Who answers billing questions?

I have SEVERAL unauthorized chrges to my bank account and I need to speak to someone who handles billing and payments.

You've checked the purchase history on your account, and nobody else has access to your account or devices ? You can contact iTunes support via this page (these are user-to-user forums) : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/- click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

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  • How can I get in contact(email) with people who answer my questions


    Not only is it still alive, it's busier than ever! A while ago, the moderator started sending out confirmation emails automatically every month to clean up inactive members - perhaps you were lost in the shuffle?
    The Info-LabVIEW list is really strong, although I still find the "zone" useful for asking questions that require attachments to be posted...
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  • Who is answering these questions?

    I'm new to this process.  It appears that Verizon employees are answering and defending most of the complaints from customers I've read.  Are more points or other rewards given for responses that defend Verizon?

    I don't care who answers the questions, as long as they know know their stuff. I answer some related to Apple and the iPhone. I have a lot of knowledge about the iPhone and with troubleshooting it's problems. So, I try to help. I've been a Verizon customer for over 10 years. I don't mind their reps chiming in. They're right 80% of the time. ;)

  • Please Indicate "Mark as Answer" if a Post has Answered the Question

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      Ed Hickey

    I just asked a question and got a good answer, resulting in me asking another question. However someone other than me, I have no idea who, marked the original answer.
    This seems baffling to me, surely its the person who posts the question who should decide when they have an answer that they understand and can use?
    Plus even if the answer was perfect the idea that someone can take over control like that is surprising and is something I've only ever seen happen in Microsoft forums.

  • Why you don't answer our questions

    Dear Admin,
    please answer our questions. more faster.
    Edited by: Hani on Jul 22, 2011 5:10 AM

    There is no "admin" here who answers your questions. It's a community forum where most people are answering questions out of the goodness of their hearts. If you want an SLA on getting questions answered - that's usually something you have to pay for (for example, https://support.oracle.com).

  • How to find out users who have answered security questions

    Is there any report where we can find out users who have answered security questions.
    Please reply back to this.

    This might help you:
    Define a task template, reference the UserQuestionReport task definition:
        <ObjectRef type='TaskDefinition' id='#ID#TaskDefinition:UserQuestionReport' name='User Question Report' displayName='UI_REPTS_XML_USER_QUESTION_TITLE'/>
      </TaskDefinitionRef>Define desired variables
          <Attribute name='attrListField'>
          <Attribute name='attrMapField'>
              <MapEntry key='accountId' value='UI_REPTS_XML_REPORT_ATTR_ACCOUNTID'/>
              <MapEntry key='loginInterface' value='UI_ATTR_LOGIN_INTERFACE'/>
              <MapEntry key='policy' value='UI_SERVICEMODIFY_JSP_ACCOUNTPOLICY'/>
              <MapEntry key='questions' value='UI_ATTR_MIN_QUESTION_UNANSWERED'/>
          </Attribute>and the rest of the task template for a report definition.
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  • Who answers questions? Sony or those paid to run interference?

    So I know phone users post and try to help. How about those who answer questions and defend Sony. Are they paid by Sony or just those who follow the party line. If I ask a question, will I get the party line answer, since this is a Sony forum?

    Sorry but we do not get paid and I most certainly do not follow any party line - If I were to follow then I would never give any help with regards to unlocking bootloaders and manually flashing or installing root and even recoveries - When I do defend it is because of spam or foul language or the same old questions about updates which gets really boring - Please explain to me how are we supposed to know about updates - There are plenty of threads on this but lazy members can't be bothered to search and post a new thread and so we give the same answers but they don't like this as it doesn't answer their question - Are you expecting an answer plucked from thin air and hope it's the answer you want, or were you expecting members like me to say we get paid
    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

  • I have an iPod 5th generation and it is my second iPod but when I try to buy a song it says I need to answer security questions but they are ones I don't recognize or know the awnser to!! Help!!

    My second iPod is a 5th generation and when I try to buy something it says it needs make sure I am who I say I am and it makes me answer security questions. But the problem is I don't know the answers to them. I did not choose them. And if I can't find an answer I can't buy anything!!! Help!!!!

