Why won't my Mac boot from a Firewire drive?

Hi all,
I have a 500GB Internal Western Digital hard drive from inside my Mac Pro that I'd like to use to boot my 24" iMac. The drive is running 10.7.2 Server and I've confirmed that it is using GUID (in Disk Utility).
I'm using my Newer Technology Voyager dock over Firewire to connect the internal drive to the iMac. I get the same results over FW 400 and 800.
If I boot the iMac using it's internal drive running 10.5.8, the external drive in the NT dock mounts fine in the Finder. I then open System Preferences > Startup Disk and select the external drive. When I click restart, the iMac boots right back to its internal drive. When I boot the iMac holding the option key, only the internal drive appears.
Suggestions? Thanks

I do not have an answer, but perhaps some experiments.
Can you put the Mac Pro into Firewire Target mode, and have the iMac see the Mac Pro via Firewire?  Target mode is done by booting the Mac Pro while holding down Command-T.  This might confirm that your iMac will boot via Firewire, and that maybe it is an issue with the Newer Tech.  At best it is a way to isolate one component.
Do you have another drive you can experiment with?  Just about any size would do.  Put it in the Newer Tech dock, then try installing any version of Mac OS X via the iMac.  Does that boot the iMac?

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    I have an external drive that has a clone of my other iMac running Mountain Lion made with Super Duper which boots up fine with the machine it's a clone of but will not boot on my new iMac running Yosemite or my MacBook running Snow Leopard. I want to upgrade the OS on this drive to Yosemite so that I can transfer files and applications to my new machine without overwriting the newer versions of Apps I already have on it. I can select it as the Startup Disk but when it tries to boot I get the No Entry sign and it halts. Any ideas? I could do the upgrade on my old iMac but I have a very slow broadband connection and it will take hours to download, blocking use of the machine which my wife needs to have access to, hence the convoluted process.

    It won't boot from the new iMac because it's older than the OS that came with the new one. I'm not sure that a laptop will boot from the clone of a desktop.
    Use setup assistant to migrate just your files from the old computer. If you already passed up using setup assistant, then you can use migration assistant to transfer your files.
    If you don't want to use the above, put the computers on the network and enable file sharing. Log onto the old computer and copy whatever you want to transfer to the user desktop of the new computer. This will change the permissions of those files to the new system. Then you can log onto the new iMac and move those files where you want them.

  • Boot from external Firewire Drive-cannot repair or optimize internal drive.

    Hi all
    Connected my new 300 GB Seagate External Firewire Hard Drive today.
    Installed Tiger from DVD. Updated to 10.4.3.
    Installed Tech Tool Pro 4. Updated to 4.1.1.
    Booted from External Firewire Drive.
    Disk Utility cannot Verify or Repair internal drive. Does not say or do anything.
    Tech Tool Pro cannot repair volume or optimize. Says, "Cannot Unmount Volume."
    Is there a fix for this?
    Thank you for the help!
    eMac 800 nVidia.   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   160 GB Internal HD. Pioneer Superdrive. 1 GB RAM.

    I did name the new external completely different from the internal.
    After booting from the external Firewire Hard Drive, I tried running Disk Utility and Tech Tool Pro from both drives. No matter which drive I run the Utilities from the same things happen every time...
    Nothing happens when trying to use Disk Utility to Verify Volume on internal eMac Drive.
    Tech Tool Pro says, "Cannot unmount volume" when trying to check Volume or Optimize internal drive.

  • Booting from a firewire drive with a bluetooth keyboard

    I need to get my computer (iMac G5) to boot from a firewire drive that does have OSX installed on it. I understand from other posts that a bluetooth keyboard will not help seeing as the handshake does not occur until the operating system boots as well. Is there any way to get this to work? I have tried selecting it as the startup disk in System Preferences, but that hasn't seemed to work. I do NOT have a USB keyboard anywhere that I can use (away from home in the boondocks).
    Any ideas?

    Ikrion wrote:
    I need to get my computer (iMac G5) to boot from a firewire drive that does have OSX installed on it. I understand from other posts that a bluetooth keyboard will not help seeing as the handshake does not occur until the operating system boots as well. Is there any way to get this to work? I have tried selecting it as the startup disk in System Preferences, but that hasn't seemed to work. I do NOT have a USB keyboard anywhere that I can use (away from home in the boondocks).
    Does System Preferences allow you to select the FW drive as the start up volume? If so, you then press the button to restart, correct? What exactly happens after that?
    What version of OS X do you have on the iMac (ii) the FW drive?
    Have you booted from the FW before? What kind of drive is it? How did you install OS X on it?
    If the FW and iMac have the same version of OS X on, try this:
    open /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
    select the FW drive at the left
    choose "repair disk"
    choose "repair permissions"
    Try again.
    - cfr

  • Noise when booting from external firewire drive

    When booting from a Maxtor drive with OS10.3.9 to the iMac G5 with Tiger the fan makes a lot of noise. Why?
    When I reboot into Tiger the fan is normal.

