Window Features , how to use it?

At Property Editor of a portal page I can see "Window Features" but I can't find documentation on what put in it or how to use it.
Can I put some argument to change the color of the page? (and only this particular page) something like "BGCOLOR" at html.
Thanks a lot.

I find it!.
Window Features: Specifies the appearance of the new window launched by an iView whose 'Launch in New Window' property is set to '1'. Enter a comma-separated list of Javascript parameter; for example: 'fullscreen=yes,toolbar=yes'. If empty, the new window apens according to default JavaScrit parameters

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  • Forum features & how to use

    The Signature
    A signature is a pre defined message displayed on the bottom of any of one's post. It can be used just for fun to include hyperlinks, images, statements or whatever.
    It's main use is to show everyone your hardware details. Knowing your hardware you can be helped a lot easier or you can just show off your stuff. Needing help you will be asked for what components you have anyway (>>Posting Guide<<) so a signature makes everything a bit easier because you won't have to add your details manually everytime you start a new topic.
    Lets start to add a signature:
    First click on Profile
    Then navigate to Modify Profile/Forum Profile
    Now you can add your personal text and everything you want the box next to Signature (note: Images mustn't be greater than 400x200 pixels)
    Now just click on Change profile and you're good to go - signature added.
    Adding an Avatar
    Being in Profile/Forum Profile already you can also add an avatar to your profile. An avatar is a small image displayed below your name.
    (Note: An avatar mustn't be bigger than 100x100 pixels and of .gif or .jpg format)
    On top of the Forum Profile menu you can choose to add an avatar under Personalized Picture
    No avatar explaines itself. Choose an avatar lets you choose from a number of various images (note: the Red Rockets avatar is for MSIHQ Red Rockets Team Members only)
    Specify avatar by URL means you can place a link to an image. With Upload an avatar you can upload it from your pc to the forum by browsing on your pc and selecting yor image.
    After selecting your avatar click on Change profile and you're good to go again - avatar added.
    Adding an hyperlink to a post
    Sometimes you might want to add a hyperlink in your post without having the whole adress displayed, this is how to:
    When writing your post there's a menu with various buttons above where you enter your text. The button with the globe on it
    will add a BBCode tag (you can type it instead of using the button too)
    Code: [Select]
    Simply add the word that will represent the link between the Code: [Select]
    [url] tags and in the first one enter your hyperlink after a =
    The forum software will then convert everyting to a link:
    Code: [Select]
    will appear like
    Add an Image to your post
    Just like adding hyperlinks with BBCode tags it also works with images using
    Code: [Select]
    You can only add images from the Internet not from your pc as you'll need an IMG code. Therefor you have to upload your image to an image hoster like Photobucket or Imageshack
    Add the link and the software will convert the code to your image beeing displayed in the post
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    Adding a youtube video
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    will appear like
    Due to some enhancements it now works even without a BBCode tag. Simply post the link (WITHOUT hyperlink tags):
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    will also appear like
    Contacting other Users
    If you want to contact other users for direct questions or making friends you can use a Personal Message or E-Mail (if the other user allows that).
    Note: This is a forum to post and ask for help or offer help, don't use it for contacting people directly with your issues. That would be considered very inpolite. To prevent spamming contacting other persons is only allowed to members with more than 10 posts.
    To contact someone look at his details to the left of his post. Below his name and avatar there are some buttons. Clicking on the button for personal message or E-Mail you can send this user a PM or Mail:
    Editing your post
    Sometimes you will realize you forgot something or made a mistake after posting.
    No problem, for 180 minutes after posting you can modify your post clicking Modify
    After 180 minutes your post is contributed as is and can't be changed.
    For more info on the forum software checkout the SMF User Help

    MSI Z77A-G43 + i7-3770k Turbo OC @ 4.6GHz  for 10 Minutes with prime95
    vcore setting @ +0.16 = 1.32v Top
    (EDITED 1) drop the vcore to @0.12= 1.28v
    (Safe Zone imo) Turbo Overclock @4.3Ghz with auto vcore(I'll make my default)
    - Window 8 (64bit)
    - MSI Z77A-G43
    - i7-3770k
    - Antec Kuhler H2O 920 CPU Cooler
    - Patriot Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba Edition DDR3 1600 (XMP) 16GB
    - Intel SSD 520 Series 240GB
    - MSI GTX 650 OC 1084MHz GDDR5
    - Thermaltake TR500 500w
    Bios setting
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3

