Where-Used List: Modifying SAP standard function module

We have decided to modify SAP standard function module SD_SCHEDULING. But before that, we need to understand what impact this modification will have in the system. We will also estimate the risks with this modification.
Therefore, I have taken Where-Used List for this function module. We are aware that this list is not comprehensive.
Do you know any other way we could use to understand better what impacts this kind of modification may have? My colleagues say that this is the only way.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Jarmo Tuominen

Hi Jarmo,
Try this
1). Goto Se16 and check the contents of table 'CROSS'.
2). Enter 'F' in the first selection screen field
3). In the NAME field enter the Function module SD_SCHEDULING and execute.
4). The list will give you where all the FM has been used.
Kindly note this is almost the same as doing a where used list. The where used list will only work correctly if the 'Update Navigation Index' works correctly in your system. So just to ensure the result of your where used list you can follow the above steps. This does not require the Update Navigation Index.
Hope this helps

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  • Lst of all sap standard function modules???

    can anyone provide with a list of all sap standard function modules??? I am currently working in Product costing.As per my Functional specification i need to find the number of cost centers in a cost center group.we guess that this information will be available from a function modules.so can anyone provide all the function modules of sap.

    Check this link :
    <a href="http://www.erpgenie.com/abap/functions.htm">http://www.erpgenie.com/abap/functions.htm</a>

  • Error in the SAP standard function module 'RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ'.

    Hello Experts,
    We upgraded from 3.5 to 7,0 support pack 17 .
    After upgrade we are getting error
      with return code 11 'Others´'.
    While debugging the standard function module we found that the standard method s_r_infoprov->read is being executed with the return code = 8 (inherited_error).
    Any suggestions?

    Not sure if the parameters provided were correct,you may wish to do a sanity check
    Input Parameters:
    1. I_INFOPROV - This will hold the Name of the Info Cube from where we need the pull the data.
    2. I_T_SFC - This parameter is in the format of Internal Table which holds the Character Info Objects we need to pull from the Source Cube.
    3. I_T_SFK - This parameter is also in the format of Internal Table which holds the Key Figure Info Objects which we need to pull from the Source Cube.
    4. I_T_RANGE - This is also in the format of Internal Table which holds the Selection criteria for which we need to pull from the Source Cube u2013 For example the Company Code u2013 001 and Fiscal Year Period u2013 001/2006.
    5. I_T_REQUID u2013 Selection of cube data based on Request Id.
    6. I_SAVE_IN_TABLE u2013 In case you need to save the data in DB table
    7. I_REFERENCE_DATE u2013 This holds the current date.
    8. I_AUTHORITY_CHECK u2013 This will hold the value u2018Ru2019, which is meant for READ.
    9. I_DEBUG u2013 This is for Debugging mode and holds the default value u2018Yu2019.
    Output Parameters:
    1. E_T_DATA u2013 This Output Parameter is of internal table format, in which we can mention the output fields (For all the fields mentioned in the Input Parameter, this output parameter will hold the values).
    2. E_END_OF_DATA u2013 Once the FM is executed successfully, this output parameter will hold the value u2018Xu2019, means extraction completed successfully.
    Hope it Helps

  • Crystal Reports for VS2010 using a custom SAP ABAP function module data source

    I recently worked with Crystal Reports 2011 and was able to connect and retrieve data from our R/3 system via an ABAP function module. While researching other features, I found this version that can be installed into Visual Studio 2010. The parameters are not very user friendly in Crystal Reports so I was hoping to create a custom dialog to collect my report parameters.
    Does anyone know if I were to install Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, would I be able to design a front-end selection screen in a Visual Basic form and then pass the input to through the Crystal Reports connection to my ABAP function module to retrieve the data filtered on the back-end by the selection screen parameters and return the results to be reported in the Crystal Reports output?
    I am using Visual Studio 2010 Professional Visual Basic with the .NET Framework 4.0 on 32-bit Windows 7. I was able to connect to our R/3 system in Crystal Reports 2011, so if I were to install Crystal Reports for VS2010, would there be a similar way of connecting to SAP?
    Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Bryan
    I don't know for sure, but I doubt this will work in CRVS2010. Only hope is that the utility available for download in this KBA will point you in the right direction.
    - Ludek
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  • RFC Function module's where used list

    Dear Experts,
       I have a situation where in I need to change certain parameters/ the logic of an RFC function module. but before making the changes to the function module I need to know where this function module is used in various systems. So can some one tell me a way to find the where used list of an RFC function module in the calling system.

