Why is wireless router connectivity is different with Powerbook than iMac?

I had problems with my 10.2 on the G3 450 iMac (that caused me to go to 10.3 about 2 weeks ago), my trusty old Buffalo router fried its WAN port. I replaced it with a Netgear unit, then a Linksys unit, now I'm back to Buffalo. The ongoing problem is that the laptop has a heck of a time connecting to the internet - while the iMac (via ethernet) has no problems whatsoever. It doess/did this with every manufacturer of routers I tried (since first I thought it may be a Netgear incompatibility issue).
Strange part about the problems: Only initially does it spend 20+ seconds (close to Safari/Firefox timeout) "looking for" the host. Once it has found it, if you click on any links within the same host, it's lightning-fast. Just the initial callup seems to be inordinately difficult. I was hoping new firmware for the wireless modem, 10.4, the latest Airport update etc would alleviate the situation - no such luck. It USED to work fine on the old wireless router ... Also, it does this "looking for" business whether I have security enabled or not (I usually run 128bit encoding).
I don't really mind waiting for a few seconds for a site to load, but when you're talking about something like Yahoo or ESPN, all these independent advertising servers have to be contacted to load the page and - you guessed it - it's a 20+ second delay for each one...
I've rebooted the router and the laptop many times; I doubt it's the cable modem as the Ethernet on the iMac comes from the same router an doesn't have a problem at all. Any chance it's a setting of some sort in the preferneces panels?
The problem appeared initially with the Netgear router. The whole reason I went back to Buffalo is that I never had any issues in the 4 years I owned the previous one (until the WAN port went out). I also tried a Linksys router but admittedly didn't spend a lot of time with it as the delay problem appeared right from the start.
As far as 3rd party hardware is concerned, I wouldn't mind just getting an Apple Airport station at this time, but really don't want to spend the $ if it's an issue with either the laptop or its Airport card. I guess I could get one here at the local Apple store and bring it back if it doesn't work any differently (at least then I'd know it's either a laptop or a Comcast Cable-issue...).
System setup:
Desktop: G3 "Graphite" iMac / slot-loading / 400Mhz / 640MB RAM / 10.3.9
Laptop: 15" G4 Aluninium Powerbook / 1.25Ghz / 1GB RAM / 10.4.6
Wireless: Buffalo AirStation Turbo G WHR-HP-G54 (wireless to laptop / ethernet to iMac).
Powerbook 15/1.25GHz/1GBRAM   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

It sounds as though you're having a problem with DNS lookups. Try this, type into Terminal (Applications > Utilities)…
sudo lookupd -flushcache
It will subsequently ask you for your administrator password. Type it in and then wait for the prompt to return. Do not do anything before then. Now, restart and see if things are any better.

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    I just recently moved my wireless router from a different PC to the PC I have in my room, however, I did not uninstall the linksys connection and such from the other PC, I just moved all the wires and my DSL connection wire to the PC in my room. I had to call Linksys to fix my router connection, so that person set up a new connection and a password, but she did not delete the other connection that the router was first running off of. Somehow that router connection (on the other pc) started to allow connection without a password, even though I did not remove the password, I honestly don't know how it happened. Now I am able to connect to my new password protected connection and my laptop that I use in the room can connect to our old connection which is "unsecured", does anyone know how to delete that connection? I was just going to uninstall the program on the old PC and hope that it will work, but I do not want to waste my time if it doesn't work, and I already called Linksys support and paid $9.99 for someone to log onto my PC to set up my new connection. The old connection is interfering with my new connection, because people are connecting to it, since it does not have a password, someone please help!

