Who can delete user in OIM apart from System Administrator.

Hi All,
In OIM 9.1.x apart from System Administrator who else can delete user? Can we configure something so that only particular User/Group can delete user?

Sorry I can't recall the exact way to configure it (dont have a 9.1 instance running), but you can try adding the user to the OIM Groups with privileges to manage/delete the users.
"An OIM Account can be granted additional permissions including delegated administration of various entities, such as users, organizations, and roles, and the ability to define workflows"
Creating and Managing Users
Hope it helps.

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    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Chong,
    Were you able to figure out the approach? I am facing the same issue like this. I have created a web service where the input values are no. of days to extend user's end date and user's employee ID. Output will be true or false. But I am getting error while searching user in OIM DB. I think my web service is not to query OIM DB
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  • Responsibility not appearing for user after added from System Administrator

    I'm testing on R11510. After adding more responsibilities to a user from system administrator -> user -> define, logout and login to the user, the new responsibilities didn't show up. Anything I missed?
    Thanks for your help.

    Did you try to bounce Apache and see if it helps?
    Please see the suggested solutions in the following threads.
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    Hi YuLin
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  • IProcurement is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator.

    Hi All,
    When I am trying to click on the 'iprocurement Home page' menu in the iprocurement responsibility getting the below error message in R12;
    "iProcurement is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator."
    Can any one let me know how to resolve this?

    Hi Joseph,
    I am assuming that the user actually has the iProcurement responsibility assigned to them. If so, try the following solution from note 1560400.1:
    1) Logon with System Administrator responsibility
    2) Navigate to Profile > System, click on User and enter the user name
    3) Search for profile 'Applications Start Page'. Delete the value set at user level and save
    4) Retry

  • Trying to download new version of I-tunes getting message that says does not have permision from system administrator

    trying to download new version of I-tunes getting message that says does not have permision from system administrator ??

    Is the account (computer not iTunes) that the user is signed in with an Administrator account?

  • Steps for re-using the same user id of a deleted user in OIM 11g ?

    Hello experts,
    By Default, in OIM it is not allowing to re-use the same user id of a deleted user.
    Consider a user with user id as "ABCD1234". The user is deleted from OIM and it is not getting displayed in the user search. But in DB we could see that user details with "Deleted" status. Say accidently this hard delete has happened .
    How do we create that user again with same user id ?
    What is recommended for such scenario ?

    I suggest disable the unique index instead of dropping it using ALTER INDEX <INDEX_NAME> DISABLE command.
    Better way to handle this do below
    1. disable index
    2. update usr_login for deleted user using sql query eg. xx|usr_login and commit it ( update usr set usr_login='xx'|| usr_login where upper(usr_status)='DELETED')
    3. enable your index
    4. now login to OIM and easily you can create user with the previous user login
    In this case your Index is still enbaled so it won't hamper the performancem, because this index is being used in various places for user search.
    NOTE: disable any other constraints if required. But, I don't think so. Just disabling unique index will allow you to update"

  • Error while trying to delete user in OIM 11gR1

    When I try to delete the user from OIM console by clicking on 'Delete User' button, I get the following error:
    "The Delete operation failed. Bulk Orchestration not yet implmented" on the cosole.
    Kindly help in resolving the issue.

    I have been able to resolve the issue now.
    I followed the below steps for the same:
    1. In the Welcome page for Oracle Identity Manager Administration, under System Management, click System Configuration.
    2. In the left pane, search for system properties.
    3. In the search result, select the Period to Delay User Delete property.
    4. Edit the property value to 0.
    5. Save the property.
    After setting the same, I was able to successfully delete the user.
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  • Can a user Import/Export Email from IMS?

    VER: IMS 5.2
    OS: NT4
    Q: Is there any way to import/export email from a user's account?

    What do you want to import/export from?
    I think you can do a dump of someone's mailbox using the imsbackup utility, but am not sure what format this gives you. Probably you can only import this into another iMS server.
    Apart from that, you could look at what tools your mail clients have for saving and importing messages. I think Outlook express has an archive utility that you could use. To import from Outlook to the server, you could use the iPlanet sync tool. This will synchronise in both directions between the iMS mail server and various clients. These include Outlook, Windows CE handhelds, palms, etc. Basically, if you set this up to synchronise with Outlook, then you can import/export using anything that will interface with Outlook.
    Of course you don't have to use Microshaft products. You could use any mail client to do this. Not sure about synching with other clients cos we've not done it.
    I'm not sure how you can get hold of this synching tool. There were various beta versions floating around about a year or so ago and I would have expected that they would have released a supported version by now. Then again.....

  • How to recreate deleted users in OIM 11g

    Hi Team,
    Unforchunately I deleted one user in OIM production .It OIM database the user status is "deleted" (USR table). so please advise me how to recreate the user or how to change the status in database
    Thanks in advance.

    It's quite unfortunate...Because all the other Resources too might have been Revoked due to it....
    Change the User Login in the Database itself... Let the next cycle of Trusted Source recon create this user and provision all resources....
    Or better try another approach...
    Change the status of USR_STATUS from Deleted to Active in Database... Execute the "Evaluate User Policy" to again re-Provision the Revoked accounts....
    And communicate it to the client as well, if possible...

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    It seem that their password has been corrupted.

    Could you provide a bit more information? Is it a local user or a network user? Would you want him to have access to his data again, or do you want to loose him with his data completely?
    Have fun

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