ CameraProfiles. However, I could't find such a subfolder in Lightroom folder, does any one know where should I save the dcp files for Lightroom 2? Thank you

    It's the same install folder for both Camera Raw and Lightroom (i.e., a .dcp installed in the folder you described will be readable by both CR and LR).

  • HT201301 where should i save the files to, in order to acces them

    where should i save the files to, in order to acces them

    What files?
    To access from where?
    Please explain

  • Where should I store the collatoral files that are associated with photos stored in lightroom?

    Where should I store the collatoral files that are associated with photos stored in lightroom? Items such as pdf files, word documents, etc. How should I connect them to each other so I can find both the photo and the related data?

    Lightroom itself will not help you with pdf, word, etc.
    However, there is a plugin you can use called AnyFile which will allow you to manage these documents in Lightroom (by assigning keywords and other metadata) so that you can search for all documents (photos, pdf, word, music, powerpoint, etc.) with given metadata.
    Because you do this via metadata, it doesn't matter where you put these files. Put them anywhere you want.

  • Where should I store the rendered files?

    (My Color projects are in "Documents")
    Where should I store the rendered files?
    On my external HD with my FCP media? Or on my Hard Disk is fine ?
    Can I calculate that 1 Go of DV NTSC = 1 Go of rendered file in 10 bits?
    Many thanks

    this came up as a topic at a recent FCPUG seminar.
    Since the dawn of time, it is recommended practice to keep your media off the application drive.
    The more disks you have spinning, the better the chance that you will get the data throughput rates that will support the demands of your media. Whether that's a RAID or a JBOD, its up to you how you value your time and assets.
    I keep things as 'external' as possible, mostly because clients are anxious to get the material back, but I'd have to keep moving stuff around just to maintain the space. And I still have to get merciless with all the temporary FCP render stuff.

  • Where does iWeb save the site file?

    Sorry guys but this is a lazy man's question.
    Where does iWeb save the site file when you click the save button?
    Is it saved as a seperate file or is it hidden within the program?
    I not talking about publishing it.

    Yes there is...I'll refer you to Apple's own technote...
    But you probably don't want to keep it on your iDisk. The file could be huge and the back and forth network bandwidth involved may make iWeb opens and saves unbearably slow. I've always recommended one of those cheap USB flash drives to keep a potable Domain file on.
    Has this been "helpful" to you?
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  • Where shall i save the jar file when i'm using a parser(JDOM) in jwsdp

    I'm using jwsdp These errors are coming
    when i compile.where shall i save the jdom.jar file?
    do i have to change the server.xml file in jwsdp-1_0\conf directory ?
    import org.w3c.dom.*;
    MetaBuilder.java:4: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class DocumentImpl
    location: package dom
    import org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl;
    MetaBuilder.java:5: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class DOMImplementationImpl
    location: package dom
    import org.apache.xerces.dom.DOMImplementationI
    MetaBuilder.java:6: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class Document
    location: package dom
    import org.w3c.dom.Document;
    MetaBuilder.java:7: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class OutputFormat
    location: package serialize
    import org.apache.xml.serialize.OutputFormat;
    MetaBuilder.java:8: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class Serializer
    location: package serialize
    import org.apache.xml.serialize.Serializer;
    MetaBuilder.java:9: cannot resolve symbol

    the *.jar file thing is a common problem in Java. One simple solution to the problem is by saving the *.jar file in the C:\j2sdk1.4.0\jre\lib\ext\ folder. This directory is an extension to the regular java files and by doing this, java will look in this directory if you import some other files not included in the java package. This does not work if you are using JBuilder, couse JBuilder installs its own jsdk, which is uses, probably under the JBuilder folder.

  • Where should I store the image file?

    I registered a schema, created a table, then inserted a XML file which contains following lines
    <matimage imagtype="image/gif" uri="image2.gif">
    My question is where should I store this image2.gif so it can be displayed when my application retrieve this XML file?

    In the XML DB repository.. See dbms_xdb.createResource().

  • HT201361 Can I change the directory where screen capture saves the png files?

    screen capture questions:
    1) Can I change the directory/place where the macbook (maverick osx) screen capture it putting the png/images?
    Currently it is going to my desktop and I would like it in another spot.
    2) Can I change the default name to include a number e.g so each screen capture increments by 1 rather than telling sequence by time?

    If you use the Grab.app in Applications/Utilities, you can name the file whatever you want and place it whereever you want. Filenames are not automatically incremented, however.
    The disadvantage is that it saves the capture only in .tiff format, not .png
    But double-clicking on the saved .tiff file will open it in Preview.app, and you can then Option+Save As in .png format in that same folder, or elsewhere.
    Grab.app has some other nice features too, such as selecting a cursor shape to be displayed (or none), and doing a timed screen capture.
    And of course there are other apps...
    http://mac.appstorm.net/roundups/graphics-roundups/7-awesome-screen-capture-apps -made-for-the-mac/

  • Where should I save my SUD files?