    This is the 2nd thread I've seen with this same question/issue.  I would like to know if CISCO is really hearing what we are saying!!!
    The questions is HOW DO YOU DELETE THE OLD install?
    The questions is not am I secure?
    I have had several IT friends see the same issue but unsure if they have researched the support forums on here to get to the bottom of this.  So this is my story...
    I'm having the same issue and have been for several months. It is true what you have stated.  Even at my  home (now an old network no longer used) that my access point via desktop doesnt show 2 networks.  My mobile pc's do!  
    1 secured (bcse we reinstalled and locked it WPA2)
    1 the old install that just "fell off the wagon" unsecured sometime last year.
     ignoring that old one, and securing my new is leaving a weak signal for people to use.  The kids in my neighborhood sit at the bball courts and use their pc's.  When I unplug mine, they leave w/n 10min.
    My neighbor tells me today that comcast calls her they see an unsecure linksys (which is my old one).  Oddly enough, they are receiving reports that hers (secured network) had been hacked to go to Univ. Studios to dwnload full length movies. SMNT! I cant delete the router from the (once main desktop) PC bcse I dont see it in the list.

  • Belkin wireless router connected but browser could not find the host server

    my new roommate has a belkin n wireless router connected to a cable modem which functions perfectly on her pc laptop. i am trying to connect my MacBook Pro to the router using her WEP password. this all works fine and my System Preferences/Network/Status shows that AirPort is connected with full strength, but i cannot load any web pages (i have not yet been able to load any pages at all using this router). the page load error reads "Firefox can't find the server at www.cnn.com" and "The browser could not find the host server for the provided address".
    I spoke with Belkin support and they say the router is functioning properly, that is a problem with my mac.
    When I go to Network Diagnostics, the status shows all green and says "This computer's Internet connection appears to be operating normally. Are you sure you want to use Network Diagnostics?
    Could this be a firewall issue? A couple people have suggested that, but I'm not sure how to fix that.
    I have tried rebooting the router and cable modem, rebooting the mac, etc.
    any ideas on what settings i may need to investigate??
    thank you!
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    photoeyeseattle wrote:
    how do I know if the router has useful DNS servers? i am looking at the settings of the router on the pc that is online.
    Somewhere in the settings of the router should be the DNS servers that it is using. Since the router is offering via DHCP to do DNS translation for your Mac, it must have useful DNS servers listed.
    There are "public" DNS servers. I have no experience with it, but this Web page describes one from Google:
    Supposedly Google has a DNS server at IP addresses and that you might try. Since the DNS server setting on your Mac is grayed out, as a test you might try noting the setting in the "TCP/IP" tab of your AirPort connection item of the Network panel of System Preferences. Then switch from "Using DHCP" to "Manually", fill in the values you just noted, switch to the DNS tab and fill in Google's DNS addresses, and see if things work better.
    do you have any other suggestions of where to seek help???
    Perhaps a Belkin discussion group?

  • Need Help: Trouble with Wireless Router Connection on MBP

    Hi all.  I just bought a MacBook Pro (my first Mac ever) and love, love, love it.  However, one glitch is driving me crazy.  I do *NOT* have an airport but I connect to my cable modem through my netgear wireless router.  When my MacBook Pro goes into sleep mode, I lose the connection to the wireless router.  I have to go unplug the router to reboot it for the MBP to see it again.  I think it has something to do with how it is assigning the IP address.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  Know how to solve it?  Thanks so much.

    See "Symptom: The network connection drops unexpectedly" on this page:
    Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues in OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6

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    I have the above model Linksys wireless router, hard connected to a Windows XP Pro desktop unit. I also have a Windows XP Home laptop. My wife has a Mac PowerBook laptop. On Thursday last week her laptop started having trouble connecting to Internet. Problem is intermittent--sometimes can get on and sometimes now. When on it might connect to a web site normally or sometimes takes a long (as in loooooong) time connecting. My XP Home laptop continues to connect quickly and will move from one URL to another easily; no problems. She took the PowerBook to Panera and got on the Internet with no trouble. She was on for at least a half hour and suffered no outage or slow-downs. Came back home; got the same problems as before. Only thing that has changed is a big snow on Thursday, same day as the trouble started. The relationship is probably non-existent, but it's the only thing different from Wednesday (when working well) to Thursday (when started having trouble). Any thoughts? I naturally welcome any responses. Thanks, Michael Plog

