Why does the "fix" for firefox copying and pasting not work?

I did the fix a few times and restarted firefox, with no success. Also, I installed the latest version of firefox and it is slower now. I have to use firefox for school, otherwise I would just find another way.

In what way is Firefox slow?
Is this all the time or only with loading web pages?
What kind of fix do you mean with: ''Why does the "fix" for firefox copying and pasting not work'' ?

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    why does the store app keeps loading and doesn't work ?

    Hi Peter,
    In order to analyze your issue better, we need more detailed information.
    Did you mean when you launch the Windows store app, the app can't start? Was there any prompt message or error code? Did this issue occur on all Windows Store app or specific one?
    Try the method in this blog:
    Fix Store App in Windows 8.1
    Karen Hu
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  • Why does the internet on my new macbook pro not work when my old macbook's does?

    Why does the internet on my new macbook pro not work when my old macbook's does? I'll have to turn the wifi off and back on multiple times to get the internet to continue to work on my Macbook Pro (running mountain lion but did it on lion also) when it runs fine on my old white Macbook (running lion). Is there something I can do to fix it or do I just have to deal with it?

    Here is your fix .. I have uploaded my properly calibrated profile get it here :
    And it should go to your user folder/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
    if you have one already you can rename either one ..
    and then go to system preferences - displays - color to select the profile .
    you will get rid of the blue tint while keeping correct color and gamma
    This is for the newer 2010 MBP's altho if same display was used might also give good results in the previous models as well . .

  • Copy and paste not working across all apps in lion

    Copy and paste stops working across all apps in lion.  It maybe some compatibility issue.  After a reboot I am able to copy and paste but at some point it stops functioning.

    I am also having this problem.  After running for a while copy/paste stops working, whether from menus or using the keyboard equivalents.

  • Copy and Paste Not Working in Terminal?

    Can someone tell me whose bright idea it was to f**k copy and paste in the Terminal app in Mavericks?
    No matter what I do, I cannot copy from (as an example) Safari, and paste it into vim in the Terminal.

    copying and pasting in Terminal works fine on my Mavericks installation. Have you been entering an insert mode command in vim before attempting your paste?

  • On the Firefox drop down menu for Firefox 4, the tab for cut, copy and paste is not highlighted. Is there another way for me to include this on the Firefox start page?

    I have Firefox 4. In the Firefox drop down menu, there is an option to cut, copy and paste but it is not highlighted. Please tell me how to highlight this link. Or is there a way to have a cut copy and paste tab?

    Those links in the Edit menu are only highlighted if there is something to do:<br />
    Paste should be enabled if the clipboard has data placed on it by a previous Copy or Cut and you have set focus on a text area or field that allows to paste that data.
    Copy works if some text is selected.

  • Why does formatting get lost when copy and pasting slides between projects?

    I'm beginning to copy and paste several slides from a project that was created in Captivate 6. I've opened the project in 7.0.1 and saved it. Next, I've copy and pasted about 20-30 slides from the old project into my new template. In the process, many slides have lost "bold" and "bullets". It's worth noting that many slides have remained correct. I also find myself having to reset slide templates and toggle off quiz buttons that I've already toggled off in old project.
    This isn't part of the same problem, but related. When I copy slides from the new template I mentioned into the old one (in hopes that Advanced Actions would transfer correctly), I've noticed that none of the item names have transferred over with the copy and paste. Instead of seeing the button name I've created, it changes to "shape, text_caption, etc", the default.
    I'm hoping the copy pasting between projects becomes more efficient, I'm finding myself burning unneccessary time doing more QA and microscopic investigation, although I suppose more QA isn't always a bad thing.
    System is the following:
    OSX 10.8.5
    Captivate 7.0.1
    Safari 6.0.5
    Blood Type: oops, wrong forum.

    When copy/pasting between different versions that has always been a problem, especially with question slides. There seem always to be changes that make such a transfer difficult. Did you try to open the CP6 project first in CP7 and see what worked? And do you use exactly the same theme (object styles, master slides, skin editor)?
    Copy/paste slides, objects with advanced actions: bit same problem, works best if done between CP7 projects. The problem that each object needs to have a unique ID (name) is what causes the renaming to generic names.

  • Copy and Paste not working in the apple email app

    I have an iPhone 3GS and copy and paste works fine everywhere else. For some reason, copy and paste will not function in the email app. Is this normal? When advertising copy and paste, Apple's website describes being able to copy and paste in email. I understand that paste shouldn't show up when reading a received email, only copy or select. But I am getting no options. The weird thing is, if I double tap a word or paragraph, the highlighting tool shows up. I am able to adjust what text is highlighted with the "bars." But once I take my finger off the highlighting tool, no option menu pops up. The text remains highlighted with no ability to click copy. Also, the highlighting tool only appears if I double tap. If I hold my finger down, a magnifying glass appears with a curser (but no keyboard b/c it is a received message) yet if I take my finger off, a "select" or "select all" doesn't appear. Clearly something has to be wrong right, otherwise why would I be able to highlight text? Anyone else have this issue/ know how to fix it / suggested troubleshooting tips?

    copy&paste does behave differently in mail than other apps... i have found that if you hold for the magnifier to appear then slightly drag left and let go you then get the select button...
    while in other apps just tapping grabs the selection... it's def. different in mail but it is there!