    It could be called from anywhere, theoretically, SAP or non-SAP environments.
    I hope you can rely on good documentation in your organization to find the potential callers, as each call must have been consciously implemented at some point.
    Also check with system administrators who might have a means to study trace logs for information on calling systems.
    P.S. the hard way would be to just do the change and see who complains later on

  • Where used list of a function module

    hello ,
    i want to find out where used list of a function modules , but the problem when I try where used button with in a function module Im getting message saying 'Function Is Not An Include'  when it is used in other programs. Function AKB_WHERE_USED_LIST  does not exist.Function FUNC_GET_OBJECT  does not show the names of the programs.Im Stuck..Plz advise.
    Thanks in Advance

    This is working fine.
    i am getting the name of the programs where the Fm is used.
    OBJ_TYPE                        FUNC
    OBJ_NAME                        FUNC_GET_OBJECT
    Try this.........

  • Standard text (SO10) - 'Where used list'

    Dear all,
    I would know if SAP provide a standard tool that consents to display a 'where used' list for the standard texts.
    I mean, this report has to show where the standard text defined via SO10 are used (SAPScripts, Smartforms...).
    Thanks and best regards

    I doubt if there is such report.
    Enjoy SAP.
    Pankaj Singh.

  • Where used list information tables in 4.6c

    Could anyone please tell me the database tables used for "where used list" in SAP version 4.6C.
    Yogesh Gupta

    In 4.6C the TCode se49 is similar to Where used
    Which refers to the Program : SAPMSEUZ
    I executed SE49, for the Transaction: se49, again, to find the Tables used :
    TDCT       Dialog Modules                            
    TFDIR      Function Module                           
    TLIBG      Person responsible for function class     
    TRDIR      Generated Table for View TRDIR            
    TSTC       SAP Transaction Codes     

  • Function Module where-used list does not find update rule programs

    We have function modules called in update rules. The where-used list in the function builder does not find the update rule programs.
    For example, function DATE_GET_WEEK is called in an update rule to InfoCube YCUBE001. The activated program name for this update rule is GP3PWI6PKM5Y3K75A370DIS8I77. When I goto SE37, enter the function DATE_GET_WEEK, click the where-used button, check the programs option and search. The system does not find the program GP3PWI6PKM5Y3K75A370DIS8I77.
    Without this search capability it is difficult to do an impact analysis of changing function modules. Does anyone know of a solution?

    i think the reason is the code of update rules' generated program are stored line by line in table(rsaabap), update rules program itself stored in table rsupdrout, link with field codeid, another useful table is rsupdinfo which store infocube, infosource related.  other info may stored in some other rs* and rsa* tables.
    try to create following program in your system, and run, type in the function module name, and will display out the update rules program id, with additional useful info : which infoprovider, infosource, and detail info of the routine and infoobject in the update rule that using that function module. you may modify the program to have better display out list.
    hope this helps.
    data : lv_sfm,
           lv_line type string,
           lv_where type string.
    tables : rsaabap,RSUPDROUT,rsupdinfo.
    s_fm for rsaabap-LINE.
      loop at s_fm.
        concatenate s_fm-low ' ' into lv_sfm.
        concatenate '%' s_fm-low into lv_line.
        concatenate lv_line '%' into lv_line.
        write : / 'function module', 'update rule id', 'routine id', 'infoobject', 'infocube', 'infosource'.
        select * from rsaabap
        where line like lv_line and objvers = 'A'.
           select * from rsupdrout
           where codeid = rsaabap-codeid and objvers = 'A'.
             select single * from rsupdinfo
             where updid = rsupdrout-updid and objvers = 'A'.
               write: / lv_sfm, rsupdrout-updid, rsaabap-codeid,
                        rsupdrout-iciobjnm, rsupdinfo-infocube,

