Will AIR ac power cord work for Mac Book Pro?

will AIR ac power cord work for Mac Book Pro? I've lost my MBP cord.

No. It does not provide sufficient power for a MBP unless you have a 13" model that uses a 60 watt adaptor.

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  • Headphones do not work for Mac Book Pro on Windows 7

    Can any one give me an advice what can be a solution to this situation when I plug in my headphones in Windows 7 and there is no sound in the headphones. Though it all reports working fine in Sound on Control Panel. I tired ti reinstall sound card drivers from install DVD (Cirrus and Rialtek I found there) but it did not help.
    Pls advice if you know an answer!

    Same problem here but only with old speaker or headphone, not with my new one.

  • Why can not you thought of improving the design of power adapters for mac book pro from damage so easily?

    why can not you thought of improving the design of power adapters for mac book pro from damage so easily?

    I congratulate you. you are very lucky because I hurt my less than two years taking all possible care. and have found that this has happened to many people more

  • I downloaded the new software for mac book pro with retina and the office doesn't work

    I downloaded the new software for mac book pro with retina and the office doesn't work

    cynthia alia wrote:
    I downloaded...
    ... but did you INSTALL it?
    Office::2008 was drag & drop, but Office::2011 has an installer you need to run.

  • Windows Radius / NPS not working with mac book pro 10.9.4 wired

    I'm trying to get my Radius windows server 2012 working with the correct setting for using 802.1x wired connection for the mac book pro. The only issue I'm having is there is not much setting in the mac book pro. I'm not sure what need to setup on the sever to make it connect correctly and assign it to the correct vlan when it's authenticated.
    Here are some screen shoots for my mac book pro
    So I've got it up to a point where I have this issue and here is my screen shots setting:
    So the above are my windows 2012 screen shot settings.
    On the mac book pro, I'm getting a prompted about adding certificate and I've added that into the laptop and then I need to put the username and password information. I put the following:
    [email protected] and the password.
    I'm current working with someone at HP on the switch settings, everything looks good.
    I know the following:
    1. Wireshark: shows server is getting request from the switch but it's not accepting them here are my logs on the NPS:
    RAD01  6274    Information      Microsoft Windows security auditing.   Security            2014-08-21 12:40:24 PM
    Here is the detail of the machine:
    Network Policy Server discarded the request for a user.
    Contact the Network Policy Server administrator for more information.
    Security ID:                              S-1-5-21-2690993882-1154983957-2264505580-1328
    Account Name:                         [email protected]
    Account Domain:                                  LCS
    Fully Qualified Account Name:  LCS\username
    Client Machine:
    Security ID:                              S-1-0-0
    Account Name:                         -
    Fully Qualified Account Name:  -
    OS-Version:                             -
    Called Station Identifier:                      b4-39-d6-ec-2c-00
    Calling Station Identifier:                     ac-7f-3e-e6-32-34
    NAS IPv4 Address:                   xx.xx.xx.xx
    NAS IPv6 Address:                   -
    NAS Identifier:                         5412zl-xxx-xxxxswithname
    NAS Port-Type:                                    Ethernet
    NAS Port:                                 170
    RADIUS Client:
    Client Friendly Name:               HP Procurve 5412zl switch
    Client IP Address:                                xx.xx.xx.xx
    Authentication Details:
    Connection Request Policy Name:       Secure Wired (Ethernet) Connections
    Network Policy Name:              Secure Wired (Ethernet) Connections
    Authentication Provider:                      Windows
    Authentication Server:             rad01.xxx.xxx.ca
    Authentication Type:                EAP
    EAP Type:                                -
    Account Session Identifier:                  -
    Reason Code:                          1
    Reason:                                               An internal error occurred. Check the system event log for additional information.
    Again I don't know what's the correct setting the default 802.1x for mac book pro, but it should correct.
    I'm also not sure what the internal error message is regarding about. The switch should automatically put me to vlan 7
    Can you some please help out what the correct authentication method for mac 10.9.4.

    Flash Player is a browser add-on, not a standalone application.
    You can test if the player is correctly installed at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

  • Is there i cloud for Mac Book Pro?

