Will the A1347 MacMini work with a Thunderbolt display 27 inch?

I have a Thunderbolt diplay 27 inch. I would like to know if a Mac Mini 2010( MC270LL/A) Model A1347 display port be use to turn on diplay?

No the 2010 does not, only the 2011 and 2012 Mac Mini models support Thunderbolt.

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    Some one please clear this up for me, it could be answered in the simplestterms from the English Language of course.
    I've recently purchased the Linksys WRT160N however after purchase "of course"I manage to find reviews stating that the router will not work with the WindowsVista Premium, or windows Vista for that matter.
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    It should work with vista without any issues if you are running any software on the computers (64 bit) from linksys it may not work but if you will connect that computer with an ethernet to the router it should work fine.

  • Will the airport extreme work with Iphone 4 and Ipod 3 gen without a pc or mac.

    will the airport extreme work with Iphone 4 and Ipod 3 gen without a pc or mac.

    You can setup an Airport device using the Apple Airport Utility for iPhone
    Download it for free in the App Store on your iPhone...
    It's under "Utilities" and the "Top Free" utilities.

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  • Will the Intel SSD work with my particular computer

    I am considering installing an Intel® - OEM X25-M Mainstream 80GB Internal Serial ATA II Solid State Hard Drive in my MacBook Pro 2.2 ghz Intel Duo Core computer (late 2007 model) and I am wondering if it will be compatible and if anyone has had any experience with installing an SSD in an earlier MacBook Pro. Current hard drive is a Hitachi 160GB 5400 rpm drive with less than 1/4 of capacity used. I tried Google and I have gotten conflicting info. I am wondering if there is any issues with the above mentioned drive with older MacBook pros.

    I believe it should work fine.
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  • Will the canon mg2100 work with an e-machines computer

    I have an Emachine computer and I was wanting to know if the canon inkjet photo all-in-one MG2100 printer will work with my computer.  Thank you.   Ben

    Hi Christmas!
    To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what operating system you are connecting your printer to. That way, community will be able to assist you with suggestions appropriate for your product.

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    It's not clear to me if the Muvo will work with Napster or Yahoo music. If it doesn't I wonder why you guys bother selling them. Will Zencast work with it as well? I just bought one for my girlfriend for Christmas and I'm already begining to be frustrated by the limitations.

    They will work with some download stores, just not those that use subscription music. Subscription introduces a new method of licensing the files which expires with time, so it requires what is described as a "secure clock" on the player. The older and simpler players don't have these.
    But you can still use normal licensed WMA tracks. Have a look in this thread for some of the places you can get music.
    Zencast is presumably just Podcast style content, which is normally not licensed.

  • Will the deskjet 1010 work with windows 10?

    I'm going to upgrade to Windows 10, just checking to see if my Deskjet 1010 is going to go there with me. Currently running this on Windows 7. The Deskjet 1010 is perfect for the little bit of printing I do, I don't want to change printers if I don't have to.

    Hi, Thank you for posting in the HP Support Forum. As mentioned here :  Most applications and hardware drivers designed for Windows 7 or later should work with Windows 10 Windows 10 is not officially released yet. Unless officially released drivers, no official support is present. At the moment, no official guarantee can be provided. However, I am sure it will work properly. Windows 10 should recognise it automatically.

  • Will the Pinnacle MovieBox work with iMovie '08?

    I am currently using the latest MacBook, and would like to capture my old VHS tapes into iMovie '08 for editing. Is the Pinnacle MovieBox compatible with the MacBook and iMovie '08?

    I found the Pinnacle MovieBox grainy, choppy, and low quality.
    I did this using iMovie 06 and iDVD 08.
    iMovie 06 is a free download to iLife 08 owners. (THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!)
    I use both iMovie 08 and iMovie 06, if I want to make a DVD I much prefer iMovie 06. iMovie 08 is not as DVD friendly as iMovie 06.
    iMovie 08 has replaced "Share to iDVD" with "Share to media browser". Also iMovie 08 cannot set chapter markers, this has to be done with another program.
    To get your VHS video into iMovie, look at the Canopus ADVC300. Audio and Video go in, FireWire comes out. It also comes with a nice Macintosh application that works flawlessly with iMovie 06 and iDVD 08 (not sure about iMovie 08).
    The program that comes with the ADVC300 has some nice filters that can improve video and audio of the source material. The ADVC300 will take Audio and Video from any source and convert it to FireWire (iMovie will treat it like a camera).

  • Just upgraded from a PC to a iMAC, will the PC code work with the Mac to install PSE12 ?

    I will be picking up my new iMAC tomorrow and would like to know if the serial number from my PC version of PSE 12 will work with the iMac ??  I am the original owner of PSE 12
    and I'd hate waste more money on something that I don't have to do... and i really can't afford to buy the new version of PSE...
    Please let me know ASAP.....
    WT(ted) Sommer
    [email protected]

    It depends on the type of your purchase.  If you bought the boxed version then it must have come with medias for PCs as well as MACs.  If this is so then YES your serial number will work with either systems.
    If, however, you bought a download version from Adobe website, or your boxed version did not come with both medias then the answer is NO.  the serial in this case won't work with MAC version.
    Hope this clarifies the current situation as known to us here.
    Good luck.

