Why won't adobe touch for ios not load all my pictures?

Why won't adobe touch for ios not load all my pictures?

Hi. As a workaround you can enable "Always use native photo browsers"  in the PS Touch settings. It's listed under "Preferences" -> "Access Local Photos setting". See attached screenshot
We are working on a fix for the next release.

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  • Why won't Adobe open a Pdf? Why do I pay for a service that will not open a pdf?

    Why won't Adobe open a Pdf? Why do I pay for a service that will not open a pdf?

    Maybe you could supply us with more details about what exactly you are doing, how you are doing and what you are using to do it.
    The reason I say this is because you are in the forum for Adobe Reader which is a FREE application and not a service.

  • Does Adobe Reader for iOS have the ability to open inbedded links to additional PDF docs?  If not, then what would be the best way to use these already created PDF's?

    Does Adobe Reader for iOS have the ability to open inbedded links created with Acrobat Standard to additional PDF docs?  If not, then what would be the best way to use these already created PDF's on an I Pad?

    As of June 2014, none of the Adobe Reader mobile products support the hyperlink action for opening a separate PDF document.
    Adobe Reader for iOS
    Adobe Reader for Android
    Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8
    In addition, the Reader mobile products do not open multiple windows/documents simultaneously, which would make the navigation between PDF documents nearly impossible. (Once a hyperlink takes you to a different PDF document, you have no way to go back to the original PDF document.)
    The only Adobe Reader product that fulfills your department's requirements is Adobe Reader XI (mostly for Windows/Mac desktop/laptop computers).  Acrobat Pro and Standard are paid products.
    Because you are in search of a less expensive device for your department, you could get a Windows tablet instead of a Windows desktop/laptop computer. Microsoft Surface Pro (that you've mentioned in your previous reply) is just one example.  You can also find other less expensive Windows tablets.
    However, please keep in mind that there are two different types of Windows tablets running two different operating systems.
    (a) A Windows tablet with an Intel-based processor running Windows 8.1 Pro
    Example: Surface Pro 3
    You can install and run traditional desktop apps (e.g. Adobe Reader XI) and new Windows Store apps ("Modern" or "Metro-style" apps).
    (b) A Windows tablet with an ARM-based processor running Windows RT 8.1
    Example: Surface 2
    You can only install and run Windows Store apps (e.g. Adobe Reader Touch) but not traditional desktop apps like Adobe Reader XI.
    In general, type (b) tablets are more affordable than type (a) tablets.  However, if you want to run Adobe Reader XI, you do need to check the technical specification of each tablet and make sure the following conditions are met.
    Processor: Intel
    Operating system:  Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 8/8.1 Pro, not RT
    Hope this helps you choose the right device for your department.  Please let us know if you have any questions about system requirements or supported features in the Adobe Reader products.

  • Why won't Adobe accept my Serial No. for Elements 10?

    Why won't Adobe accept my Serial No for Elements 10.  I purchased it quite a while ago and never installed it until today.  It is refusing to ackn owledge my Serial no as a legitiamate no. yet I have triple checked it and it is from the DVD box I purchased.  Help!

    Hi MarBain,
    Can you please tell on which OS you are trying to install Elements?
    There might be a possibility that you are using Windows only Serial Number on MAC.

  • Problems with Adobe Touch for Phone on Galaxy Note N7000 - custom ROM

    I installed Adobe Touch for Phone on my N7000, and whenever I start it all text (buttons, menu bar, etc) does not show properly: Only small white dots and dahses are visible.  Anyone else have this problem and found a solution??

    this normally occurs to users that have a custom ROM's.
    Please look at this thread to solve the issue (download the fonts)
    Please let us know if you are experiencing a different issue or if it helped.

  • Why won't iPod touch get battery percentage?? Is there a way to get battery percentage for iPod

    Why won't iPod touch get battery percentage?? Also is there away to get and show battery percentage Accurately? I know about voice over, but is there a way to get it on the status bar like the iPhone and iPad?

    [How To] Enable the Battery Percentage with iBackupBot | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums | iFans
    However, as deggie sad it is not accurate on the iPod. Also, some users have reported increased battery drain.

  • Why won't Adobe reader no longer let me view previously download (from Safari) pdf's? I am running OSX 10.8.5 and have uninstalled and reinstalled latest version of Reader?

    Why won't Adobe reader no longer let me view previously download (from Safari) pdf's? I am running OSX 10.8.5 and have uninstalled and reinstalled latest version of Reader. I get this error message "Adobe Reader could not open 'OD Test Bed Proposals_0.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)."  I have tried changing the 'open with' options too. Thanks

    Try this:
    Go to: Mac HD/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    Trash the AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin files
    Empty the trash
    Relaunch Safari. You can now download undamaged PDFs.