    You need to log in to your Apple ID and change you security questions.  Take a look at this link, http://www.apple.com/support/appleid/

  • TS2771 i updated my ipod ,but before it work completely the screen turn blue,then white and now it doesnt work even if it charge. So, what do i do? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO

    i updated my ipod ,but before it work completely the screen turn blue,then white and now it doesnt work even if it charge. So, what do i do? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO so i todd what others did then i did it but it kept showing the apple sign and now turn to blue again the turn yellow now white. Apple please fix it i havent been able to be gone at all past few days because of this also tries to connect with my labtop didnt work whats up with it. for people who didnt update it wait until they fix it beleive me

    it still blinking with the apple sign

  • HT204266 Help...bought an iPad for mum at Xmas, got set up with App Store account and bought scrabble but since then we cannot log back into buy anything it asks for the password which we give it accepts but it asks us to answer security questions that go

    Trying to login to the App Store and it keeps asking me to answer security questions but when I try to do so the page just goes blank to white and then disappear . By this point I am already successfully logged in.
    Please help.

    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple id sec. questions.
    If that doesn't work and your verify the following info, call 1-800-APL-CARE.
    1. apple id username, that is not locked or disabled.
    2. serial number of an apple product registerd in your name
    3. Billing info associated with your account

  • HT1689 me and my husband both have iphones 4 on the same itunes account but he cannot purchase anything cuz it keeps sayin its a new device and he needs to answer security questions.the questions are not what we set up the acct with. help!

    My husband and I both have i phone 4 on the same itune acct but his phone is saying its a new device and will not let him buy anything off of our acct without answering security questions.  these questions are not the ones we set up the acct with. my iphone device is not having this problem. Help!

    I don't know if I'm asking this all in a way that can be understood? Thanks ED3K, however that part I do understand (in the link you provided!)
    What I need to know is "how" I can separate or rather create another Apple ID for my son-who is currently using "my Apple ID?" If there is a way to let him keep "all" his info on his phone (eg-contacts, music, app's, etc.) without doing a "reset?') Somehow I need to go into his phone's setting-create a new Apple ID and possibly a new password so he can still use our combined iCloud & Itunes account?
    Also then letting me take back my Apple ID & password, but again allowing us (my son and I) to use the same iCloud & Itunes account? Does that make more sense??? I'm sincerely trying to get this cleared up once and for all----just need guidance from someone who has a true understanding of the whole Apple iCloud/Itunes system!
    Thanks again for "anyone" that can help me!!!

  • Project Billing Question

    Hi All,
    I have couple of Project billing questions. Hope you can help
    1)A wrong customer was attached to project billing agreement, funding and base line also completed for the customer.
    Now we realized that its wrong customer and want to change it to correct customer.
    What are the options we have here?
    Can we delete or end date the billing agreement?
    will the funding be release from the wrong customner after deleting or end dating the billing agreement?
    2) Wrong customer attached to a project..agreements,funding,baselining are NOT done.
    How can we delete this customer and add the correct customer?
    The option to change the customer is grayed out.
    Appreciate if you can help.

    On your first question you said the agreement was created for wrong customer. Since you already baselined the funding, I assume you have that customer linked to the project.
    You can go the Agreement form and  enter a negative funding line allocated to the same project. The total allocated amount will be zero. The agreement is now not allocated and free to be allocated to another project. If it is a wrong agreement you may update the agreement amount to zero.  Now create a new agreement for the right customer.
    The open issue is with the project. You have a wrong customer associated with that project. However, system will not allow you to remove the customer - project record.  Solution depends on the way the project was setup. Did you enable customer at top task? if so, end date the top task and create an alternative top task with the right customer.
    If the project has been set with a single customer you better close the project and start a new one.
    However, if you need an alternative solution, I can suggest a custom method. Go to Help > ..> Examine and change the existing customer of the project to zero contribution.
    Now you will be able to add the right customer to the project and have 100% contribution on it.

