Win 8.1 upgrade error 0xc000014c

Upgrade to 8.1 from win 8 now computer will not start.
Error0xc000014c your PC needs repair
Sys regis file is missing or contains errors
Did UEFI HP hardware diag.
and got Hard disk short DST failed and
Tuneup failed

Your hard drive has failed and will have to be replaced. If you are still within warranty period HP will send a drive. If not you can replace it with a retail hard drive. Just be sure to get one of at least as large a capacity as the original in order to use HP Recovery Discs to reinstall Windows.
Worldwide numbers for HP Support can be accessed here>>Contact HP
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  • Can no longer make system image after Win 8.1 upgrade (error 0x80780119)

    I've recently upgraded to 8.1 and am now trying to make system image.
    Unfortunately, it's failing with error 80780119.
    [Image of failed backup|]
    I've had this happen before on another computer system, and resizing the recovery partition seems to fix it, and is what's suggested on the web.
    However, I can't seem to do that on this machine, diskmgmt.msc doesn't seem to show any disk space used, and worse, many of the partitions seem to be duplicated
    [image of disk partitions|]
    You'll notice that none of the recovery partitions appear to have any space used.
    I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
    The 8.1 update has pretty much rendered my machine unsafe to use, as I can't back it up any more.
    I hope I don't need to add Toshiba to my don't buy list.
    Anthony Wieser
    Wieser Software Ltd
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    >I hope I don't need to add Toshiba to my don't buy list.
    This is not a option buddy. Why? Because it seems that this is a common Windows issue as many people asked for a solution in the Microsoft forums and community.
    [Backup fails Error code 0x81000019|]
    Someone solved this by de-selecting the create driver image checkbox available when you choose the contents of the backup.
    But it looks like his error come when hidden System Reserved partition created by Windows system does not have enough space to store a shadow copy.
    Please check the freespace on this volume.
    Follow the following steps:
    1. Start -> Computer -> Right click -> Manage
    2. Select Storage -> Disk management.
    3. Verify that you have a System Reserved partition of around 100 MB size or more
    4. If yes, right click on this volume and select Properties.
    5. View used and free space.
    Windows backup requires around 40 MB of free space on this partition to backup successfully.
    So if the free space is less than 40 GB, backup does not get enough free space.
    As a workaround try the following solution:
    Since the default System reserved partition cannot be extended, creating a new system volume is the workaround. Here are the steps to move the system volume to any other volume:
    1. Choose where you want to have your system volume.
    Few things you need to keep in mind:
    a. System volume can only be created on a primary partition of MBR disk.
    b. If system volume & boot volume are together, then BitLocker feature cannot be used to encrypt volumes on your machine.
    2. Suggest creating a new volume (say F:) on the same disk that contains the boot partition of size of about 490 MB (be careful to keep it less than 500 MB).
    3. Assuming Windows is installed on C: on your machine. From an elevated command-prompt run: bcdboot.exe /s C:\Windows /s F:.
    4. From elevated command-prompt run: DISKPART
    5. From the disk part command-prompt:
    DISKPART> select volume F
    DISKPART> active
    Now you can reboot your machine and F: will become the system volume.
    You can undo this by repeating the same steps using the original system volume (you have to assign drive-letter to it) to revert to your previous configuration.

  • Win 8.1 Upgrade Disabled Twist Touch Screen Fixed

    After a Win 8.1 Upgrade, I had no touch screen function. Calls to Lenovo led nowhere Same with searching Microsoft boards. I fixed the issue on Sunday 6/1- No help from Lenovo or Microsoft.
    For me it was finding two "Unknown Devices" in the HID section of Device Manager which did not have drivers installed. After researching and determining that Win 8.1 will not allow unsigned device drivers, and also seeing the "Update Driver" option failing because the drivers on the laptop that fit the problem were getting an 'INF unsigned driver error', I went through the steps to allow unsigned drivers... Charm Bar>Settings>Change PC Settings>Update and Recovery>Recovery>Advanced Startup>-Restart> Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Startup Settings> Restart and then Chose #7>Allow Unsigned Device Drivers and Restart again... then Updating the two Unknown Devices with the drivers already on the Twist.... and voila- the errors disappeared and the touchscreen returned to full function.
    I don't know if this happened to many people, but Lenovo had no idea what to do. They wanted me to ship them the laptop and allow them to roll it back to Windows 8. Posting here to distribute it to a larger audience. Maybe someone at Microsoft should call Lenovo too or Lenovo should call Microsoft. The Twist is a great laptop with Win 8.1 when everything works the way it should. 
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Cvj17,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community!
    As per your query we understood that you are looking driver for Unknown device. In some system after installing all the drivers also the unknown device will show in Lenovo Solution Center, hence confirm it once in device manage is there any Unknown adapter is showing in that.
    Please install Lenovo System Update application and run it to verify the driver automatically.
    Unknown Device issue.
    Hope this helps. 
    Best regards,
    Hemanth Kumar
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  • Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754" error

