Why won't my MacBook Pro connect to my wifi?

I have a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8.5.  My ISP is BT Vision so have a open reach fibre modem and a BT HomeHub. All my other wifi devices (iPhone 4S, 5S and Ipad 3) connect to my home network and internet first time every time! However, my MacBook is extremely temperamental.
When the laptop does connect to the internet it takes a random combination of restarting and turning the wifi on and off. If the laptop is left to connect on its own it either takes an extended period of time (30mins) or it simply won't connect. I have looked through the wifi settings but can't see any reason why the laptop won't connect. The wifi network is visible all he time.
Any ideas?

I know how to solve this problem had the same issue, its basically because you BTHome hub runs a 5GHz frequency a long with a 2GHz frequency and for some reason your mac tries to connect to that even though they dont have the techologies will allow them to run on that frequency, making you not connect to the internet. To fix this log into your homehub settings onlin by going to http://bthomehub.home/then going to advanced settings, wireless which should be under it and then click on the 5GHz and turn it off or rename  it and click apply. So you can make your laptop connect to the correct frequency. IF you can connect to the internet on your laptop then you can still do the same steps and process on your phone or any device that connects your BThomehub.

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  • Why won't my Macbook pro connect to the internet, yet my desktop PC will?

    My 13 inch Macbook Pro was purchased back in March of this year, but recently I've been unable to connect to the internet. Within the network settings it says that my Airport is on and has a self assigned IP and that both the ethernet and firewire are not connected. Yet when on my desktop PC, everything seems to be working fine. I've concluded that it couldn't be my router, at least I'm pretty confident it's not.
    I've tried the usual reboot, unplug router routine but it still won't budge.
    Please help!

    Just connected my ethernet cable directly to my macbook, and the internet is working fine. So is this an issue with my router then?

  • Why won't my macbook air connect to my wifi, but I have no problems with other devices?

    I can't seem to connect my macbook air to the internet.  I have no problem with my regular mac.  What could the problem be?

    Let us know what any error message is. Otherwise some general things you can try is creating a new network location in System Preferences > Network. Also you can reset the network settings by deleting /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and restart the computer.

  • HT5616 Why won't my MacBook Pro 10.9.2 take my Apple ID to sign into iCloud?

    Why won't my MacBook Pro 10.9.2 take my Apple ID to sign into iCloud?
    I've verified my Apple ID and iCloud is working on my iPad with this same Apple ID.

    I have the same problem. After updating to 10.9.2
    My ipad and iphone works perfect. It's a certificate problem. Try to reset the keychain http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5813
    Didn't work for me, so I'm calling apple support or maybe reinstall maverick if they can't solved it
    Maybe it works for you :-)

  • Why won't my MACBOOK PRO charge anymore

    Why won't my MACBOOK PRO charge anymore, I am living in China and my 8 month old MACBOOK PRO won't take a charge!! It has now gone flat and I am out of a computer. I bought a new charger but that didn't work. This is ridiculous!!

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    To check that the battery is damaged, open System Information or System Profiler (in /Applications/Utilities), choose Power in the sidebar, and copy here "Charge Information" and "Health Information". You can also check your battery status in the battery menu, on the menu bar. If its status is Replace Now or Service Battery, take your MacBook Pro to an Apple Store or reseller to have the battery replaced for free.
    If you don't see any of those messages, do a SMC reset > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964

  • Macbook Pro connects to campus wifi but suddenly Safari/Mozilla will not load anymore.

    I've had my MacBook Pro for a while now, it's still running Leopard, but that hasn't been a problem. I woke up yesterday morning and the Airport says its connected to the campus network, but when I open Safari/Mozilla/Mail, it will not load, and eventually says that the server will not respond.
    I have connected to this network for over a year with no changes/problems
    it literally happened overnight. I left my computer to sleep like I always do and when I woke it up in the morning, the internet wouldn't load.
    internet works when I use an Ethernet cable
    my roommate is sitting next to me with her newer macbook pro connected to the same network that is fucntioning just fine. So it's not the network (not that I could do anything to it if it was)
    I've restarted, turned off Airport and turned it back on, deleted network preferences, put in the exact same IP address that my roommate has (hers is different from mine, but mine will not connect with the one she is connected to)...