  • Will the latest firefox work with hp simple pass?

    I have been avoiding updating Firefox to the latest version because the last time I did so, my HP Simple Pass stopped working with Firefox. I'd like some assurance that they will work together in the newest version.

    Check with HP support for that type of assurance.

  • Will the digitial adapter work with this ca

    I'm currently using the on-board Motherboard sound card because it has an SPDIF output (digital coax) that I can send to both the local receiver, and the receiver in my theater. I have the onboard card set to send both analog and digital audio out via that spdif so I can play mp3's or games, or movies I have saved on the computer in the theater.
    My dilema is that using onboard soundcards often turn up problems with video games. Choppy games, and crashes can occur due to the poorly designed motherboard drivers for the onboard soundcard, even when using the most up to date audio drivers.
    I have one of the original Sound Blaster LIVE! cards model CT4830. It has a yellow port that looks like a standard mini /8th inch audio jack (like the others). It has the exact same depth as the other 4 ports on the card, and looking at the solder points, it appears that it has less solder points on it than the other connectors.
    So here's the questions:
    . Can I use this card and use a RCA to /8th mini connector adapter to get Digital Coax out of this card, or does it require some special adapter cable?
    2. If I can use the above adapter and make it work for digital coax, can I send ALL audio to that port, including analog audio, or will it only pass digital audio to it and not convert analog to digital?
    3. The internal ports you can connect to on this card are: TAD, CD_IN, and AUX_IN. There isn't a port on CD_SPDIF. Due to that factor, if both of the above questions are yes, will this unit process digital audio (such as DTS or AC3) through the IDE channel and into this card from the CD/DVD player that's onboard, so that this card will send the DTS feed to my receiver, or will some additional tweaks be nessecary to make that happen?

    Hi droided,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
    I’m sorry to inform you that A2107 is not MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) compatible, so that the cable that you have specified in the post will not work with the Tablet.
    Do post us back for further queries.
    Best Regards
    Shiva Kumar
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  • Will the iphone 5 work with the 4G network in Belgium?

    I am very happy with the iPhone 5, love it, but today the Belgian Operator made the 4G network available in some major cities,
    but it seems Apple has to "enable" the 4G capabilities for the iPhones in Belgium...
    I bought mine directly through the Apple store.  I wonder will it work with the 4G network here ? Anyone using it in 4G mode here in Belgium?
    Also if someone at Apple reads this (I hope they do) Siri in Dutch would be super!!! I love Siri but now I have to talk very strange to make
    Dutch names understandable for Siri :-)
    kind regards to all

    "4G" is a marketing term, not a technical term.
    The iPhone 5 can operate on any compatible HSPA+ network anywhere in the world. HSPA+ is defined by the ITU as "4G" and is marketed as such by many carriers. The only iPhones I'm aware of that display "4G" in the status bar are those originally intended for AT&T in the U.S.
    LTE is also defined as "4G" and is marketed as such by pretty much every carrier that has an LTE network. When connected to an LTE network, "LTE" should appear in the status bar.
    The frequencies used for LTE networks vary from region to region across the globe. In order to use an available LTE network, the phone you're using must have been sold to work in your region.
    Apple doesn't have to "enable" anything for it to work. All you need is a phone that's compatible with your network, and a plan that allows for LTE data.
    If you purchased the phone from another region, the U.S. for example, it will NOT work on the LTE netwok in your part of the world.

  • Will the new chargers work with my MacBook Pro?

    I got my MacBook Pro in December 2007 and yesterday the charger broke. The cord that connects to the magnetic piece ripped off completely.
    My question is, will the new chargers apple currently sells work with my late 2007 MacBook Pro?

    Yes, see the attached article.  Near the bottom is this quote:
    Note: Although the replacement adapter may not have the same connector shape ("T" or "L") or wattage as the original adapter that came with your computer, newer adapters should power and charge your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air just like the adapter that originally came with your computer.

  • Will the Magic Mouse Work with the new iPad?

    I know it can work with the wireless keyboard.... but will it work with the mighty mouse?

    You could argue that the iPad doesn't have a use for an external keyboard either. Yet it supports one. And truth be told this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons having optional mouse support would be nice.
    You see when typing on an external keyboard you have to reach up and over to tap the iPad. This gets tiring rather quickly. Ironically this is the very reason Steve Jobs argued that touchscreens don't work for notebook computers. A mouse would be more ergonomically sound in this situation. Also the method for selecting text with your finger kind of slow.
    As for the lack of a mouse cursor.... as unsanctioned software tweaks have proven, one could easily be added while the mouse is connected.

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