    I’m using PPRO in Production Premium CS4.
    I’m getting the “Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754” error” when I AME starts or shortly after it starts. System worked fine since I installed the CS4 upgrade 4 months ago but today a project is due and this happens.
    My system: Dell Precision 690, 3Ghz Xeon processor, 4 GB ram, Internal HDs (1) 300 and (1) 400 GB, External HDs (2) 1 TB.
    I’ve read and searched the forums and now I’m frustrated and in need of some help. Has anyone found definitive solution to this “Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754” problem?

    I searched the internet with that error mssg and it seems a lot of them have to do with video card drivers. There was some information about matrox drivers and that problem on the internet...
    Also some 'Axio' card driver problems related to that error message...
    Have you recently updated your video card drivers ?

  • Windows Update Loop - Win 7 Pro - x64 :: Error 80071A91

    Hi, I've been referred to this forum by the Microsoft community from this post:  /en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/windows-update-loop-win-7-pro-x64-error-80071a91/b17c5bc5-7977-4f8b-9b45-ecb265886381 (same as below)
    Any assistance is appreciated. dave_ned at
    "There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete. Restart Windows and run sfc again"
    I've got the error (80071A91) that others have experiences while trying windows update and for the life of me I cannot get the updates to install.
    Looking for the past 4 hours via Google, trying different recommended things and still no luck
    # SFC /scannow causes the "repair status message" and asks for reboot.
    I've downloaded fix-it, tried booting into a system repair/restore disk using command line to run
    #sfc /scannow /offline....
    using the dispart to LIST VOLUMES  (based on this )
    I've tried #fsutils resourse set autorevert=true (or something, can't find the exact post as I've rebooted so many times)
    I've tried dismc.exe (or similar without success)
    Basically I'm stuck with these updates (~10 of them) always sitting there downloading, installing every time I shut down the PC.
    Running a system repair disk created in windows still does not allow #sfc /scannow....
    My Last system restore was 04/08/14 and I cannot even restore the system to this point as the restore fails and asks to remove itself once I restart the system.
    OEM version of windows purchased legally and genuine microsoft logo in system dashboard.
    Intel Core I5 -3330
    16GB RAM
    Windows 7 Pro - 64bit OS
    Service pack 1
    **NOTE** I have the C drive hooked up in RAID 0. Two(2) * 60GB SSD disks in RAID 0 used as C: via BIOS RAID
    Secondary storage disk a D:
    Been working and updating fine for the past 5-6 months.
    I have the Optical drive setup as O: and a Daemon tools virtual drive as drive E:
    While running DISKPART and using LIST VOLUME I see this:
    currently the system seems to have lost all update history
    Any information or help on this is appreciated. I don't want to reformat and reinstall, I don't really want to 'repair' and wipe my current software installation so I'm hoping there is a way.
    Anyway I can get the 'pending state' removed.?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi, I've rebooted into Repair mode (Console), (because repair said windows is installed on E:) run dism.exe /image:E:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions
    This gave a message about small scratch space but did say something out a fix. Upon reboot into safemode with console I received the same message 
    "C:\Windows\system32>sfc /scannow
    Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.
    There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete.  Restart Windows and run sfc again."
    I then rebooted and tried SCF again, no luck... Same message, same updates still sitting there.
    Partition info: (as mentioned earlier C is in RAID 0 with 2 SSD disks)
    DISKPART> list volume
      Volume ###  Ltr  Label        Fs     Type        Size     Status     Info
      Volume 0     O                       DVD-ROM         0 B  No Media
      Volume 1     E                       DVD-ROM         0 B  No Media
      Volume 2         System Rese  NTFS   Partition    100 MB  Healthy    System
      Volume 3     C                NTFS   Partition    111 GB  Healthy    Boot
      Volume 4     D   GB320        NTFS   Partition    298 GB  Healthy

