Why are my movies not showing on my Mac Book, which is the computer that I used to purchase the movie, but showing on my IMAC at home...I am currently deployed.

why are my movies not showing on my Mac Book, which is the computer that I used to purchase the movie, but showing on my IMAC at home...I am currently deployed so this ***** a bit. Also how do I keep this incedent from happending in the future?

No, this is not the case. I know where i purchased the movie and I also know movies cant be added to the cloud such as music, TV shows can.  The instance happened during the dowload. I think that depending which computer is up and running and the bandwith allocated on either network, which ever computer that finishes first is the one that gets the movie. Just a thought. So next time I will ensure my IMAC is not running. I think that fixes it.

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  • Adobe encore the software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. installing the correct decoders for the file you are working with may help correct the problem

      I got this message after importing about ten or so H.264 files that I encoded from Adobe media encoder.  "adobe encore the software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. installing the correct decoders for the file you are working with may help correct the problem."
    The files we're shot with HD cameras.  Edited in Premiere Pro CS3.  I installed the update 3.0.1 with still the same error.
    I also tried a brand new project and after about ten or so files being imported into a timeline, the system crash.  I tried this twice....
        Thanks in Advance

    Hi Hunt,
           Here is the skinny.  A window base PC.  footage shot with HD sony HD cameras,  Project imported to Premiere CS3.  Once completed sent file to Adobe media encoder and render them as H.264 widescreen high Quality.  Imported them to Adobe Encore CS3.  After about ten files or so.  I got the error message.  Did all the basic trouble shoot like restarting the computer, got latest patch.  Even build a new test project with the same problem.
        Something else I read in the forums, is the encore will transcoded the project to Mpeg 2 anyway, after looking at my project I realized those few files were indeed untranscoded.  So it will be a double compression and I dont want that.  So, my new question is, what is H.264 good for ?????????? I was research that Mpeg 2 is a faster render but H.264 is a slower render but better quality.....
       what do you think ????

  • Encore CS5:  The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system...

    Hi guys, I am needing assistance with this matter.  I have read up on similar threads (mostly commented on my Bill Hunt), but I fear I may be missing something.  Can anyboy please assist me?
    Here's the background:
    OS:  Windows 7 64-bit.
    Video footage format:  AVCHD 1440 X 1080 (1.333) 25fps, 48KHz
    Photoshop Images:  1440 X 1080 (1.333)
    I have been running CS4 Master collection for the past year and a half, with minimal hassles in encore (except for the early patch that needed to be downloaded and applied for some or other transcoding error in Encore CS4). 
    Right, so we bought the CS5 Master collection upgrade, and all applications are running great, except Encore.  The moment I have completed editing my hour-long video in Premiere Pro CS5, I "send to Encore" via Dynamic Link.  (This is the way I have been operating countless times in CS4.  However now, in Encore CS5, the programme opens with all the regular project settings and saving dialogues, but the the moment it looks as though Encore is going get going, it stalls and doesnt respond, forcing me to close and try again. 
    So I tried the other way around.  I restarted Encore, created a new project, in a new project folder, encore opens, and I chose to Import as "new timeline" selecting the Premiere project of choice.  This time around, i don't get a crash out of Encore, instead I get the following message:
    "The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. 
    Installing the correct decoders for the files you are working with may help to correct the problem."
    So I googled the matter, and came up with Bill's response to the same problem (expect the date that it was posted was back in 2009).  I am would desperately like to know if there is a solution, a patch, a workaround of some sorts that can help me get back to my usual workflow. I am pretty screwed without encore at this present moment, and the work is piling up.  Can anybody help?
    Many Thanks,

    I am having the same problem however I end up having hardware error "Sense code 52102"
    My video capture is similar to yours except I am using HD (Canon HNV model Legria HV40)
    The process takes a long time and I have breaks in my recording to DVD and with no sound - once it completed after 40 hours.
    I have wasted over 20 DVD's trying different things.
    OS:  Windows 7 64-bit.
    Video footage format:  HD 1440 X 1080 (1.333) 25fps, 48KHz
    Photoshop Images:  1440 X 1080 (1.333)
    I have not tried what you did buy opening up Encore and importing to new timeline , let me do that and see if I get the same message.

  • Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file
    How do I fix this?

