Why is audio missing from movie

why is audio missing from movie

I think I may have confused you a little bit, sorry.  Hope this might be easier to follow.
1.  Copied nieces VHS tape to DVD discs.  Tape runs approximately 2hr. 39min.
2.  Put first part on work copy 1.  This consisted of the lead up to the ceremony and the ceremony itself, ending with still shots of the wedding party, in the park.  About 1hr. 1min.
3.  Put second part on work copy 2.  This consisted of the wedding reception, beginning to end.  About 1hr 38min.  No possibility of overlapping content.
4.  Ran both work copy 1 and work copy 2 on the VCR that's hooked up to the TV.  (Not the Toshiba copy machine).  Both ran through, beginning to end with no glitches.
5.  Opened Adobe Premiere Elements and loaded work copy #1 so as to make three finished copies, one for bride and groom, one for bride's parents, one for groom's parents.
6.  When placed on the timeline, contents of work copy 1 had no audio for VTS_01_1.VOB while VTS_01_2.VOB and VTS_01_3.VOB were whole.
7.  Tried for several days to eliminate the problem with no success.  A.P.E. showed file sizes of .99GB, .99GB and 47MB respectively.  The 47MB is actually about 2 minutes of still pictures of       the wedding party.  I was not going to attempt to burn the project until correcting the audio problem.
8.  Wrote in to the community forum and happily received your response.  Tried every thing you offered without success.  Though I am thankful for all your time and effort.  While nothing worked       so far, I have learned a few things and will retain my notes so as to keep this information at hand.  (Don't know how you're able to maintain all that info).
9.  At this point, in view of the results of step #4, I thought to try Windows DVD Maker to see what developed.  Loaded work copy 1 into that program, which recognized the audio in the first clip       (VTS_01_1.VOB).  I did not run the work copy, beginning to end, in this program.  But I felt that as long as the audio was present in the first clip, this program would allow me to burn the           copy.  When the burn button was pushed, I received the error message "Will Not Fit", and the duration of 30 min for clip 1, 30 min. for clip 2 and 25 hours and 30 min. for clip 3.  Clip 3 being       the 2 minutes of still pictures.  After trying unsuccessfully to remedy this problem it was time to try a different approach.
10.  Opened A.P.E. and loaded work copy 2 onto the timeline.  Successfully made three finished copies of this disk in a short period of time.
11.  Took the VHS tape back to the Toshiba to make another copy (work copy 1A) of the first segment.
12.  Played copy 1A in the TVs VCR and it played fine, no glitches.
13.  Opened A.P.E. and put work copy 1A on the Timeline.  This time there was audio in clip 1, which could be seen on the audio line, but it was the audio from work copy 2.  This, even though       I had deleted the files from work copy 2.
14.  Accepted the fact that this has become a career.  Can't imagine what you're thinking.  Since beginning this endeavor I have become much older and grouchier.  My dog will no longer walk         with me.  Neighbors go back in the house when they see me coming.  Oh, and my wife sticks out her tongue and makes funny noises whenever I turn my back. 

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  • Audio missing from .mov file when insert to timeline?

    when i drag the .mov from source to timeline the audio does not appear

    Hi WOA,
    See this FAQ: Re: FAQ: Why does audio not go to the track where I drop it?

  • Why is audio missing from MP4 video?