  • HP Pro 3130 MT Windows 7 How to use onboard VGA

    There's got to be a simple solution to this.  Our company recently took over another office and acquired several used PC's from them.  Three of them are HP Pro 3130 MT workstations with Windows 7.  These units have a built in VGA port and a DVI port.  In addition they all have a separate video card installed, the HP 584217-001 ATI Radeon 4550.  
    I need these PC's to talk to "normal" VGA monitors, but since the onboard VGA will not work I presumed this was due to the ATI Radeon being installed and overriding the onboard VGA adapter.  So, I removed the ATI Radeon card.  Now the PC just beeps when it is booted.  Still no VGA output.  The HP 584217-001 also has a cable that converts it into two VGA ports.  No luck when using this cable to connect with a VGA monitor, either. 
    How do I re-enable the onboard VGA adapter?  I cannot see the BIOS as the display (VGA) will not work, so I can't make any BIOS setting changes.  At this location there are no DVI capable monitors so I haven't tested whether or not the onboard DVI adapter is working.

    Just so everyone knows...
    Please take note of the specific processor which is included with your HP Pro 3130 MT.
    HP Pro 3130 MT motherboards with specific processors do not have any onboard (integrated) graphics, although they still have the VGA and DVI connectors. This means that although you may remove the PCIe Graphics Card, you will not be able to be able to use a monitor with the onboard VGA or DVI (because there is no integrated graphics).  This also means that you will not be able change your bios to onboard graphics (because there is no integrated graphics).
    "NOTE: HP Pro 3130 with Intel Core i5 750 processor or any Intel i7 processor has no integrated
    (1) Source:
    If you would like to know why, let me know. Thanks!

  • Windows Users how to use them in hfm

    Hello wise pepole
    I want to use the windows user as user in hfm. Could any body tell me how to do it or recomend me a document to read
    thanks a lot

    Shared Services admin guide would be good if you're wanting to do something like use MS Active Directory groups for HFM access rather than setting up native accounts for users.

  • On OSX Lion i used to drag the window to the top of the screen and get maximise, and drag the window right or left to show the both beside each other just like windows 7, How to do it on Mountain lion ?

    On OSX Lion i used to drag the window to the top of the screen and get it maximise, and drag the window right or left to show the both beside each other just like windows 7, How to do it on Mountain lion ?

    That has never been a feature of Mac OS X, but I believe there was some kind of third-party software that could add that capability.  i don't recall what its name is, but you must have had that installed, and it either isn't installed anymore (perhaps removed as incompatible?) or is not working properly in Mountain Lion.

  • How do you disable the split screen / multi-window feature.

    I have had my phone for 2 days, and I can not figure out how to turn off the split screen/multi-window feature. It pops up automatically at the worst times and it is getting very frustrating. I have read many things on how to use it, but have yet to find any thing that explains of to disable it.

    Well, it doesn't seem that there is a way. But I solved my
    problem because my minimal player was Flash 7,0,29,0 and reset the
    minimal player to 7,0,0,0.

  • Using iview "window features" to maximize window

    Hi people,
    I need to setup an iview to open in a new window,
    (property Launch in New Window= Display in Separate Window) and that window needs to be maximized. How can i do this? I was trying to set in the window features "height=screen.height,width=screen.width" but is not working. And the field "Width of external window" only accepts integers ....
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thanks and best regards,
    Paulo Ruivo

    I added the following:
    height=' + screen.availHeight + 'px,width=' + screen.availWidth + 'px,resizable=yes,top=0,left=0
    the begin and end quotes are added by the framework.
    I'm using the "avail" properties of javascript screen object, because it should allow the window to expand just until de windows toolbar. But this didn't did do what is supose to do, so the window is openning "maximized" full screen and the windows tool bar is covering the bottom of the window.
    If you find a solution to this last detail, let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Paulo ruivo

  • How to use Two main windows with in a page in script ?