  • In IE 11 copy and paste not working for CRM 7.1

    The PC’s with the problems are running Windows 8.1 running IE 11
    The users are copying the numbers from a spreadsheet, and pasting it
    the search criteria in SAP CRM. The process is the same whether you are
    searching for Service Orders, Service Contracts, Accounts, Service
    In this process when we are trying to paste the search, once after pasting it is running and running and never responded.
    Please help me. Helpful Answer is appreciable.

    Thanks for solution
    We are running in Compatability mode only. But still the Issue is happening,
    what is Quirks Mode? Can you let me know, so that i am test.

  • HT3296 why does the up button on my apple remote not work?

    i can't get the up button on my Apple TV not work. it keeps me from connecting my WIFI.

    Hey par2eagle,
    I'd check out the following article for troubleshooting the issue you're encountering with your Apple Remote:
    Troubleshooting the Apple Remote
    Hope that helps,

  • Cut/copy and Paste NOT working, NO malware and registry edit only temporary in FF 18.0.2

    I've followed EVERY suggested "cure" for the FAILED Cut/Copy - Paste function in FF 18.0.2 without success and am entirely considering UNINSTALLING FF and going back to IE8. There are MANY FF features I like and want to keep it but the simplest things become so frustrating ...
    SUCH AS: 1) Clipboard has worked ONLY SPORADICALLY no matter what I do, 2) Why is there no URL history while using PRIVATE BROWSING so I can retrace my own steps when needed by either pressing the BACKSPACE key or clicking the back arrow. Pressing the back arrow ONLY goes a certain number of steps back and then loses my origination point., 3) Why does the EMPTY CACHE button NOT clear all HISTORY. i.e., I go to a website, say Yahoo email, do my thing and sign out, then click HOME then Empty Cache and enter Yahoo email for a different email account and Yahoo recognizes my attempt and enters me into my previous email User name. Shouldn't happen, in my opinion. Any help here, WITHOUT run AV/malware detection/clean and delete registry entries since NONE OF THESE do anything positive??

    For about 2 weeks I had this problem and today I fixed it!
    Didn't fancy doing a Reset of Firefox as I'd only just done one a few months ago, manually.
    Basically, I uninstalled ZoneAlarm. I've been a ZoneAlarm fan for years but the software just got worse and worse and for about a year this weird thing pops up while I'm in Firefox by pressing CTRL Enter or something, it's like ZoneAlarm has put some kind of layer between me and the browser.
    Anyway, uninstalled it, it rebooted and did a scandisk which did find and fix a few errors too, so could also be that.
    But I'm happy without ZA now as I've found a better one called Online Armour... non of that sneaky trying to install toolbars in your browser rubbish of ZA.
    Hope this helps!
    I can't tell you how good it feels to have copy & paste fully working again!

  • Copy and Paste not working properly in MLion

    A week or so ago I purchased and installed the upgrade to Mountain Lion OS X. Whenever I try to copy large number of files from one folder to onother in my desktop, the copy and paste process does not.
    Copy/Paste of a few files works, different from  the previous OS system but works. However, if I copy 3000 files or more then the computer slows down significantly or freezes. The little colorful spinning wheel replaces the cursor arrow and cannot use anything else in the computer. I need to abort the finder (op+com+esc) to stop the process. While copying large number of files the copy status bar never appears to show the copying process. I was used to see the copy status window with information about the number of files, their size, time remaining and the little bar in the middle growing from left to right as the copy process continued. None of this happens with MLion.
    I called Apple for service. I spent hrs with their customer service people on the phone who suggested a number of things that we implemented to try to correct the problem. Nothing worked! Finally they asked me to reinstall MLion and so I did. The problem was not fixed. They asked me turn on, off, unplug the computer, etc. and nothing fixed the problem.
    In sum I just want my old OS system that used to work fine. MLion is substandard, we do not want our money back we just want the computer to work as it used to so we can return to be productive again. Any suggestion on how to reinstall SLeopard without having to reinstall every single piece of software in the computer?  Thanks.

    I am actually CUTTING and Pasting (CMD+C, CMD-OPTION-V) and Finder gets stuck either with the keyboard or dragging (Holding CMD to Move the Files)
    I was downloading Midi files from a reliable website that I've using for years www.vgmusic.com. I was using Safari, so I downloaded Midi soundfiles from a particular videogame using the ALT key to speed things up. Say I downloaded 120 small (10-100KB ) files. I SHIFT selected them from the Downloads Folder and then I dragged them with CMD to place them in my 500GB (the non-system) partition. It got stuck. File is being used, was the message given.
    So I thought it was Safari-related, so I switched to Firefox and downloaded another batch and dragged them to my Midi folder on the 500GB. Same thing. I've restarted and quit all open programs. I thought it was an external drive that was hogging access, so I unplugged all my external HDDs (320GB FAT32, 1GB NTFS, 3GB HFS+).
    I also thought that VLC was the culprit so I reinstalled it and erased the preferences. Now it is not running.
    Now I have some greyed-out files that are zero-kilobytes in the destination folder.
    Let's say I try to move the first one "pkrs_petersburg.mid" and "pokecenter.mid" , this appears,
    A message saying "preparing to move to "PokemonRSE" "preparing to move 2 files". Come on, I would expect to see this if the files were large, these are 23KB and 9KB!!
    The message is in French and it means "It's not possible to move the file "pokecenter.mid" right now because it is being used by another task, such as the copying or moving of a file or the emptying of the Trash. Try again once the task is finished.
    The other message (from a previous attempt) is "It is not possible to place all selected files in the same place: at least one of them, named "pokecenter.mid" is being used."
    I already emptied out my Trash!