    Hi All,
    I am trying to call a dialog box from a script with this code:
    Dim MyDlg Set MyDlg = SudDlgCreate("Input", "DlgProgress")
    DIAdem displays the error >>Cannot find "dlgProgress.SUD" file<<
    How can I "tell" DIAdem where to look for the file? (inserting the full path instead of "DlgProgress" didn't work)
    Go to Solution.

    Hi FraCh,
    you only need to mention the whole path like:
    Dim MyDlg
    Set MyDlg = SudDlgCreate("Input", "C:\DlgProgress") . But you'll have no permission to write this directory (C.
    If you don't mention any directory or  path DIAdem will use the path which is storage at Userpaths of the settings window. (%CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS%\National Instruments\DIAdem 2011\Data\)
    In larger applications it's not recommended to use the whole path. You usually use path variables.
    Have you already used the record mode(dt: Aufzeichnungsmodus)? When you start this mode you have to choose one of this three possibilities to go on(->Attachment)
    Try them to see the differences.
    Philipp K.
    AE | NI Germany
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  • Where should I put the configuration file?

    I'm developping a web application using IBM's websphere as my application server. My application reads configuration information from a properties file.
    My question is: what's the right location to put the configuration file? Should I provide a fixed path, or should I just put in the webserver's execute directory?
    Thanks in advance

    I'd consider what the configuration file is cheifly
    tied to.
    If there are only a small number of parameters then
    put them into the web.xml as initial parameters and
    access then via servlet cotext.
    If they are tied to some class, then I'd put the
    properties file next to the relevant class file and
    use getClass().getResourceAsStream().
    If they relate to the web-app as a whole, I'd put
    them in the WEB-INF directory and access then using
    roperties");The one thing you definitely shouldn't do is use an
    absolute file path.Thanks for the reply.
    Forgive my ignorance, but how can I access getServletContext from my web application?
    Thanks again!

  • Where does iMovie save the movie file?

    I have imported my video and I want to get to the folder without opening iMovie. Which folder does iMovie put the raw footage into?

    You also need to know that when you see your iMovie project inside the HD Movie folder, you can't simply double-click the project icon and see all of your assets. You need to hold the Apple button while single-clicking on the icon, then choose "Show Assets" to see your media, the QT reference movie, etc.

  • Where should I save my Dreamweaver Widgets?

    Hi, everyone.
    I downloaded a Lightbox widget. Clearly, I made a mistake in saving the widget, because this is the address in my header information for the CSS file!
    C|/Users/Alex/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/en_US/Configuration/Temp/Assets/eam6DA9.tmp/css/lightbox.css
    I am downloading the widget again, and it is asking for my destination folder. Where should I save the widget so that I can pop the CSS and JS files right into the head data?
    Thanks a lot, Community -

    Hello Queenoid,
    It does not matter where you save the widget although you probably want to save it into something  like your "My Documents" or "Downloads" folder for easy access. When you save the Lightbox widget, 1 file (LightBox Gallery Widget_default.html) & 3 folders (css, images, scripts) are saved in the location you specified. If you want to use your own pictures, go into the images folder & replace the images there with your own.
    When done, upload the file & folders to your site & everything should work.

  • I game online and have problems with games working after updating firefox. I use an older version but am concerned about security. Two questions: can I be sure that Firefox 4 will work on my system (vista) and where do I save the file at?

    I have had a problem with the compatibility of Firefox running with the games I play online. I don't want to attempt an upgrade again, only to have to turn around and degrade so my activities can work. Furthermore, I'm not sure where to save the Firefox file in my system, since for some reason it doesn't take me right to where it should save.

    This issue can be caused by the Yahoo! Toolbar extension

  • Where to save the .js file in the file system ?

    I have included the following code in the template header <script src="/i/javascript/its.js" type="text/javascript"></script> but the apex page cannot access it. The error console show "function xyz is not defined". The window View Source does show that line in the header section pf the page.
    The javascript file is copied to $ORACLE_HOME/apex/images/javascript in the same place with other built-in apex scripts.
    I would like to save the js file in the file system instead of loading into the db. Where should I copy the file to ?
    Thanks for your advice,

    Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. I changed as your suggestion and have the same result. The html source does show the line to load javascript but the Error Console still say "function not defined". For this same js file, if I upload thru Share-Component as static file then it works.
    Below is part of the header under View Source.
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/i/css/apex_3_1.css" type="text/css" />
    <!--[if IE]><link rel="stylesheet" href="/i/css/apex_ie_3_1.css" type="text/css" /><![endif]-->
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <script src="/i/javascript/its.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

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