Why does my ipod shuffle when I don't want it to?

When I play a playlist, my iPod nano sometimes shuffles songs even when I try to play songs in order.  How can I stop this from happening?

Go to the now playing window. Then deselect the shuffle icon

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  • Why is my playlist shuffling when I don't want it to?

    Apologies for posting to iPod touch, but posting here since this is an iPod software functionality issue despite my having an iPhone4. I have playlists, and I like the songs to play in order. For some reason, the songs shuffle anyways. The "Shake to Shuffle" function turned off. Additionally, the little shuffle icon at the top right of the screen isn't visible for me to select it "off". Sometimes its there, sometimes it's not. Any feedback is enormously appreciated!

    Go to the now playing window. Then deselect the shuffle icon

  • Why does my iPod Shuffle stop working after a few songs?

    I had my iPod Shuffle for about a month now and it's already causing me trouble.
    I would play a couple of songs, but when I go to change it, it stops working. I turn it off and on again only to have it take me back to where I started off at (e.g. Let's say I have 100 songs, I start at 50 and I get to 55 before it shuts off. When I turn it back on, it starts at 50 all over again). This process would happen over and over again with seemingly no end.
    So my question is, why does my iPod Shuffle stop working after a few songs and how can I fix it?
    I already tried using the iTunes troubleshooting guide, but nothing worked.
    Details -
    4th Generation
    I only use it at the gym or when I'm running
    I've only used the Apple products that came with it so far
           (e.g. charger, headphones, etc.)
    881 MB are still left
    Music stops randomly, no common number or pattern

    I had the same problem, I purchased a new ipod shuffle, followed the instructions but it would stop after a few songs and I would have to shut it off, wait and turn it back on and it would go back to the same song and then once again, after a few songs it would shut off. I returned the ipod and got another one, same thing happened. This is how I resolved the issue.
    1. open itunes, make sure its up to date, then connect your shuffle to your pc
    2.on the left of the itunes window, select your ipod, then at the top select music then check the sync box and select "selected playlists"
    3.then go back and click on your ipod on the left, a message will appear just select apply
    all of your music should be emptied from your ipod.
    4.delete all of your playlists on the left, this will not delete anything from your library. Delete the "purchased" playlist under itunes store on the left as well, once again this will not delete anything from your library
    5.There should be an arrow just in front of your ipod, click on this arrow and you should see your music file for the ipod appear, this should be the only file that you see, everything else should be deleted.
    6. go to your music library and check only the songs that you want to load into your ipod. Double click on each song to make sure that they all play.
    If you find a song that does not play you should be asked to authorize it, don't waste your time that did not solve the issue for me, instead cancel to authorize the song and then delete the song and move it to recycle bin. Once the song is deleted a cloud should appear, click on the cloud and download the song again, when done, make sure the song plays and that it is checked.
    7.After you have made sure that all of the songs play and are checked, click on your ipod once more, located to the left, check the box  "sync only checked songs" then from the top select music. In the music window select "sync music' and then select "entire music Library"
    8. Go back to the left and click on the arrow in front of your ipod, you should see the music file, click on the music file and you should see all of your music being loaded to your ipod.
    9. When all of the music is done loading, eject your ipod by clicking on the arrow located after the battery symbol where your ipod appears on the left
    10. Turn on your ipod and scroll through your songs to make sure that the problem is resolved.
    Not sure if all of this was necessary but it worked for me.

  • Why does my ipod shuffle indicate file full with audio

    why does my ipod shuffle indicate my file is free disc space is full but with audio, shuffle does not accept audio?

    why does my ipod shuffle indicate my file is free disc space is full but with audio, shuffle does not accept audio?

  • Why does my IPod shuffle stop after a few hours playing on shuffle when it should go for days?

    Why does my IPod stop playing after a few hours on shuffle when it should play for days?