    I am using - - Adobe Premiere Elements 10, Windows OS7
    I have 11GBs of high quality (1.5GB = 15 min) mp4 video clips and I would like to edit and burn a couple of DVDs. When I import the clips they look fine, but there is no audio. (Yes, I have audio elsewhere on my computer and can hear these clips when I use any other player.)
    I tried converting them to .avi with Format Factory and I *can* hear them when I import to Adobe, but they are now "frozen" or "jumpy" and it is very difficult to navigate through the clips because the Play/Pause button has quite a time lag before responding.
    Should I convert to some other format? I'd like to keep as much quality as possible. I did convert them all to VOBs and made a "test" disc, but it dropped 11GB down so low that it will all fit on a 4.7GB disc. I'd rather make 2 discs and keep the quality up (though the one I made looks and sounds pretty good).
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Let me recap to make sure we are in sync on this.
    Knowing what you started with and the video properties as they evolve through needed conversion....
    You come telling us and demonstrating to us that you have source video
    AVCHD.mp4 (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 frames per second) and that has MPEG1 audio.
    When you import that into Premiere Elements 10 Windows, you get video but no audio.
    The destination for that Timeline is NTSC_Widescreen Dolby DVD.
    In terms of setting the correct project settings, it would be important to know if you have
    interlaced or progressive video. But, since you not hear audio at that point, more
    important/pressing things to pursue.
    Aside from the pressing audio issue, at this point the choice of project preset would still be
    NTSC/AVCHD/Full HD1080i30 (if you have interlaced video)
    NTSC/DSLR/1080p/DSLR [email protected] 29.97 (if you have progressive video).
    Either way, we need a 1920 x 1080 frame size project preset to match the 1920 x 1080 frame size of your source so that
    when you are in the Edit area you can edit your video in the correct space there. The final export setting is another matter. You
    should not be using a NTSC DV Widescreen project preset for a 1920 x 1080 video import.
    AVCHD.mp4 with MPEG1 audio (no Premiere Elements sound) to ????.avi with ???? audio (unstable in Premiere Elements but with sound)
    Conversion of the problem file sounds like a reasonable next step. And, you indicate that you do convert
    to an ".avi" file which has then has audio with the video in Premiere Elements 10, but the file is highly
    unstable in Premiere Elements 10. But, when I ask what video compression goes with the .avi wrapper, you
    I just drag/drop the files to "Convert All to (whatever)" and the software does it.
    All .avi files are not created equal. And, AVCHD.avi, if that is what you ended up with, is highly unstable, and for most will
    not import into Premiere Elements. So, now the pressing questions include:
    a. what is the video compression and audio compression and other properties of this .avi file with the stability problems in Premiere Elements 10
    b. again, what are you setting as the project preset to match the properties specific to the source .avi.
    Now back to the present
    If you use Format Factory you should have control over your conversion settings. AVCHD.mp4 is a stable format for Premiere Elements. I suspect that the MPEG1 is problem. So, we agree conversion is the way.
    I would suggest taking the time to set the settings for your converter so that you produce AVCHD.mp4 (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second) and use AAC Stereo for the audio. Then bring that file into Premiere Elements 10 with the project preset of
    DSLR [email protected] 29.97
    and proceed, ending with the Share/Disc/DVD disc with preset = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD.
    Since this project is destined for DVD-VIDEO widescreen on DVD, you could use your converter to produce NTSC DV AVI Widescreen and then import that into a Premiere Elements 10 project with the project preset =
    DV Widescreen
    and proceed, ending with the Share/Disc/DVD disc with preset = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD.
    As for disc capacity, the standard DVD disc 4.7 GB/120 minutes is in reality 4.38 GB. And the DVD disc double layer single sided 8.5 GB/240 minutes is in reality 7.38 GB. When you get to the burn dialog Quality Area (just before you hit Burn), look to see the values for Space Required and Bitrate (have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"). If you see a Bitrate reading below the max 8.00 Mbps, then go to the DVD double layer single sided disc or use two DVD standard discs.
    Do your intended viewers have players that support playback of DVD double layer single sided discs?
    Please review.
    I will try to make the reply not so long next time. I wanted to cover all the bases this time.
    We will be watching for your progress.
    Any quesitons or need clarification on anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Thank you.