    That would probably be a question best taken up in on a site for Windows support questions. Not knowing anything about the movie you're trying to play, all I can suggest is to confirm that the format of the movie you wish to play is supported in your version of WMP. If it isn't, you'll either need to convert the movie or use some other player software.

  • Why is os x not installing on my Mac book it keeps telling me to restart the computer an saying file system verify or repair failed

    nit now I can't use my computer wth

    What is the EXACT model/year MBP and what OSX are you trying to install?  What is the OSX that is currently installed?
    It seems you may have HDD issues.

  • Not getting MY iPhone 6 Plus I ordered on 9/12. seems that if you Billed to Account, they pulled the entire purchase price from any credit/debit card that you used to purchase the phone. Well in my case, the order didn't go thru because the payment method

    Have you gotten your iPhone 6 Plus you pre-ordered on 9/12?? I'm still waiting...till the end of OCTOBER! Because, I billed half to my account, as the system LET me do this and the other half to my debit card. Well they tried to take out the FULL PURCHASE PRICE on 9/23. It didn't go thru and they cancelled the order! I NEVER GOT ANY EMAIL from Verizon! I called this evening to find out the status of my order. Was told that since the device is on backorder, I cannot Bill to Account!!!! I am BEYOND LIVID! I realize that it's "JUST A PHONE' BUT, I should have had my device by Friday! NOW, I have to wait another month at best. I do NOT have credit cards and since this phone is on backorder, will have to wait another week before I can order it and by that time, it'll be CHRISTMAS before I can order a phone. Who knows, I may just save that money and CANCEL EVERY SINGLE LINE on my account. Three will be Month to month so NO ETF's with those lines!

    its a bunch of **. they charged my credit card on sunday, my status still says no payment, no tracking #, they told me my phone was going to ship monday and I've gotten a different story every day since. today they told me they shipped out all the phones and are waiting for more to come in...blah blah blah. i ordered on 9/12 and my friend that ordered the same exact phone on 9/19 got his on tuesday and laughed at me for preordering. I'm very frustrated!

  • The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. Installing the correct decoders for the files you are working with may help to correct the problem.

    I'm trying to make a DVD menu in Encore, and then when it came round to loading my AVI  files into it, bam. Apparently, I don't have the decoders necessary - this is unusual.
    I'm running on a Apple MacBook Pro, and I have Perian installed for all my codec needs. I just don't understand!
    Any help would be most appreciated...

    Welcome to the forum.
    It is most likely that the error message is telling you the truth - the necessary CODEC is not available. It might not be installed, or might be broken.
    The first step is to gather the full details of your .AVI files. This ARTICLE will help explain the potential issues. Sorry that the utilities mentioned are for the PC. Do not know if you can run them in Parallels, or Bootcamp, or other, but similar should be available for the Mac if you cannot.
    I have to admit that I know little of Mac's, and especially how they install and handle CODEC's. On the PC, I can offer help there, but not in this case. Again, with my "sorry."
    There could be two ways to handle the issue, and that might depend on the info gathered afer you read the above article. It could be that the simple installation of the proper CODEC will fix it perfectly and easily. Or, it could mean that you will need to convert your .AVI to something along the lines of a DV-AVI. Though I do not use them in Encore, I have no problem working with .MOV [Animation CODEC] files from FCP in my PrPro. I've just always done all editing in PrPro, before Exporting/Importing to En. I do not know how En will handle .MOV's, but if some Mac-only CODEC is used, probably not so well.
    Good luck,

  • After upgrading my ipad to ios 7.0.4, I discovered that the 3d book graphic in ibooks was essentially flat.  The reason that i decided to purchase the device was the appeal of this presentation.  Now sadly it is gone.  Are there any plans to restore it?

    After updating my ipad to ios 7.0.4, I discovered that the wonderful 3d page presentation had been changed to an essentially flat two columns of text.  The reason that I choose to purchase the device was solely based on this feature.  The sense of reading a physical book was overwealmingly wonderful. When I complained about this to Apple support, I was informed that ibooks was essentially an independent developer over which Apple exercised no control.  I asked how I could directly register my complaint with ibooks and was told that the only recourse to communicate with the ibooks developers was through an Apple Forum which they "occasionally do read".  So how about it ibooks - what say ye?

