While my MM gye uploading the goods recipt it is saying like

Please look it below mentioned error during the time of goods movement posting as discussed previously. So what best solution is possible and please do the needful. I am unable to work on inventory management and warehouse management on SAP-IDES due to below mentioned error.
With Kind Regards
Runtime Errors         MESSAGE_TYPE_X  
Date and Time          18.12.2005 10:09:04                                                         
Short dump has not been completely stored (too big)                                                
Short text                                                                               
The current application triggered a termination with a short dump.                           
What happened?                                                                               
The current application program detected a situation which really                            
    should not occur. Therefore, a termination with a short dump was                             
    triggered on purpose by the key word MESSAGE (type X).                                       
Error analysis                                                                               
Short text of error message:                                                                 
    No RFC destination is defined for SAP Global Trade Services                                  
    Technical information about the message:                                                     
    Message classe...... "/SAPSLL/PLUGINR3"                                                      
    Number.............. 002                                                                     
    Variable 1.......... " "                                                                     
    Variable 2.......... " "                                                                     
    Variable 3.......... " "                                                                     
    Variable 4.......... " "                                                                               
Trigger Location of Runtime Error                                                                
    Program                                 SAPLMBWL                                             
    Include                                 LMBWLU21                                             
    Row                                     59                                                   
    Module type                             (FUNCTION)                                           
    Module Name                             MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT                               
Source Code Extract                                                                               
   when a goods movement for an inbound or outbound delivery is posted                   
   directly from VL31N/ VL01N, XBLNR is not yet known when we call                       
   CKMV_AC_DOCUMENT_CREATE, but the number is supposed to be stored in                   
   BKPF as well. There is no other way to forward XBLNR to FI as not                     
   every document is posted by MB_CREATE -> a new function module in                     
   MBWL for transferring the information, called by FI, meant to load                    
   the complete function group for all MBxx postings when this isn't                     
   required (Performance). Would be the better way to transport the                      
   information after switching off MBxx in later release.                                
   corresponding IMPORT ... FROM MEMORY ... can be found in                              
   AC_DOCUMENT_POST (FORM FI_DOCUMENT_PREPARE (LFACIF5D))                                
      l_mem_id = 'MKPF-XBLNR'.                                   " 641365                   
      EXPORT xblnr = xblnr_sd TO MEMORY ID l_mem_id.             " 641365                   
    IF xmkpf-xabln IS INITIAL.                               "note 434093                   
        CALL FUNCTION 'MB_XAB_NUMBER_GET'.                   "note 434093                   
    ENDIF.                                                   "note 434093                   
    CALL FUNCTION 'MB_CREATE_MATERIAL_DOCUMENT_UT'                                          
           error_message = 4.                                                               
As soon as we have started to put things into UPDATE TASK, we must                      
ensure that errors definitely terminate the transaction.                                
MESSAGE A is not sufficient because it can be catched from                              
external callers which COMMIT WORK afterwards, resulting in                             
incomplete updates. Read note 385830 for the full story.                                
    IF NOT sy-subrc IS INITIAL.                                                             
       MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE x NUMBER sy-msgno WITH            "385830                   
                  sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.                                      
    MESSAGE A263.                                                                               
Optische Archivierung                                                                    
Spaete Erfassung mit Barcode                                                             
Redesign of barcode handling -> note 780365                                              
   PERFORM barcode_update(sapmm07m) USING xmkpf-mblnr                                       
   MOVE-CORRESPONDING xmkpf TO emkpf.                                                       
   CALL FUNCTION 'MB_MOVEMENTS_REFRESH'                                                     
       error_message = 4.                                                                   
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING xmkpf TO emkpf.                                                      
    CALL FUNCTION 'MB_MOVEMENTS_REFRESH'                                                    
           error_message = 4.                                                               
    IF NOT sy-subrc IS INITIAL.

When exporting do not over write original files in the folder where your imported files are located. In fact I understood that LR had actually disabled this in more recent versions to prevent you doing exactly what you have done. So ensure you are running the latest version of the software (help, check for updates). over writing should only be done to folders of exported images (not those in the database). The whole point of LR is non destructive processing, that is your original files remain un changed by LR and changes are only applied to exported images.
What you need to do now is not re import but synchronise the folder. Right click (cttr click) on the affected folder in Lightroom and select synchronise folder. Check all the boxes and go ahead. This will import your exported images..as you have over written your originals unless you have backed them up then they are gone. If the are backed up, then move them into the folder using the OS file browser before synchronising.