  • Why is audio missing from some news app videos

    No audio for: CNN, DISCOVERY, PBS, 60 Minutes,
    AUDIO OK FOR: NYTimes, ABC, The Daily, FOX News

    No audio for: CNN, DISCOVERY, PBS, 60 Minutes,
    AUDIO OK FOR: NYTimes, ABC, The Daily, FOX News

  • Audio missing from saved project

    Hi All...
    New user here, first-time "test movie" combines video with ambient audio, stills and a music track. Based on Mr. Hunt's article, here's the background information:
    Dell Precision T1500 / Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS, no pen or touch input
    Processor: Inter Core i7CPU 870 @ 2.93 GHz
    Installed memory: 8 GB
    Single hard drive: 930 gb SATA file system, NTFS, compression unchecked / no RAID
    "D" drive is HL-DT-ST- DVD+-RW GH50N DVD burner
    "E" drive is HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH30N CD ROM drive
    No external drives
    Virtual memory: 8151 mb dynamically controlled by windows
    Video Card: NVDIA QUADRO FX 580 / pci BUS 1 / driver no., driver date 7-9-2010
    Audio System: Realtek high definition audio, 2-channel 16-bit 48000Hz / driver version / driver date: 8-18-09
    Using PE 8.0.1, updated July 14
    Project settings: Editing Mode: HD 1080i, timebase 29.97 fps, frame size 1920 x 1080, 16:9 / pixel aspect ratio: square pixels (1.0) / Fields: No Fields (progressive scan) / Display Format 30fps drop-frame timecode / title safe area 20 % / action safe area 10 % audio sample rate: 48000 Hz
    Video clips: MPEG movies, image size 1440 x 1080, pixel depth: 32, frame rate 29.97. Average data rate 630-650 KB/second (there are a couple dozen clips, I didn't check them all...)
    Source audio format: 48,000 Hz Compresses stereo; project audio format 48,000 Hz 32-bit floating point stereo
    Music track: MP3 source audio format: 44,100Hz compressed stereo; project audio format 44,100 Hz 32-bit floating point stereo; average data rate 23KB/sec
    Still images: all JPEGs, some 1280 x 960, some 2048 x 1636, pixel depth 32, pixel aspect ratio 1.0.
    Other app's typically running: IE and/or Firefox, perhaps MS word and/or Publisher, Mozilla's Thunderbird. However, I've "saved" this project with *no other apps* running, and there's still no audio.
    Hope all this suggests a solution...
    Thanks for your help, all...

    Thanks for all this information, T.
    So why are you editing a 1440x1080 video in a 1920x1080 project? If this is AVCHD footage, it's very important to use the right project settings.
    That has no effect on your audio, of course. But it could affect your video quality when you output your file.
    That say, can you explain what you mean by "Audio missing from save project"?
    Do you mean that you don't hear the audio in Premiere Elements -- or that you don't hear it when you output, say, an MOV or WMV file?
    What file format are you exporting and what are you playing soundless this file on?
    And, finally, is there no audio whatsoever, or is only some audio (music, for instance) missing from your output?

  • Why is help missing from help dropdown menu?

    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?

    bumpkin wrote:
    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?
    ???? I see help being shown in some of Photoshop  preferences pages but both of you questions confuse me.

  • Audio file missing from MOV when exported as a quicktime movie.

    Using Keynote 9, I imported video into presentation that was edited in iMovie 9.  When I export the presentation to quicktime movie the audio is missing from the video file.  The audio file plays fine in the standard keynote presentation mode. 

    This is STRICTLY a work around!  Official fix will come from Apple as an update more than likely.
    Duplicate item first (File > Duplicate). On newly duplicated project change file association type (File > get info). Under name and extension section take out .key). Close Get Info and save with removing .key.  Double click to open the file (now a compression).  Open uncompressed folder (same name as original file, now shows as a folder).  Now in the Data folder find a .mov file named "Recording" with randomly generated letters and numbers behind it.  Drag .mov file to desktop or any other directory. Open extracted .mov file with QuickTime to verify integrity. Save as audio file only.  Get Info on file again and place .key value at end of file/extension for project. Open project. Under Play menu option delete the recording.   Under Audio inspector drag the .mov of audio only to recording back in. Test play project to see if its accurate.  Export to QuickTime and see if issue is resolved.
    If issue persists:
    Export with corrupted audio as QuickTime.  Separate the audio from video track.  Delete audio.  Import the extracted .mov audio file.  Share > File. Enjoy.