  • Billing questions/complaint

    I have questions about my bill.  It was originally supposed to be $50/month...that turned into $66.25/month immediately.  Now it is creeping up on something that I was supposed to have for 12 months minimum. Your "customer service" is non-existant and therefore I have resorted to this format.  If there is information in this information that is the fault of Comcast not giving its customers the ability to email complaints or issues. I am requesting a line by line explanation of the charges on my bill before August 11 when it is required to be paid.  Please answer my questions or lose my business. Regards,judy5643

    As a matter of fact, yet, I did read Zach's private messages. I can see the difference between the previous bill and the current bill my self online.  I have already compared both which is what prompted me to ask the question WHY! You have answered nothing but only regurgitated something pre-existing. How about getting an answer to the WHY the change!!! And I am not trying to be "petty" I am trying to get a valid answer to my question regarding the change in my bill.  I am well aware that this is a public forum.  I would venture to guess that others may have the same questions and only give up due to the resistence to giving answers of value. 

  • Upgrading package billing question

    Hello everyone, just registered, so this is my first post! (sorry it's so long)...
    My query is this - I rang BT yesterday to upgrade to BT Unlimited Broadband (and to try to get a better deal, since we were still on the now presumably obsolete broadband option 2 at £23.80 per month!). Anyway, we were offered a great deal of £13.65 a month for the next twelve months which we were very pleased with. We had also been paying for the 'Unlimited Evening and Weekend calls' package on the phone (which had initially been free) but since we hardly ever use the landline and 'Unlimited Weekend calls' was being offered as a package with the unlimited Broadband offer, I asked for us to drop the Evening and Weekend calls subscription on the phone, which was agreed to. We also paid for a year's Line Rental Saver then and there for £141.
    We had been paying quarterly up until now, but I was told that since we were starting a new contract, we would be changing to monthly payments, which I also agreed to.
    All well and good. 
    However, due to very bad timing, our next quarterly bill was due to be issued that same day and, lo and behold this morning we received a pdf email notification with all our (few) phone calls listed (that's fine) and also the upcoming three monthly charges for 'Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls' and 'Broadband, Option 2 - 40gb limit'. It also included the next three months line rentals, which of course, we have now already paid for in advance via the Line Rental Saver.
    My question is this - will we still be charged for the next three months and then gain this back via a rebate in the September bill? I did call up BT this morning when we received this next bill and was told that it 'was wrong' and would be updated. However, as of right now, the bill is still there, charging us for the wrong packages and for line rental for which we have already paid. We were told that we would receive a letter in the post 'over the next few days' but the email we were promised yesterday confiriming our broadband upgrade and phone package change never materialised, so I'm a little dubious that it will arrive either!
    Incidentally, when we log in our account (actually, it's my father's account, but I'm dealing with it for him), the correct, upgraded packages (Unlimited broadband and Unlimited Weekend calls) are listed, so I'm sure there's just some updating needing on the billing side. I wonder if I should contact them again or wait to see if the (promised) letter arrives and see what that says??...
    Go to Solution.

    try online chat and see if they can clarify 
    live chat http://bt.custhelp.com/app/contact/c/2902/?s_intci​d=con_intban_sanda_contact_us_chat_from_forums
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  • Hi there!! i am newbie,can someone answer my question about the legal of photoshop CS2,

    i'm already download a photoshop CS 2 from this site https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs2-product-downloads.html and i'm alreadey installed it.
    my question it's, is it true the Serial number for photoshop CS2 can use as legal key,when someday an inspection to my office.
    thanks for someone answer my question.

    If you purchased CS2 Yes its a replacement for you old CD.  You just need to read that page to know the answer. If you check the box and downloaded it and installed the product Adobe new activation servers have recorded that you did download and install. in their activation database.
    Read before you download a CS2 product
    Adobe has disabled the activation server for CS2 products, including Acrobat 7, because of a technical issue. These products were released more than seven years ago, do not run on many modern operating systems, and are no longer supported. 
    Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. The serial numbers provided as a part of the download may only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products.
    I Accept
    If you purchased a CS2 product, and you no longer have the installation media, you can download replacement installers from this page.

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