    Hello people. I'm having the same weird trouble: I'm having this BEFW11S4 to which I connect via another wireless AP and a switch a Windows XP PC and a MacBook Pro computer (both with Ethernet cable connected to the switch, to which the AP is connected). Both the above computers work seamlessly, but sometimes the other iMac I have in WLAN doesn't surf anymore. It can ping both MacBook Pro and Windows XP PC, but doesn't anymore ping the BEFW11S4. Wireless connection is crypted with WEP-64 bit key. When this is happening, also from the Windows XP PC I cannot get on the web interface of the BEFW11S4. It seems to be "locked" somehow. After unplugging the power and re-plugging it in, everything works again also on the iMac. Anybody managed to solve this issue? What version of Firware do you guys have? I have 1.50.13... regards.

  • USB Wireless Router. Anyone tried with 3G?

    I'm not talking about a USB Wireless (or Wi-Fi) adapter. I'm talking about a USB Wireless Router like Synet's Windy31 USB Wireless Router ( http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9904137-1.html ).
    This will connect to a Window PC's USB port and create a wireless network by sharing the computer's internet connection. This sounds like it will be really useful when I'm travelling with just my iPhone and not a laptop. I can plug this USB Wireless Router into a friend/family member's PC or laptop and share their internet connection via Wi-Fi.
    Anyone used this particular product or know of any others? This Windy31 has had mixed reviews.

     You may try to reflash the firmware manually using the file from the site. That is done by downloading firmware file and doing the upgrade through the setup page. You may refer to this link, http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/ukp.aspx?vw=1&docid=a3a56a63d7fe440da177b1b8d186f40e_How_to_manually_u...

  • WRT54G Wireless Router connection problem

    I recently connected a Linksys WRT54G to one notebook computer, with a wired connection. This computer uses the Vista Home Basic operating system.  I have another computer using Windows XP Home which I connect to the Internet through this Notebook through my wireless router.  However since replacing my D-Link 11 mbps router with the Linksys Router,  My second computer does not locate my new connection.  I suspect that it has something to do with the settings on the second computer, but can't figure out how to resolve this problem.  Hopefully some of you experts out there can tell me how to deal with this.

    Click on the Start button >>> go to RUN>> type in "services.msc" >>
    click on OK- On the Services Local page double click on the
    option "Wireless Zero configuration"- Here the Startup Type should
    be "Automatic"- Click on the "Start" button and "Apply" the settings
    and OK.
    Deleting Preferred Network 
    Click on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>>Network
    Connections >>Here right click on the "Wireless Network Connection"
    icon and select Properties- Click on the "Wireless Network" tab- Make
    sure that ""Use windows to configure my wireless network settings"" is
    checked- In the "Preferred Networks" box select each network name and
    click on "Remove" to make it empty- Click on OK.
    **Click on the "Advanced" button(below the Preferred Networks) and
    sure "Access point(infrastructure) networks only" is selected- And
    make sure that "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks"
    be unchecked >> click on "Close" and click on OK on main properties
    Connecting to Wireless Network (WLAN)
    Click on the Start button >>> Control Panel >>> Network Connections-
    Right click on the "Wireless Network Connection" icon and select "View
    Available Wireless Networks"- If you see your wireless network in the
    list, highlight it by 'single' clicking on it- Now click on
    the 'Connect' button below- If your wireless network is secured, it
    would ask you to provide the network key- Provide the wireless network
    key and confirm it again in the confirmation box and
    click "Connect" & you should be able to go Online Wirelessly!!!

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    I have a problem with my new N8.
    If I use the N8 at home it interferes with my broadband wireless router (BT Homehub) resulting in my losing a wireless internet connection on my laptop.  The laptop tells me I have Limited Connectivity.
    I must thenkeep my N8 turned off and restart the wireless router in order to regain an internet connection on my laptop.