    The fans are controlled by code in the OS you boot from. It sounds like the OS you have on your external Maxtor is older then your iMac G5. As a results it may not have the needed fan control code. When that occurs, the Firmware in the iMac, sets the fans to a high speed to ensure your computer will not overheat.
    Tom N.

  • Problems backing up then booting from a firewire drive on Intel Macs

    I wanted to help a friend back up his Macbook and then install Bootcamp.
    I took over my trusty external firewire drive (Makeytec MHD-25 Combo enclosure + Samsung 80Gb HDD).
    So... I ran Disk Utility
    Highlighted the firewire drive, clicked Partitions, named it "Backup". Clicked Options -> GUID -> Partition
    I backed up his computer with SuperDuper onto Backup. SuperDuper automatically makes the drive bootable. At the end Backup was mounted on the desktop and all files are there.
    But Backup wouldn't boot the computer. Instead I got a grey screen for a long time, then the Apple logo with the spinning cog, then after a few more minutes a circle with a bar through it (like a no smoking sign minus the cigarette)
    Things I tried after this....
    Partitioned the drive again, double checking that I had selected GUID
    Erased the drive zeroing out all the data
    Backing up using CCC (with make drive bootable option checked) instead of SuperDuper
    Could not get this drive to boot his computer.
    Then took the drive back home. Tried doing it with my MacMini (same problem)
    Then plugged it into my Powerbook, Partitioned it as Apple Partition Map, ran SuperDuper, rebooted from it fine.
    My conclusion: The drive will boot a G4 just fine, but not an Intel based Mac.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    A workaround:
    The drive enclosure also has support for USB "1.1/2.0", including the ever important cable.
    I reconnected it to the Macbook, partitioned the drive back to GUID, then I used super duper to back the Macbook drive (again!). I used firewire (only because it was much quicker - 6Mb/s vs 2.8Mb/s)
    Once I did the backup, I ejected the external drive, disconnected it, then plugged it back in with USB, then selected it as the start up disk, then hit restart. Machine rebooted just fine although very slowly.
    Still doesn't answer the question of why booting via the firewire port works fine with a G4 mac but not Intel.

  • Problems booting from external firewire drive

    Here's a weird one...
    I'm trying to help a buddy with a 3rd gen MBP and a new WD 'My Studio' firewire external drive.
    He can mount and use the drive but is unable to boot from it. When starting up his machine with option, the drive doesn't show up as selection. The really odd part is the drive does work if plugged in with the USB cable!
    The drive in question DOES work as expected on my 5th gen MBP with firewire. Further, I can stert my MBP in target disc mode and it will function as expected as a bootable external drive for his machine. The system in question was cloned with Carbon Copy Cloner. And again, it boots from my MBP.
    I've tried different sets of cables (even though everything works on my system). I actually had him send the drive back for warranty replacement but of course the new one behaves the same way.
    What could be the cause of apparently certain firewire drives not being bootable (but otherwise working) on a 3rd gen MBP? The intended workflow is to be studio/audio work so using the USB connection for a workaround would not be an option.
    Any clues? Windows is not even installed on any of these machines!

    baltwo wrote:
    FWIW, many WD HDs won't boot Macs and booting Macs isn't supported. Details at their site. That's the main reason I never recommend their crappy HDs.
    Actually I'm very familiar with that list- spent a lot of time looking at this past week! 
    Ironically, the majority of that page is a list of drives which they claim WILL boot Macs.  In fact, the list is entitled "List of Mac-bootable WD external drives..."
    And yep, mine is on there...on the list that reads "The following external hard drives should be bootable on Intel-based Mac computers systems through FireWire (1394a/b)" is "MyBook Studio" as well as my drive model number.
    But that's all beside the point.   Like you, I couldn't recommend their drives at this point.   At least make sure if you buy one that the vendor has a good return policy.

  • Can WinXP be loaded and booted from external firewire drive?

    The subject line probably says it all but:
    Does the recent firmware upgrade and/or BootCamp allow you to install WinXP on an external Firewire drive rather than partitioning the iMac Core Duo's internal drive?
    Intel iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    The other problem is XP itself doesn't support booting from firewire. Even if someone could figure out how to install to an external from bootcamp, you would still have to contend with XP.