  • Cannot get to dual-boot screen after Win 8.1 upgrade

    I have an iMac with Mavericks. Recently installed Win 8 to dual-boot. Instrux then were to hold OPT button during startup to be presented with options for OS with which to boot.
    Since Win 8.1 upgrade there is no way to get to that prompt. MS/Win help topics not useful (unsurprisingly). I have the original install disk but would far prefer to save my current config of Mav. Thoughts for workaround?
    Michael C

    holding down option key at bootup not giving you the bootmenu have nothing to do with win8.1
    even if one never installed anything in terms bootcamp at all then holding down the option key should give the option between osx and the restore to last clean osx version
    if you don't get the option then I'd say the cause is not windows as the menu is handled by the bootloader which is before windows takes over

  • System won't start - Error 0xc000014c and System Repair fails to work.

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium x64 on my Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook and I had to force shut down the computer yesterday because it was unresponsive (Programs wouldn't execute, shut-down didn't work). When I turned it back on I got an error screen:
    Windows Boot Manager
    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the Problem:
    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
    2. Choose your language settings, and click "Next."
    3. Click "Repair your computer."
    If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
    File: \Windows\system32\config\system
    Status: 0xc000014c
    Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.
    ENTER=Continue           ESC=Exit
    I inserted my Windows Installation disc and pressed ESC to restart, then pressed F12 and booted from the DVD-drive. I waited for the "Windows is loading files..." and "(c) Microsoft Corporation" loading bars, then clicked on "Next" at the language page and "Repair your computer" at the install Vista page. A loading box pops up "Searching for Windows installations..." and after a few minutes I can access the "System Recovery Options" box, which shows my OS. I select it and click "next", but an error message pops up saying:
    System Recovery Options
    This version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows.
    The other option at the bottom of "System Recovery Options" is "Load Drivers." If I click OK, I can see all the folders on the installation disc, and any Setup Information (*.inf) Files. I can also browse my whole drive, but I cannot open any files other than .inf. I can even navigate to my USB stick if I plug it in. I tried opening each of the .inf files that I found in "sources" which was where "Open" opened to but this happened for all of them:
    Add Drivers
    The specified location does not contain information about your hardware.
    My first question: is there an .inf file that I could download and access from the USB stick that would repair my system?
    I also wanted to do a system restore, and found instructions how to burn a Vista x64 recovery disc from a downloadable iso on the ( I booted from my newly burned system recovery disc, and it went through the two loading screens, and then to a black screen with the cursor. I waited here for about 20 minutes and nothing seemed to be happening, so I gave up.
    My second question: How can I get the system recovery disc to work?
    My initial post was on forums:
    And I was referred here.
    Any advice is appreciated, in the mean time, I will keep trying the recovery disc to do a system restore. Maybe I just need to wait longer (Hours, days?)
    I guess I will just reinstall Windows.

    Hi Daniel,
    The reason why the error message “This version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair” appears can be that your Windows installation is a RTM one while Server Pack 1 is installed on you system. Therefore, your disk version is lower than your system so that you cannot use this disk to enter WinRE.
    The recovery disk you created is a third-party tool which we are not familiar with. We cannot tell why it does not work on your computer. You need to contact the tool manufacturer for more information.
    Now the simplest way to resolve this issue is to restore the system to its factory settings. If you have important files on the computer, please unplug the drive and install it on another computer as a slave drive. Then you can access your data on that computer. After that, you can restore the system to its factory settings. If you would like to know how to restore the system to its factory settings, please contact Dell or look up your computer manual.
    Hope it helps.
    Tim Quan - MSFT