    Nobody in these forums can tell you anything about Apple's plans.
    What you were told by Apple support sounds like nonsense to me.  In particular the best place to give Apple your views on how they have changed this app is via

  • HT2729 im locked out of my i phone i used the wrong pass word the computer that i used to setup my phone does not work any more, what can i do i am using a computer now but it wont synic my phone

    im locked out of my phone i used the wrong pass word the computer that i used to set it up no longer works

    Hi ,
    I'm sorry you have to put your device in the DFU mode which means that you're gonna lose your data in your phone
    Have you upload something in your cloud ?
    I'm here if you need more help 

  • Why are my contacts not showing up in my iMessage on my macbook pro?

    Why are my contacts not showing up in my imessage on my macbook pro?

    open messages. go to messages>preferences>accounts. select your icloud account from the left sidebar, and uncheck 'enable this account' then recheck 'enable this account'
    you should also be using icloud to sync your contacts. sytem preferences>icloud. check the 'contacts' box

  • Re: Why are there numbers not showing up on my verizon online call and texts log?

    I am having the same problem with texts not appearing on my online text log and have also noticed a huge increase in data since my two sons have had their iPhone 5s.  I have the iPhone 4.  Two problems here
    iPhone users DO appear.  In the posted questions and response below, you indicate that if we are all using iPhones then we are not using the Verizon network but using data.  HOW DO I STOP THIS DATA USAGE AND RETURN TO USING THE NETWORK?  I can't afford the data charges that I am getting.. HELP!!  and Thank you.
    1.   Re: Why are there numbers not showing up on my verizon online call and texts log?     
              SuzyQ     May 11, 2013 8:03 AM    (in response to aheath17)    
    If you are all using iPhones, then it's likely the texts are going through iMessages and therefore use data.  Since the texts are not using the Verizon network, but the app, they do not show up in the logs.  The app is not specifically blocking the texted numbers from showing up, but the information comes through Verizon as data usage, not numbers texted.   

    Lets figure out just where those texts are going! There are many apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android phones that will allow messages to be sent over the internet, and therefore they are not actually text messages and will not show up in our records. Even Facebook has their own messaging app available that does this.
    If you have an iPhone, they come with a service called iMessage that allows for messages to other Apple devices be sent via the internet, and this will also not show up on our records. These are all ways to bypass our actual texting services, and since these messages are not being sent as texts they do not show up on our records.
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  • Why are there numbers not showing up on my verizon online call and texts log?

    << Discussion  moved from All Things Community to Apple for better exposure >>
    Why are there numbers not showing up on my call and texts log when i look this up online at verizon? There is one number that my daughter texts and calls a lot i found from her phone log but not one time does it show when i look this up on the Verizon wireless call log???  We all have iphones is there an application or something that can block certain calls from showing up? It clearly has texts on her phone from this number why would it not be on the call log?

    Thank you for your reply.
    However, wouldn't an iMessage show up different than a text? It looks just like every other text on her phone.  We all have iphones in this house and they always show up as texts on  the call log but this one number seems to be blocked somehow from showing up on the text log. And there are texts from weeks ago and it's from an actual number not computer or any weird/odd code and yet it never comes across on the text log when i look it up. 
    If you are correct and it's coming across as iMessage is there a way for me to block texts coming across this way so they all show up on the text log?

  • Why are Symbian 'smartphones' not as smart as thei...