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  • MIGO : How to identify post is for Goods Recipt of outbound delivery.

    I am working with MIGO Transaction,
    My requirement is that while posting the Goods recipt with outbound delivery, If Movement type is not eqaul to 861, display a msg to change movemnet type to 861.
    for this requirement I am using the BADI
    My Querry is that How can I Identify that the posting is for Goods reciept with outbound delivery.
    thr r three importing parameter for the BADI
    & vm07m.
    I try mkpf-tcode2 field.
    but for both  goods recipt and cancellation , the value of this field is MIGO_GR.
    Please help me regarding identification of the same.

      Goods Receipt normally gets stored in MKPF & MSEG tables..
    Kiran Sure

  • Scenario of Goods Recipt without P.O

    Hi Experts,
    My Client wants a automatic P.O to be created while doing the Goods Recipt with 101 Movement Type.
    The Scenario is as Follows.
    One of his Vendor has came to show the 20 sample Material But, Infact there is an requirement of these material for production.
    And Out of 20 Materials he require 15 On Spot. And he wants Directly to do GR with 101 Movement Type and Auto-PO Creation in Background. He wants as usual Inventory Stock to Debit and GR/IR to credit asusual.
    As it is not a Cash Purchase with Movement Type 501,  Apart from this he wants to Process MIRO for that Procured material without P.O , and P.O to generate in Background.
    a) Can we Process MIGO with Movement Type 101 without Purchase Order Created ?
    b) Can P.O be created automatically in Background for the recieved goods with 101 Movement Type ?
    c)Background  Automatically Created P.O Number can be Utilised for processing MIRO ?
    Please Help me out with your Valuable advice.
    Best Regards
    Javeed Ahamed

    Hi Javed,
    As i understand your requirement you need to generate a PO while posting GR with Mov type 101.
    For this there is a standard process, Auto PO on GR.
    Certain prerequisites are required
    1. Material has to be valuated, Material number required.
    2. Standard Purchase Organisation has to be assignned to the plant in Customizing.
        (Enterprise Structure->Assignment->Materials Management->Assign standard purchasing organization to plant )
    3. Valid Info record for the materail at std POrg.
    4. Activate Auto PO for Mvnt type 101 in Customizing.
        Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Goods Receipt->Create Purchase Order Automatically
    5. Flag Autom. PO in Purchasing view of Material Master.
    6. Flag Automatic Purchase Order for Vendor.
    Once the obove settings are completed in MIGo,
    Create Goods Receipt with reference to Purchase Order, enter mvnt type 101,
    Click on the icon NON-Ordered Item just below the Item Overview.
    Make the entries of the material, Quantity, vendor and post.
    Do let me know if you need any further assistance
    Edited by: Gnana Pradeep.G on Jul 14, 2009 8:19 AM

  • Error in customized smartform for goods recipt

    Hi experts
    I  have  created a customized smartform for goods recipt .
    I have used  form entry_we01 inside my zprogram and basically  fetching the material document no from  NAST-objky
    The problem is when i assign my program in TXN NACE
    it prevents the update of material document no MBLNR in the
    MSEG table .
    I get an express document as soon as I try to display the goods recipt stating " UPDATE HAS BEEN TERMINATED".
    and although material document has been generated it is not updated in the MSEG table.
    By the way this error does not happen when i use the standard driver program and standard form (SAPSCRIPT).
    Please suggest a solution

    Your problem may not be related with what you done in NACE.......Check for any other recent changes made in the System...

  • Goods recipt print-out

    Do we have any master data for the goods recipt print out or its out-put type.

    check some of steps for GR print
    1. In OMBR indicate the printer name as LOCL,Item print indicator as 1,Print version-2
    2. In M706 ,mantain output types for WE01/02/03 (as requiired),Also check the default value ,dispatch time-3/4,Tr medium-1 ,print parametr-7
    3.In OMJ3 mantain output device for all the plants
    4.in MN21 for output type WE,mantain print version-3 ,print item as 1.
    Then in MIGO check the print check box and than going to MB90 get the document number and execute for getting print out.