    Which BT homehub do you have (there's been three)?
    Have you been into the routers settings and tried changing the wireless channel?

  • Wireless router connection probs..

    Currently using imac intel core duo, 2 gigs ram, 250 gig hard drive.
    My PC has the main internet connection upstairs, it has a wireless router that provides the downstairs computers with connection.
    The network set up , upstairs, is called ''home''. From my imac in the basement, 2 floors below, i cant seem to sustain a good enough signal. We set up no wireless security and no password requirement to access our wireless network, but all of a sudden, a password is required. I heard it was easy for someone to get onto a wirelss non secure network and throw a password on and claim it for your own? I belive u need to reset your wireless router than go to the original creators website and create security? Until that has been done, my signal status has been set to default, and so is the computer directly beside mine(right beside) . This computer is set to default becuase the upstairs one has password, but it is sustaining a great signal on default, yet mine can never reach past 2/5 bars. Sometimes its back and forth from 4 bars to 2 bars, but there is never a sustained , good signal.
    Is there something i can do to enhance the signal im getting? Something i can buy? (incoming signal enhancer?) First thing i thaught is, well your ofcourse not going to get a steady signal when its on default, but howcome the computer beside mine is? Is it a firewall thing?
    Anyways, if you know anything about setting up security on a wireless router or anything to enhance my incoming signal, or anything to help me, i would greaty appreciate it.
    -As im sure you can tell, im not a massive techy, im a noob to this stuff, please be gentle.
    Thanks, Cole
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    {quote:title=heggie88 wrote:}im a noob to this stuff{quote}
    ok, we will be gentlle...
    First - Airport pull-down menu - Turn-on Interference Robustness
    see if that helps...
    what type of wireless router?
    Is the firmware up-to-date?
    Can you see the settings using the router address:
    Can you restore previous settings?
    Airport extender:
    what I use:
    well worth it...
    http://www.netgear.com/Products/WirelessAccessPoints/WirelessAccessPoints/WPN802 .aspx

  • Wireless router that plays well with Apple Airport Express

    Trying to find a router (with vpn and WDS- guaranteed) so that it will allow connection to apple wireless base stations and express units. Not all routers will, and many have misleading info on sites and boxes. Many routers seem to have very weak signals when connecting to Apple airport cards in apple laptops.
    Anyone have any ideas.
    I would like to see one that comes with DUAL WAN's and load balancing, or a way to connect such hardware together.

    Hello All,
    I had a very simple need, I wanted to keep my Linksys wireless router, WRT54G, not use 3rd party software and use the AirPort Express to send my Itunes Music from from PC that did not have wifi on it thru the network to a remote back rook of my house....after looking at tons of alternatives it was a really simple fix....
    1. Load the software from apple that comes with the APExpress
    2. When the wizard starts let it find your Airport....then choose manual set up...
    3. Go to Tab Internet Connection
    4. Look at the IP address listed...mine was
    5. Go to the Linksys set up page
    6. Applications & Gaming
    7. Port Range Forward, List the word Apple- then open port 548 to 548 and then enable the IP that you saw in the IP listed in the Apple configuration window..Step 4 above

  • Modem/Wireless Router: Connection

    Hi all. I'm looking into purchasing a modem/wireless router combo. I only have one computer (laptop), so I would mainly use the router in order to connect throughout my house without wires.
    1.) Everything I read about routers mentions connecting the router to one computer so other devices can access the signal. What if I only have one computer? Will the router/modem work on its own without being wired to any devices?
    2.) Can I use the router/modem combo with the wireless option turned off? Can I connect through an ethernet cable directly when I want to?
    Thanks in advance!

    1). Yes, although you'll have to connect to the modem through an ethernet cable at first to set everything up.
    2).  That depends on the make and model of your modem/wireless router.  Some offer the fucntion of turning the radio off. Many do not offer this fucntionality.
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  • HP8500a 910 loses wireless router connection.