    How can I download i cloud for my Mac Book Pro?

    Ernie Hempel wrote:
    is there an app for mac book pro to make his program work
    Yes, install Flash, right here.
    Keep it updated, check here
    or here
    Tell your son never to install Flash from non-Adobe websites
    Flash and Silverlight are what's called web browser plug-ins that allow viewing of content on a lot of websites, it's so one format can be used with many different operating systems, computers and web browsers.
    So once you install Flash (or Silverlight if you use Netflix) then it's used by all web browsers you may have installed.
    However Flash can be used as a exploit angle, so  sure to keep it updated and not install it juts because a web site says so, bookmark the link above so you always download it from there.
    (I won't trick you, I would be banned if I did, plus Apple knows where I live.)

  • HT1338 how to install ms office work on mac book pro ?

    i want to install ms office work in mac book pro eg word , excel , powerpoint n all ... can someone please help me how to get this one ?

    You have to buy it from Microsoft
    or from a retailer that sell it.  Looks like even the Apple Store sells it...
    If you don't speciflcally need Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can consider iWork from Apple, which is available from the Mac App Store
    Pages - Numbers -  Keynote
    You can also consider "clones" of MS Office

  • I need a link to buy online battery for Mac Book Pro 15" late 2008. Can't find this battery in the Apple Store...

    I need a link to buy online battery for Mac Book Pro 15" late 2008. Can't find this battery in the Apple Store...Battery: Model No. A1281 10.8 V 50 Wh.

    The only place that you can get an Apple battery is from Apple.  All of the counterfeiter's will claim that they have an OEM battery for the simple reason so that they can fool you in purchasing from them.
    At least from OWC you know exactly what you will be purchasing and they have a one year warranty.  I have purchased two from them, one for my 2006 MBP and one for my 2010 MBP.

  • Where do i find microsoft explorer 7 for mac book pro?

    where can i download microsoft explorer 7 for Mac Book Pro 15'', (Intel)?

    Internet Explorer (which I assume you are refering to) is no longer available for Mac, and won't work on recent Mac OS.
    Latest version was Internet Explorerr 5 and was a PowerPC application, and therefore required Rosetta to work.
    I'm afriad virtualisation or some sort of WinAPI translator is your only way. You can also always dual-boot your Mac with Windows via Boot camp.

  • I have a Mac book pro with regular drive, I want to replace the drive with SSD, so can I do t for Mac book pro purchased in 2012 and which SSD is recommended. I am looking for 500 to 700GB SSD.

    I have a Mac book pro(13 inch non-retina, i7) with regular drive, I want to replace the drive with SSD, so can I do it for Mac book pro purchased in 2012 and which SSD is recommended.
    I am looking for 500 to 700GB SSD.

    Upgrading your MacBook Pro with a Solid State Drive...
    ...call back with any questions.

  • PDF files will not open or download on my mac book pro

    pdf files will not open or download on my mac book pro, cannot read bank statements etc. Any solutions would be grear

    Did you try using a different browser?

  • Do we need anti virus softwares for Mac book pro?

    do we need antivirus softwares for mac book pro?

    That is a complex question, whose answer depends greatly on you. See my Mac Malware Guide for the information you need to protect yourself and to make a decision about anti-virus software.

  • Replacement Keyboard keys for Mac Book Pro 17in 2007

    I have just broken the tabs off the back of my f10 key of my macbook Pro 17 inch which I got in 2007, and was wondering is there anyway of getting a replacement key as i use f10 quite a lot in my work

    Just google your topic: "Replacement Keyboard keys for Mac Book Pro 17"

  • Do we need antivirus for mac book pro?

    do i need antivirus for mac book pro?

    See Here  >  Antivirus Discussion
    More Info Here...
    Mac OS X tends to look after itself...
    To keep your Mac Happy...
    See Here...
    Mac OS X: About background maintenance tasks

  • Where is app search on iTunes for Mac Book Pro

    Where is the "search" button on iTunes App store for Mac Book Pro?

    If you are looking for apps for your MacBook Pro, you would be best served by looking in the App Store.
    Apple logo (top left) > dropdown menu > App store.   The search box is top right corner.

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