    Hi any body explain me...
    How to use Two main windows with in a page in script ?
    with  header data in one main window,
    & Item data in other main window.

    u need to go for <b>SPLITTING THE MAIN WINDOW</b> !!!
    Main windows in page windows allow you to format text in multiple columns. Define an area in the page window, in which to position the main windows.
    Here is the procedure !!
    -->Create a page window and assign it to a page.
    Choose <b>Edit --> Main windows</b>.
    A dialog box appears.
    -->Enter values in the fields <b>Area width</b> and A<b>rea height</b> in accordance with the input guidelines for main windows.
    -->Enter values in the fields <b>Spacing</b> and Number in the <b>Horizontal group</b> if you want to use multiple columns. You can ignore the fields in the Vertical group.
    Determine how many columns and line areas are required for label printing. Then enter the corresponding values in the fields in the <b>Horizontal and Vertical groups</b>.
    -->The value in the field Left margin varies from main window to main window if multiple columns are used. The following applies:
    Left margin of current column + Window width + Horizontal spacing = Left margin of next column</b>
    In label printing, the field Upper margin also varies from main window to main window:
      Upper margin of current main window +  Window height + Vertical spacing = Upper margin of next main window</b>
    -->Enter a value in the field Start position.
    This is a counter. Enter a starting value which is equal to or greater than 1.
    -->The main windows are added to the list.
    -->Save your form.
    reward if it helps u...
    sai ramesh

  • I am using a MacBook Pro and when I open a new tab in Firefox it opens to Trovi. Mozilla has a forum but solutions are all for the PC/Windows. How do I remove it?

    I am using a OSX MacBook Pro running Mavericks version 10.9.4 and using Firefox 30.0.  My Mac has recently been hijacked by a program called "Trovi". Whenever I open a blank new tab in Firefox the tab opens it opens with Trovi. The Mozilla forums offer support but all solutions are for users who run Windows. How do I remove Trovi from my Mac? Please help.

    Hey there! I answered this in another post a moment ago, this may be extremely helpful...I had the same problem until very recently with Trovi.
    Re: Trovi Virus Removal Needed
    Best of luck!

  • How to use Linux Print queue in client_text_io.fopen to print from Windows

    We have a forms application deploed on LINUX (Oracle application server 10g).
    I have to print a file from local windows PC to a linux Print Queue from forms
    I have the following code
    PROCEDURE file_to_printer (i_filename_output IN VARCHAR2
    ,i_network_printer IN VARCHAR2) IS
    l_line VARCHAR2(2000);
    l_fileid_output client_text_io.file_type;
    l_fileid_print client_text_io.file_type;
    l_fileid_output := client_text_io.fopen (i_filename_output,'R');
    l_fileid_print := client_text_io.fopen (i_network_printer,'W');
    WHILE 1 = 1 LOOP
    client_text_io.get_line (l_fileid_output, l_line);
    client_text_io.put_line (l_fileid_print, l_line);
    client_text_io.fclose (l_fileid_output);
    client_text_io.fclose (l_fileid_print);
    END file_to_printer;
    Everything works fine if I use a windows printer like \\machine\printer.
    I want to use a Linux printer and specified the print queue as
    \\machine\print_queue_name. It's not working
    and I get error ORA-302000 on the following line
    l_fileid_print := client_text_io.fopen (i_network_printer,'W');
    and if I give only the queue name no error but it's not printing.
    Could you please tell me how to use a Linux/Unix print queue in this situation

    the simplest way is to edit the interface file (look in /etc/lp/interfaces for existing printers). Each script is
    run per print job where stdin has your print data, and stdout is going to your print device. You can just
    send the output to a file instead (assuming you can create a file in the windows directory from the solaris
    box). If it's a network share, you could use smbclient.

  • I am on windows 8 platform, i used adobe elements to work on my image - the output is in dng format, how do i convert this to jpg format?

    i am on windows 8 platform, i used adobe elements to work on my image - the output is in dng format, how do i convert this to jpg format?

    When you make a DNG that's like making another raw file, so you will need to convert the DNG file just like your original raw. Don't use the Save button in the raw converter. That's just a link to the DNG converter. Normally you would click Open instead and then save in the editor as a jpg or other image format of your choice.

  • I'm on iTunes for Windows. iTunes used to display the total number of songs in my library, along with total playtime and memory footprint, at the bottom of the window. How can I make it display this information like it used to?

