Why is AirPlay status icon missing from menu bar?

After updating to Mavericks and installing/configuring a new AirPort Time Capsule (APTC), no AirPlay icon was present in the menu bar of my Mac. I updated my Apple TV3 software and configured it to the new APTC network. An AirPlay status icon appeared in the menu bar for about 1 day only, and then disappeared. In the Apple TV settings, AirPlay is "On". On my Mac>System Preferences>Displays>Display>AirPlay Display menu (lower left) shows a greyed-out "No devices detected". My AppleTV light is on. Is there a known problem with APTC, or am I missing something?

Cycle power on all of your devices (turn On first your 3rd party router then Time Capsule, then mbp and apple tv). Make sure that your MBP and Apple TV are connected to the same network.
When router mode settings on Time Capsule are set to Bridge Mode, then router is resposible for distributing settings to all of your devices and could have some issues with it. Simply cycling power might resolve your problem.
Some routers might require to be off for a bit longer (up to even 10mins). Try it.

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    I got a message saying there was an update, and when I clicked it the icon went away. When I open the app manually it hovers on the menu bar, greyed out, then disappears.

    Same here. Got it up and running again by finding the app in the adobe creative cloud folder on my hard drive // acc // creative cloud. Double click.

  • Menu bar icons / clock (all but spotlight) are missing from menu bar

    I started woke my MacBook up from sleeping for a few days this morning and everything ordinarily on the right side of the menu bar save the spotlight menu has disappeared.
    I used to have a displays icon/menu, battery icon, network icon/menu, and clock displayed on the right side of the menu bar and they are now gone. If I go into the control panels for display, time, etc., to re-enable the menu bar icons, I can check the check box to display icon in menu bar, but the settings won't save! (Whenever I go back into the settings panel after making the change, the changes are reverted!)
    Its getting pretty frustrating. Anyone have any ideas please?

    Hello OCMacMerlin
    If the OnyX Rebuild services didn't or won't fix it, then have a look at the following:

  • Missing Status Icons on the Menu bar after update Maverick

    After installing OSX Mavericks, all of the status icon on the right side of the menu bar (battery, date & time, wifi, language...) have been disappeared & then re-appeared and I cannot do anything with them (cannot click or anything)
    Please help me!
    Thanks a lot!

    Teddy ...
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type or copy paste the following:
    Click Go then move the com.apple.systemuiserever.plist file to the Trash.
    Then check the status menu bar.

  • Plus icon missing from menu

    Please inform me about ,the source of this problem and how it can be addressed. for it is preventing me from being able to make group calls.

    It's easy to CMD+drag those Icons into oblivion, but should be simple to get back...
    Network>Configure:>Airport tab, then there should be a box to check to "Show Airport Icon in Menu Bar", (actually in Panther now, as Tiger POs me greatly), but Tiger should be close to that.

  • Icons Missing In Menu Bar

    Hi All,
    I upgraded from Yosemite 10.10.2 to Yosemite 10.10.3 tonight and am having a few issues.  The biggest issue I am having is half of the icons are missing from my menu bar.  There are blank placeholders for them.  I've included a screen shot.  It is also doing the something in Finder and Safari.  I haven't tried any other applications.  Additionally, my MacBook Pro has been really laggy/dragging since the update.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciate.

    In Finder, press Shift + Command + G. Type in /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras, right click on one of the menu files, and click Show Package Contents. Open the Contents folder, and then Resources. You should see a .pdf file that looks the the menu bar icon. Do you?
    Another suggestion, just as a test, would be to boot into Safe Mode, and see if you see the icons then. To boot in Safe Mode, restart the computer while holding the Shift key.

  • Image Adjust icon missing from tool bar

    I've got the latest Keynote running on my Macbook, but it seems to be missing the Image Adjust icon, the one that sits right next to Inspector icon on my desktop G5 running the exact same version of the program.
    I can get to image adjust through the menu bar going to View>Show Adjust Image, but on my desktop computer, there is an icon right in the Keynote toolbar.
    Can't for the life of me determine why it doesn't present itself on my laptop. Any ideas? Many thanks, Bob Krist

    Try right clicking on the toolbar and choose Costumize Toolbar (or via the View menu (it should be the last option in the View menu) then you will see a array of icons which can be placed on the toolbar as you see fit.
    and maybe the window is to narrow to be able to display the icon and it falls of at the end, there then should be an '>>' icon, which when pressed should show all the icons that dont fit.