    I solved my issue and I believe it was router related. I have a router through Verizon and their Fios service. My router was old so I caled for a replacement. when I received thereplacement I switched it the router to only accept 802.11n and this did the trick. Problem solved, stupid router.

  • Why won't my Macbook Pro recognize (and connect to) a printer on same WiFi network as my Mac.

    My Macbook Pro was connected and printing to my WiFi network just fine.  However, I started getting an error message saying my printer was not connected.  I checked my printer and it is still connected to wirelss network and the printer test confirmed it was with a strong signal. I have turned off and restarted both the printer and Macbook but I am still getting the same error and it will not print. I decided to delete the printer and add it back, however, when I tried to add it my Macbook didn't list this device or my label maker that is also connected to the network.  It is as though my Mac is not recognizing any devices on the network.  Could I have a setting wrong on my Macbook?  My notebook is connected to the network and it is working.  Both my printing devices show they are connected to the same network.  Help!  I would appreciate any suggestions !

    I had almost the same thing happen the other day - kept getting a message that my printer was not connected. I went to the printer setup on the printer's panel and the IP address was correct, everything looked as if it should be working. So I just reset my router - figuring that would fix the problem. No go. What I finally ended up doing was resetting my router to factory settings and setting it up anew.
    And that's what worked for me.

  • HT204350 Why won't my MacBook Pro recognize the connected USB external drive when trying to 'Transfer Information to this Mac'?

    I recently bought a second-hand MacBook Pro (mid-2010, i7, I'll call this New Mac).  I want to transfer my accounts and data from the first MacBook Pro (mid-2010, i5, I'll call this Old Mac).  I took a Time Machine Backup of the Old Mac, using an external USB drive.  After erasing the drive and installing Maverick on the New Mac, I attached the USB drive to the New Mac and began the setup. 
    At the step "Transfer Information to this Mac", the Mac just gives me a nice spinning icon next to "Looking for source...".  Apparently it cannot find the USB drive.
    How do I fix this?  I don't want to setup a new user on the New Mac, I want to migrate my old users from the Old Mac.

    See if you can inherit the backup.
    Inherit a Backup
    Inherit a Backup (2)
    Another option would be to clone your old Mac and copy the clone. That would leave your old Mac with a backup and you can start a new one with the new Mac.
    Clone  - Carbon Copy Cloner          (Often recommended as it has more features than some others)
    Clone – Data Backup
    Clone – Deja Vu
    Clone  - SuperDuper
    Clone - Synk
    Clone Software – 6 Applications Tested

  • Why won't my Macbook Pro charge?

    All of a sudden, my Macbook Pro won't charge. I believe it has something to do with the charger, it no longer charges when my Macbook is off, and rarely when it is on, even! Sometimes it will start charging but only if the computer-connecting end is in a very specific position. Sometimes, not at all. I've tried changing power outlets, and restarting the computer. Also, the aforementioned end has a couple scratches, but doesn't appear to have any serious external damage. I've seen the prices of new chargers, and I'm really hoping to avoid buying a new one. Also, is there anything I could've done to mess up the charger? And how can I make my Macbook charge normally again? Please help!

    try unplugging the adapter from the wall and mac for 1 minute, then plug it back in and see what happens.  you can also try resetting the SMC.If you live near an Apple store, it can't hurt to bring the mac to and the charger to get it diagnosed.  Alternativley, you can purchase a refurbished charger.

  • Why won't my MacBook Pro start up? White screen and flashing question mark.

    I've had my MacBook Pro for almost 2 years now and I installed OS X 10.8 about 4 months ago.
    Today I turned the MacBook Pro on and a white screen with a flashing question mark appeared. I tried then getting the startup manager up: turning on the laptop and immediately holding in alt (option). But nothing appeared for about 25 seconds until a rotating Earth labelled 'Internet recovery' appeared that gave me options to join wireless connections. However, my internet wasn't in the options and when I tried typing in the information required to join my internet the laptop would just load and never find it.
    I then tried putting in my Mac OS X install DVD (10.6.7) and help in C until the apple logo appeared on the screen and the little rotating loading circle appeared. That then disappeared and a cicle with a cross through it appeared (similar to a no entry sign). Then after about 30 seconds a blue screen followed by a grey screen appeared until eventually the disc ran properly. I then went into Disk Utility but there was no option called Macintosh HD, only the discs content. It wouldn't let me first aid, erase or repair anything.
    I'm totally stumped and have 4 exams at university within the next 2 weeks. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out here?
    Best wishes,