    Hello! Thanks in advance for reading my question.
    so, I updated iTunes to on Windows, and the new layout looks nice, but iTunes no longer gives my total song count, memory footprint, and total play-time at the bottom of the window, the way it used to. I just want to know how to get that info back. Thanks so much!

    Ctrl / or View > Show Status Bar should do it.
    Weirdly having turned mine on the menu is not there to hide it again and the shortcut doesn't work.

  • How to Use Schannel for TLS Sockets on Windows?

    I need make a c++ TLS socket server running on Windows XP, and a c# TLS socket client on Windows 7.
    The reason of using Schannel TLS is that it is FIPS 140-2 validated.
    But it is not easy to find some sample code of Schannel.
    By search, I found two c++ TLS samples, but the samples use the secur32.dll, some APIs seem are FIPS non-approved.
    codeproject SSL/TLS client/server for .NET and SSL tunnelling C++ SSPI Schannel TLS example
    According to 140sp1000.pdf (Microsoft Windows Vista Kernel Mode Security Support Provider Interface (ksecdd.sys) Security Policy Document), following APIs are FIPS non-approved APIs.
    I am quite confused about two things:
    One is that the FIPS non-approved APIs of ksecdd.sys also are also non-approved in secur32.dll?
    Another question is what's the correct way of using Schannel. Are the samples using Schannel in the correct way, must the APIs InitializeSecurityContextW/EncryptMessage be used?
    I want some sample code about how to use Schannel in native c++ and managed c#.

    I'm not sure what information you are referring to that indicates InitializeSecurityContext() and EncryptMessage() are not FIPS compliant.  InitializeSecurityContext() is required API on the client side.  EncryptMessage() is the required API to
    encrypt data.  Both APIs are important APIs in SSPI.
    In .NET, you would use the SSLStream Class, .
     MSDN has sample code for both the client and server.
    There used to be an SSPI client + server sample (WebClient & WebServer) on the Windows SDK.   I don't know if it is still there.  If you can't find them, please let me know.
    Frank K [MSFT]
    Follow us on Twitter,

  • How to use the "identify" feature in new 6.3.1 airport utility?

    how to use the "identify" feature in new 6.3.1 airport utility?
    so you can find the basestations in larger networks?

    There is a workaround, which is to use Airport Utility 5.6.
    I can confirm that 5.6 will run on 10.8.4 Mountain Lion, it will recognize the new 2013 Airport Extreme Base Station (A1521) running firmware 7.7.1, and it will give you access to view the device's Log & Statistics, DHCP Clients, and Profiles.
    Four caveats:
    1) The easiest way to install it is to download the app itself, not an installer or through the App Store. There is a page here where you can download the app: on/ This way, you still have both versions, Airport Utility 6.x.x and 5.6.
    2) When you launch 5.6, you'll get a message saying a newer version is available and asking if you want to update. Click Cancel to proceed into the utility.
    3) When you click the Manual Setup button in 5.6, you'll get a warning dialog that "This version of AirPort Utility doesn't support this AirPort wireless device and might improperly configure the device if you continue to use it. Check for the latest version of AirPort Utility." You can click Continue to get into the utility without issue.
    4) You should probably only use 5.6 to view the additional status details. I have not tried to modify and save any AEBS settings using 5.6. There are other discussions here in the forums indicating that attempting to save settings via 5.6 that are no longer available in 6.3.1 will not actually save the settings to the AEBS even if both utilities indicate that the settings are changed. See
    So, even though you can't use it to modify settings no longer available in Airport Utility 6.3.1, using Airport Utility 5.6 to view DHCP clients, Logs and Statistics is very useful for troubleshooting network issues.
    PS - There are two ways to get to the DHCP Clients list, neither of which is obvious The first is to go to the Airport pane -> Summary tab and click on the "Wireless Clients:" label in the Summary display. All of the labels from "Wireless Mode:" down on the Summary display operate as links to view/edit the corresponding info/settings, which is also not obvious at first glance. Also not obvious, clicking on "Wireless Clients:" actually brings up a new pane with three tabs: Logs, Wireless Clients, and DHCP Clients. You can also get to the same pane by going to the Advanced pane and clicking on the Logs and Statistics button.
    I hope this is helpful information. Took me a while to find out how to do this.



    There is no current panorama feature.  When iOS 6 is released (Sept. 19) we will find out.

Maybe you are looking for