  • Error in Goods recipt

    i have created one P.O in which i have set inbound delivery in confirmation control tab, i am able to create inbound delivery,but when i am trying to do Goods recipt  im getting error like Material entered in Material doc is not same as in P.O *** im doing GR w.r.t inbound delivery number, even if i try to do w.r.t P.O, getin same error...can anyone help me out in this issue...

    maybe it is an error for a special industry solution, but knowing the error message number would help to find OSS notes or other discussions  via google.
    I remember that a similar thread was posted here, but this guy did as well not provide an error message number.
    with the error message number one could run get a  where-used list. there you can go into the coding and can exactly see which fields SAP is comparing. So it would be easy to instruct you what to compare and how.

  • Bad file number - comes when i upload the file

    While i tried to upload the file more 300 kb (any file type)to 2 apache server using nfsmount (nfsmnt-apache 1 and nfsmnt2 -apache 2) through weblogic 9.2 (it is running in linux), i got the following exception, but less 200kb file i can upload the file (any type) to both apache server.
    java.io.IOException: Bad file number at java.io.FileInputStream.readBytes(Native Method) at java.io.FileInputStream.read(FileInputStream.java:177) at
    anybody known this prob, pls help me

    Suggestion: read [the documentation|http://commons.apache.org/fileupload/using.html] for it.
    By default it will store files in memory up to about 10k. Larger than that will be written to disk.
    If you are really worried about memory, perhaps you should take a look at the [streaming API|http://commons.apache.org/fileupload/streaming.html]
    How large are the files being uploaded?
    How many users are we talking about?

  • Good recipt indicator in miro

    Dear Experts,
    blocking in miro
    block due to amount of an invoice item
    config path is following but i was unable to find the field to enter the amount.
    Also whats the use of setting the Good recipt indicator.
    img->mm->log inv ver->inv block->item amount check->set item amount check
    Pls give solution.
    Kind Regards

    Hi ,
    If you want to see reason ,why the invoice is block,then please go to transaction code :MRBR thne here you can see the list of invoices which are blocked.
    The Invoice Block has following settings :
    Material Management-->Logistic Invoice Verification->Invoice Block--->Set Tolerance Limit
    Once you set these tolerance limit and as you have a query regarding the Item amount Check,
    If you have activated this in system ,then system will check:
    In this step, you determine whether the system blocks invoice items when their value exceeds a certain amount.
    You set the limit above which items are blocked as the "absolute upper limit" for the following tolerance limits:
    AN for invoice items without order reference
    AP for invoices with order reference
    Thanks ,

  • " Can not interpret the data in file " error while uploading the data in DB

    Dear All ,
    After running the below report I am getting the " Can not interpret the data in file " error.
    Need to upload the data in DB through excel or .txt file.
    Kindly advise to resolve the issue.
    data : it like ZPRINT_LOC occurs 0 with header line,
    FILETABLE type table of FILE_TABLE,
    wa_filetable like line of filetable,
    wa_filename type string,
    rc type i.
    FILE_TABLE = filetable
    RC = rc.
    IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
    read table filetable into wa_filetable index 1.
    move wa_filetable-FILENAME to wa_filename.
    Write: / 'HI'.
    FILENAME = wa_filename
    DATA_TAB = it.
    IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
    Write: / 'HI'.
    insert ZPRINT_LOC from table it.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    commit work.
    rollback work.
    Machindra Patade
    Edited by: Machindra Patade on Apr 9, 2010 1:34 PM

    Dear dedeepya reddy,
    Not able to upload the excel but have sucess to upload the .csv file to db through the below code. Thanks for your advise.
             internal table declaration
          wa LIKE LINE OF itab,
          wa1 like line of itab.
                       variable  declaration
    DATA: v_excel_string(2000) TYPE c,
           v_file LIKE v_excel_string VALUE    'C:\Documents and Settings\devadm\Desktop\test.csv',  " name of the file
            delimiter TYPE c VALUE ' '.         " delimiter with default value space
         read the file from the application server
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    write:/ 'error opening file'.
        WHILE ( sy-subrc EQ 0 ).
          READ DATASET v_file INTO wa.
          IF NOT wa IS INITIAL.
            append wa TO itab.
          CLEAR wa.
    CLOSE DATASET v_file.
    *------display the data from the internal table
    LOOP AT itab into wa1.
    WRITE:/ wa1-mandt,wa1-zloc_code,wa1-zloc_desc,wa1-zloc,wa1-zstate.
    insert ZPRINT_LOC from table itab.

