While Creating PM order If component stock is not available shld thr error

Dear All,
At the time of PM order creation, If assign component stock is not available system should through error and order shold not save

Hi Mr Honyal,
This is not possible in Standard.
You need to configure it throught user exit.
You can use user exit - CNEX0009.
The exit is called from PS, PM, PP, so while coding please use a specific transaction code like IW31, IW32 etc.
The exit is called material by material. So if you have entered 5 material in components screen,
the exit will be called 5 times.
At run time you need to check the availabel stock of that material and give error if the stock doesnt exist.
Take help from your ABAPer & MM consultant for coding and finding tables of stock.
Thanks & Regards,

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  • Missing part list is incomplete while creating Production Order and 2 components are not shown in the list.

    Hi Team,
    We are facing issue for availability check. During creation of Production order, the missing part list is not complete and it should show componenet A in the Missing part list. Below is the details:
    Production Order quantity: 100 kg
    Componenet A required quantity: 100 kg
    MMBE Unrestricted qty: 1000 kg
    MMBE Reserved Quantity: 2000 kg
    So as per above figures component A should come as missing part during availability check. But it is not coming as missing part. Please check and give your inputs.

    The results of availability check should NEVER be compared with MMBE. As already mentioned, transaction CO09 is more appropriate.
    Also, this issue has been already discussed on hundreds of threads in the past. See some examples below:
    Problem with missing parts list during production order creation
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    As it is stated on the The SCN Rules of Engagement you should do some research before opening a thread. Therefore, please use the search tool or even google to search for similar problems before opening a thread.

  • Error while creating Production order without BOM

    Hi Guys,
    While creating production order without a BOM i am getting the following error in the error log.
    Error: BOM for material xxxxxx does not contain any valid items
    Message no. CO636
    Kindly help.

    Dear customer,
    could you check in the master data screen of the order if one BOM has been selected?
    please coudl you check your customizing the following transactions:
    what do you have in 'BOM slection field' MRP4 view of the header material?
    Please check if with this info you can find the missing data to explode the BOM

  • User Exit to check whether chapter id for Material and Plant combination is maintained while creating sales order

    Hello all,
    my requirement is, system should give error message while creating sales order, if chapter ID is not maintained for a material and plant combination.
    please suggest the user exit.

    CASE 1 : All Plants are excisable.
    In Material master , Foreign Trade data tab-  mentioned Control code field mandatory. ( i.e nothing but Chapter ID)
    CASE 2 : Few Plants are excisable
    In the Case 2 you need to go for Enhancement
    Program Name : MV45AFZB 
    User Exit:            USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP ( Item Level Check )
    By using above user exit you write a logic with the help of ABAPer
    Plant and Chapter ID combination table : J_1IMTCHID

  • Price not picking while creating purchase order

    hi all,
    i have created a pricing procedure and assigned to the vedor, but while creating purchase order the material price is not picking up.if i use the standard one the price is picking up. can anyone explaing any setting iam missing.

    In your pricing procedure
    For the condition type Automatic Gross price PB00, you have assigned am Access sequence.
    <b>Access sequence</b>: An access sequence is a search strategy by means of which the system searches for valid records in various condition tables. It consists of one or more accesses. The sequence of accesses controls the priority of the individual condition records among each other. Through the accesses, the system is told where to look first and where to look next for a valid condition record in each case.
    Once the pricing procedure triggers, System looks for the valid condition recorrd for the condition type PB00 as per the priority listed in Access sequence.
    Example: If purchase info record is the first priority and you maintained the Info record then system picks the price from Info record into PO.
    If no valid condition record found then it will trigger PBXX Manual Gross price condition in PO and ask to enter the price manually.This is called condition technique.
    So check whether you maintained the Condition record for PB00 or not?

  • While creating sales order stock should not go under reserved block,

    While creating sales order stock should not go under reserved block,
    What is the customization?
    Please help me.

    What exactly is your requirement?
    Can you be a bit more detailed?

