Win 7, 64-Bit, p6630f, #BM421AA#ABA. Installation Pkg for HPSolCenter won't install .msi?

Somehow my Windows Installation pkg for  The HP Solution Center for my desktop Pavillion has been lost and the error message I recieve is; Error Code #2761 and, in the past it has come up as an .msi issue, which I have found to be a network issue.  It seems to be a sensitive issue w/warnings I receive.  Can you help me get my installation pkg for this issue up and running?

Hello and thanks for joining HP forums.  Please go to the link below and enter your HP printer product number.  Download and install that latest software and any updates suggested.  This should correct this error.  Alternatively if you have the disc that came with your printer you can install the software from the disc and it should resolve the issue.
I am an HP employee.
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  • When installing itunes 10.5.1 for win 7 64 bit get message that installer is 32 bit.

    Atempted to install itunes 10.5.1 for Win 7 64 bit. Receive dialog box that the installer is 32 bit. Points me to an address in Apple for Bonjour Print Services for Windows. After clickin on OK the install proceeds but Itunes will not start.
    Itunes has also reformated the library so an older version of itunes can nolonger read the file.

    I got the same message about the network resource that I can't access.  The only difference is that I couldn't install Itunes 10.3 because I can't remove the old version of Bonjour.  I couldn't get rid of anything in add/remove programs, but I went into my program folders and deleted everything that had to do with Itunes.  I also ran a Windows Cleanup Utiltiy.  Nothing will work.  I still can't remove Itunes, Bonjour, Quicktime, MobileMe Control Panel, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Application Support, or Apple Software Update in add/remove programs because they are on a network resource that I can't access even though I deleted them from the program folders.  This is very frustrating!

  • I cannot upgrade itunes 10.1 or higher on Windows xp. I get the file 'C:\...AppleSoftwareUpdate\' is not a valid installation pkg for the product iTunes. Try to find the installation pkg in a folder for which u can intsall iTunes. Can't find folder. Now ?

    This is getting frustrating, it won't let me upgrade.  I get to a certain point where it tells me iTunes.msi is not a valid installation package for the product.
    What do I need to do?  I have bought a new Ipod & I have to update before I can download to my Ipod.

    Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility from the following page (use one of the links under the "DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS" thingy on the Major Geeks page):
    To install the utility, doubleclick the msicuu2.exe file you downloaded.
    Now run the utility ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up"). In the list of programs that appears in CleanUp, select any iTunes entries and click "Remove", as per the following screenshot:
    Quit out of CleanUp, restart the PC and try another iTunes install. Does it go through properly this time?

  • Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX for IE - failing to install (via SCCM/SCUP)

    Hi, I've been using SCCM/SCUP to update Adobe Flash for some now, and it's been working great. Much better than pervious custom scripting methods. However, the most recent version for IE,, isn't installing properly on some machines in my workplace (all windows 7 sp1 32-bit), and I can't figure out why. I can't see any pattern witht the machines that have the error.
    The FlashInstall.log looks fine, no errors at all. And "Programs & Features" shows that version installed. However, SCCM keeps trying to reinstall and gives this error message: Installation job encountered some failures. Error = 0x80240022. I've read up on this message from previous flash versions, these seem to relate to different issues.
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    Has anyone else seen, this issue with for IE, and have any ideas? Thanks

    May be related to issues with logic in detection which Adobe is investigating.

  • FRUSTRATED - windows 7 64 bit driver HP 6500 709e all in one won't install on 2 computers

    My son and I both got new laptops for Christmas.  I have had nothing but problems installing our wireless printer with its full features.  My son's computer is a Dell, mine is a Toshiba.  From what I could find both needed the same driver but both have had MAJOR issues getting the install to complete and installing the device. Somehow I was able to get it installed on my Toshiba but the "fix" I used didn't work on the Dell.  PLEASE HELP! Thanks
    Sorry I realized I did add much information.  The printer is the 6500 all in one deskjet 709e.  I have tried installing the 64 bit, windows 7...i also downloaded the update. Eventually it worked for my Toshiba laptop but still can't get it to install on my son's dell.
    After numerous tries,
    I downloaded the driver for windows 7, 64 bit driver and then downloaded the update.  The driver/software wouldn't install the device until I did the update (for my Toshiba) but this is not working for the Dell.  Also I did download the troubleshooter and it was useless! 

