Why does my email address get messed up when people hit reply sending from Mac Mail 4.6

Why does my email address get messed up when people hit reply sending from Mac Mail 4.6
OSX 10.6.8

I talked to our email provider and they say it has to do with the way thre recipients email address book has recorded the address. They say that they need to fix the address on their end.

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  • When I hit reply on the .Mac Mail site, an incorrect address is generatedW

    When I'm using the mail program on the Internet .mac site, and hit reply to respond to a letter I received, inevitably the automatic address generated by the program won't function. The reply button puts the person's name and then e-mail address in brackets on the address line. When I hit the command to send, I receive a message that the address is not a valid e-mail address. Then I have to go back and erase the name and remove the brackets-then I am able to send the e-mail. Is everyone having this problem with mail on the .Mac site? I mean I am not typing in the e-mail address incorrectly. The program generates the return e-mail address when I hit reply and it is always incorrect because it puts the person's name as part of the e-mail. Am I doing something wrong?
    Jim Lindsey

    This happens to me when the person's name you are
    replying to contains a comma and webmail tries to
    send it to two people.
    eg if a mail comes from SURNAME, FORENAME
    <[email protected]> then I will get an
    error as the program thinks that SURNAME is an
    invalid address
    but I get an error message every time. It brings up the person's name followed by the email address in brackets. Then when I try to send, I get the message that this is not a valid address. Is this happening with everyone on .Mac site? Surely not or they would fix it.

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    Receivers end where? In an email or a text message? Does this person have an iPhone?

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    It doesn't.
    There must be an issue with your iphone.
    Have you tried reset?  Restore?
    Have you made an appointment at the genius bar to have them look at it?

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    1. Is there something in my calling of the pages that causes this behavior and can I prevent it?
    I notice that the behavior is different when using the IE 6.0 version Netscape 7.1. IE clears the page Netscape 7.1 retains the settings.
    If I cannot prevent this behavior does that mean I will have to save the state of the form data. And if I have to save the form data, what would be the easiest method of doing this. I'm a beginner to JSP and Java, but have some ASP experience. I don't understand why the back button in a JSP request clears the form data but a regular HTML page does not can someone explain?

    the browser doesn't have to remember what you submitted and fill that back in.
    you can't prevent it unless you can ensure a new request to the server in which you can fill the default values in there.

  • HT3529 I have just bought an iPad I have typed in email addresses into Contacts, but when I try to send a message most of them come up within red with an !. Then it will not let me send! This is sapping my confidence ! Please help if possible!

    I have typed in email addresses into Contacts, but when I try to do an email, most of them have an exclamation mark and won't let me send! Where am I going wrong ? It is really sapping my confidence!

    Did you set up your email account info in Settings?
    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Accounts > your account should be listed in there with the appropriate incoming and outgoing mail servers and correct user names and passwords.

  • In mail, why does entire email address show up instead of just person's name

    When I address most emails (to persons who are in my contacts), only their names show up in the "To:" window. But with certain people, their name plus their <full email address> all show up in the window.
    I've tried re-entering their names in my contacts. I've tried deleting these names-with-full-email-addresses from the Previous Recipients list. No matter what I do, their name fills in as "First Name Last Name <full email address>" in the "To:" window. I also mail to other clients at the same company and their names just show up as names only -- normal.
    Any idea why this is happening, and how I can make it stop?

    It's fixed. Not sure why. Maybe one of the things I tried just needed time to take effect. Suddenly, it's working.

  • HT4356 Why does my email address appear on my copied documents

    When I print a document from my apple device using air print my email address appears on the copy

    What "documents" and which apps does this happen with? I print Pages documents and web site articles from miy iPad using my AirPrint printer and my email address is never printed with the document.

  • Why does my email address show up as my contact name to people in iMessage?

    Everyone says I show up as an email address. Is anyone else havin this problem or know how to fix it?

    I did a reset due to poor battery life and have been informed that my email address instead of phone number is showing up.,,,,,,,,am on iphone 4s.
    I have tried the above fix and it did not work.  Messages show receive at 2 Addresses one of which is phone number and the other is email address.  The phone number is grayed out and the address is highlighted. It does not provide me with the option to change it from email to phone.
    Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.  Right now I am very frustrated.  Had no issues with phone until upgrade.  Now battery does not last a full day and even with reset am now having battery issues plus this one.

  • Why does my email address say nec

    When I type a certain email address in the TO field, it keeps converting to Nec. What is that? Why?

    I talked to our email provider and they say it has to do with the way thre recipients email address book has recorded the address. They say that they need to fix the address on their end.

  • Why does my email address display when I send a txt message to another iPhone user?

    When I txt MSG another iPhone user, my email address displays on their screen as sender's name.  Is this because I have my email address set as my apple ID?  Can I change my Apple ID name to stop this?

    Go to Settings > Messages > Receive At > Apple ID.
    Sign out of your Apple ID followed by signing back in with your cell phone number selected as your iMessage Caller ID.

  • Why does my email address and text message alternate between mine and my husbands name?

    Whenever I send an email or a text message, the name of the sender alternates between me and my husband - I'm so confused!

    Mail Preferences>Composing>Addressing:... is Send new Mail from set to a specific address or from Account of last viewed mailbox?
    In Address Book do you have a combined entry for you & husband?

  • Why does my email address always revert to .con

    what does my .com address always revert to .con when I enter it on my iPad?

    Try a Reset [Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down together for 10 seconds or so (until the Apple logo appears) and then release. When the screen goes blank power On again in the normal way.] It is absolutely/appsolutely safe!

  • How do I get rid of old email addresses that pop up when I want to send an email?

    When I try to send cerate an email and enter a contact, old email addresses pop up for the contact that are no longer current. I would like to delete them so only the most current address pops up but I can't find a way to delete them.

    There is no facility for this in the Mail app.  Over time, they will move to the bottom of the list, so they sort of go away on their own, but there isn't a delete option.

  • Email very slow to send from Mac Mail

    Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Whenever I open up Mac Mail, the first emails I try to send via the btinternet server take more than 5 minutes to go, sometimes closer to 10. It doesn't seem to be a problem with Mac Mail itself as messages sent via other servers go immediately. Once the first email eventually goes, subsequent messages send fine. I'm using POP (as I always have) with ssl, port 995. Mac is 10.6.8.
    The problem started a few weeks ago when I went abroad for work and used Mail via my hotel wireless system. Not sure if that's just a coincidence.
    Any advice most welcome!
    Go to Solution.

    Ok. It may be that the Mail index files are clogged.
    You can check your current 'envelope archive' size by entering this in the Terminal (simply Copy and then Paste the lines into the Terminal window to avoid any typing errors):
    ls -lah ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index
    Then to optimise it (cleans out stuff that has been marked for deletion but not actually deleted, defragments the structure, etc):
    sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum;
    Then check your envelope archive size again to see the results:
    ls -lah ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index
    In terms of size the decrease will not be huge, but you may well notice an increase in speed.

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