Which c-series modules are compatible with Scan Mode?

OK, so I just wasted 4 hours.
I started a new Project with a need to use a 9220 analogue input card on a cRIO 9030, but immediately became stuck when I was unable to add the module using the right click Add New C-Series Module wizard to the 9030 chassis.
My first (and only) assumption was that this was a new card and I needed the latest Device Drivers. So I installed those.
When that failed I upgraded my LV2014 to LV2014 SP1, and also upgraded the Real-Time and FPGA modules too.
4 hours later, when that failed, I realised that maybe this isn't a card compatible with Scan Mode so began searching ni.com for information. I've searched a whole raft of terms and I just cannot find information on which modules are supported by Scan Mode (which is presumably nearly all of them). I know it exists somewhere because I one referred to it when I had an RS485 module that was only compatible in FPGA mode, about four years ago.
1. Is there an easy way to determine if a C-Series module is compatible with Scan Mode? I still don't know!
2. Can we please have Scan Mode compatibility shown in the Add C-Seris Module Wizard. When attempting to add a module to a cRIO chassis, the wizard can hint to us that a particular module is not compatible. By not showing the 9220 in the drop down list I was led to believe the module was not a known device (and hence I attempted to upgrade my drivers). It would be better if the module was listed but disabled and not selectable, with some informational text to explain why. It's a fair assumption that a module will be compatible, so we don't expect it to not be listed when we attempt to add it. In fact, the possibility that some modules aren't compatible can evade your consciousness temporarily and make you do stupid things (like upgrade your installation!).
3. Can we please have Scan Mode compatability information put on each module's description page. That would have made this whole process much quicker.
Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

Well, I definitely agree that finding info about RSI module support is not as easy as it should be. Since I know where to look, I will refer you to this document, which I found linked from this page.
That's the best document I know of on the topic.

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    Solid Cruver
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    I put an OWC SSD drive in my late 2009 21.5" iMac. Note that your model computer has a link speed limit to 3G, so putting a 6 G will not give you more than 3G link speed. Furthermore, putting a 6G SSD in this model might also throttle down the actual speed to 1.5G. Not sure about other model drives, but that is noted in the fine print at OWC. Read the compatibility issues for your model computer, especially about the link speed issue
    There is also the issue of the temp sensor which is located internally on the hard drive for this model and later. So you will have to make special adaptations to install any drive other than direct same type compatilbe replacements in the main bay. OWC also sells an adapter sensor cable for this, but I think it cost around $45.
    One thing that drove me to OWC was the fact that they do not recommend using TRIM with their drives. That is a debatable issue about using TRIM with other drives, so if you go with another brand, you might want to research that topic before choosing another brand other than OWC. Many have stated no problem without using TRIM enabler software using some of the other brands like Samsung SSD drives.
    What I did is left the internal drive in the main drive bay and installed an OWC SSD in the optical bay using the data doubler adapter. This has worked out great for me and I use the main drive as a backup drive. There are several sizes available in the 3G model. I chose the 240gig.
    The whole kit with the data doubler is in the link here:
    Not saying you will get blazing performance with this like 6G compatible speeds would give, but as I said, your computer hardware is limited. But your sustained Read/Write speeds will basically double, and the Random Read/Write will go up tremendously.
    You will definitely be pleased with the performance increase.
    Once I installed the drive, I just used Disk Utility to format the SSD drive and then restored the whole internal drive to the SSD drive. Everything copied including the recovery partition to the new drive. Once the restore was done, just changed startup disk and booted into the SSD. Was very simple.

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    You can install SQL Server 2008 R2 or earlier versions of SQL Server only on a Windows Server 2003 R2 computer.
    SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 can be installed on Windows Server 2003 R2 if you apply SP2 for Windows Server 2003 R2.
    Meanwhile SQL Server 2005 requires Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 1.
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    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

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    Any helpful ideas?
    Much appreciated!
    Thanks and regards

    Bob Timmons wrote:
    Due to poor design, the Time Capsule power supply has enough of a problem just powering the hard drive and router portion of the product. Adding more load to an overtaxed power supply...which tends to overheat easily....would not be recommended if you want to prolong the life of the Time Capsule.
    Pay particular attention to this.. Bob is a smart bloke.. 
    The power supply of the TC is barely adequate.. having repaired 100 or more now.. let me assure you the last thing it needs is more load.
    Also note the power consumption of a standard 2.5" drive..
    I have several lying arond here.. 40GB fujitsu.. 5v 0.55a
    80GB hitachi.. 5v 1A
    Well those are old drives..
    500GB Seagate Momentus 7200.4 which is a standard drive used now in laptops and faster speed.
    5v 0.451A
    Sounds great.. just below the 500ma limit.. but download the manual for the drive.
    Table 3:          DC power
    Power dissipation  +5V input average (25° C)
    Spinup (max)  1.0 amps
    Seek   2.2 watts
    Read   2.1 watts
    Write   2.2 watts
    Idle, performance*  1.4 watts
    Idle, active*  1.0 watts 
    Idle, low power mode*   0.69 watts
    Standby  0.20 watts
    Sleep  0.20 watts
    The actual current draw during spinup.. is 1A.. not 0.45 as per the drive label.. that is normal usage not spinup.
    Also remember a USB powered hard disk has to power the electronics of the USB to sata adapter.. that might be 2ma.. you quoted.. ie no drive.. but it absolutely is no where near enough.. even in standby or sleep the drive is drawing.. 40ma..
    That is from the actual spec sheet.

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    I'm looking into buying an external dvd - dvdL - cd burner but wanted to make sure it would work with lion.. anyone ?

    I have successfully used apples external SuperDrive.
    However, I get faster results using the Mac's built-in SuperDrive.

  • Which External Drives are compatible with Time Machine.  I plan to utilize it for backups and to connect to an Airport Extreme.

    MBP Retina, 15 inch, Late 2013. Intel Core i7.  OSX 10.9.4
    Which External Hard Drives are compatible with Time Machine.
    I plan to use one drive for automatic backups connected to an Airport Extreme.
    The connection can be USB or Ethernet and should be expandable.
    should I just buy the Time capsule and avoid the compatibility, connection and interference issues.

    Hi Kappy,
    I just saw that on the Apple Support site that "Time Machine is not supported with USB hard drives that are connected to an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme device", just as you have suggested.
    Why is the newest model of the Airport Extreme, which is the model I have, an exception to the Time Machine compatibility?
    The following information is from Apple website:
    Time Machine works with:
    AirPort Time Capsule's built-in hard drive (any model)
    External USB hard drive connected to AirPort Time Capsule (any model)
    An external hard drive connected to your Mac
    Use the Time Machine pane of System Preferences to choose your backup disk(s).
    Additional Information
    Time Machine is not supported with USB hard drives that are connected to an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme device.

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