White dots on screen of my 65HM167 - DLP TV

I have 4 to 5 years old Toshiba 65HM167 - DLP Projection TV.(Serial # 35135210).
Recently I see few white dots on screen.
Can Toshiba change the faulty chip and fix this problem ?

Good luck with that.  We called and they told us to call a repair center and have it fixed.  With this many posts, it's obviously a defective chip - but Toshiba won't admit that and fix it..... 

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  • Samsung DLP White dots on screen

    My 46 inch DLP  has a growing number of small white dots on the screen of my two year old Samsung ,any ideas on what is wrong and how much to fix?

    Hey mongo3772,
    There are a number of different problems that you could be experiencing, including a potentially defective digital micomirror device (DMD).  Unfortunately, the only way to determine if a part is actually failing would be to contact a factory-authorized service center. Before giving anyone a call, however, I’d strongly recommend visiting Samsung’s troubleshooting support website:
    You’ll need to have the model number for your TV handy when you visit the site, but you may be able to find a quick-fix for your TV that doesn’t involve a repair technician!
    Hope this helps you out!
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  • White Dots On Screen

    I have a Macbook Pro 2.33 that i recently purchased used and i notice theres 2 white dots in the very upper part of the screen where it shows wifi, time and and speaker, battery information this one is centered and the other is over to the left in the same area in the very upper part of the screen, is this normal? i notice when i shut down they blend in with the Leopard background, i dont have any other white dots below the top bar line.

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  • White dot on screen in Photoshop

    Suddenly I've got a strange thing.
    After opening new file, preferences, or any other window in Photoshop there is a white dot appearing in one place.
    The white dot is visible only in Photoshop over anything except mouse arrow and toolbars (if you drag them over this white dot).
    If I delete preferences on startup or manually - the first launch of Photoshop is ok - no white dot.
    When I close it and start again - the white dot is in place again.
    If I use dual monitor configuration - there is no white dot.
    If I on go disable second monitor - the dot appears after opening new window.
    If I on go enable second monitor - the dot doesn't disappear.
    My specs:
    Macbook Pro 17
    Mac OS X Mavericks
    Photoshop CS5
    Please help with ideas, I'm stuck.

    That's definitely not a dead pixel.
    When I just click through Photoshop on my wallpaper - the dot magically disappears.
    Activate Photoshop again - appears again.
    I've got an update info.
    I've checked my GPUs work during this bug.
    First launch after preferences reset causes Photoshop to use discrete GPU on start.
    Second launch and after causes Photoshop to use integrated GPU on start and discrete GPU on opening preferences or opening or creating new file.
    I'm sure that these two aspects are linked somehow.
    Also I forced to use only integrated GPU. No dot.
    Forced to use only discrete GPU. No dot.
    So the problem is in Photoshop when it switches integrated GPU to discrete on on opening/creating file, or opening preferences.
    Why it starts to happen only now - I don't know.
    I haven't done any changes to preferences not in Photoshop, nor in System.
    Forcing of GPU use is a partial solution, but it doesn't fix the problem suddenly appeared.
    I doubt it's my hardware malfunctioning.

  • White IPAD2 64 3G - White dot underneath Screen, Dead pixel

    I am residing in Stockholm,Sweden. i bought my ipad2 the day it was released here on march 25th.
    3 days back, i noticed a dead pixel, which was visible while using safari. i have downloaded the pixfix app to confirm the dead pixel. the pixifix conducts few tests by changing the colors and the dead pixel was visible as black.
    how ever, i switched off the ipad and to my astonishment, i can see a small white dust/mark underneath the glass with no visible scratches or anything. since i take care of my IPAD very well.
    i had the same problem with my first generation ipad after few months which apple replaced it.
    since then, i called apple in stockholm, and they directed me to go to Digitall Inn their premium reseller/support. this is the place I bought my ipad2. i went in there and the support guy(daniel) try arguing that it is not a dead pixel instead scratch. and he had no answer when i showed him the white dust/mark. he said one of their technicians will analyze and get back. this was happening last saturday.
    its been two days since they never updated/called me, i called up digital inn and i was told that, they will take a photograph of the issues and send to apple. it will take 3 more days to get an udpate from apple. and he also offered me to take the ipad2 back or keep it in store. i told them i need a solution to this and till then they can keep it.
    i am seriously surprised by the kind of support i am getting from digital inn. i have invested a lot in this device, and when it is defective, i dont understand the kind of support i am getting from this premium resller
    Dear Apple support,
    please help me to resolve this issue of ipad2.
    Subramoniam AB