  • Cut, Copy and Paste not working Photoshop CC

    Cut, Copy and Paste are not working in Photoshop CC.
    I tried resetting my tools and preferences, using edit > purge, reinstalling Photoshop CC and reinstalling OSX. Nothing has worked! Help!

    For about 2 weeks I had this problem and today I fixed it!
    Didn't fancy doing a Reset of Firefox as I'd only just done one a few months ago, manually.
    Basically, I uninstalled ZoneAlarm. I've been a ZoneAlarm fan for years but the software just got worse and worse and for about a year this weird thing pops up while I'm in Firefox by pressing CTRL Enter or something, it's like ZoneAlarm has put some kind of layer between me and the browser.
    Anyway, uninstalled it, it rebooted and did a scandisk which did find and fix a few errors too, so could also be that.
    But I'm happy without ZA now as I've found a better one called Online Armour... non of that sneaky trying to install toolbars in your browser rubbish of ZA.
    Hope this helps!
    I can't tell you how good it feels to have copy & paste fully working again!

  • Copy and Paste not working

    I have Captivate 
    I am having a problem with Copy and Paste.  When I copy an element on one screen and try to paste it, you can see the quick messages that an activity is taking place, but the element doesn’t actually get pasted.  This used to work fine and just stopped working. 
    I have tried:
    Restarting Captivate
    Restarting the entire laptop
    Clearing the cache
    Renaming the Captivate folder in Users (suggested by a Captivate Blog)
    In addition, another intermittent problem is that text in a caption window will disappear when I click out of the field.
    Ordinarily, these kinds of problems are memory problems, but I have a late model Dell with 16 Gig of RAM, and in any case, restarting isn’t helping.  I have searched the Internet for this issue and a few people reported similar problems, but not many.  No real solutions.
    I can't get version because I bought Captivate from Adobe as a product, not a subscription, but I don't know if that is the fix.  Copy and Paste worked fine for months, then stopped working.
    Thank you for your time,

    Hi there,
    Are you copying and pasting the items in the same project (from one slide to another) or are you copying something out of Captivate and then pasting it in there?
    Does the pasted item show up in timeline?
    Try running Adobe Captivate as administrator if it is Win 7 or later (Right click on Captivate icon, then run as admin).

  • "copy and paste" not working only offers "cut"

    I have a client working on an 11" MacBook Air purchased early this year reporting that she cannot access copy and paste across applications:
    "At the moment I can’t COPY anything in Word or indeed any other documents, including emails etc.  Driving me mad.  Only the CUT option comes up - and as I’m working against a deadline… "
    And she also reports this issue with Apple Mail which seems to have lost its preference file settings:
    "Also bloody Mail programme has now changed its layout and everything is bloody FIXED - so I can’t move it about the screen while I dig up another document I need to refer to.  It wasn’t like this before… again very labour intensive and irritating. I have to use my online Google mail to get around this resistance… "
    I have suggested that she uses Disk Utility to repair permissions on her Hard Disk and then restart in Safe Mode to see whether Copy and Paste is restored and also that Mail is back in order, through a corrupted Preference file may require resetting.
    Any body else seen any of these symptoms or have any thoughts as to a cause and a possible solution. At the back of my mind is the thought that she may have been hit by a Trojan. I'm reminded of the strange symptoms experienced by clients using MS Office when the Flashback Trojan struck in 2012.
    Any help appreciated.

    I have found various other explanations – still following links discovered through DuckDuckGo – raising the possibility that other utilities may be interfering, such as Koteri for those switching between English and Japanese and perhaps the most likely explanation, that my client has accidentally engaged some element of the Accessibility controls.
    For the Koteri explanation see this Microsoft Community Forum response:
    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2008-macpowerpoint/cannot- paste-objects-in-powerpoint-2008-for-mac/7d0f7bbf-dc49-4496-b1fd-2a4cf36b12f7
    For the Accessibility thought about the activation of Mouse Keys see this Ask Different Forum response:
    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2008-macpowerpoint/cannot- paste-objects-in-powerpoint-2008-for-mac/7d0f7bbf-dc49-4496-b1fd-2a4cf36b12f7
    If you have ever inadvertently engaged keyboard zoom you will know how odd the Mac feels with such changed behaviours in place. Perhaps my client did thunder on the option key 5 times in a moment of frustration and make the leap into a parallel universe where the reassurance of Copy and Paste does not apply.
    I'll report back once I've investigated further.

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