Why do i get an error after resetting Time Capsule?

Hi *,
I recently reset (and also factory reset) my Time Capsule. It showed up in AirPort Utility.
Then after 10 mins (or less), when i open up the AirPort utility again, i get this error:
"Time Capsule was previously part of your network. Check that it is still in range of your network and is plugged into a power outlet. Click forget to remove this base station from this network."
The light on the TC is green and steady and it is absolutely in the range of my netwrok. I also have the LAN cable plugged in. Please let me know what am i doing wrong.

Remove at least one of the networks.. so use ethernet.. turn wireless right off.
If you still have issues.. tell us.

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  • Error Message Resetting Time Capsule

    I have been trying to reset my time capsule and keep getting the following message after I do a factory reset. "an unexpected error occurred. Try again." I am using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5  and airport utility version  6.3. I have tried a soft reset, a hard seset and both factory resets. I keep getting the same error message. It finds the time capsule, finds the wireless router, but then I get the above error message. Any suggestions?

    Ok, got you..
    This is a poor setup since you have no ethernet connection. And setting up join a wireless network can be a pain in the latest version of the utility.
    What computer are you using.. it is possible to do a dual network setup.. where the computer gets internet via wireless but backs up over ethernet. This is easy on a desktop and perhaps also ok if you have a laptop with an ethernet port.. unlike some of the new ones.. and don't carry it around much.
    Or you need to join the TC to the existing wireless network.. this will give super slow response to the TC and backups going through the whole system so that it exposes the TC to the whole network. Not really a good idea.
    To set that up though you can do it using the v5.6 utility.
    Download and install it into your Lion computer.
    Go to manual setup.
    Go to the airport and wireless page.
    Hold down the option key when you select wireless.
    This will reveal other modes that are hidden including "join a wireless network"
    It can be done also in the 6.3 utility.. but it is rather less clear what you are doing.
    You need to reset the TC.. and then wait until it show up in the wireless listing under airport icon.. you can then select it and it will open airport utility.. and it should offer you to join the existing wireless network.

  • Time Capsule backup cannot be seen on new MAC after resetting Time Capsule and changing password.

    I have backed up my MAC to Time Capsule with Time Machine, erased HDD and clean installed OX Yosemite. After installation I have to reconfigure Wi Fi, so I reset my Time Capsule changed password. Now I cannot see my previous back up on reinstalled MAC. Neither on TM nor on the Manual search. In finder appeared new disk. I am pretty sure that old files are still there. Can anybody suggest how to retrieve them.

    This sounds like classic Yosemite.
    What you did is fine.. there is no way to delete the backups via the reset button.
    What I would suggest is a new clean setup of the TC again.. use a full factory reset.
    Factory reset universal
    Power off the TC.. ie pull the power cord or power off at the wall.. wait 10sec.. hold in the reset button.. be gentle.. power on again still holding in reset.. and keep holding it in for another 10sec. You may need some help as it is hard to both hold in reset and apply power. It will show success by rapidly blinking the front led. Release the reset.. and wait a couple of min for the TC to reset and come back with factory settings. If the front LED doesn’t blink rapidly you missed it and simply try again. The reset is fairly fragile in these.. press it so you feel it just click and no more.. I have seen people bend the lever or even break it. I use a toothpick as tool.
    N.B. None of your files on the hard disk of the TC are deleted.. this simply clears out the router settings of the TC.
    Redo the setup from the airport utility in the Yosemite computer..
    Do not use the recommend names.. use really short names.. no spaces and pure alphanumeric.
    eg TCgenx and TCwifi for basestation and wireless names.
    You can also setup wireless password as before but I strongly recommend 8-20 character pure alphanumeric mixed case and numbers.. no characters outside of that.
    Then mount the TC manually in finder.
    Go, Connect to server.
    Type in the TC IP address if at all possible.. it is more likely to be reliable than using name.
    SMB:// (replace with your IP but it should be static.. that is default)
    SMB://TCgenx.local (use whatever name you have given it.. plus the domain which is always local)
    when asked for the disk password supply it and save in the keychain. Then open the disk in finder and you should see your sparsebundle in there.. from migrate assistant you should now be able to see your backup.

  • Time Machine won't see my backup after resetting Time Capsule

    i had to reset my TC because i got a new modem.  once i got the network up and running again, now time machine wants to start over backing up my MBP, even though i can see the backup files on the TC....
    how do i get time machine to recognize that this time machine has my backups on it already?
    I had changed the name of the TC, then i changed it back.  so i don't think that's the problem? 
    will i have to erase the time capsule and start over backing up?
    thanks in advance...

    TM may start a new backup sequence for any of a number of reasons. See #D3 in the Time Machine - Troubleshooting *User Tip* at the top of this forum.
    Click here to download the +Time Machine Buddy+ widget. It shows the messages from your logs for one TM backup run at a time, in a small window.
    Navigate to the first of the backup attempt that failed, copy and post the messages here. A clue should be lurking in there.
    i'd like to keep those backups because there's some important stuff in there.
    That's a curious comment. Have you been deleting things from your internal HD, relying on TM to keep it's copies archived?

  • After resetting Time Capsule, how do I access my previous backups?

    After re-setting Time Capsule, how do I access my previous backups?

    Access it to do what??
    You can migrate the data.. see Pondini instructions for migrate. (or from apple).
    His instructions are a little out of date.. but still more useful than the over generalised stuff Apple give you.
    OS X: How to migrate data from another Mac using Mavericks
    If you wanted to continue using the backup with TM.. no you cannot inherit a backup from a different machine.
    To simply access the backup .. then open the sparsebundle from finder or TM..
    See the instructions in Pondini.. Q15-17 here.
    If you want to do something else you need to tell us what it is??

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    i had airdrop issues...
    when sending to another machine from my own, the other machine instantly denied the request
    when the other machine tried sending to me, it failed with a warning "apple id certificate is invalid"
    after calling apple:
    go to the apple>preferences>iCloud
    log out
    log in
    do this on BOTH machines

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