    Welcome to the HP Forums Zoney,
    I read your post which indicates that you are getting a "MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++RUNTIME LIBRARY" error, when trying to install the printer software. I can help you with this.
    Download and install this Patch> Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error.
    Uninstall the printer software.
    Before installing the printer software again, setup the Admin rights on the computer.
    Run Command Prompt as Administrator. Go to the start menu, type “CMD” in the search bar. Now, you should see a shortcut for CMD above. Right click on it, and click “run as administrator”. If it asks you for administrative permission, please allow permission. In your Command Prompt window (as administrator), type the following and hit Enter: net user administrator /active:yes
    You should see a message saying "the command completed successfully". After troubleshooting is done, you can disable this account by typing the following command into Command Prompt (as administrator): net user administrator /active:no.
    Restart the computer, and utilize the new account that is available, which should be named "Administrator".
    Here are some more steps you can try if you are still getting the Runtime error.
    But it is looking more like a Operating System issue.
    Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, 2008 and 2005 Redistributable Packages.
    You will find the download links to these packages below:
    2005 -​​px?id=26347
    2008 -​​px?id=5582
    2010 -​​px?id=14632
    Try the installation again please.
    Let me know how you make out.
    Have a nice day!
    Thank You.
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    I work on behalf of HP

  • An installer created with LV2011SP1 won't install on a machine with LV2013 installed

    I'm currently working on several FPGA drivers generated with Labview 2011SP1, which include a dll interface and a test program to test functionality of the dll. I used an installation pacakge to install 1) the dll to system32
                                                                   2) the .dll/.lib/.h to an absolute path on the target PC.
                                                                   3) the .exe test program to an absolute path on the target PC.
                                                                   4) the necessary NI components (The NI Labview Run-Time Engine 2011 SP1 f5 and NI R series RIO 13.1),
                                                                       via the additional installers section of the Installer dialog.
    This has been working fine, up until the customer installed Labview 2013 on his system. When I then gave him the next release of the package, it fails to install, with the message <files> "Incompatible with products already installed". Via trial and error I removed various of the 4 items listed above and the problem only disappears when 4), the NI components are removed. I then uninstalled LV2013, and retried my installation and it works. The customer doesn't need LV2013 on the machine so this fix is ok for now, but I am now concerned that all these similar packages I'm producing, delivered to several different customers, could be prevented from working if a target PC contains a later version of Labview than the one it was developed on.
    Can someone confirm this issue and how it can be rectified?
    I've found the following issue which is possibly the same issue, but with a much older version of LV (I'd have expected it to have been fixed by LV2011SP1!). The fix for the above issue is to uninstall the runtime engines, however they don't appear on the list of installed NI products, and to unsintall them I apparently need to use an unsupported tool called msiblaster? Even if this worked, if the customer wanted to use LV2013 in the future, how could I support that?
    I'm getting increasingly frustrated that I spend more of my time trawling the forums finding fixes for LV bugs than trawling my own code fixing my own bugs... 

    redfrank wrote:
    I'm getting increasingly frustrated that I spend more of my time trawling the forums finding fixes for LV bugs than trawling my own code fixing my own bugs... 
    There's an easy solution to that problem.
    Write more buggy code.....
    This joke was brought to you by increasing levels of frustration during a day of non-reproducible  Real-Time benchmarking.....
    Say hello to my little friend.
    RFC 2323 FHE-Compliant

  • Itunes 64 bit version 11.1.5 windows 7 ultimate Won't Install

    everytime i uninstall and reinstall it always rollingback im so frustrated with this itunes version 11.1.5

    Hello xHarvesx,
    It sounds like you have installed the 64 bit version of iTunes, but you continue to the get an error message that suggests to download the 64 bit version any time you connect your iPad.  I understand that you have already uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, but sometimes you may need to uninstall additional components related to iTunes to completely remove it from your system.
    I recommend following the steps in this article to completely uninstall iTunes:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    Once you have completely uninstalled iTunes, you can download the 64 bit version of iTunes for Windows here:
    iTunes 11.1.5 for Windows (64-bit)
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Printer installation crashed and now won't install