    I used to have a Nokia 6230i, which I was really pleased with – the operating system (S40) was pretty much a perfected evolution from what I used to have on my 5140, and before that, the 5210. Recently I was offered an 'upgrade' to the 6120 classic, one of the newest Symbian S60 'smartphones' (reasons for quotation marks to follow). I took the 6120, lured mainly by the Nokia Maps application.
    Whilst I have been impressed with Nokia Maps and a handful of other applications, I have to say that on the whole the move to Symbian has been a very frustrating one, and now I'm wondering whether I can really be bothered to keep the 6120 just for the sake of a few applications. The worst thing is that in general the OS seems to have taken a step backwards from my old phone – incredible really that Nokia have simply ditched so many of the tweaks that they had perfected with the 6230i (and, I understand, the 6300).
    So I've made a list here of ways in which the new phone is actually much worse than the old one. I'm by no means the first one to spot all of these problems, but I thought I'd list all my problems in one place. Until Nokia sorts these out I shall probably ditch the 6120 in favour of a 6300 (I rarely use 3G and never use video calling – it's just too expensive), or maybe a non-Nokia phone altogether. Some of you may not agree with my preferences below, but I think we should at least be given the option to change them ourselves. I've been using the latest firmware (3.83) for the 6120, and some of these may not apply to other S60 phones.
    1. You can't have a shortcut to the Inbox! Surely (maybe after Contacts or New message) this would be the most frequently used shortcut ever? It is totally ridiculous that you have to go through Messaging every time. The list of shortcuts is very poor in general – other obvious ones missing include:
    Active standby – so I could switch it on or off as I need;
    Personalisation – so I don't have to go through the whole Settings tree to get to the options I change most frequently;
    Alarm clock – you shouldn't have to go through Clock, instead you should be able to get straight to 'New quick alarm';
    Network settings – so I can turn 3G on and off as I need it.
    And yet for some reason Nokia think that we need shortcuts to About product, Welcome, Tutorial, Device Manager and Activation keys – hardly features that you use very often! Also the shortcuts list isn't alphabetical – wouldn't this be the easiest way of finding the shortcuts you want? Basically the whole system of shortcuts needs sorting out – a much better way of doing it would be to have the ability to make shortcuts to anywhere you want in the menu tree (I think this is how Sony Ericssons work?).
    2. Can only have up to 8 shortcuts – 2 on the selection keys and 6 active standby. The old 'Go to' list could have as many shortcuts as you wanted. Why couldn't we have more active standby shortcuts to scroll though? Or a single shortcut to a 'Go to' submenu/grid that we could customise ourselves?
    3. Can't customise Active standby modules – you should be able to remove the calendar and add modules (e.g. Inbox, Contacts) that you use more often (I think you may be able to do this on some other S60 phones?).
    4. Contact searching by last name – when I search for someone's name, I always look by first name. Having additional results show up for last names just means it takes that much longer to find what I'm looking for – we should really be able to turn this off.
    5. Imported contacts put names into last name – most of my contacts are listed by first name only, with a surname only when there are two people with the same first name (surely this is the way most people file their contacts?). So when I import my old contacts, it would make much more sense to import names into the first name. Couldn't it also split two-word names into first name and last name?
    6. No option to turn off startup tone – the 6230i had this, so why now does everyone around me need to know when I turn on my phone?
    7. Can't turn off camera shutter sound – another annoying sound you now can't get rid of, even in Silent mode.
    8. Can't set alarm clock snooze interval – on my old 6230i you could change the snooze time, now I'm stuck with it going off every 5 minutes.
    9. Can no longer snooze with any button – you could do this on the 6230i, but now you have to make sure you hit the right button (and not Stop by mistake). Not so easy when you've barely woken up.
    10. Can't scroll down to text message details – you used to be able to keep scrolling down after a text message to get the details (such as date & time) but now you have to go through yet another annoying menu.
    11. Can't use number shortcuts in Profile list – you used to be able to use the number buttons to shortcut through your list of profiles. For example, I could just hit Power -> 4 to get to my 'Office' profile, but now I have to scroll through the whole list.
    12. Limited number shortcuts in menus – you can only use the numbers on the keypad to shortcut through to a certain depth of menus. For example, within Phone settings you can't use the numbers to navigate the menus any more.
    13. Only time of last call from a caller is shown in missed/received calls – previously you could go into the Missed calls list, select a caller and go to 'Time of call', which would show you when all the calls were from that person. Now if you want to do this you have to go into the Log, find the person you're looking for, and then filter out that number.
    14. Volume button can mute call – previously when you turned the volume down all the way during a call it would go to the lowest voume, useful for when someone is shouting at you down the phone. Now if you do this it mutes the volume entirely, which is a lot less useful (depending on whether you actually need to hear what they're shouting!).
    15. No conversions or calculations from standby mode – on the 6230i you could type a number straight in on the main screen (as you would a phone number) and then go Options -> In domestic to do a currency conversion. No sign of this on the 6120.
    16. No countdown timer or stopwatch – I actually used the countdown timer quite often. Now I have Nokia to blame for my burnt pies. :-(
    So come on Nokia, sort it out! Surely it can't be that difficult? And next time, why not pay attention to improvements that have been made so well in other product lines?

