Why is 'pg up/pg down' now moving the page back and forward, not scrolling like it used to?

I just updated to Firefox 4, and suddenly my 'pg up' and 'pg dn' are different. Instead of scrolling up and down like normal, they change the page to the previous page or go forward to the next.
This is really infuriating, because I use paging up and down all the time, and suddenly I don't have these functions any more. I don't want to be scrolling back and forward between web pages just by pressing one button - I can click the 'back' option at the top of the page easily enough if thats what I want.
I've had a look through the options, and searched through all the faqs, but I couldn't find anything relevant.
Please help - I want my scrolling back!

On Mac the scroll bars can be hidden and only have them show when you scroll the page so you can see the current scroll position.
The idea is that a touch pad is used that doesn't require the scroll bars to be visible and thus have more screen estate for the browsing area.
You can make the scroll bars always visible:
*System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bar > Choose "Always"

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