  • How to hide componant row of BOM while creating sales order  OR AR Invoice

    Dear expert
    my client wants to create Sales order with Sales BOM, but they do not want to see componant product while create sales order or AR invoice they want to see only parent items.
    Please help me asap

    check below link
    Avoid printing child items of Sales BOM in AR Invoice
    Deepak Tyagi

  • Error while creating Planned order in SAP PP

    Hi ,
    I am creating planned order for finished material and system has given below error - Please specify the order deadlines in ascending order.
    SAP Message Error- Message no. 61009  Please specify the order deadlines in ascending order
    Very first planned order get saved and we declare the production and business completed
    Now creating second planned order , while saving system giving above error.
    I am Taking Planned Order Profile LA -Stock order
    Any solution  ...?
    Thanks in advance !!!

    Hello Deepak,
    Please adjust the order dates in the scheduling of the planned order. In normal production scenario operation completed end of the night shift and order finish date is possibly moved one day in the future for this reason we need to set the operation timing in 24:00:00 format
    In your issue change date like this
    End date : 30.06.2014
    Start : 31.05.2014
    Opening date : 31.05.2104
    Check with this date, it’s work for you 
    Umesh Mali

  • Error while creating Maintenance order

    While creating Maintenance order with any order type (PM01,PM02 & PM03) & entering material in component Tab, the system is giving this Error 'Entry does not exist,check your entry'
    The used material is already maintained in the Material Master with all necessary information.
    Kindly suggest the best possible solution for this problem.
    Thanks in advance 

    The following error is coming while order processing.
    Entry    does not exist - check your entry
        Message no. 00 058
        Input values must be defined in Table MARA. The value or values '  ' are
        not specified in this table.
        Check whether the input is correct and correct if necessary.
    Procedure for System Administration
        If this is not an incorrect entry, check the system settings and change
        them if necessary.
        If there is a connection to the Customizing system, you can maintain the
        system settings by choosing Maintain entries (F5)
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Runtime error while creating sales order in VA01

    Dear all,
    In our develpment server(ecc 6.0),while creating sales order in VA01 for a sales area, when ever entering material number and quantity and press enter, it is giving error and taking to Runtime error long text showing syntax error in program RK2LSFOC
    application patch level for both production and development is same.
    can any one suggest the solution please

    Please note the error details
    Runtime Errors         SYNTAX_ERROR
    Date and Time          07.01.2010 17:43:06
    Short text
    Syntax error in program "RK2LSFOC ".
    What happened?
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLKEAK" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    The following syntax error occurred in program "RK2LSFOC " in include "RK2LSFOC
    " in
    line 128:
    "No component exists with the name "KWBRUM". ."
    The include has been created and last changed by:
    Created by: "SAP "
    Last changed by: "SAP* "
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLKEAK" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    What can you do?
    Please eliminate the error by performing a syntax check
    (or an extended program check) on the program "RK2LSFOC ".
    You can also perform the syntax check from the ABAP Editor.
    If the problem persists, proceed as follows:
    Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
    To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
    Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
    at and manage termination messages, and you can also
    keep them for a long time.
    Error analysis
    The following syntax error was found in the program RK2LSFOC :
    "No component exists with the name "KWBRUM". ."
    |    " "

  • Deleated Valuation Type --Need Error Message while creating Purchase Order

    In our scenario , i need a message should flash , if enduser by mistake select the deleated valuation type while creating Purchase Order.
    In current configuration , it's not there.
    Await your expert opinion.
    Shyam Kogta

