Where to find the log - files ?

because it is not possible to debug my IView Apps
, I would like to examine the portals log files for errors such like this :
+" Portal-Runtime Error
Fehler aufgetreten bei der Verarbeitung eines Request für :
iView : KWGLaufverfolgung_IView.KWGLaufverfolgung_Select
Komponentenname : KWGLaufverfolgung_IView.KWGLaufverfolgung_Select
iView cannot display.
There was a problem processing this .NET component
Contact your administrator if the problem persists.
Exception id: 11:59_19/05/06_0004_605012450
See the details for the exception ID in the log file+
Where can I  find the log-file ?

Hi Vinoth,
thanks four your post,but thats not the thing i wanted to know. By now I have given it up to look for an anwser for beeing able to debug my applications, because there is no solution (whatever the cause could be).
What I want to know now is, where can I find the portal log files?

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  • Where to find the log file

    I am gettting the following runtime portal error and do not know where to find it.
    I have searched in my c drive but nothing has been found.
    Do you guys have any idea where i can locate this error log ??.
    Runtime error portaal
    Fout opgetreden bij verwerking opdracht voor :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/com.getronicspinkroccade.GetronicsPinkRoccade/com.getronics.civision.CiVision/com.getronics.civision.civga.civga/com.getronics.civision.civga.iViews/com.getronics.ExampleOneIntl
    Naam component : WorkShopInl.default
    Error occurs during the rendering of jsp component.
    Exception id: 10:28_12/10/05_0005_3628850
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file

    Log and trace messages are written in <installation_path>j2eeclusterserver0log<b>defaultTrace.trc</b>. But it's very hard to read this file's content with a text editor... So you should use the LogViewer utility. You can use either the standalone or the integrated LogViewer that you can find in <i>J2EE Visual Administrator -> Server XX -> Services -> LogViewer</i>. Have a look at this weblog for learning how to use it:
    Netweaver Portal Log Configuration & Viewing (Part 2)

  • Where can I find the LOG file for bash/command history typed into Terminal?

    Where can I find the LOG file for bash/command history typed into Terminal?
    For 2 weeks ago I was searching for a log file on my server. Somehow I opend a file where I could see a list of all bash-commands I had ever entered into OSX Terminal.
    Now I need this file.. but cant find it.
    What is the official location for this LOG file?
    Thank you so much for helping.

    cat .bash_history

  • Find the log files from EIM?

    Please, tell me where I can find the log files from EIM.
    I have already checked the directory /siebel/siebsrvr/log but the files there are old.
    Regards, Slavi

    You need to configure the log level and events for the EIM component.
    You can go to Administration Server Configuration > Servers and choose the EIM Component.
    Good Luck.
    BExpert, Brazil

  • How to find the log file on server

    Hi All,
    Here we have installed J2EE Engine & JDI on seperate machine.We have developed a new FPM application. The application is not working it is giving the error when run the application. It is giving the error "500 Internal Server Error Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator". We want to see the log file what the error is, where can we find the log file.

    See this thread
    /message/1656215#1656215 [original link is broken]
    <a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/e2/75a74046033913e10000000a155106/frameset.htm">Logging</a>
    See this blogs
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    Kind Regards


    Hi Experts,
                    I want some information on finding the log files in SAP XI. When the XI picks the file from Source system and a series of process undergoes and finally delivered to the receiver system. I need the log files related to all process since the start of the scenario and untill the end of the scenario.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Sunil  K Shetty

    Please see belo links

  • Where to find the logs for cronacle queues

    hi i m using redwood explorer 7.0.3 . Someboday had hold the cronacle queues . it was giving the message queues held by operator . But we don't know who held the queues. Can anbody tell where we can find the logs for these queues i.e who made changes w.r.to Cronacle queues.

    Yes this can depend on your system configuration
    To view the current settings of all parameters, you can:
    Use the Redwood Explorer and navigate to Configuration > Environment > Schedulers > SCHEDULERNAME > Parameters..
    Use the SHOW PARAMETERS or SHOW ALL command in the Redwood Shell.
    Look in the Master agent trace file.
    also check the operator messages in cronacle.

  • Where to find the log on the failure of Infosource activation?

    While trying to activate an infosource, (from the infosource maintenance screen, there was a message
    “ …see log for warnings …”
    but I don’t see any log on the inforsource maintenance screen.
    Where do I see this log on the infosource?