  • Indigo iMac 500 Panics when booted from a Firewire drive

    Hi all,
    I have an iMac 500 Indigo and am trying to upgrade i to osx as other in this computer lab. I have been provided with a FireWire drive with a bootup of Tiger and a Panther disk image. Out of 32 computers here only three have ceaced to work. They are all the same 384 MB of RAM I have tried to a restore in FW Target Disk mode with no luck I am now trying to copy the files via classic probibly in vain. So back to the error, I see the computer in the UNIX bootup stage for a few (the grey apple with the progress indicator.) and then I get a Panic written directly to the screen over top of the graphic indicator as seen on older versions of OSX (10.0 10.01 or so)

    The firmware update is a good suggestion to check.
    Here's another thing. You say you have been "provided with" an external firewire drive with Tiger on it. How was that Tiger OS installed on that firewire drive? If it was done on a computer that is not identical to your iMac, then it very well will not be able to boot your iMac. When you install Tiger or Panther or any version of Mac OS X, what is actually installed is a custom version of OS X that is tailored to the specific model of computer you are running at the time. So if the firewire drive has a Mac OS X that was installed, say from a G5, then that drive MIGHT only be able to properly boot that model of G5. It MIGHT be able to boot a G4 or a G3, but I think the odds are against that.
    The reliable way to install OS X is from an OS X CD that is the commercially sold boxed version (not the installation CD that comes with a specific model of Macintosh, and not a firewire drive that has OS X from some other model of Macintosh).

  • IMac 2.8Ghz + booting from external FireWire Drive

    I was wondering if anyone has 'booted' from an external FireWire drive using the FireWire 400 port?
    After going through the issue of reformatting my external drive with the GU-ID partitioning scheme, I found that the drive would mount on the FW400 port but wouldn't boot. In the end I used the FW800 port and the drive booted up first time. On my old PowerBook I could boot from both FW400 & FW800, does anyone know why FW400 doesn't work or is it my iMac?

    If it mounts then you can install OSX or clone OSX and then boot from it. From what you are saying a bootable partition will boot on 400 just not on 800, which is quite odd, I concur.
    Note that they are notorious for needing the right power supply and they all look identical - I had problems of recent with a triple extreme 1 TB on FW 800, and took it to LaCie (a mile from where I work) - they told me I was using the wrong power supply and gave me the right one free. When I got home I did have the right one in a pile with others. 4.2 A vs. 2.2 A and it worked great. And I have a spare free power supply.
    I don't think drivers even enter into it at all with firewire, e.g. drive specific drivers.

  • Stupid question: force booting from external FireWire drive

    My PowerBook is refusing to boot from it's hard drive (flashing ?/folder), which I'll be attempting to repair using DiskWarrior, etc.
    But it's also not finding and booting from the OS X installed on my external FireWire drive (which it could do under normal circumstances). How do I force it to do that given that I'm unable to set the Start Up Volume in the normal manner?
    PowerBook G4 17" 1.5GHz 512MB 80GB   Mac OS X (10.3.6)  

    Thanks for your response. I've been through the usual stuff as in your reference and I eventually got it to boot off the external HD by just leaving it long enough - it took maybe 10-15 minutes. I'm booted from it now. I hadn't thought of using the Startup Manager, but will try to remember next time.
    As for the internal HD, it's looking like it's dead - neither Disk Warrior nor Data Rescue II seem to be able to see it. I tried Disk Utility from the external HD, but it doesn't see it and nor does the Profiler. Maybe it's just a loose connection internally. There is a noise coming from the PB from about just under the division between the left hand rest and the speaker. It sort of sounds like a disk continually being read or written - ie. a sort of very rapid clicking, but I don't think it's the HD. And I don't think it's the fan. Anyone with any ideas before I call AppleCare?
    I did have a very similar problem a few weeks ago (http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=1465680#1465680), but Disk Warrior fixed it apparently with next to no problems. I was going to wipe the drive at the weekend & reinstall, but didn't get round to it in the end ... Fortunately I had a backup this time and was able to restore my user simply by copying it.

  • Booting from a Firewire Drive

    Hi there -
    I'm trying to install Leopard from an external firewire drive (Sony 810UL). It comes up in the Start-up disk opions as well as the simple 'Resart to install Leopard' on the deskop.
    Problem is - when I restart, my Powerbook won't recognise the drive.
    Any clues?

