Why is libNativeABI included in my .apk?

I am having some problems publishing my app built with flex 4.5.1.
For some reason the file libNativeABI.so is included in my .apk and this restrics my app to ARM 7 based units.
My Desire Z sees the app on marketbut not my Galaxy Tab.
Is there a way for me to get rid of this?
I have installed the app manually on a galaxy tab, and it works fine, so it does not looks like it is a file that isneeded.

I have been digging some more, but are still as confused.
I have created an app in flash, and the apk build by does not contain the lib.
I have created an app in flexk 4.5.1 with air 2.7 with no fuctionallity but it still includes the lib.
The platform that is needed in market is: armeabi-v7a.
Am I the only one having  problemm with this?

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    Message was edited by: Barbara Daniels1

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    Jeff,<br /><br />This is a user to user forum. We can't tell you why policy makers do what <br />they do.<br /><br /><br /><[email protected]> wrote in message <br />news:[email protected]..<br />> Why was this program included with Adobe reader? I did not want Photoshop <br />> elements installed on my computer. If I had a choice to accept the <br />> download or not that would be fine but the choice was not even given to <br />> me. This program was piggybacked onto reader without my approval. If I <br />> want an Adobe product I will go and get it but I do not appreciate having <br />> the product loaded on my computer in this manner. It is bad enough that we <br />> have to use Reader to view PDF's as this is a bloated product. I do not <br />> want other Adobe products forced on my computer as well. end of rant.

  • Why doesn't "include/object/text from file" work?

    I want to include (link) text from other Word documents to a  main  Word document and I use "include/object/text from file" (Word function)
    It works fine when I do so in "H:", but doing exactly the same in the Sharepoint environement result in "nothing" (nothing happens)
    It DOES work if I link from a document saved in Sharepoint to a "H:" - document, but that is of no use since I need all the documents to be stored in Sharepoint.
    Guess it has to do with the set up och Sharepoint.
    Greatful for any tips!

    Did you mean insert a object in the documents?
    Did you open the file with the local application or office web application?
    In the office web application, it doesn’t have the function to insert a object in the browser.
    I had tested with some word files in the library, open the word files with the local application, then insert file using the insert object function.
    It worked without any issue.
    What’s more, I had tested with Office 2010 and Office 2013, they all worked.
    Did the issue occur in other libraries? You can create a new library to check whether it works.
    You can also download a copy for the issued file, then open it in the local machine to check whether it works in the local machine.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jason Guo
    TechNet Community Support

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    How can I setup Acrobat Distiller to create a document according to the actuall document size?

    Technically, there is no page size in an .eps.
    You'll need to place the document in a new page (in InDesign if you have it) without all of the extra stuff. Then print that to PDF.
    Or you can possibly print to a PDF right from Illy and THAT should honor the page size in Illy.

  • Why is CS6 included in the 5.0 and 5.5 forum?

    Shouldn't it have it's own?

    why stop at cs6 ? cs7 and 8 will no doubt have some connection with previous versions re: legacy and continuity, downward compatibility ?
    its like going through that time warp thing on tv ...star gate ?... go back or ahead in time and yap about whats up etc. have fun. go on facebook and share stuff !
    I wrote this script today just for this thread.....
    ext /day
    sc 1
    long shot
    Bob walks down street and goes into a storefront which has a sign on it that says, " EDITOR OF THE FUTURE "
    Store Clerk : " Can I help you ? "
    Bob: " Yes, I understand you have a program that is not released yet called CS6. I was wondering if you could find it in your heart to give me a copy of the program so I can get a head start on all the new features ? "
    Store Clerk: " No, I'm sorry sir, but that program hasn't been released."
    Bob: " When you say " released" do you mean like when you set free a wild animal that has been cooped up in captivity, due to some problem with it's health, and now you are going to release it back into the wild ? "
    Store Clerk: " No, we mean it hasn't been released because it doesn't exist yet."
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    Just out of curiosity, why is JSTL bundled with JWDSP? The new JSTL is very slick technology (especially the new EL support), but I don't see any direct applications of JSTL to web services. Since most service implementations aren't Beans (e.g., the accessor methods require arguments), I can't invoke a web service with <jsp:getProperty>, and there's nothing in the JSTL spec that addresses web services.

