Why is when I try to download from the App Store, it says "The application cannot be downloaded." I do have an ID account and my software has been updated.

   Hello there, I'm new to the Apple world, and I'm still learning my way around.
Why is when I try to download from the App Store, it says "The application cannot be downloaded."
It doesn't ask me for payment or anything. When I click on download, about 10 seconds later, that message pops up and nothing is downloaded onto my laptop. I can download other stuff onto my laptop for e.g. Microsoft Word and other various programs such as Google Chrome from the internet. However, I just cannot download from App Store. Any suggestions on how I can download apps?

There is nothing wrong with my iTunes, is more of the App store that I am concerned about. And I've tried the "Authorise this computer" yes it does download when using iTunes, but no luck with App Store. And, yes I am logged onto iTunes when doing purchases.
I find this really fustrating because the App store works fine on my ipod but once it comes to my macbook, it does not download. A few seconds later after I click on an app to download, the pop up message notifies me that the purchase cannot be downloaded.
Anyways, thanks for your suggestion. 

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