    I investigated this recently in our company and gave this answer:
    A deletion flag does not restrict anything. It is just an indicator to tell SAP that you want this record to be deleted with the next archiving run.
    The archiving run then checks if a deletion is possible or not.
    So you can set such deletion flags long time in advance, even at a moment where you still have inventory.
    To block materials from beeing used in business transactions, usually the material and sales status are used. But these statuses can only be set at overall, plant and sales organisation level.  
    In some transactions SAP issues warning messages if a material has a deletion flag. This messages could be customized to be an error and prevent any business. However, this type of restriction is not designed for our machine, as we use the material and sales status.
    Anyhow, there is no message for valuation types that have a deletion flag in procurement area.
    There is one for goods receipts (but only for a certain industry solution that is not used by us)
    There is one for deliveries ( VL 211 ).
    The valuation types are defaulted from customizing to the transaction e.g. purchase order. Or from info record to the PO. So a standard purchase order gets valuation type  ABC , while an internal order (production) gets the DEF.  Usually there should not be a need to change this valuation type manually.
    So the only solution is to archive the material master at valuation type level.
    But I guess, you already have POs with that wrong valuation type, which means you have to archive the POs first. It you have already batches with wrong valuation type, then thy have to be archived as well before a material can be archived.
    And finally if you had stock in current year, then you can archive your material in year after next year, as SAP archives only materials that have no stock in current and previous year.

  • Stop Creation of reservation while creating process orders....

    Hi All,
    THe requirement is to stop creation of reservations on creation of process order.
    have done the configuration in order type dependent parameters to stop creation of reservations on creation of process order.
    After this configuration the reservations have stopped appearing in the MMBE for components although there are reservation created.
    The above case appears only when i am creating process orders manually through transaction COR1....But when process orders are created by converting Plann order then in this case although the order type is same there are reservations visible in the MMBE transaction for the components.
    Request you to please guide through the reason for creation of reservations when a process order is created by converting a plan order.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi All,
    We are using the planning strategy 40 where in we produce only when the sales order is received.
    For a material we are using SPK as stock transfer from other plant.
    The requirement for this material is triggered due to 1)dependent reservation(as this component is used as a component to manufacture other material 2)Sales requirement for this material.
    On MRP the requirement is transferred to the supplying plant and we receive the stock in our plant.
    Now this stock is the total of requirement generated to fulfill the sales requirement and the consumption requirement.We cannot differentiate which stock was called in for sales order and which for fulfilling the production requirement of the superior material.
    Whenever a production order for the superior material is created reservation for this material are created because of which the stock will not be available for creation of deliveries for sales orders.(This is because of the av checking rule)
    Is there a way to differentiate these stocks.
    We thought about creating MRP areas to manage the requirements differently but this will lead to creation storage locations and thus affect our global template.
    Thus we thought of blocking of creation of reservations......this we thought as all the materials are already available by the time the process order is created so there is no point in creating reservations for the same.
    Let m know if you need any further information .......Help me providing a proper solution to the issue.
    Thanks in advance

  • How to restrict the order reason in Tcode Va01 while creating sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is
    while creating sales order in VA01
    if order type is Zvol
    than the list of order reasons has to be restricted.
    Now 15 are coming from OVAU  tcode
    I need only 5 from these.
    Thanks & Reagrds

    By doing the user exit in IW32 we achieved the requirement of restriction of maintenance order TECO functionality if any Service Entry sheet pending with reference of maintneance order.

  • Why some times delivery  will created through vl10c even sale order stock is not available?

    why some times delivery  will created through vl10c in batchmode even sale order stock is not available?

    the correct english name is : Replenishment leadtime
    Check with Replenishment lead time - Supply Chain Management (SCM) - SCN Wiki

  • Error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3) while creating Sales orders from Inbound IDOCS

    I am getting this Error message"error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3)" while creating Sales order from Inbound Idocs in the IDOC,which is affecting sales order creation.
    While viewing this Info structure S008, I could see no records have been maintained. Wanted to know the reasons behind this Hard error?
    Is it something related to Date Field used in the Update Rules for this Infostructure which is causing this posting period error?
    Appreciate your inputs on this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

    Thank you Jelena,I checked the Ship. Delivery dates in the IDOC which are for Current Fiscal Year- 20140703 and 20140711,Could there be any other reason for this error?
    Could it be an issue with e Update rule in this Infostructire S008
    Secondly when we try change the update rule thru MC25 for this Infostructure S008,It gives a message"
    "Maintenance of SAP standard updates not allowed"
    Kindly advice
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

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