Why can't I download lightroom from the creative cloud menu???

Why can't I download lightroom from the creative cloud menu???
I just signed up for creative cloud tonight and on the files and apps page, it's listed. When I click to download, the adobe application manager doesn't list it.
How to I download it?

Try http://forums.adobe.com/message/4681997
See also http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-creative-cloud-faq.html#id_95665

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  • Upload / Download to / from the Creative Cloud

    I can upload and download files to / from the CC using the CC Desktop app.   I thought that woujld come with the $10/Month CC subscription. 
    I expected that PS CC would have CC functionality built-in so that I coujld "save" or "open" directly from the cloud.
    What am I missing?

    This functionality does not exist in Photoshop CC.
    What you can do is use file syncing to Save and Open files in the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer. They are then available to view and share from the Files page of the Creative Cloud at https://creative.adobe.com/files and available for Photoshop CC (and any other program) from the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer.
    If you do not have file syncing available yet you can sign up from the Early Access page at https://creative.adobe.com/earlyaccess.

  • When I downloaded Photoshop from the Creative Cloud, it did not include Adobe Bridge?

    When I downloaded Photoshop CS6 from the Creative Cloud, it did not include a copy of Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge does not appear in the selections in my Adobe File Manager to download from the Cloud. How do I obtain a copy of Adobe Bridge?

    Bridge is automatically installed with Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator etc. There is no specific option to install it.

  • Why can't I download assets from the CC Marketplace even though I have a full membership?

    I really need to download some brushes for projects I am working on but for some reason I cannot download any from the Marketplace. I have contacted support with the issue and they sent it to a higher tier support team but I have yet to hear back from them. Any suggestions. It is a student Subscription.

    The support person has taken appropriate trouble shooting steps, the case is under investigation. You shall be soon contacted for this.

  • Why does Adobe Manager crash when I create to download programs from the creative cloud?

    I just signed on to Adobe Creative Cloud and trying to download apps to my desktop and Adobe Manager crashed everytime. I am running on OSX 10.9.4. Any suggestions?

    I would click the download button from the apps page. The Adobe Apps Manager would launch then crash. I didn't know what else to do, so I noticed I didn't have the latest Adobe App Manager.
    After I updated my AAM, the download worked fine. Thanks you for looking into it.

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    Check to make sure your credit card details (like expire date, etc) are current.
    How to Get Apps From the App Store Without a Credit Card
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     Cheers, Tom



    Try http://forums.adobe.com/message/4681997
    See also http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-creative-cloud-faq.html#id_95665

  • Why can't I download any programs through creative cloud?

    I'm trying to download Dreamweaver fro a class and other programs but when I try to download them through creative cloud it's not responding. Creative cloud opens up but then there is a white blank screen and I'm unable to download anything. What do I need to do so creative cloud can start working again?

    You can refer to the following knowledge base:-
    Troubleshoot CCM Applet installation and download
    Creative Cloud Desktop - running but no icon
    They have useful information. Hope it helps you.

  • How to download applications from the Creative Cloud?

    i have paid to join creative cloud. Where is the download area to download the suite
    Title of this message was edited by a moderator.

    1. Go to http://creative.adobe.com and sign in with your Adobe ID
    2. On the top, you'll see links for Files, Apps. Click Apps
    3. All available applications are listed on this page. Click Download link under the app you want to download
    4. The first time you download an application, Adobe Application Manager (AAM) will get installed on your computer
    5. AAM downloads and installs the software on your computer.

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    It says that my Apple ID is disabled, and I'm can't download or install any applications. What am I supposed to do? Can anyone help me?

    Use the iforgot link to reset your Apple ID password here >  Apple ID: "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons" alert appears

  • HT202159 Why can't I download anything from the  Mac App Store?

    I cannot update apps, or download  Mountain Lion. It spent time downloading, supposedly, then after it was finished it said it was unable to do so. Tried it three times, same result.
    Never experienced this before.

    I need to clarify the problem:
    software update returns:
    The update could not be verified. It may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs.
    The Mac App Store update, download new, or resume returns:
    The application you tried to download could not be downloaded. Check your internet connection and try again.

  • Downloading software from the creative cloud

    I purchased the design and web premium package and am trying to download it. where do i start?

    Moving this discussion to the Downloading, Installing, and Setting Up forum.
    Wrtapp please see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1006208?tstart=0&promoid=KBHJQ which discusses how to download your purchased software.

  • I downloaded InDesign from the Creative Cloud and deleted it, but it will not let me redownload it.

    I need to redownload it, but how?

    I am not sure if this applies but you haven't provided much info to go on...
    CC desktop lists applications as "Up to Date" when not installed

  • If i have deleted my local files, how can i download all my files at once from the creative cloud server?

    My creative cloud files have all been deleted on my machine, all put in the trash (not by me!) I've recovered some but I want to download everything from the creative cloud server before I sync again.  is there anyway to do this? or do I have to download every single file individually, which would take hours......
    I can see all my files on the cloud server but can't figure out why it has dumped all my local files in the trash.

    Just to add that, I had exactly the same issue this morning, so it is certainly a more widespread problem rather than an isolated case.
    For Adobe's benefit, here's a summary of what happened for me:
    All cloud files automatically moved to trash on turning my computer on and auto syncing. All folders remained, but empty.
    Files still existed online through the browser, in the Files section and had not been put into Archive.
    When I got home to my personal Mac, the exact same situation happened as above. Though I made sure to do a backup before connecting to wifi and allowing it to sync!
    Tried signing out and deleting the Creative Cloud files folder, then signing in again, hoping it would re-sync and create all my files again to match what was online, but it just created the directory of empty folders again.
    Was on a call with support for an hour which was painful, with them taking control of my screen but having no idea what to do to fix it.
    As with you guys, I'd like to download all my files again (not including Archive), but as a batch and not one by one online! Hopefully the sync will fix and download the lot again automatically.
    Have you worked out what's wrong yet Adobe?

  • I downloaded Indesign, and it failed. i uninstalled and now can't reinstall from the Creative Cloud

    How can in reinstall Indesign?

    Thanks Eugene;
    I am on a brand new macbook pro.  I downloaded Indesign from the creative cloud as well as photoshop.  photoshop works fine but when i opened ID, i recieved an error that said "installation failed, please uninstall/reinstall.
    So I uninstalled it from my computer.  When i went back to the creative cloud, it showed that i had already installed the app, and it was up to date, so there was no way to reinstall it.

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