    I'm running 10.9.2 on a MacBook Pro.
    I tried to install the software for a Samsung printer and about half way through the process the laptop was closed by my daughter. I tried to restart the process but after I force quit the installation and tried again the progress bar got about half way and the 12 hours later was still there.
    I have cancelled it again as when it's on the screen I can't easily do anything as it forces to the front.
    As an aside when I restarted the Mac by desktop picture has been changed to a default one, which has never happened befrore.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    I have tried all combinations of home button/power button, holding for more than 30 seconds each time. Tried the home button + usb cable. But nothing is working! It's just as if it's dead, but I know it's got 100% battery so there must be some way to kick start it.

  • Option "SAP system" missing in SAP installer Win 2003 (32 bit)

    We have SAP NW 7.0 SR3 & SAP ERP 6.0 SR3
    When we are trying to install SAP ERP/ NW using master installer on Win 2003 32 bit (any database) the installation option "SAP Systems" is missing.
    The same is available in Win 64 bit installation.
    We have copied product.catalog file from 64 bit setup to 32 bit setup and started sapinst.exe again.
    It worked fine.
    ECC has been installed and we are able to thru SAP GUI (thick client).
    Is it OK to do so?
    Was this intentional or a bug in setup?
    Thanks in advance !
    Ruhi/ Ritesh

    Hi Ruhi,
    New installation of ECC6 is for 64 bit only.You can not have 32bit installation any more.
    That can be a reason.

  • Apparent problem with Ovi Suite and Win 7 64 bit

    Apologies if this has already been covered, but i have searched quite thoroughly and i haven't come across the specific problem i'm querying.
    I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, with PC Suite, which runs just fine.
    I intend to upgrade to the superb N8 when my contract comes to an end in 6 months, so i'm just doing my homework.  
    Apparently, the N8 will only run on Ovi Suite, NOT PC Suite.
    Now if anyone disputes this and can convince me that the N8 works perfectly fine with PC Suite, then read no further, please just respond!  (Bear in mind the OS i'm running though).
    As nice as Ovi Suite is, i've managed just fine so far with PC Suite.
    Otherwise, please let me explain the problem i am having:
    I installed Ovi Suite  When i run it, it shows the main screen, and you can just make out a small window appearing in the middle saying "Nokia OVI".
    It is then that the program stops responding, eventually displaying the error message which reads:
    Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\...
    This appication has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
    Please contact the appication's support team for more information.
    Judging by the similar stories of Ovi crashing (not finding one where the program fails to open, though), i think it is related to the fact that i'm running Win 7 64 bit; but i could be wrong.
    I have tried installing it in compatibility mode, then (failing that), running it in compatibility mode, all to no avail.
    Is this a problem that Nokia know about?  If there is an intended fix within 6 months, then that'll be fine.
    Otherwise, do any of you clever people know any work-arounds?
    Any further questions you need to ask, please don't hesitate.
    Many thanks
    Nokia Enthusiast
    Go to Solution.

    Pinpointing the problem may be very difficult as Ovi-Suite appears to be extremely unpredictable.and getting Ovi-suit tu run an sync properly seems to be largely a matter of luck.
    I have just set-up three brand new identical HP workstations for our Geo-Information Department.
    All were set up from the same disk image with only Win 7 Pro Office 2010, then directly Ovi-Suite as our Geo-Information guys insisted on Nokia handsets against our advice.
    On one, machine Ovi-Suite crashed on launch and was unable to run at all.
    on the second, Sync to OL 2010 failed consistently.
    ont the third, everything ran fine with an N97 but an N8 was not recognized
    So i got curious and run tests on one machine: I installed the same disk image a total of six times (clean win7-64, clean Office 2010 3 times, Office 2003 three times)
    Office 2010
    the first time i had the crash on launch, second time OL2010 sync fail, third time it ran ok.
    Office 2003
    First time notes sync failed, second and third time all was ok.
    So the issue is definitely with Ovi-Suite and it appears to be pure luck whether is runs or not and if it runs at all, whether it syncs or not.
    Syncing OL 2010 seems to be much trouble prone than OL2003, 64bit appears to be much less stable than 32, onb win 7 it seems to have slightly fewer issues than on XP.
    We have NO issues with any other sync software (Palm, BB, Fruit, S-E, Microsoft, even Nokia PC-Suite).
    None of the software is run with admin privileges (as we just do not give admin rights to users). If software requires admin rights to be installed, it is done by Data Center employees.
    I'm afraid one's best bet to get Ovi-Suite running is trial and error, or if  the handset supports it, use PC-Suite, which is what we do.
    Ovi-suite users, according to our logs, generate over 70% of our smart phone related support calls, even though they are only 6% of our smart phone user base.
    As a result, we currently have all Nokia handsets that do not work with PC-Suite and require Ovi-Suite blacklisted in our organization, meaning we won't support them in any way. Installation of any flavor of Ovi-Suite is prohibited on user PCs as long as it does not become more stable, reliable and less of a resource hog.
    Ever seen a black lemon? They turn black when they rot. My N97 is black. 'nuff said