  • 2007 Upgrade Error Company DB not consistent

    Hi there,
    I am currently using SAP b1 2005 server and client
    im using Sql server 2005 for for database
    while upgrading the system from 2005 to 2007
    every thing(b1 server, client,company database) upgraded succesfully
    but while loging into company it is showing error
    "The company DB is not consistent, Check the SAP Business One log file for more information [Message 131-219]"
    Thank you for your intrest in reading,
    if you encountered similar problem or you know the solution please tell the solution
    also plz tel where can i find solution for this kind of technical issues...
    Thanks & Regards
    in the log file the error is like the following
    Failed to read threshold from file - ReadThresholdFromFile     C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe     PID=2828     TID=2180
    30/04/2008  20:27:25:452211        Upgrade            Note           Threashold for IRU is 0.050000     C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe     PID=2828     TID=2180
    30/04/2008  20:28:16:635453        Upgrade            Error          FromVersion=680318     ToVersion=860029     UPG_DoObjectUpgradeInt 2, error in object index=276, object name=Japanese Local Era, object ID=275
    Frame id=00: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02DF9710
    Frame id=01: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02BCC676
    Frame id=02: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02BCB392
    Frame id=03: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02BCB30D
    Frame id=04: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02BC9344
    Frame id=05: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x0257D254
    Frame id=06: "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe"; base=0x00400000, offset=0x02C3EEB1
    Frame id=07: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll"; base=0x7C800000, offset=0x7C80B50B
         C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe     PID=2828     TID=2180
    30/04/2008  20:25:09:463527        Upgrade            NoteLogAlways     FromVersion=680318     ToVersion=860029     Ending the company upgrade     C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe     PID=2828     TID=2904

    I ran into a similar problem recently while attempting an upgrade.  I didn't find a solution to my specific problem but, I was wondering if you had run the pre-upgrade query.  There is a SAP note
    1000846 that refers to upgrade issues and the pre-upgrade query I would run this if you haven't already and see if it returns any results.
    Also: here is a link to the query directly
    hope this helps,

  • SP 2013 upgrade error on all discussion lists

    Has anyone had any issue with discussion lists in the upgrade process? Our client based all sites off the team site template and so most all have a discussion list.
    All sites are failing to upgrade on this feature and not sure why. Doesn't seem to be very common problem. Ignore the TimeMaskedControl feature errors, we have resolved those already.
    Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!

    did you run the test spcontent database and what about the output?
    Test-SPContentDatabase -Name <DatabaseName> -WebApplication <URL>
     do you have data in the discussion list? also if you can share the upgrade error log only, it will be great help.
    Please remember to mark your question as answered &Vote helpful,if this solves/helps your problem. ****************************************************************************************** Thanks -WS MCITP(SharePoint 2010, 2013) Blog:

  • Pending Upgrade Error

    >Post deleted. Cross posting is not allowed on this forum.
    Follow the original post at the following link:
    Help with Pending Upgrade Error on my Account
    This thread will now be locked.
    Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator

        Hi CT22!
    Wow, I'm sorry that this happened and you are having an issue with upgrading your lines in the store! I'd very much like to look into your account and see what's going on. Please send me a DM with your name and mobile number so I can address this for you. Thanks!
    Christina B
    VZW Support
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • T400 - lost Win 7 64 upgrade disks

    Hi everyone
    Unfortunately I have lost my Lenovo Win 7 64 upgrade disks (the infamous one delivered by Mentor Media from Singapore). Does anyone have experience of reordering them?
    I've sent an email to them (in answer to their original It's shipping mail) but don't hold high hopes.
    Any tip would be gratefully received.
    Madrid, Spain

    I do not think there is anyway you can get a replacement discs because these are upgrade discs that were send during 2007 window 7 launched. Each set has the window 7 serial number and these are non-replaceable. Neither Mentor or lenovo is liable for item lost.
    However, if you are talking about recovery discs, then maybe lenovo itself may entertain a replacement set. Do note that mentor is just a CDROM maker who at that time was contracted to do the window 7 upgrading process.
    In your situation and if the win7 is installed on a working lenovo, I would suggest you google and download a software like ABR which can scan and extract the serial number and sometimes the activated profile. You can then download the digital official window 7 x64 bit (google it) and burn discs, then write the serial number on it. Note that since the win 7 has been activated, you cannot resell or reinstall the serial on another machine.

  • Win 8.1 Upgrade in VM Fusion: Error 0xC1900101 - 0x20017

    I am running Win 8 within a Virtual Machine (VM Fusion 6) on my iMac.  Every time I try to upgrade to 8.1, upon the first reboot I get a choice
    to either troubleshoot or shut down my PC - the first option goes nowhere so I have to shut down, and when Windows starts up again I get a message that it couldn't complete the update and has restored my previous version, with the error code 0xC1900101-0x20017.
    I was running VM Fusion 4.1 under Mountain Lion when I first attempted this.  I have since upgraded to Fusion 6 but still get exactly the same error.  I am aware that a lot of people have had similar problems, but I am wondering whether
    mine could to be related to running in virtual mode?