    I think you can find the log you are looking for by clicking on the infosource so that it is highlighted.  Then by where you can click on 'monitor' there is a icon that looks like a scroll, if you pause with your mouse over it, the message will be 'Display node log'.
    That will hopefully provide the information you are looking for.  Some other experts can probably suggest another way to get at the logs too.
    Hope it helps!

  • Where to find the css file for logon page customization

    Hi All,
    I am doing the logon page customization but i am not finding the stylesheet to change the background colors.
    While testing it is taking the default css stylesheet.
    Can anyone suggest from where to edit the css file?
    With Regards

    Dear Ashutosh
    You can find the css folder under the logon par file.
    Please find below reference for modifying the PAR file:- http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/en/bb/1bb8428e05c86ae10000000a155106/content.htm
    A fast and easy Portal logon page customizing
    Modifying The Logon Par(or customising the Logon Screen)
    Customizing Portal Logon Screen
    Portal Customizations Intro - Login Part 1
    Portal Customizations Intro - Login Part 2
    Hope it will helps
    Best Regards
    Arun Jaiswal

  • Where to find the war file

    i would like to deploy my jsf application (done in sun one studio + sun aaplication server + Mysql) in tomcat.
    where do i find the war file???

    Move into the folder in which you'r project is placed. Then issue the following command:
    jar -cvf filename.war . dont forget . at the end which means current directory

  • How to find the log file

    I am using include directive for including a jsp and i am able to trace the errors in a log file(say mod_servj) but when i use action directive i am unable to find the errors.Can anyone please help me out.

    Try to check in the following location
    The same way you can check the log file for the SOA server also.
    Mark the posting appropriately as "helpful" or "correct answer", if your issue is solved.
    Albin I

  • Where to see the log files of runtime

    For my installation, the locations mentioned in the documentation here http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13154_01/bpm/docs65/admin_guide/index.html?t=modules/logging/c_Head_Logging.html does not contain any log files. Where can i find more information about finding log files and also more importantly how can I log from the BPM process. Is there an out of the box log activity available in BPM. I could not find anything in the documentation.

    Go to this link: Re: log Message in Studio
    Paragraph number 4 shows how to find the actual log file.

  • Where to find BIP log file in version

    OBIEE on Linux. I have set Server Configuration option Debug Level=Debug. But where can I find the error log file. Often I see error The report cannot be rendered because of an error, please contact the administrator. when configure a report, where can I find the error log?
    Search the furom and find a post talking about log file for 11g in. Found it. BIEE_HOME\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\bi_server1\logs\bipublisher
    But it is not the case in
    Thank you for help.

    Please take a look at this post:
    If your question has been answered then please grant the points and close the thread

  • Please see the log for more details.... where to find the log???

    Hi everyone,
    I have a WebI document in our DEV environment that I am trying to transport to PROD.
    When I try I get the message:
    Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : Object  has failed to promote. Please see the log for more details
    But where do I find this log that has more detail?
    As background, the document in PROD is corrupt and I want to replace it with the working copy from DEV. Perhaps the fact that the PROD document is banjaxed is the issue but I don't know.
    Many thanks

    Hi Arvind,
    We are going live to live on the promotion side of things.
    Test promotion tells me everything is OK :-(
    I appreciate your workaround solution, I would like to understand full what's happening and put a more permanent solution in place.
    With regards

  • Where to keep the log file and the mdf/ndf

    Hi ,
    While going through the book of Kalen Delaney "inside sql server"  I got statement  "A general recommendation is to put log files onto their own physical disk. Here I am bit confuse that we have to keep log file in same hard
    disk separate derive or in separate hard disk itself. On My DB server has only one hard disk, with three logical partition, so if I keep my log file MDF on different derives will I get the performance.
    Thanks in advance for reply........
    Regards Vikas Pathak

    @sateesh : but as per link "http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb402876.aspx"
    This rule checks whether data and log files are placed on separate logical drives. Placing both data and log files on the same device can cause contention for that device and result in poor performance. Placing the files on separate drives allows the I/O activity
    to occur at the same time for both the data and log files.
    This is probably as this is the best they can do. Checking that the logical drives are actually two different physical disks is little out of scope from what you can do in SQL Server.
    It is also worth pointing that the rule specifically refers to spinning disks. SSD disks do not have this problem.
    Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, [email protected]

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