Why resolution will change in After Effect?

Would you please help me? I have problem with imported files in After Effect, the file resolution in After Effect is different from source file.
I am editing an NTSC video file in Edius, the resolution is 720x480-widescreen16:9 and aspect ratio is 1:2, I exported part of clip with exactly same feature but when I imported video in After Effect, the resolution and Aspect ratio changed, right now the resolution in After Effect is 856x480 and aspect ratio is 1:00, I dont know why it changed.
The video format I chose in Edius was Canopus DV AVI, could it be the reason? Should I use another format?
Can anybody help me? What is the problem? How can I solve it?
I appreciate any help in advance.

You should separate fields if the video is interlaced. You may either work in a square pixel comp or a rectangular pixel comp. AE will handle all PAR correction internally without problems as long as the footage is properly interpreted.
For render, if you are going back to canopus for editing you should render with the same frame size and specs as the footage. You may choose to interlace the output if you desire. I presonally haven't rendered anything as interlaced for years. I used to shoot film and I hate the look, but it's a matter of choice.
I'm not sure what you're referring to as the interlacing problem. This is the first that I've heard of that. If you mean that the footage looks interlaced in AE then that's probably the case. If you separate fields properly then there should be no interlacing problem. Interlacing has nothing to do with pixel aspect ratio.
Interlacing does have something to do with comp size if your footage is a different size vertically. For example, if you put NTSC DV footage which contains 480 scan lines (480 pixels high) in a D1 comp 486 scan lines (486 pixels high) and you don't separate fields in that footage, then you render introducing fields in the proper order for your D1 capture solution, the field order in the original footage will be reversed. The solution there is to move the footage down 1 pixel. This is kind of a mute point anyway because if you're moving video around in the frame, scaling it, or rotating it in any way you should be separating fields on all interlaced footage. There's no exception to that rule.

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