    A few possibilities...  (Each numbered item is a separate thing to check or try.)
    (1) What does the shuffle's light do when you connect it to USB?
    (2) If the docking cable plug is not fully inserted, it may not have a good connection for charging.  Make sure the docking cable plug is fully inserted into the shuffle's headphones jack, as shown in this document
    iPod shuffle (4th generation): Not seen in iTunes
    (3) If there are other USB devices connected to your computer at the same time, try disconnecting other devices (including USB hub) so that the shuffle is the only device connected to a direct USB port, to see if that makes a difference (you can leave standard USB keyboard/mouse connected if used).
    (4) If you have a USB power adapter (such as from an iPhone, iPad, or other device), that plugs into the wall outlet, as a test, connect the shuffle's docking cable to the adapter and connect the shuffle.  Does it change from a power adapter?
    (5) Some newer Windows PCs (if you use Windows and not a Mac) may have a "feature" that shuts off full power to the USB port when a connected storage device is no longer mounted by the system.  An iPod is a storage device, and after syncing, iTunes unmounts the iPod's disk (if you are using automatic syncing).  If Windows shuts off full power to the USB port, the battery cannot charge.  To see if this is the problem, does the iPod appear in iTunes when it is connected, even though the battery is not charging?  If it does, select the iPod in iTunes so that you see its Summary screen.  There is an option (checkbox) there for Enable disk use.  If it's not already checked, check that box and Apply.  Enabling disk use keeps the iPod's disk mounted continuously, so Windows will keep the USB port at full power (and the battery will charge).  If the iPod now charges, there may be a way to disable this "energy saver" feature in Control Panels, so that you can turn OFF Enable disk use.  NOTE:  When Enable disk use is turned ON, you need to Eject the iPod in iTunes before physically disconnecting it.

  • Music repeats on shuffle when I don't want it to (yes, I checked that repeat function is off)

    So, I've been having a problem with music repeating when I select all of an album or artist to put on shuffle. I like to go to sleep with music playing, so I'll select something that I know should only take one or two hours to finish, but when I wake up in the morning it's still going and will keep shuffling until I manually shut it off. The repeat function is off, and I've checked it repeatedly since this has happened many times. I'll start the shuffle and make sure that repeat is off. Any ideas what's going on and how to fix it? It's just annoying if I'm at home and the phone is docked and charging, but it's really a problem if I'm somewhere that it's not charging and the music just keeps playing for eight hours or more.  It only does this on shuffle, not when I just set it to play an album in order.

    Close all open apps by double-tapping the home button, then swiping up and off the screen with the app window (not the smaller icon).
    Reset your device: hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until the screen goes black and you see the Apple, then let go. (No data loss)

  • My ipod shuffle 2 gen don't want to make volume down.

    Everything works alright but when I press button to volume down my ipod volume up instead, and
    there is no way to volume it down.
    What can I do with it ?

    Your next and only remaining option is to connect the Shuffle to your computer and perform a restore of it via iTunes.  This process wipes all content from the iPod, resets all settings back to their defaults, and reloads a fresh copy of the iPod's software onto the device.  See here for instructions on restoring the Shuffle.
    Restoring iPod shuffle to factory settings
    If a restore doesn't help, it rules out the probability of it being software related, meaning it's a hardware problem.  Your only option at this point is to either take or send your iPod in for service or replacement.

  • Shuffling when I don't want it to

    My 'recently added' playlist keeps shuffling itself. I didn't click the shuffle button and I didn't shake my phone - so why is it still shuffling? Can anyone help me? I tried restoring it but nothing happened.

    You may have shake to shuffle on.
    Have you looked at the manual?

  • My ipod touch is shuffling when I don't want it to. How do I stop it?

    While playing music from one of my playlists, the songs keep shuffling instead of playing in order like I want them to. Is there a way to turn shuffling off?  I never selected shuffling to be on, that's why I'm confused as to why it just started doing this on its own. Please help!!!!

    That's a very good question! It's important to be on the network you want to be on. How are you turning the wi-fi off? If you go into your settings there should be a wi-fi switch as the second option from the top. If we turn it off there it shouldn't come back on until you tell it to. If you select that and press the menu button (3 dots in the top right corner) you can also turn off "Allow wi-fi scanning" which can help not get notified of them when wi-fi is off.
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  • Why does my iPod freeze when I plug it in?

    Everytime I plug my iPod classic into my computer, it freezes. It turns on, so it knows something has happened, but it freezes and doesn't get recognised by the computer, and the charging symbol doesn't appear on the battery. Then I unplug it, reset it, and plug it back in, and the computer reads it. This happens every single time I plug it in. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    The cause of all this problem, is the iTunes having timeouts accessing the iPod, so to prevent it happening I would suggest the following, when you want to plug in the iPod.
    Disconnect all other USB devices, except keyboard and mouse
    Use the USB2.0 port (at the back of the desktop, if you are not using a notebook)
    Do not use any USB Hub.
    Antivirus or other plugins conflict with iTunes - Stop the Antivirus and plugins,
    Disconnect from Internet, as malware and other broswer plugins interferes with the Sync.
    But do the iPod Disk Diagnostic as posted earlier by tt2, it wont fix your problem, but let you know if your Hardisk need replacing.
    Have a  nice day!

  • Why does my iPod freeze when I open my music

    Every time I open the music app, the touch screen doesn't work.  I downloaded the new iTunes ans synced my iPod to my computer, and it didn't fix the problem. What can I do?