    Is there something wrong with your '12 PowerBook G4's internal optical drive? I had an experience where my '12 PowerBook G4 wouldn't recognize my iLife '05 DVD-ROM. Resetting the PMU fixed it for me. You might want to try that to see if it gets the internal optical drive working again. Here's a link to the Apple Knowledge Base article that describes how to reset the PMU: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=14449. If that doesn't work your internal optical drive may have dirt on the laser lens. If so running a cleaning CD in the optical drive should dislodge the dirt & enable it read discs again.

  • Booting from external Firewire drive.

    Hello there.
    I got a brand new 17" 2g intel iMac and I'm very happy with it.
    However I missed my 2 internal drives so I bought another firewire drive to make backups, having an emergency system, etc.
    But apparently I can't install a system with this external drive (nor in the second ext. drive I got).
    Is this a common issue? Do I have to do something?
    (I'm using the Installer CD I got with the iMac).

    It is important to note that a traditional APM partition can, in fact, boot an Intel Mac - I have done it on numerous occasions. Specifically,
    - A GUID partition is required to install (new) an Intel version of 10.4.x. If the partition is APM, the installer will not recognize it as bootable and will not allow for installation. In this case, the GUID format is required.
    - an APM partition can be used to boot the Intel as long as it is cloned.
    I've used (and continue to use) Mike Bombich's Carbon Copy Cloner. Despite being a PPC app, it works as expected. I tested this when I first received my Intel iMac since I would inevitably need to use one drive (with multiple partitions of course) to boot a mixture of PPC and Intel Macs at work. As such, I have one external Firewire drive with 3 APM partitions - 1 with 10.3.9 (PPC) for labs that still run Panther, 1 partition with 10.4.x for labs that have upgraded and 1 partition with 10.4.x Intel for the 1 lab where the new Macs are slowly being integrated.

  • Booting from external Firewire drive--possible?

    If I add a USB/Firewire card to my Beige G3 minitower (300MHz), can I then boot from an external Firewire hard drive on which I have installed Panther? A comment by Tina Garfield in another thread seems to suggest this is indeed possible. (I didn't want to "threadjack" that discussion, so I created this new one. I hope Tina sees it and can help me.)
    Tina wrote the following:
    Having Firewire allows you to have external drives,
    which you will be able to boot from, and make
    backups and maintenance especially easy.
    I was under the impression that the Beige G3 can't see iadd-on Firewire/USB cards until the machine has booted from the internal hard drive. I really hope I am wrong! If it is indeed possible to have the machine recognize the external drive at startup, and there is something I need to do to enable this, please let me know.

    Hi GeeKay,
    Ditto to everything Grant posted, with an extra reminder to be sure to download XPostFacto 3.1 and not version 4. I believe on the XPF page ( http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/XPostFacto/Framework.cfm?page=XPostFacto3.ht ml ), the download for 3.1 is a little bit down the page.
    If/when you buy an external FW drive be sure it has an Oxford chipset. If the description does not include mention of the the Oxford chipset, I would strongly recommend finding another external drive that does specify this. Our Beiges are very particular about what they will accept for external booting, and the Oxford chipset is a critical component.
    Also, I've found, since I do partition my external firewire drives, that I can boot only from the first partition of the external drive, similar to the behavior of our internal drives. In addition, with one of my Beiges, my "helper" disk that I specify to XPostFacto to allow me to boot externally must be the first partition of my internal drive.
    I don't believe that you can actually INSTALL to an external drive. I simply cloned my internal drive's system over to the FW drive. This can be done with software such as the free Silverkeeper ( http://www.lacie.com/silverkeeper/ ) or with shareware SuperDuper ( http://www.shirt-pocket.com/ ) which are both great for all backups. I happen to prefer SuperDuper because of its redundancy -- it explains EVERY step before you take it and then, even after you tell it to go ahead, it asks you again to be sure That's what you want to do.
    Once set up, however, it is extremely cool, and helpful, to be able to boot externally. If your external drive is dual USB/FW, you will only be able to boot when connected via Firewire. None of the Beiges are USB-bootable.
    Hope this helps, and keep us posted,

  • Panic when booting from external firewire drive

    Hi all
    I have just returned from holidays to the following problem:
    While I was away a colleague upgraded a PowerMac G5 from OS X 10.3 to OS X 10.5.1 . He also upgraded an OS X 10.4 installation on an external firewire drive to 10.4.11 while connected to the G5. Now suddenly the 10.4.11 installation on the external firewire drive will not boot when connected to the PowerMac G5 - it kernel panics almost immediately. However it will still boot when connected to a PowerMac G4.
    Has anybody seen or experienced this? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    My colleague has just decided to format and recreate the OS installation on the external drive.

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