    For this issue, I first would like to confirm if your disk was encrypted. If so, I suggest you disable all encryption before upgrading to win8.1.
    If this is not the cause, please try following:
    Physically unplug all external devices, (except mouse and keyboard)
    Remove third party software in win8.
    Install all updates for your PC, all drivers must be updated.
    If still doesn’t work, check the cbs log in windows\log\cbs.
    And it is also suggest to contact the Fusion Support check if there have some ideas.
    TechNet Community Support

  • Satellite Pro C850-1M - upgrade to Win 8.1 fails - error 0xC1900101-0x30018

    Hello to all,
    bought a new Sattelite Pro C850-1MX (PSCBZE 00M009GR) in december 2013. System is running almost unchanged to delivery state. Yet installed OpenOffice, Firefox and AdobeReader in most actual versions. And updated driver for AMD-GPU to latest version. No other changes done.
    Now tried to upgrade to Windows 8.1 via Windows-App-Store. Download was done, upgrade run, reboot, installing changes, preparing devices --> reboot, rollback to 8.0 with error code 0xC1900101-0x30018.
    Searched internet for solutions: Toshiba sais
    - update all Toshiba-components via TOSHIBA Service Station --> done
    - (Link: []): deinstall some components: esp. LAN/WLAN-driver.
    Hmmm...if I do so I cannot access Windows App-Store to rerun the upgrade because i have no network-connection. Stupid...
    - Why cant I upgrade an almost unchanged system because of some driver-uncompatibilities where i didnt change anything from delivery state???
    Please state any hint/solution. Thanks!

    >Now tried to upgrade to Windows 8.1 via Windows-App-Store. Download was done, upgrade run, reboot, installing changes, preparing devices --> reboot, rollback to 8.0 with error code 0xC1900101-0x30018.
    This error message appears because of some not compatible drivers and tools which are already preinstalled on Windows 8 system.
    This issue has been reported many times here in the forum and was solved as reported by user harrie_1 at 12-Jan-2014
    Look into this thread:
    Check what drivers has to be uninstalled in Appendix A
    [How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1|]
    +What important is to remove the internet connection.+
    +Only use to download 8.1 then disconnect (also Lan cable)+
    +After starting Win 8.1 for the first time do not connect to the internet.+
    +On another pc download first the drivers for 8.1 audio,realtek wlan and bluetooth and display driver.+
    +Install and restart after this when de system is stable you can connect to internet and download the windows updates.+
    PS: this thread should be closed to avoid misunderstandings and because other thread already exists

  • Satellite C875-152 - Win 8 to Win 8.1 upgrade problem - error 0x30018

    on a laptop toshiba Satellite C875-152 update windows 8 to 8.1 does not.
    I completely reset the pc and updated all the drivers as indicated, but the update is still not happening.
    I have a 0xc1900101 error-0x30018
    please, help me

    This issue has been reported many times here in the forum and was solved as reported by user +harrie_1 at 12-Jan-2014+
    Look into this thread:
    Beside the workaround posted by harrie_1 you could try to fix the update issue going through the steps which are:
    Uninstalling AV and turning off Firewall
    Switch from using Wi-Fi to a Wired using a network cable
    Remove AVG
    SFC Scan
    Disable Wi-Fi
    Update BIOS
    Remove extra USB devices

  • Win 8.1 update - error message 0xC100101-0x30018

    since this morning I am trying to update Win 8 on Win 8.1. This works until notebook reboot. Then Win 8 Restored and the PC restarted again with the error message that the update was failed and the original Windows has been restarted with the error message 0xC100101-0x30018.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Win 8.1 was already installed, but due to a crash Win 8 has been renewed. All necessary updates are already made.

    Try running this to see if there were any problems with W8 updates prior to upgrade (I don't know if it runs on W8).
    There is this
    System Update Readiness Tool
    Also run the System Update Readiness Tool
    For 32 bit Windows
    For 64 bit Windows
    To see results click Start - All Programs - Accessories - Right click Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator. Type (or copy the below line and one blank line underneath and right click in the command prompt window and choose Paste).
    notepad %SYSTEMROOT%\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log

Maybe you are looking for

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