  • Error while uploading the file from Allpcation server in LSMW-7th step

    Hi Experts,
    what should be the specific CODE PAGE should be maintained while uploading the file from application server in LSMW-7th Step
    Thanks in advance,

    I mean that there is any seperate CODE PAGE which comes at the bottom of screen while uploading the file from the application server in 7th step.
    Is there any specific CODE PAGE to be maintained...
    Thanks in advance

  • Error while trying to Upload the modified standard uwl.standard.xml

    Hello Forum,
    I am working on the UWL customization. I have a situation like i have to remove the links that appear in the ViewDetail of any UWL request. When we open any of the request and VIew the details of it we see the links in the right such as:
    You can also:
    Add Memo
    Display Details in SAP Gui
    Attachments Manager
    Create Ad-Hoc Request
    View History
    Now the requirement is to remove the underlined actions. I read from some forum that i have to comment the actions those were defined in the uwl.standard.xml
    I have commented the actions in the uwl.standard.xml and now when i'm trying to upload the file i get the error message saying:
    Wed Sep 10 14:22:10 CDT 2008 : Operation not allowed on standard configuration:uwl.standard
    How do i upload this modified file? Please suggest me.

    Instead of modifying the UWL configuration file, this is possible by changing some property in the UWL iView itself.
    Open the UWL iView --> Goto property called List of UWL Actions to Be Excluded --> Enter followUp,launchSAPDetails,manageAttachments,uwlTaskWizard,viewHistory and save your changes.
    Regarding your error, what you can do is while upload "use Upload with High priority". If that does not work then backup the standard configuration, delete the changes, clear the UWL cache and then upload your new custom configuration as uwl.standard.

  • *Journal Entries while uploading the vendor master data from legacy system*

    hi SAP Folks,
    can any one of you tell me the journal entries while uploading the vendor master data from legacy system to SAP system.
    Eg: legacy system is having 10000 vendors list, 1 reconciliation account and $ 1000000. while uploading all these data from legacy system to SAP what are the journal entries we get.
    thanks in advance.
    Edited by: ravindranath manikonda on Nov 24, 2008 1:12 PM

    you will be having  only one entry logically
    i.e. Opening Bal. clrng A/c Dr.
           To Vendor A/c Cr.

