Why can't I download anything from the App Store?

I tried downloading a free app from the apple App Store but I now get a message saying there was a problem taking payments and I have to update my credit card details. This is confusing as the app is free and I have never tried paying for an app without having the money in my bank to pay for it. Why does it now tell me I ended credit card details to install an app and why has the error occurred with my bank details?

Check to make sure your credit card details (like expire date, etc) are current.
How to Get Apps From the App Store Without a Credit Card
http://ipadhelp.com/ipad-help/how-to-get-free-apps-from-the-app-store-without-a- credit-card/
Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card
Why can’t I select None when I edit my payment information?
If None is not available - On your computer launch iTunes and click “iTunes Store” in the left navigation pane. Click the “down arrow” next to your name at the top right side of the page and click “Account.” Enter your username and password and click “View Account” to log into your account information. Next to your Payment Type, click “Edit.” Select the “None” button and click “Done.” Confirm that your card has been removed by returning to the Apple account information screen. Under Payment Type, it should say that there is no credit card on file.
iTunes Store: Changing your payment information
iTunes Store Accepted Forms of Payment
 Cheers, Tom

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  • Why cant i buy download anything from the app store after the new ios7 update?

    Why cant I download anything from the app store after updating to the ios7.02 system?

    Do you have a song or podcast in iTunes that did not finish downloading? If you do - finish that one first. The apps will not update until that download is complete.
    If that doesn't do it - sign out of your account - Settings>Store>Apple ID - sign out. Restart the iPad. Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button. Go back to Settings>Store>Sign in and sign in again and see if you can tap on one app and start the download.

  • TS1368 I can't download anything from the app store or iTunes today on my ipad2. Doesn't matter whether it is a previously purchased app or a new one. Help???

    I havent had any problems with my iPad2 until today. I cannot download anything from the app store or iTunes. Doesn't matter if it's a previously purchased app or a new one. Help???
    I just get a message--- after a long wait where the app icon says "waiting" that I can't connect to iTunes.
    Wifi signal is strong. All bars.

    Try these articles:
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    If this will not work, best to contact phone support.

  • Can't download anything from the app store

    each time i try to download anything from the app store it says connection manager::invoke:: failed to find service connection url

    HOLY CRAP!!!!
    been going round this issues for hours....tried every fix i could find
    phones and most of my pcs worked except 1, my main laptop.
    only on that laptop though.
    try it.
    i'm so happy right now.
    not gonna turn it back off again yet cos while its working im not touching it again!

  • My MacBook Pro came with Lion pre-installed so I can't re-download it from the app store. Is it possible to get the installESD.dmg file and how can I get it if I can't re-download Lion in Apple Store option?

    My MacBook Pro came with Lion pre-installed so I can't re-download it from the app store. Is it possible to get the installESD.dmg file and how can I get it if I can't re-download Lion in Apple Store option?

    FYI Mac OS X is not designed to be installed on additional Macs, unless you purchased it from the App Store, in which case you can make as many copies as you wish and install it on as many Macs as you own.
    From the Recovery Disk Assistant -
    If the computer shipped with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, the external recovery drive may only be used with the system that created it.
    If the system was upgraded to Lion or Mountain Lion purchased from the App Store, the external recovery drive can be used with other similarly-upgraded systems.

  • I cannot turn on automatically download in my settings. I cannot download anything from the app store...once I sign in it says downloading but them goes back like I never signed in

    I cannot turn on automatically download in my settings. I cannot download anything from the app store...once I sign in it says downloading but them goes back like I never signed in what do I do ?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities,
    I had a similar issue and it was an easy fix for me. First you need to log out of your account completely in the Mac App Store. Quit the application. Re-open the Mac App Store. Click log-in, enter your Apple-ID and password. Now when the screen pops-up that has all of your billing/credit card information on it DO NOT select done. Instead select View my Account, then select View hidden purchases. There you should be able to find iPhoto. Hope this helps if not let me know. I'm still searching solutions for you.

  • HT4623 My ipad is getting a disable notice when i try to download anything from the app store

    When i try to download anything from the app store i get "your  apple id has been disable ,how to enable it?

    Contact iTune Support

  • Could not use apple acct to download anything from the App Store

    Could not use my apple ID to download anything from the app. Store, why? Please don't make me regret buying iPad 4, been saving for this for a long time and for what? ✋

    I thought I was trying to help you. Please be aware that most replies you receive here are from fellow users like me, and most of us don't spend all our day on these forums and hence may not reply immediately. So patience is going to be helpful.
    Have you tried resetting the iPad? For instructions see:
    That may fix the problem.

  • I cannot download anything from the app store or itunes on my Iphone 4s

    Everytime I go to download something from the app store or buy something from itunes I put my password in and then it will never install anything. My password is correct. Help!

    Anything* >.<

  • Hello, I cannot download anything from the APP Store, I get a message that I have to switch to the "Peruvian store"' Not from the UK Store. How do I switch?

    Hello, I cannot buy anything from the APP Store, somehow it has "changed"to the UK Store, and it gives me a message that I have to "switch" to the Peruvian Store.
    How do I switch?