  • How to restore files from Adobe Reader for iOS (iPad)?

    I started using Adobe Reader for iOS to annote and comment pdf files. I used the Adobe Reader for Mac OS to upload the files to the Acrobat.com cloud.
    Opening the files on iPad worked pretty straight forward and I started editing the pdf right away. When opening the pdf again a couple of days later on iPad, the app downloaded the pdf again in an older version with a couple of annotations present, but a couple of the more recent missing. This is a very disturbing behaviour since I cannot understand why it would sync an older version of the pdf from the cloud over the newer one. Luckily, this was no very important edit, but I will be very hesitant to use this feature in the future if there is a likelyhood for this happening again. Is there any possibility to recover the file with the original edits from the iPad?
    The second thing that I don't understand is the mismatch of files shown in the adobe creative cloud and on acrobat.com when using the acrobat reader. 2 of the files I uploaded can be seen in both the adobe creative cloud and in the 'acrobat.com' cloud (is that a different thing?) as can be accessed from adobe reader on Mac OS. However, there are also files that can be accessed exclusively from the adobe creative cloud and files that can be accessed exclusively from the 'acrobat.com' cloud. I don't really understand the difference and how to sync the two.
    Help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

    I personally agree that having two separate Adobe cloud storage services (Acrobat.com and Creative Cloud) is confusing and undesirable.  However, I am not able to speculate on Adobe products or services in future releases.
    There is no direct way to download files on Acrobat.com to your iPad/iPhone.  However, you can download files from Acrobat.com via the web browser interface (https://cloud.acrobat.com/files) on your Windows or Mac desktop/laptop computer.
    Then you can (a) email them to yourself and open them in Adobe Reader on your iPad, which results in storing the files locally on your iPad, or (b) use the desktop version of iTunes to transfer the files from your computer to your iPad.  (It's convoluted.  But I am not aware of any other options.)  However, if you uninstall Adobe Reader for iOS, the operating system will erase all of associated application data including locally stored PDF documents.
    I suspect that your problem is related to changes not being saved to Acrobat.com properly (not about syncing to an older version).  When you make a lot of changes to a PDF document (e.g adding annotations or filling out forms), I'd recommend closing the modified PDF document occasionally, which forces Adobe Reader to save the changes to Acrobat.com.  You will have less chance of losing changes due to unexpected problems or defects in Adobe Reader.
    Please let us know if you know the steps to reproduce the problem (of losing changes) with a particular file on Acrobat.com.  We can investigate the problem.
    Thank you.

  • Why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?

    I am using Adobe CS6 Design Standard with Adobe Media Encoder, and I'm trying to export video files to WMV using the Encoder.  I'm am running Windows 8 and for some reason the option to export to WMV does not come up for me.  I only get four options of formats, while online it says I should have many more.  This is a full version of CS6 that I bought and paid for, and every program is up to date.

    Can I just buy the converter plugins or do I have to buy premiere pro or after effects?
    On Jan 9, 2014, at 1:07 PM, Todd_Kopriva <[email protected]> wrote
    Re: why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?
    created by Todd_Kopriva in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) - View the full discussion
    The formats and codecs available for export through Adobe Media Encoder differ depending on what Adobe applications you have installed. The vast majority depend on the video applications, After Effects or Premiere Pro, being installed.
    http://blogs.adobe.com/kevinmonahan/2011/09/13/installed-codecs-in-ame /
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  • I don't have a computer on which to convert a digital booklet in iTunes to a useable form for iBooks.  Why won't it download using the cloud like all the other media I purchase on my ipad?

    I don't have a computer on which to convert a digital booklet in iTunes to a useable form for iBooks.  Why won't it download using the cloud like all the other media I purchase on my ipad?

    LP content can only be downloaded on a computer's iTunes (or 1st gen Apple TV), you can't download them on an iOS device - and I haven't seen anything that say it will change in iOS 8. If you don't have a computer then at the moment you won't be able to download/view LP content
    About LP : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3823
    After you buy an album with iTunes LP on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the album's songs will download directly to the device. The iTunes LP will download to iTunes on your computer when you choose Store > Check for Available Downloads.

  • Why won't adobe flash player run on my computer, even though it tlles me it has installed correctly

    Why won't adobe flash player run on my computer, even though it tlles me it has installed correctly?
    Regards, bricky3

    Thought for Today: “It may be that our prime purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.” – Source unknown.
    Hi Pat,
    Thank you for your advice – I had not tuned in to the “public forum” implications.
    Much appreciated.
    Best Regards,
    Ray Bricknell
    <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected]

  • Why won't adobe reader open my jpeg files?

    why won't adobe reader 11 open my jpeg files?