    Yesterday afternoon at 1.01 pm, got a call from  the technician at digital inn, and he told me that apple had indeed sent a new ipad for me and i could go there to collect it.
    well, i was thrilled by the sudden turnarround of events and i rushed from my place of work to get it.
    so finally a brand new one, i beilive no refurbished stuff. bought a belkin verve folio from webhallen which is next to digitall inn in stockholm.
    so glad that, go every thing fast rather than after 2-3 weeks.
    hi thenextbutton.
    in stockholm, sweden, they dont have any apple stores but we have to go through thier premium resellers who has stores similar to apple store. hence for any issues, we are left with no choice but work with these folks. digitall inn is one of thier premium reseller.

  • What is the white dot on my ipod screen?  i can't get rid of it even when using apps?

    If I click on the dot it brings up a translucent screen with other options: Favourites (star) Home (home button) Device (picture of an iphone) and the circle (gestures).  No matter what I do I cannot get rid of this icon and it is driving me mental!
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    Just did a further search and found that my question was alreaxdy answered by Jandt - thank you!

    The white dot is the button that brings up AssistiveTouch which allows you to use your iPod if you have difficulty touching the screen.
    To turn this function off, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > OFF.

  • I was buy last 4 days new i phone 4 ,now one small white dot is come my screen

    i was buy last 4 days new i phone 4 ,now one small white dot is come my screen

    Sorry. We can't help you. It's no longer an iPhone. Apple won't touch it.
    Take it to whoever replaced the screen and see if they can help you.
    iPhones are not user servicable and Apple does not sell iPhone parts at all. I'd be surprised if you were actually able to back it up at this point. It sounds like it's completely borked.

  • Why do I have this small white dot on my macbook pro display screen?

    I have this white dot on my macbook pro display screen. It doesn't go away. Anybody knows what it is? Any suggestions?

    Because the developer needed to create the two versions separately and has chosen to charge for both.

  • There's a soft white dot on the screen of my new MacBook Pro Retnia

    There's a soft white dot on the screen of my new MacBook Pro Retnia That is visible especially when the background is light. It isn't a sharp dot but rather a soft blurred looking dot. Does anybody else have something like this or does anyone know what it is? I'm thinking its s dead pixel but it doesn't look like one that i've seen on other lcd displays.
    I set my desktop background to a 50% grey and that's how I found it. Now that I did, i can't stop looking at it. I tried to take a pic of it its in the center of the photo. Its not easy to see on the photo but, its very easy to see on the display. Oh and its not dirt or something on the surface. Not sure if i should go to the genius bar on it. I am worried that it may get worse. Any input is appreciated.

    I also had this problem, same make and model and specifications as you have. Brought it into Apple and also called them about. They stated they have not heard of this yet although I find that hard to believe with the # of cases on this being reported. Must have been a bad lot or batch of Retina MBP's that were made and this got by quality control. But they were okay with giving me a new one on the spot.
    As you said, doesn't show on darks but on whites; oh boy it sure does and it is annoying on photo editing and documents where white is all you see; about 1.5mm x 1mm big and bright like a little star. Very hard to detect at first unless you have the white background up as wallpaper.
    I sent my MBP back for a replacement and told them I did not want a repair on a computer that was less than 3 weeks old. Stuff happens and no one is perfect so long as Apple and their resellers stand by and make amends by issuing new MBP's. I did not buy mine via Apple direct this time, but rather used a authorized Apple reseller and fortunately they agreed to issue a new one. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Theres a tiny white dot on my screen and it won't go away?

    I want to know how to get the tiny, cloudy, white dot on my screen to go away. It's directly to the left of the center of the screen. I have restarted my 2014 brand new macbook air and it won't go away. Please help.