    Switching an iTunes Store account to a different country
    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/switching-an-itunes-store-acc ount-to-a-different-country/
     Cheers, Tom

  • Why i can't download anything from the app store? (It turns  up "Error en el App Store. Vuelve a intentarlo más tarde. (null)"

    I am trying to download a game from the app store to my apple but it turns up "Error en el App Store. Vuelve a intentarlo más tarde. (null)".
    I am trying to download any other thing from the store and i can´t.
    I would like that somebody could tell me if it is a problem of my computer or if it is an apple problem , and if i can do something to solve  the problem.

    That cryptic error message might mean that the payment information in your account is invalid. Check with your credit-card issuer to see whether a charge was denied. If not, see below.
    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a test, not a solution. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    Step 1
    The purpose of this step is to determine whether the problem is localized to your user account.
    Enable guest logins* and log in as Guest. Don't use the Safari-only “Guest User” login created by “Find My Mac.”
    While logged in as Guest, you won’t have access to any of your documents or settings. Applications will behave as if you were running them for the first time. Don’t be alarmed by this behavior; it’s normal. If you need any passwords or other personal data in order to complete the test, memorize, print, or write them down before you begin.
    Test while logged in as Guest. Same problem?
    After testing, log out of the guest account and, in your own account, disable it if you wish. Any files you created in the guest account will be deleted automatically when you log out of it.
    *Note: If you’ve activated “Find My Mac” or FileVault, then you can’t enable the Guest account. The “Guest User” login created by “Find My Mac” is not the same. Create a new account in which to test, and delete it, including its home folder, after testing.
    Step 2
    The purpose of this step is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party system modifications that load automatically at startup or login, by a peripheral device, by a font conflict, or by corruption of the file system or of certain system caches.
    Please take this step regardless of the results of Step 1.
    Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards, if applicable. Start up in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. You must hold down the shift key twice: once when you turn on the computer, and again when you log in.
    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or earlier, or if a firmware password is set, or if the startup volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to start up and run than normal, with limited graphics performance, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and Wi-Fi on certain models. The next normal startup may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Test while in safe mode. Same problem?
    After testing, restart as usual (not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of Steps 1 and 2.

  • Won't let me download anything from the App Store on my iPhone 5

    When I try to update an app I already have from the App Store it ask me to verify my billing information. When I complete that it says transaction failed because of insufficient funds. The app was free when I bought it and all the apps I do buy are through a savings account so I don't understand if or how I could owe money. Now it won't let me download or update anything without updating my billing information and it always comes up with the same message. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help.


  • Using IOS 6 on iPad 3 I now can't download anything from the App Store

    I keep getting the message "Can't connect to the iTunes Store" when trying to download a new app, update or music. It never happened with IOS 5. Wi-fi is especially sloooow now also. Used to use both Chrome and Safari browsers, now only Safari works. The Facebook app worked for a few days and quit. Other apps that require web connection return a message telling me "unsupported device attempting connection". The new Siri doesn't work because it can't connect. I'm excited about spending all of that money for a dust collector. Yes, I have done restart, reset and restore.

    Well, this did not work.  I was able to use the App Store once then had the same problem again.  It lets me sign in to my account, then when buying or updating the little circle spins forever.
    I've run the combo update 6 times and only had it work once.
    What else can I do?
    Reinstall Snow Leopard?
    Install Lion?
    One weird thing, when I make a clone then reboot from the clone App Store works just fine.  I can then clone it back to my internal drive.  A lot of work to get updates.  Why would it work on my external USB drive and not from my main drive?

  • I did the latest download for my iPad and now I can not download anything from the App Store or iTunes.  Please advice how I can fix this problem?

    I downloaded the last update on my iPad and now I can not  download from the apple store or iTunes.  I just sits there and continues to act like it will but nothing happens.  And then it times out and goes back to home screen.  Have  a 32 so have have plenty of room.
    What would you advice I do?  I purchased this iPad in dec 2013.

    Double tap your home button to bring up the most recently used apps.
    You'll see the app icon below and a screen shot of the app page above.
    With your finger swipe the app page above the app icon upwards to fully close the apps (you should do this regularly).
    Now, reboot your iPad.  Press and hold BOTH the power and home buttons at the SAME time until the Apple Logo appears, then let go of both buttons and your iPad will restart.  You won't lose any data or settings.
    When your iPad comes back up, see if you can download again.

  • After updating to ios7, my apps won't update and I can't download anything from the App Store or iTunes Store.

    After updating to ios 7, I have tried to update my apps and I can't. I press update and put my password in, the blue circle goes round, but in a few seconds, it stops and acts as if nothing happened in the first place.
    Please help, as I can't play a game as it needs the new update!
    Thank you.

    This has been happening to a few people right after upgrading. Just wait and give it some time and you will get the updates. The other thing you may see for a while is that there are updates available, which in fact, have already updated previously. THose go away magically on their own.
    If you're feeling impatient, you could try to sign out of the App store from your Apple ID then sign back in. Not sure that's really helping anyone, but it may.

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