    The support article linked below is somewhat outdated. Where it refers to starting up from an installation disc, you should instead start up in Recovery by holding down the key combination command-R at the chime. Release the keys when you see a gray screen with a spinning dial.
    If you don't have a current backup of all the data on the startup volume, and you want to preserve that data, then you must try to back up before you do anything else. Ask for instructions if you need them.
    Note: You need an always-on Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet to reinstall OS X from Recovery, if necessary. It won’t work with USB or PPPoE modems, or with proxy servers, or with networks that require a certificate for authentication.
    A flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac

  • Why won't my macbook pro play youtube videos?

    Why wont my macbook pro play youtube videos????
    I bought this over the summer and it's now Nov 28th. I've had it with this thing and nobody is answering my question! Please help!
    I reset safari, emptied my cache, cleared my history, uninstalled and re-installed flash player and nothing has helped. In fact, un/reinstalling flash player worsened the problem. And I cannot update it becuase it says "not recognized".
    I do have avast anti-virus: but I can't fix the warnings in it (after I scan, some warnings popup and it wont let me fix it and I have no idea where to find it in the computer itself). Does this have anything to do with it? I need virus protection, so I dont want to get rid of it.
    I do not have the money to buy firefox (and it's never worked for me ever anyways).
    I know it's not my internet because my dad's pc works great and my sister's mac (for school) loads youtube videos instantly.
    I also have this annoying issue where every page on the interned needs to be reloaded three times before itll load the first time. It sits there for five minutes and does nothing, then I reload the page and BAM its loaded: EXCEPT YOUTUBE.
    For a $1400 machine, I'd like to know what and why this is happening.

    mariposasss wrote:
    Why wont my macbook pro play youtube videos????
    Perhaps there is something wrong with your software and/or a corrupt cache file outside of the browser.
    I reset safari, emptied my cache, cleared my history, uninstalled and re-installed flash player and nothing has helped. In fact, un/reinstalling flash player worsened the problem. And I cannot update it because it says "not recognized".
    Hmm hard to tell what's causing this. May have to do a process of elimination to cure everything on the machine.
    I do have avast anti-virus: but I can't fix the warnings in it (after I scan, some warnings popup and it wont let me fix it and I have no idea where to find it in the computer itself). Does this have anything to do with it? I need virus protection, so I dont want to get rid of it.
    Uninstall the anti-virus, they always cause issues on Mac's.
    You say you need anti-virus, so install the free ClamXav, it's a program you run as you need it, because 99% of the malware out there is for Windows and won't run on a Mac, thus you can just run ClamXav when you need it on where you need it. Won't bugger up the machine.
    I do not have the money to buy firefox (and it's never worked for me ever anyways).
    Firefox is a free web browser by the open source community, it's very powerful and highly customizable with more add-ons, extensions, personas, themes than any other browser. Some things  can be done on Firefox can't be done on any other browser at all. Certainly for someone who is a bit more seasoned to use it fully.
    I know it's not my internet because my dad's pc works great and my sister's mac (for school) loads youtube videos instantly.
    I also have this annoying issue where every page on the interned needs to be reloaded three times before itll load the first time. It sits there for five minutes and does nothing, then I reload the page and BAM its loaded: EXCEPT YOUTUBE.
    For a $1400 machine, I'd like to know what and why this is happening.
    You mentioned your "dad" and you've mentioned a delay loading pages and not YouTube at all.
    Are you by any chance the Administrator of the computer? Can you install Firefox if you wanted too just as a experiment or does it ask for a Admin name and password and you can't provide it?
    "Nannyware" has the ability to block sites and slow down page draws as it's consulting with the nannyware company if that site is suitable to be loaded on your machine.
    If your are the Admin of the machine, then your going to have to methodically go through the fix it list I've generated here to resolve your issue as I cant' tell what's causing your problem specifically behind a screen.
    If it's too much for you, take the machine to a local Mac/PC software repair shop and they can fix you up.
    I suspect by #12 your machine will be fixed.
    Step by Step to fix your Mac

  • Why won't my macbook pro recognize my replaced lcd screen?