  • Some Audio Missing from Exported Movie

    I've exported a movie from iMovie to iTunes for sharing with AppleTV but the sound is missing from the last 75% of the movie when played back in Itunes or AppleTV. All the sound is ok in the iMovie project so some of it appears to have gone missing when exporting to iTunes.
    I have tried re-exporting it but it's still the same result.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Like everyone else here, I'm just an iMovie user who volunteers to help answer questions.
    Unfortunately, recent changes to the Discussion software introduced bugs that make it very difficult to reply to user questions. Despite assurances by Forum administrators, these bugs are not being fixed.
    This is to ask that you contact Apple, suggesting that additional resources be allocated to fixing the Discussion software. Hopefully your support will encourage Apple to address these problems.
    Here's the man who should be able to get some action:
    Steve Jobs <[email protected]>
    I plan to include this message in postings until the issues are resolved.
    Joe, I've also seen problems exporting iMovie projects with the Apple TV exporter, although never the problem you mentioned.
    I suggest you try another way to configure your own export settings. Your goal will be to create an export very similar to Apple TV, but build it on your own. The Apple TV exporter uses the H.264 codec, used for many other exports too.
    (You can test this on one or two clips in the affected area before exporting the entire iMovie project. Use the "Share selected clips only" checkbox.)
    Instead of choosing the Apple TV export in the export dialog window, try choosing "Movie to MPEG-4". Then click on the Options button. Configure these settings:
    Video Format: H.264
    Data Rate: 2653
    Optimized for: Download
    Image Size: Custom, 720x480
    Frame Rate: Current (or 29.97 for NTSC, 25 for PAL)
    Audio Format: AACV-LC (Music)
    Data Rate: 128 kbps
    Channels: Stereo
    Output Sample Rate: Recommended
    Encoding Quality: Better
    When the export is done, change the file extension to ".m4v", the extension used by Apple TV, if you like. You'll want to test the movie in whatever ways you now use the traditional Apple TV movie.

  • Save Image ..why is it missing from Firefox when IE has it ?

    Such a fundamental thing to have as the ability to save an image is missing from Firefox and as I have gone over to Firefox from IE I am dumbfounded as to why Mozilla fails to feature this. Why is this ? I have the add on but you get 'save images from current tab', when right clicking on an image that has launched on screen after clicking on a thumbnail, and you end up with hundreds of images, every damn bit of the webpage, the big image is indistinguishable from its thumbnail and every image has to be looked at and discarded until one finds the bigger versions. Who in their right mind would want every little bit of a webpage ? The large images look the same as the thumbnails and each one has to be enlarged to see if its the big image or not.
    A task that took seconds in IE takes half an hour.
    Can we see Firefox catch up with IE6 for image saving ?

    Having now tried another website, where images do not have thumbnails, I have 'save image as', though the dropdown window is empty, no options on file type, its those where clicking a thumbnail sees a new window appear, rotating dots then the image occurs. No save image as, only the save image plugin which proceeds to capture everything. Trying IE on this I see also no save image option, so I guess its the website not Firefox. I shall have to use printscreen button I guess.
    I dont know why the dropdown combobox gives no options of file type, IE6 didnt have much but jpg or bmp was offered.