  • Airport icon disappeared from menu bar

    For one of my two Users, the Airport icon disappeared from the menu bar. Now I cannot turn Airport on or off. Internet Connect only shows the internal modem. Restarting the computer did not solve the problem.
    It has worked well until yesterday, all of a sudden the icon was gone. Airport Admin does work, and it restarts the base station when I change something (I changed the password just to test this). So the hardware is working.
    If I log on as a different user, the icon is there, and everything works as normal. It therefore seems to be a set-up problem at one of the users.
    I would appreciate any help on this one.
    Thanks in advance,

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Go to Apple -> System Preferences -> Network. Select the AirPort Entry from the list of Network Devices, and click the "Configure..." button.
    If not already there, navigate to the "AirPort" tab, and check the "Show AirPort status in menu bar" checkbox at the bottom of the window.
    This should put it back up there.
    Let me know if you need more help.

  • Bluetooth icon disappeared from menu bar

    Hi. For a while, my Bluetooth icon was moving around the menu bar and now it has disappeared. I have Bluetooth enabled, but the icon is missing. How do I get it back? Is there a way to customize the menu bar?

    Same experience here. For a while, my Bluetooth menu icon has been shifting around and now it has totally disappeared. Going to System preferences to click the bluetooth menu icon on and off doesn't help. I wonder which preference file we can delete to reset the menu icon positions and visibility.

  • Items missing from menu bars

    The text in my menu bar has disappeared if I hover over the space where it used top be the dropdown menus appear but no header text is visible in the menu bar, this is the same in Safari every thing works the as before but does anyone know a cure?

    Launch the Activity Monitor in /Utilities, select all processes, and force quit the WindowServer one. That's what controls the menubar. That should do the trick.
    27" i7 iMac (Mid 2011) refurb, OS X Yo (10.10.1), Mavs, ML & SL, G4 450 MP w/10.5 & 9.2.2

  • Why is the AOL Icon missing from your home page and all the other icons are there?

    Today when I opened Firefox to go to my AOL account; the AOL Icon was missing. However, it appears that all of the other general icons including MSN; Pinterest; Facebook, You Tube, etc.

    Hello MissBeez,
    Reload web page(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.
    Press and hold Shift and left-click the Reload button.
    Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
    Press "Cmd + Shift + R" (MAC)
    Cheers, Patrick

  • After update to ff22, why is the website icon missing in awesome bar?

    In older versions of ff, an icon(logo) of the website i was visiting appeared in the awesome bar just left of "http". Hovering the cursor over it brought up balloon with description. Now hovering over it brings up a balloon text that says this website does not supply ownership information. Such sites as ATT, Nationwide Ins, Microsoft, etc. I can survive of course without it, but just would like to know why the change. I see the icon better than I can read the text.
    HMMM.. after adding the trouble shooting tool just now, a blue puzzle piece just appeared in area I referenced. Just curious.

    Sorry, I am answering my own post. I finally found my answer under topic "How do I tell if my connection ....secure." If you wonder what I mean:

  • Airplay menulet has disappeared from menu bar. Specs: OS X 10.8.2; iMac Mid-2011.  Anyone else having this issue?  What was your fix?

    Specs: OS X 10.8.2; iMac Mid-2011. 
    Anyone else having this issue?  What wasyour fix?

    Thanks for the reply, but I did a silly thing - or didn't do due diligence:
    After updating my AppleTV its setting for Airplay was set to "off".  I just reset it to "on" and all is well in my Airplay-world.
    However, thanks to you, I now know how to getting to the Airplay settings - didn't know that before.

  • 3d missing from menue bar

    I have downloaded & installed Photoshop cs6 Extended & found that the 3d function is not there.Can someone Please help?

    Doesn't mean anything. You may also simply try an older, certified graphics driver. Likewise, you could still run out of resources depending on what options you use, e.g. odd settings with multiple monitors. And provide the full specs. No point in talking about such stuff without the full details.

  • Airport status icon blinking in menu

    My MacBook's Airport status icon in the menu bar blinks periodically, losing then recapturing wireless access. Very annoying. Obviously I can't download anything while it's blinking. And this appears to be when I'm connecting to my Airport extreme wireless N at home as well as my Dlink wireless N at work.... but connecting to a slower G router does not appear to cause this. Any ideas?

    I am having a very similar problem. Did you find any fixes for this?
    I have a snow base station and have no problems connecting to it with a clamshell iBook running OS X. But with my PowerBook G4, whenever I turn Airport on and try to access the base station, the airport status icon constantly flashes, almost like a pulse.
    Today I took my PowerBook to a hot spot, and Airport worked great, so I know that my card is fine.
    One thing I'm wondering about -- what firmware are you using on your base station? I currently have 4.0.4, so it's possible that upgrading to 4.0.9 will solve this problem. I'm reluctant for the moment to try the firmware upgrade because the clamshell iBook connects to the snow base station so smoothly. I don't want to mess up one set-up while trying to fix another.
    I'll check back in case you have new information, including (I hope) a fix for this.
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

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