  • Function Module or Program to get where used list

    I´ve been searching for Function Module or program to get where used list for an object.
    I try using the FM 'RS_TOOL_ACCESS' with parameters operation = 'CROSSREF', objectname = 'ZMYPROG', object_type = 'PROG'
    and in effect i get the list of object where the program is used, but the list is showed in standard screen.
    is there a function or program to obtain the used list for an object but in an internal table?
    I'm using version 4.6B.
    I checked the function module RS_INFOSYSTEM_CREATE_REQUEST, but i didn't obtain any result, is there a funcion or combination or FM to get the used list?
    Message was edited by: Alejandro López

    Hi Alejandro,
    Please check this sample program.
        OBJTYPE            = OBJTYPE
        ACTION             = SWBM_C_OP_WHERE_USED_LIST
        OBJLIST            = OBJECTS
        DEVCLASS           = p_scope_devclass
        OBJKEY             = p_scope_objkey
        NOT_EXECUTED       = 1
        BATCH              = 2
        OTHERS             = 3.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto
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  • Documentation for RS_EU_CROSSREF (where-used list function module)

    I'm trying to understand how to use the "RS_EU_CROSSREF" function module.
    It corresponds to the where-used list function you find in so many SAP screens.
    I need to use it in a program, but I can't find any good documentation about it.
    I'd like something that tells me what values I have to fill in parameters.
    For example, how to search form "TEST_FORM" in all programs ? or even in a given program, I didn't get how to restrict the search to a program...
    Thank you for any help,

    Hi Gurpreet Singh,
    table cross does not find any function modules although I know for sure that there are function modules calling the function module.
    Please post an example of how to find function modules calling a function module with RS_EU_CROSSREF.

  • Function Module to do "Where-used-list"

    Dear sirs,
    Please could anyone help me? I'd like to know if there is any FM which I can pass the name of an abap object (program, include, table, function module, etc) and returns the where used list of it in an internal table.
    I need to map all transactions that call a report or are using an include.
    Thank you in advance,
    Fabio Purcino

    You can use the Function Module
    Read the Documentation of the same.
    there is one example.

  • Function Module "where used list"

    I'm looking for a function module which does the same as the where used list: i want to have all tables conataining a special field e.g. mandt. Is there such a FM available?

    Use FM 'CHVW_EXPLODE_ALL' to get the Batch where used list.
    Dhruv Shah

  • Function Module to identify Where-Used list

    Hi All,
    Is any one aware of any Function Module(s) to identify where-used list of any given Info Object(s).
    I would like to use this in an ABAP Report.
    I do not want to use RSD1/metadata repository way.
    I was thinking of a way to write multiple selects on the various tables (RSZELTTXT, RSZELTDIR, RSZSELECT...) to get  ELTUID/TELTUID/SELTUID..., but that seems to get very lengthy.
    Have already checked a few posts but they only indicate the queries/Cubes in which a given IO is used, where as I am interested in all BW objects where a given IO is used.
    Thanks in advance,

    hi Sanny2 ,
    try this method... this will surely help
    if you want to know how where used list works then follow the steps.
    1 ) open tcode se11
    2) enter table name (example...MARA)
    3)  go to command window (where you often use to enter tcode ... Enter Tcode /h - which is debug switch on)
    4) select any field (example .. MATNR)
    5) press where used list button.
    6) you can navigate to source code (debugger mode)
    7 ) follow steps and trace the code HOW WHERE USED WORK,
    hope this helps
    let me know if useful

  • Function module to replicate CA81 (Resource where used list)

    Is there a FM or BAPI to replicate CA81 (Resource where used list)?
    Gary B

    Dear Sankaran,
    These are the Functional Modules which you can use,
    CS_WHERE_USED_MAT            Bills of material; where-used list
    CS_WHERE_USED_MAT_ANY    Bills of material; where-used list as material or class item
    MASS_WHERE_USED                where used list for mass maintenance screens
    CSEP_MAT_BOM_SELECT_WHERE_USED API Bills of Material: Select BOM(s)
    But Multi-level is not possible as far I knew.
    You can use either the 1st or the 4th Functional Module for preparing the report.
    No other way of getting a report simliar to CS15.

Maybe you are looking for