    Hi Nassman,
    Adobe Reader is a read only software for PDF files. JPEG is not a supported format which would open in Adobe Reader. You would need to open Jpeg in application which supports this file format.(e.g. Photoshop, Picture Viewer, MS Paint)
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other question.

  • Why won't Adobe FrameMaker 11 generate PDF?

    Why won't Adobe FrameMaker 11 generate a PDF?

    I was working on this problem a few months ago, but my workload made me simply use the FM 11 and FM 7.2 on my old XP PC. I now REALLY need to find time to focus on the FM 11 and Adobe tech comm suite on my Win 7 Professional PC. I "forced" myself to work on this today.
    Here are answers to your questions:
    I was trying to "save book as" PDF and it starts as if generating PDF with Distiller, but tps file is zero bytes. NO error messages. No, I never had to have Adobe PDF printer as the FM default printer in the past. But I just tried it with Adobe PDF as default printer, and it didn't work. Used RGB mode. Job option = "Standard". Yes, I checked for FM updates and it says there are none and that is the latest version.
    I am most frustrated and have tried everything. I have worked with FrameMaker for 15 years, and I thought I understood it well. But this has me stumped.
    About two months ago, I took the PC to the office (I normally work from home but go there about once a month for meetings at the Dallas office) and sat with my PC side-by-side with the other technical writer. Compared what happened, and we were both stumped. I need to go back and do that again. My inclination is to uninstall Adobe Tech Comm Suite 4 and selective install only FM 11 with Distiller. Then I can go back and selectively install RoboHelp 10 for HTML help.
    I REALLY appreciate your willingness to help. I am not sure what to do next. THANK YOU very much for responding. Like I said, I think I need another session at the office to compare notes step-by-step; I think it has something to do with the PDF printer/converter, but not sure why it works on other writer's PC and not mine. I might have to make time and call Adobe to see whether they can remotely access my PC and try to assist. But that assumes they have some expert available who REALLY understands this software.
    Thanks again.
    jane noble

  • How to record a time-limited video with Adobe AIR for iOS

    I am trying to record a time-limited video with Adobe AIR for iOS.
    For example, I want to implement the following function. Start a one-minute timer before launching CameraUI to record video. When the timeout event happens after one minute, stop recording video, close the CameraUI view and obtain the video data so far.
      I have several questions related to that.
      1. How to stop recording video from outside the CameraUI view(in this case, from the timeout event handler) and then close the CemeraUI view? As far as I know, to close the CameraUI view, the only way is to press the [Use Video] button or the [Cancel] button from inside the CameraUI view. Is it possible to close it from outside?
      2. Even if the first problem mentioned above is solved, then how can I get the video data so far(in this case, the video data before the timeout). I know that normally we can get a MediaPromise object from MediaEvent parameter of the  complete handler, and read the video data from the MediaPromise object. But obviously in this case, we can not access the MediaPromise object just because the complete handler itself will not be executed since the [Use Video] button is not pressed.
      3. Is it possible to add a stopwatch to show possible remaining recording time when CameraUI view is open? It seems that the CameraUI automatically uses the full screen of iOS device(in my case, iPad) and there is no extra space to show the stopwatch.
      Are there any solutions or workarounds about the three problem above? I really appreciate it if anyone has any idea about this. Thanks in advance.

    You'd have more control by using the Camera object, showing the camera on a video object inside a Sprite, and capturing that. Then you could put whatever graphics alongside it on the stage.. I've used FlashyWrappers in a test to capture the video to the library.  It took some work, but the test worked well...
    Flash/AIR record videos of your apps and games: Rainbow Creatures

  • PDF-3D in Adobe Reader for iOS

    When will PDF-3D (viewing of 3D CAD within an PDF file) be available for Acrobat Reader for iOS ?
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Steve,
    have you a little bit more background info on your answer for me?
    Why shouldn’t I count on it ?
    Thanks for a short feedback.
    p.s.: Sorry I didn’t find the button to raise this question directly  in the forum.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Rainer Kemmler
    DC-IAP/MKT2, -MKT5
    Tel. +49-711-811-35556
    PC-Fax +49-711-811-50510342
    Von: Steve Werner [email protected]
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    Betreff: PDF-3D in Adobe Reader for iOS
    Re: PDF-3D in Adobe Reader for iOS
    created by Steve Werner<http://forums.adobe.com/people/Steve+Werner> in Adobe Reader for iOS - View the full discussion<http://forums.adobe.com/message/4759596#4759596

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