    Okay could you please tell me what Nokia phone to buy to get GPS onboard, a 5MP camera with a Xeon flash, Wi-Fi and a decent browser WITHOUT S60? ;-)
    Nokia forces S60 onto users these days and you are right, I probably don't need Symbian. You sure could do all of the above WITHOUT Symbian and S60.
    I work as a software developer myself and I don't think Symbian is so fantastic. Yes you can make deeper applications that integrate better than a Java-application but at what cost? Bye, bye sandbox and interpreter code.
    Take SkyeQuikey. It needs to load forever after every reboot and is very unstable. It refuses to properly work sometimes and seems to be leaking memory (managed code is the way of the future - everyone knows this but S60 does not support it unlike Windows Mobile). In other words: Very close to being useless because stability and speed is essential for me.
    Your analogy with Windows is very interesting. Windows DOES the entire basics well (especially Vista) except antivirus - just like S60. But unlike S60, Vista does all its basic features quite good if you ask me. You don’t need to change the basics of what one has come to expect from an OS – Windows Explorer covers even my most Linux-fanatic colleagues needs very well. The basic file explorer in S60 cannot even show complete details for long filenames. But the Music Player can… see the problem?
    There is no excuse for not having a properly SMS editor. Windows Mobile has it and is also a fully operating system. Actually EVERY phone has a complete OS and every feature is simply an application but Symbian only differs in being MORE open to the public and 3rd party developers (but still somewhat bound to the hardware unlike Windows XP/Vista).
    Consider every feature of the phone to be bundled integrated software. But the problem is that the software is of very low quality. And no 3rd part software can be as good as a 1st part software becuase Symbian is NOT completely open.
    I did not think that buying a S60 phone meant replacing almost every basic function with something better. And still, nobody has made a complete replacement of the texting system that matches what feature-phones can do. And the worst part is that it is quite possible but either people don't care or the usual Symbian fans don't care about texting. If that is the case then Nokia should stop shipping every feature-rich phone they make, with S60.
    According to what they are going to change with FP2, Nokia also seems to be aware of this because their focus is on the UI. But they could have done this long ago. So maybe our critic is not completely wrong?

  • Why are my films not working :L

    why are my films not working the soung is all out off place and it is doing my head in can some one help me :L X

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Licensing, in a word. The movie studios will not allow Apple to add movies to iTunes in the cloud.

  • Why are my fields not moving with my Dynamic stamp ? Only the artwork appears

    Why are my fields not moving with my Dynamic stamp ? Only the artwork appears

    Sounds like you're a candidate for Lightroom...based on the time you don't
    want to spend in Photoshop.
    Photoshop install media is likely created in large batches, perhaps in a
    foreign country, so it's understandable that you get Photoshop 11.0.0 is on
    the media.
    I don't know as I would use ProPhotoRGB as my working space in Photoshop.  I
    was merely suggesting that you look at your color settings to make sure
    things were the same on both machines.
    How do you know your actions are the same?  Did you copy the action
    recording from one computer to the other, or did you merely record the same
    steps on each one?  Have you compared the details of each action step in the
    Actions Palette to make sure they are the same?  The symptoms still sound
    like something different than sRGB being the output color-space, or the fact
    it isn't embedded on one or the other of the computers.
    How are you viewing the JPG when it looks the same or different than the
    RAW?  Are you looking at the side-by-side in Photoshop, or side-by-side in
    Bridge, or are you using a mixture of viewers, one Adobe, and one not?  And
    are you using the Canon Codec on Vista or not?  The Canon Codec would be
    showing the camera-preview in the RAW not the RAW adjustments that Adobe has
    While the OS shouldn't be causing a difference in how the action is run, a
    difference between OSes may make a difference in the processing to show up.
    The camera profile associated with a RAW file is visible in the
    third-from-right tab in ACR over at the right.  The one with the little
    DSLR-camera icon on the tab.
    Can you attach the two JPGs on a reply, here, or if not, upload a ZIP of the
    two JPGs and the RAW to a file-sharing site like http://www.rapidshare.com/
    and post the download link(s)?

Maybe you are looking for