    Here's the description of the Java WSDP:
    The JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) is an integrated toolset that in conjunction with the Java platform allows Java developers to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web services, and Web applications.
    In other words, the Java WSDP isn't only for Web services.

  • Can not include resources into apk

    I'm trying to implement a Fortumo payment system as a native extension in the Android project.
    The system comes as an external jar library.
    When the application was packaged I saw that packager did not take classes from this library.
    Solve this problem it was possible only if copy all classes from external library into my native library, and then package native extension and application.
    But with the resources did not happen.
    After package, the apk file in the root directory must have directory of resources of the payment system (fortumo_res). But I can put resources only in assets directory.
    Can someone help me do this?
    P.S. Maybe need change apk and then resign it? But so far I did not succeed to do it.

    Are you manually packaging your APK using the ADT tool?  If so, you can add resources to your package (and specify which folder they should go in to) by using the -C and -e options.
    -e places a file or directory into a specific folder in your package
    -C changes the current working directory on your development machine
    Here is an example.  This will place the file 'asset.png' into the folder [package root]/lib/assets
    adt [adt command here] -e "C:\\path\to\my\asset.png" "lib/assets"
    You can also specify entire directories (recursively) instead of individual files.
    Here is an example.  This will place the directory (and sub-directory) 'fortumo_res\assets' into the folder [package root]/fortumo_res
    adt [adt command here] -e "C:\\path\to\fortumo_res\assets" "fortumo_res"
    Or, you can place the 'fortumo_res' assets into the 'assets' package folder instead:
    adt [adt command here] -e "C:\\path\to\fortumo_res\assets" "assets"
    You can have as many as you like. Example:
    adt [adt command here] -e "C:\\path\to\my\asset.png" "lib/assets" -e "C:\\path\to\fortumo_res" "fortumo_res"
    Hope it helps!

  • Why am I included in 'Reply All'?

    When I choose 'reply all', for some reason Mail adds my email address to the 'send to' list. This doesn't happen on my Mac Pro, only the iPad version of Mail.
    Is this a bug, or is there a setting I can change? It's just a bit annoying.
    Thanx for any help.
    - T

    I'm having the same problem on my MacBook Pro.

  • Why do photos included in Mail messages appear out of orientation, but straighter out automatically upon hitting reply?

    On occasion, pictures that are attached to Apple e mail messages are out of orientation, but straighten out automatically when I hit reply.  Any ideas out there?

    On occasion, pictures that are attached to Apple e mail messages are out of orientation, but straighten out automatically when I hit reply.  Any ideas out there?

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    Please remove Mcafee from future updates to Flash. If I wanted or needed Mcafee I would have gone to their site to get it. Now I am wasting precious time complaining about it and also uninstalling it.

    When asked to download an Adobe Flash Player update today, I did so and started the application.
    I saw that it was also downloading McAffe security software - without my approval. I was never asked to install additional software and I aborted the installation process.
    This is absolutely abusive behavior and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from any company, no matter how widespread their product may be.
    I will also be contacting McAfee to let them know that I have a much lower opinion of their company than before for being complicit in this behavior.
    It is amoral and should be criminal behavior to sneak additional software onto someone's computer like this. Shame on you, Adobe. This is worse than having opt-in boxes for additional products already checked.
    I am disgusted and Adobe should be ashamed - but I'm sure that it is not.
    The contact for McAfee Corporate Respnsibility is [email protected]
    If you are upset about McAfee, or any other company, being complicit in this behavior, please contact that company and let them know.

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