    I replaces a cracked lcd screen in my unibody macbook pro early 2011. Under About this Mac, Displays, I could still see the old monitor plus the external monitor I was using with thunderbolt port. After changing out to a new lcd, and reassemblying the mac body, the computer did not recognize the new monitor. Why? I only connected the lvds cable to the motherboard and did not completely close the unibody and rehook up the camera and some other cabling which I think is unrelated to the display. I think that with only the lvds cable connected to the new lcd screen, it should light up and show up under displays. No?

    You can try VLC, I belive it supports playback for AVCHD. It I am wrong, it's free, so no harm no foul. You can find it and videolan.org.
    As for iMovie, it should recognize AVCHD, unless your camera has some sort of new or proprietary version of the AVCHD codec, in which case you can only cross your fingers and hope Apple updates iMovie as there is no codec plug-in architecture to expand iMovies native support.

  • Why won't my macbook pro accept both 4gb Ram, It will only use a 4gb and a 2gb?

    I have a mid 2009 2.6 Ghz 15" macbook pro, and recently purchased two samsund ddr3 4gb 1600hz 204 pin RAM. I removed my two 2gb standard Ram from my macbook pro, and inserted the two 4gb Ram. When I turned the computer one it began using its 3 beep sequence as if the Ram fail, so I removed one 4gb Ram and reinserted a 2gb Ram and the computer started. It said I had total 6 gb ram.  I am wonderind why It won't accept both of the 4gb Ram.

    Exactly what Kappy and Stedman1 states.
    The RAM you purchased is way out of specs for what you need.
    Go and return or exchange them for either a set of Crucial, Corsair, Mushkin or Kingston (non value) RAM.

  • Why won't my MacBook Pro's screen turn on?

    Why won't my Mac Book Pro's screen turn on at start up?

    Test after taking each of the following steps that you haven't already tried. Stop when the problem is resolved. Back up all data before making any changes.
    Sometimes the cause of the problem may be an outage in Apple's network, in which case none of the steps below will have any effect. You just have to wait for the outage to be fixed. That should rarely, if ever, take more than a few hours.
    Step 1
    Sign in to the App Store by selecting Sign In from the Store menu. If you're already signed in, sign out and then sign in again.
    Step 2
    Log out or restart the computer.
    Step 3
    Remove or disable "LittleSnitch" or any similar third-party software that blocks outgoing network connections according to the developer's instructions.
    Step 4
    Start up in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem.
    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or earlier, or if a firmware password is set, or if the startup volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to start up and run than normal, with limited graphics performance, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and Wi-Fi on certain models. The next normal startup may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually login automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    After testing, restart as usual (not in safe mode.)
    Step 5
    If possible, connect to a different network and test.
    Step 6
    There are reports that resetting the PRAM may solve the problem in some cases. I can't confirm.

  • Why can't my Macbook Pro connect to iPhone 5 in any way (lightning cable, Wi-Fi)?

    I have a Macbook Pro, I bought it in June or July or 2011, so I'm not sure which model that makes it. But anyway, just recently, I noticed that when I plug my iPhone 5 into it, it does not recognize or acknowledge that my phone is plugged in at all. It doesn't show up in iTunes, or anywhere else for that matter. I've also noticed that with the lightning cable, it will only charge my phone on one side. I've tried plugging my cable into both usb ports, but still, the lightning cable only works on one side. I tried another cable, same thing, but when I plug both of them into my wall charger, both sides work fine.
    So after my Macbook didn't recognize the phone through the cable, I just thought "eh, whatever, I'll wirelessly sync it." So I go to the settings on my phone, go to iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, and it says "Sync will resume when "Austin *****'s MacBook Pro is available." but no matter what I do, the computer never becomes available. I've considered that it might be the phone that's the problem, because I don't have another computer to test it on, but I don't see how it could as I just got this iPhone 5 just over a month ago, and it has not been dropped, or gotten water on it or anything. If anyone can help that would be amazing, as the employees at the Apple Store like to always tell me I have to buy something new, and that isn't an option right now.

    Shut down the computer.
    Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.
    On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.
    Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.
    Press the power button to turn on the computer. 
    Note: The LED on the MagSafe power adapter may change states or temporarily turn off when you reset the SMC.

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