Why are certain folders 'hidden'?

Can't figure this one out: some folders are, by default, hidden in Finder, particularly
Macintosh HD/users/me/Library
The only way I can make it visible is to use Onyx or a Terminal command, which also makes tons of other files visible, which I don't necessarily need. Why is the 'Library' folder hidden and how can I make it show in Finder without using funky commands to make it appear? Also, I'm assuming that there are other such folders, that I might not need right now, that are hidden...
I've rebuilt all the indexes I can find, but to no avail. Any ideas out there?

~/Library is (or should be) the only hidden folder in your home directory.  Apple deliberately chose to hide it in Lion to keep people out of it - the idea is that it's where applications store data, etc, etc that is specific to your account and that there's no reason for users to be mucking around in it themselves.
And given how many times people have shown up here with problems they've created themselves by mucking around in their Library (or /Library, or /System) I can't say that point of view is totally unwarranted...
However, actually getting to your ~/Library if you do need to is still relatively easy...open a Finder window.  From the menu bar select the "Go" menu.  All the same choices (generally) as are in your sidebar should be there.  Now press the "option" key.  Your Library should appear in the menu.  Click it and you are there.
Now, while ~/Library is the only hidden folder in your home directory, there are tons of hidden folders in the system root...and you would be well advised to stay out of them.  These include:
/etc (which is really /private/etc)
/tmp (which is really /private/tmp)
/var (which is really /private/var)
And others.  Plus some hidden files.  Unless you're feeling particularly Unix-y, you should really, really leave them alone.

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    The thing we have in common is that it sounds like you also have other video software that could have conflicting CODECs or shared DLLs. DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO TRACK THIS PROBLEM DOWN??
    And why doesn't Apple make a CLEAN uninstaller and a COMPLETE installer? People shouldn't have to do the manual registry editing and file deletions that other people are recommending!!!!!
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    Thank you for your prompt email.
    I have thoroughly checked and double-checked all the factors below.
    On two different computers. Unfortunately, nothing has helped yet.
    I can assure you that each item listed below has been checked several times during all my searching today and ALSO again right now.
    There are no problems with Plugins, Themes or Extensions found. No permissions blocked, No media blocked images, No third-party permissions blocked. No images blocked from any domains. And images are 'Enabled'. There are no exceptions in place to the loading images. No exclusions in my security software settings.
    AND I have checked all of this on a second computer that is also having this same problem. That person is using a different security software than I am but they are having the same problem with images in only their Gmail account also - but NOT when using IE9. Only when signing in through Firefox. And we both think it started yesterday or this morning.
    That pc is still on Firefox version 12.0. I updated earlier today to version 13.0 but the problem is still ongoing for both of us.
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    I have to get something accomplished. WAY behind now.
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    Are you saying that iPhoto is working fine and has 1600 photos in it but when you look in the iPhoto library ther are no photos in Masters, previews or thumbnails? If so then you are not looking at the iPhoto library that iPhoto is using - under the file menu do to the switch library command and seelect it - it will show available iPhoto libraries and the one you are using will be highlighted

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    I have my top-level Virtual Machines folder excluded from Time Machine Backups. Yet, they are there, granted, only back to the top of this month, 4 days ago, but, there they are.
    Why is this?

    No, it has been in the exclusion list since June 2013 when I got the AirPort Time Capsule. (and even before that, when I got VirtualBox)

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