  • Audio files from movies

    I have a full movie I wanted to edit the audio in. Movie is 1'30'' long. When I do the extract in Logic I get an audio file that plays the entire audio, but it is 1 tick long and pointer indicates a file w/o lenght. I am unable to edit this. I tried extract audio from movie and extract to arrange. Both give me the same file lenght. File is an MP4 file. Is there a way to edit the audio? This is my 1st video attempt.
    Powermac G5 dual 2.7, Powerbook G4 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   dual 250GB drives, 2.5G mem, Logic Pro 7.1.1

    Thanks Rohan. I will try that this evening. I did buy QT pro, but apple has failed to send # Been going round and round with them for last 3 days on the number. I will post my results tonight after I put upi my christmas light that my wife just told me I am doing .

  • Audio missing from video recording.

    I recorded some camp footage with a canon rebel T2i. there is audio when i play the clip in imovie timline, but when i export it there are peices of the audio missing. I have removed the clip and re-uploaded it several times and the audio is still missing in the same places. Im not sure if maybe i have the setting wrong or if maybe the file from my camera is corrupted.

    Same problem with me and it seems a lot more users. Audio and Video are playing fine in other players and other types of video, everything is connected as it should. You would think that something major like this would not get past quality control before it's being released. I'm getting more and more agitated as there has been absolutely no mention of this from Apple, yet this seems to be a wide spread and major problem. I bought Season 1 of The Office tonight and it is rendered useless because audio won't play, and the DRM limits how you can view your videos.

  • Why are Albums missing from the Albums "tab" in Photos app?

    I just upgraded to the new version of OS X with the new Photos app.  All of my photos transferred over to the new app correctly, but not all of my Albums are showing up in the new Albums "tab" in the Photos app. 
    For instance, my "Honeymoon" album does not show up on the Albums "tab," but when I search for in the Photos app it will appear. 
    How do I get all of my Albums to show up on this tab?
    Additionally, does anyone know how to change the "timestamp" on photos?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I appreciate the reply, but that did not solve my issue.  Several of my albums are still "missing" from the list, even though I can find them when I search:

  • Why is PowerView Missing From My Site Collection?

    I'm setting up a test lab with SQL Server 2012 SP1 and SharePoint 2013.
    I successfully setup the integration using PowerShell and Central Administration. I can see the service application and it is related to my web application, however the PowerView/SSRS features are missing from my site collection and so are the content types.
    I even tried creating a new site collection and no dice.
    Any thoughts on this would be great!

    Hi Anthony,
    Based on the current information, I suggest that you make sure the Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint has been installed when installling SQL Server 2012 SP1. Then, please verify the Reporting Services installation referring to the following article:
    Verify a Reporting Services Installation
    If you can create the Reporting Services Service Application and a site collection successfully, please verify the Report Server Integration Feature is active. After that, please active the Power View Integration Feature for the site collection.
    Additionally, I suggest that you refer to the following blog for the SQL Server Reporting Services Integration with SharePoint 2013:
    Installing and configuring SQL Reporting services on SharePoint 2013
    Hope this helps.
    Mike Yin
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Audio missing from old .mov files

    Recently I noticed that ALL of the audio from an entire folder of .mov files has disappeared. Video playback is fine. I tried to export from Quicktime to experiemtn but it suggests that the file is corrupt and can't be exported...but all of them? Files are being kept on external drive. Could Lion be causing this somehow? Any ideas how to retrieve the missing audio?

    Copy (drag and drop) one of the files to your Desktop and test again.

  • Final cut pro audio missing from clip once i move it from viewer to canvass?

    hi i'm new to final cut pro 7, when i play my video in the viewer i can hear the audio loud and clear however when i'm move it to the canvass and play it in the time line the audio is gone? can someone pls help me

    Probably best to ask this questio in the FINAL CUT STUDIO forum and not the FCPX forum, BUT -- since you're here...
    Make sure that the AUDIO PATCHES are connected to the timeline... those are the pluggy arrow type looking things on the left side of the timeline.  With the clip in the viewer window add it into the timeline.  Audio should come with it.
    Or - do you already SEE the audio tracks on the timeline and you just can't hear it?  (if that's the case, try opening the audio mixer and making sure the master volume is up.
    Good luck,

Maybe you are looking for

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