  • Issue while uploading the PAR file thru system admin- AdministrationConsole

    Hi All,
    I have downloaded the PAR file "com.sap.portal.navigation.lightdetailednavigationtree.par.bak" from system admin->support->Portal Runtime ->browse deployment->Web-Inf->deployment->PCD.
    after downloaded to the desktop for manual change in one of the JSP file rather than importing into NWDS. I have removed the bak from the file and added the .Zip to the file and i extracted the file.
    here inside i got the three folders i.e WEB-INF,PORTAL-INF and file_list. now i went to jsp file called "LightDetailedNavigationTree.JSP" , changed one small property value  in the code from false to true. after that i again zip the folders strcuture make the file name as original in the form of .PAR file. now i am trying to upload it in the portal thru system admin->portal runtime->administration console, but i am getting the deployment error as mentioned in the below.
    even though with error, the wrong version of the par file with extension .err was saved in the PCD folder strcture, and original file also still exists. now i wanted to remove the wrong version of the file from PCD, what is the procedure to delete the wrong version, here in administration console i found one button clean , but i could not able to locate the wrong file version , only original right version showing up in the clean dropdown??
    Can u tell me what is the procedure to edit the PAR file manually after downloaded to the desktop, rather than going edit thru NWDS??
    if we need to upload the PAR file after changes, do we need to delete the original PAR file before we upload the new version of the same PAR or it will be automatically overwrite the original file with the same name??
    Still i am getting confusion, please let me know how to edit the PAR file manally and how to upload the PAR file with out any isse while uploading it in the portal thru system admin->administration console??
    Any pointers in this regard would be the great help to me??
    Error as i got while uploading the par file after the changes manually. (com.sap.portal.navigation.lightdetailednavigationtree.par)
    Application upload failed: com.sap.portal.navigation.lightdetailednavigationtree.par
    java.util.zip.ZipException: Error opening zip file /usr/sap/BIS/DVEBMGS13/j2ee/cluster/server0/apps/sap.com/irj/servlet_jsp/irj/root/web-inf/deployment/pcd/com.sap.portal.navigation.lightdetailednavigationtree.par
    *     at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method)*
    *     at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:140)*
    *     at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:155)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.deployment.ArchiveIterator.iterate(ArchiveIterator.java:39)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.deployment.UploadProcess.upload(UploadProcess.java:60)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.deployment.DeploymentManager._uploadArchive(DeploymentManager.java:835)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.deployment.DeploymentManager.uploadArchive(DeploymentManager.java:474)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.deployment.DeploymentManager.uploadApplication(DeploymentManager.java:319)*
    *     at com.sap.ip.portal.admin.portalanywhere.ArchiveUploader.doUpload(ArchiveUploader.java:116)*
    *     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)*
    *     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:85)*
    *     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:58)*
    *     at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:60)*
    *     at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:391)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.handleRequestEvent(AbstractPortalComponent.java:706)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.handleEvent(AbstractPortalComponent.java:412)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.pom.ComponentNode.handleEvent(ComponentNode.java:249)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.pom.PortalNode.fireEventOnNode(PortalNode.java:368)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.runRequestCycle(PortalRequestManager.java:707)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.connection.ServletConnection.handleRequest(ServletConnection.java:235)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher$doService.run(Dispatcher.java:541)*
    *     at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(AccessController.java:246)*
    *     at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service(Dispatcher.java:430)*
    *     at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:853)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.servlet.InvokerServlet.service(InvokerServlet.java:156)*
    *     at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:853)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.HttpHandlerImpl.runServlet(HttpHandlerImpl.java:401)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.HttpHandlerImpl.handleRequest(HttpHandlerImpl.java:266)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.startServlet(RequestAnalizer.java:386)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.startServlet(RequestAnalizer.java:364)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.invokeWebContainer(RequestAnalizer.java:1039)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.handle(RequestAnalizer.java:265)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.Client.handle(Client.java:95)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.Processor.request(Processor.java:175)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.core.service630.context.cluster.session.ApplicationSessionMessageListener.process(ApplicationSessionMessageListener.java:33)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.core.cluster.impl6.session.MessageRunner.run(MessageRunner.java:41)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.ActionObject.run(ActionObject.java:37)*
    *     at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(AccessController.java:219)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.SingleThread.execute(SingleThread.java:104)*
    *     at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.SingleThread.run(SingleThread.java:176)*
    Can you please what are the steps if any specific while editing the PAR file manually and uploading it with out any issues??
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: PortalUser100 on Jan 24, 2011 6:01 PM
    Edited by: PortalUser100 on Jan 24, 2011 6:04 PM
    Edited by: PortalUser100 on Jan 24, 2011 6:05 PM

    Hi Shusil,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have one more dought here.
    the PAR file of lightdetailnavigation has been modified thru NWDS and deployed the PAR file by adding the required JARS.
    Now my question is, the application server which i am used as local portal server installed in my desktop.
    now this depoyed latest par file i have picked it from the workspace in the local desktop, and i am planning to upload the same PAR file in of the sandbox portal system of client , will it update successfully in the new portal apart from the deployed portal??
    i am here used the path system admin->support->portal runtime -> administrate console  ( this in the sand box system to upload the par file which was deployed in the local portal server in my desktop.
    Portal user

  • Error while uploading the general maintenance task list with LSMW

    Hi friends,
    I am uploading the general maintenance task list with the help of Standard Batch/Direct input method in LSMW. I am using the internal number range for task list.
    First task list is getting created properly, but while creating second task list, system is giving the error as "external number range is not assigned for task list and task list with this group ID is already created in the system."
    This is because, on initial screen, system automatically takes the group ID of the task list that is created earlier.
    My question is
    1. How to get rid of the group number that is automatically gets populated in group field of initial screen, while creating the next task list?
    2. Is it possible to assign a common identifier in all structure (Header, Operation etc) for single task list, so that system can differentiate between two task lists?
    In Equipment task list, we can differentiate the task list with equipment id and group counter.
    Please note the following point before replying to my question.
    1. I don't want to upload the general maintenance task list with external number assignment.
    Thanks in advance for early reply.

    I have the same problem....
    Please can somebody help me?

Maybe you are looking for