    First, try a system reset.  It cures many ills and it's quick, easy and harmless...
    Hold down the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously until the screen blacks out or you see the Apple logo.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.  You will not lose any apps, data, music, movies, settings, etc.
    If the Reset doesn't work, try a Restore.  Note that it's nowhere near as quick as a Reset.  From iTunes, select the iPod and then select the Summary tab.  Follow directions for Restore and be sure to say "yes" to the backup.  You will be warned that all data (apps, music, movies, etc.) will be erased but, as the Restore finishes, you will be asked if you wish the contents of the backup to be copied to the iPod.

  • Why does my Ipod not synchronize all playlists? Some get synchronized, others don't. Yet there is enough space available.

    Why does my Ipod not synchronize all playlists? Some get synchronized, others don't. Yet there is enough available space.

    The S.I. prefix Giga is used to mean both 1000x1000x1000 and 1024x1024x1024. Computer software typically uses the second version, but using the first number makes the same number of bytes appear bigger when expressed as Gb, so is favoured by hard drive manufactures.
    80Gb10 = 74.3Gb2
    It's a bit like specifying a quantity in gallons without saying whether they are US or Imperial gallons - everybody gets the same volume but one number will be bigger than the other. I could offer you a tank with 10 Imperial gallons of fuel in it - but if I tell you it's 12 US gallons it sounds like you're getting more for your money.
    Once the total size of your library exceeds the capacity of your device all you need to do is create some size limited playlists to determine what goes on the device. Don't sync all movies, sync one or two that you plan to watch soon. Likewise with TV Shows. Limit podcasts to unplayed episodes and finally create a music subset. What worked for me for some time was a smart playlist called Steve's Tunes defined as Playlist is Music and Playlist is not Exclude where Exclude was regular playlist that I would manually add to until Steve's Tunes was small enough to fit. These days I run an iPhone and have a number of smart playlists with ? Gb of most played, ? Gb of highly rated, ? Gb of recently added, ? Gb of essentials, ? Gb of unplayed etc. Each time I sync I get slightly updated selection without having to put any extra effort in.

  • HT1320 why does my iPod classic freeze up when i plug it in to my computer

    why does my iPod classic freeze up when i plug it in to my computer

    It's not a "fix," actually.  If that is a 4th gen iPod connected using USB, you need to do what it says and plug it in to the white square power adapter that originally came with those models.  Later Apple power adapters should work; third-party adapters may or may not work.  It has something to do with voltage.  The USB connection to computer does not provide the required voltage (although it's obviously fine for normal syncing and charging).
    If that iPod is connected to a FireWire port, it apparently provides the required voltage, because that step does not come up during the Restore.  That model was a transition between iPod connecting to FireWire and connecting to USB.  Earlier models required FireWire.  Later models only used USB.
    If you don't have an adapter, and there is an Apple Store nearby, I guess you could take it to the store's Genius Bar.  I'm sure they have a power adapter there, to complete the Restore.  (Just don't let them re-do the Restore on a Mac, if you use a Windows PC. Different storage formatting.)

  • Why does my Ipod say its charging when it isn't reseaving any power?

    I read every article on the support part of the apple website and nothing could help me. My Ipod touch is a 3rd generation and has 32 gigs, if thats relavent at all. So, my Ipod has a picture of a dead battery with a lightning bolt on it, and it only shows when its charging. The apple support said that picture means that the Ipod is charging, but is so dead that it cannot function, and to let it charge for 30 minutes and it should be better. It sat on a wall charger (a usb outlet that is plugged into the wall) for 3 days now and theres been no progress. So why does my Ipod say its charging when it isn't reseaving any power?
    I've tried 2 wall chargers, and tried connenting it to all three of my computers, and tried about 4 differant charger cords. On all of them the Ipod says its charging, but it isn't getting any charge. So I don't believe its a severed power cord. I have also reset it a few times, and it won't show the apple sign, only the same battery/lightning picture.

    It could also be the charging circuit in the iPod. The Genius Bar is free. You could try to replace the battery yourself but that may not fix it.
    This site provides instructions and where to get parts.

  • TS3694 Why does my ipod keeps powering off, and when I turned if on, I have to press down the power button and the screen button at the same time ???

    Why does my ipod keeps powering off, when I have to turn it on ... I have to press on the power button and the screen button at the same time ??? over and over again. I just got this in December 2011 as a gift.

    I am having similar 'freezing' problems with many programs (Mail, Safari, iTunes, etc.). I have done a clean install of Lion instead of an upgrade when it came out. Perhaps something went wrong with my install? I'm thinking about wiping and reinstalling.

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