  • Cannot install drivers in win 7 32 bits using bootcamp 4 or 5

    I posted this question yesterday.
    anyway, I have a imac midi 2011, 21,5 inches using OS x mountain lion 10.8.2. Manuals say I have to install bootcamp 4, because I install windows 7 profesional 32 bits.
    Al follow all this instalation requirements, but when I try to install system say This software is not compatible.
    I Downloaded from appel suppor site to PC intel and after I copy the .zip file in a root of USB formatted in FAT 32.
    Finally is not possible download any driver. I I want to install an specific driver, is same problem.
    I did all this steps but downloading bootcamp 5, and got same results. I understood Bootcamp 5 is only to install win 8 o win 7 64 bit, am I right?
    Thanks for your help

    To teh best of my knowledge, Boot Camp 5 only supports 64 Bit Windows installations (as it is designed for 64 bit hardware).  I dont recall positively, but I believe that Boot Camp 4 supports both 64 bit and 32 bit windows installations, but the installer may default to 64 bit mode.  You may have to extrace the drivers and install them manually in 32 bit mode.

  • Drivers for Win 8 64 bit HP7680n

    I am trying to upgrade from Vista 32 bit to Win 8 64 bit. Is there a driver for Hauppauge WinTV 150 (26XXX) and HP Wireless adapter 802.11 b/g.  Also, is there a way to find the restore password-shop who replaced a hard drive 3 years ago put in a password so cannot use restore.

    For the TV Tuner, try the Hauppauge website. I didn't see anything specifically listed for Windows 8, but admittedly, it was only a quick look. As far as the wireless, I'm not sure what brand was used in that model. Over the last few years HP has used Atheros, Ralink, and Intel wireless cards, but the specs page for your model didn't list a maker. 
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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  • Is there a version available for win xp 64 bits?

    Please provide an itunes version that supports win xp 64 bits

    Please send me backup scripts for AIX RS6000
    Thanking you

  • Driver for WIN 7 64 BIT

    How can i install HP LASERJET 1000 Series Printer in WIN  7 64 BIT or i want the driver for the same

    nizambetelnut wrote:
    How can i install HP LASERJET 1000 Series Printer in WIN  7 64 BIT or i want the driver for the same
    HP designed a quick and easy tool that helps you find the best driver for your printer in Windows 7: the HP Printer Install Wizard .
    Best regards,
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    2015 Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience Consumer

  • AIA FP installation on Win 7 64 bit.

    Hi All,
    i am facing a nagging installation issue while installing AIA FP installation on Win 7 64 bit machine.
    Problem statement-
    The dreaded PremGen error while AIA installation.
    Summary of what had been done-
    1) DB installed successfully.
    2) SOA Suite installed successfully.
    3) Node manager working perfectly- basically able to start and stop both the admin and soa servers successfully.
    4) Modified the mem args both in setSOAdomainEnv.cmd,setdomainEnv.cmd and also in the aia installer oraparam.ini to 2048 (Max heap)
    5) Changed the session time to "EST" in the DB session.
    kindly suggest if i have been missing out on something or is there any patch that i am required to install for this to go through successfully?
    Pranav  11g

    Did you try with 1024 for memory.

Maybe you are looking for