    You can return a new Mac within 14 days of purchase.
    Try  Reset  PRAM.
    Some  of the display settings are stored in PRAM.
    Reset PRAM:   http://support.apple.com/kb/PH14222
    If this does not help, contact Apple.
    Genius Bar reservation:

  • White dot appearing at the screen of my iphone 3gs

    there is a very tiny white dot at the slider of my iphone screen, and i do not know the problem... can anyone pls identify the problem for me and provide me with a solution? is it a dead pixel? i juz got my iphone 3 days ago.

    nachdenki wrote:
    you won't get an exchange for a single stuck/dead pixel, so I guess you have to live with it. I mean you can try, but no company except nintendo exchanges a single dead pixel as far as I know.
    sure you can, I did. I would book a "genius" appointment and see what they say.

  • ATV 3 white dots on TV screen, why?

    Hi, so I just got my ATV 3 around 3 weeks back and have encountered the same problem since the first setup. I notice there are a lot of tiny white dots on my TV screen, sometimes it's extremely obvious sometimes it's just a tiny bit. The video settings are all set to Auto. I tried reducing the TV resolution from the auto setting 1080p 50hz to 1280 x 1024 60hz then the white dots disappear at once. I wonder what has caused this to happen? HDMI cable? TV? Internet connection? My TV supports full HD which is why I hope my ATV could provide video output of 1080p. Any geniu

    Well, I doubt it's the internet. Makes no sense to be that connect.
    Do these dots also show up when just looking at the menu?

  • White dots or pixels on new iPad screen.

    I recently purchased a new 16gb wifi New iPad and while applying a new screen guard I noticed 2 very small white dots on the screen under the glass. These dots are not noticeable while the screen is on unless you really look for them. Has anyone else found the same thing with their new iPad and is it worth returning my iPad for a replacement.?

    I have noticed the same thing on my new iPad!
    At first I thought that I had damaged it but couldn't understand why there seemed to be in the same spot one on top of the other.
    It's like there is a small bit of dust that has managed to get between the screens and then when I have been using the iPad it has somehow split in two and stuck to both the inside of the outter screen and the inner screen, if that makes sense....

  • A white dotted line just suddenly appear across my screen

    my laptop  is hp pavillon 15 notebook  ([edited])
    After visiting the game app on my desktop. i noticed a white dotted line across the screen of my laptop.
    what could be the cause? and will it go away?

    Hello @kenny118 ,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I understand you have a white dotted line across the screen of your display.
    It would help to know which product and operating system you are using. It looks like you've posted the serial number instead. For information on finding your product and model numbers click here: How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? To see which version of Windows you are using click here: Which Windows operating system am I running?
    The easiest way to tell if this is an issue with the display or graphics card (GPU) is to try an external monitor. If the issue is present on another display, you're looking at a hardware or software issue with the GPU. If the line is not present on the external monitor it's an issue with the display.
    Line on monitor:
    Update the GPU drivers from this website: Drivers & Downloads.
    System restore to before the issue started. Tap F11 while the notebook boots to access the HP Recovery Manager.
    No line on monitor:
    Reseat to display cable connection. I can provide more info on this once you've provided the product number for the notebook.
    Contact HP Phone support for service options: You can contact HP Technical Support at 1-800-474-6836 in North America. For all other regions click here.
    I look forward to your reply!
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    Please click "Accept as Solution" if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    The Great Deku Tree
    I work on behalf of HP.

  • IPad 3 white dot on start up screen not dead pixels?

    Hi everyone,
    I just bought my new iPad around a week ago and everytime I turn it on I'm getting like 1 or 2 white dots on the loading screen around the apple logo.
    They can't be dead pixels cause they kind flicker and disappear anyone notice this and is it normal?

    I'm not sure what the little dots are, but I see that when I have Apps on more than one page of the Home screen, there are more dots near the bottom of the screen.  It appears that the dot that is brighter indicates which page you are looking at.  If you only have one page of Apps, then there is only one dot with something like a tiny magnifying glass on its left.
    If you swipe to the right, you bring up the keyboard for the search function.  When you swipe back to the left, you can see that the magnifying glass is bright, and then see it jump back to the right-hand dot.
    At least that is what I observe on my iPad 2!

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