    Printer loses connection to the wireless router (Linksys). Did not have this problem before up until just last week. I have not changed any settings up until I started having problems and started to try to see if I could solve the problem myself. If I unplug the main power cord and re-connect, the printer goes through the start up phase and the printer works fine for a few minutes. But after sitting for +/- 5 minutes the printer losses contact with the router. Just turning the power switch off and then on makes no difference. I have to unplug the power cord.
    Like I mentioned, I did not have this problem before for the last year and a half up until just last week. So something changed somewhere, but I don't know what.
    I also did try the HP Printer/Scanner Diagnostics and turned off the auto sleep. Made no difference.

    Hi @wolsen3129,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I am sorry to hear that your HP Officejet 8500a is losing the connection to your wireless router, but I am happy to help!
    I would recommend to please go through the following guides:
    Print Jobs from Your HP Printer are Stuck in the Print Queue. (This guide will help you to get online).
    Printer Does Not Maintain Wireless Connection. (This guide will help you maintain the connection).
    Please also consider visiting this website, HP Wireless Printing Center. As there is some good information on printing using a wireless connection.
    Hope this information helps, and have a nice day!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • WRT54GS Wireless Router Connection Drop!!!

    Hey everyone, heres my rant. I have called technical support about a dozen or more times this past month for the connection drops from my WRT54GS Wireless Router. I only use 4 devices to go online;A computer running windows xp, my Xbox 360, my PS2 and my PSP. I always have problems with ALL the devices, of which only 2 are connected wireless, the Xbox 360 and the PSP. I have updated the firmware already but the problems persists, anyone have any suggestions? Because I am ready to throw this thing out the window! LOL Any help would really be appreciated because the tech supports can't help. BTW this is my 1st replacement, reason for this is I had the same problem with my original router. Also the connection is fine when I connect directly from the cable modem to my computer or Xbox 360. What do I do??

    hi....try a few things here......first off , change the MTU on the router to 1365 as it is the recommended value for the Xbox 360.....
    another thing that i would like to know is if u have forwarded the ports required for the xbox , the PSP and the PS2 ? ...
    in case u  have not , here are the ports that u will have to open on the router under the Port forwarding section..
    The PSP and the PS2 use the same ports :-
    TCP:- 10070-10080
    UDP :- 6000-6999
    The Xbox uses :-
    TCP :- 3074 & 88 ...
    let me know if u need any more information

  • Cheap wireless router that plays nice with macs??

    I have the older cone-shaped airport extreme base station...
    it's working fine & I'm very happy with it.
    My situation is this....
    Periodically I go thru times of network degradation when I pull my hair out trying to ascertain if the issue is my ISP mothership, my cable modem, the airport extreme base station, or any of the myriad of links in the chain along the way.
    It's struck me on more than one occasion that it sure would be handy if I had *another wireless router on the shelf that I could grab & go with.
    At issue, however are several matters:
    --the fact that many other routers don't play nice with macs
    --the fact that I **need to do WEP security (it seems to be being dropped by a lot of newer routers).......but my TIVO won't do WPA & also I still have 2 older imacs on my home wireless network.
    I would LOVE to hear a recommendation of something cheap & locally plentiful (like at the local best buy) that still does WEP & will play nice with macs.
    Thanks for your help.

    You have the option to configure both your AirPort Extreme and the AirPort Express to "participate in a WDS network, so the Express will connect to the AiirPort Extreme using wireless only and then "extend" the reach of the wireless network.
    Or, connect the Express to the Extreme using an Ethernet cable and configure it to "create a wireless nework", which will also provide more wireless coverage.....with greater bandwidth because you are connecting routers together using Ethernet, not wireless.
    The following Apple document will give  you all the options:



    Your laptop will find the correct IP address automatically.
    Greetings from Northern Ontario, Canada

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